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It's a classic and it's very easy to wear - the camel jumper is a true staple in most women's Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Don't worry I get that a deep rich camel tone may not suit your skintone, but there are lots of variations between light brown, biscuit to sandy and even as light as ecru that you can tap into for your own style.

Lizzi Richardson

What I particularly like about this colour of jumper is that it oozes 'expensive' and can elevate a very simple casual look, without any effort. Let me explain it another way... have you seen that girl at the airport, in plain blue jeans... trainers... a large brown leather (or faux) tote travel bag? Let me guess... I bet she's wearing a camel jumper. It's quite frankly 'stylishly chic'

And the great thing about this.... you truly do not have to spend a lot to achieve this. It's simply down to your budget, your preference on fabric and how you want the fit to be.

For me this style of jumper needs to fit in two types of ways - it has to either look like a second skin, so nice and tight to fit the curves of your bodyline with well fitted jeans, trousers or pencil skirt or go the other way and wear it oversize. 

I tend to opt for the tighter fit if I am wearing something like this to the office or perhaps out for a smart lunch. As for oversize this is perfect for brunch and for a stroll around the shops when you don't want to wear a coat.

For this post... it's all about the oversize look.


All photos are from PINTEREST

So start with your budget... do you want to buy just one? Perhaps go more premium and have cashmere-blend or full cashmere. If you feel your wardrobe needs two possibly three to mix in with your existing wardrobe and see you through until Spring, then perhaps opt for more a lower price-range.

And if you are really into your leopard print this season, this will act as a really good warm base to make a change from black.

Here are a few I've tried on... and a few more than I am loving!

Knitted polo-neck jumper


This is the one I bought, this is the one I'm wearing in the photo above! Looks expensive but cheap as chips at £17.99. The fit is lovely... however this is XS, yes XS for an oversize fit! So be careful when ordering online.

If this jumper had been £30 I still would have purchased it as it was exactly what I was looking for... and as I plan to wear more of this colour this Autumn/Winter it suited my budget.

Lizzi Richardson

Ribbed polo-neck jumper

This one I was hoping would fit me, I loved it the moment I picked it up... the roll neck and the ribbing were great quliaty. But my neck sadly is just not long enough to cope with the roll-neck. I fussed with it so much I got frustrated with it and then got very hot! Sometimes you just have to accept that some items are not for you! 

The fit overall was great, but again this was XS and I'm a 12-14 in size, so be careful if you are ordering online.

Lizzi Richardson

Sweater with Pearl Bead Cuffs


When I saw this in store I wasn't sure about it on the hanger... but I loved the detailing on the cuffs so much I thought I would give it a go.

It's a boxy style jumper which on my hourglass body shape was not very flattering, but if your bodyline is straight and with high-waisted jeans/trousers or a pencil skirt this would look fabulous!

I'm wearing a medium here for an oversize look.

Lizzi Richardson

Also from Zara are...

Sweater with Puff Sleeves

River Island
Oversized roll neck jumper

This one is trending on River Island online... they are out of stock of XS. It's a gorgeous colour!

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater


Porta - Ribbed Oversize Jumper


French Connection
Supersoft Wool Cashmere High Neck Jumper

Massimo Dutti
Wool and Cashmere Swaeter

This one is stunning, I'm definitely going to be hunting this one down... perfect to wear with a midi/maxi skirt or over a summer dress.

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Thursday, 27 September 2018


Holly Willoughby Must Have for Marks and Spencer

Although M&S have had some negativity over the last few months about their lack of design in ladies clothes, I have to say they have completed nailed it this Autumn/Winter! 

Today saw the launch of none other than Holly Willoughby putting her name to twenty key pieces that she highlights as MUST HAVES from their M&S collection - now that is truly a recommendation!

I've had this date in my diary for a few weeks, and so this morning when the alarm went off at 6.30am I thought I would take a peak. Now I knew I was going into White City today and so there was no need for me to shop online. Interestingly the three items I would have purchased... I'm not saying their bad.... but after a try-on session this afternoon, my three Must Haves changed!

One I bought... another has gone to the "I need to think about more" list and the other well if I don't find anything else on the high street that's as good, then I will go back.


I loved this instantly and it was the first item I wanted to try on. It's absolutely gorgeous and it's great quality, I sized down for a less floaty finish. I loved it, just not sure it loved me. It's a fabulous price at £29.50.

I've been looking for a burgundy bag for the last few weeks, and this looks perfect... until I saw the green. I have to say I prefer the faux croc finish, it just oozed "expensive" but a green bag I don't need. These bags are a fantastic price at £35!

This dress is lovely! If you plan to order online I recommend to size down one. I personally found it a little short on me I needed it to be a few inches longer and so sadly I didn't buy. It's absolutely great quality and I like the pink animal print it makes a lovely change.

This one will sell out fast... all the small sizes have already gone online!


So this is the blouse that I love...but not sure if it loves me! It looked great with the check trousers that are also in the collection.  There is a skirt too, but this is too short for my personal style but would just as fabulous with these tops too.

Holly Willoughby Must Have for Marks and Spencer

I was super surprised at just how lovely this coat was on! I only took my size into the changing room but I would recommend to try the next size down it didn't fit the shoulders perfectly.

The buttons are poppers - not sure how I feel about this as I wear my coats open most of the time, but done up this was spot on.

Holly Willoughby Must Have for Marks and Spencer

This is the blouse I bought... none of the photos in this post does it justice... you'll have to wait for an #ootd post on Instagram when I blend this in with my working office wardrobe - I cannot wait to wear it!

Holly Willoughby Must Have for Marks and Spencers

And this cable knit in bright pink is on my 'not sure' list - the more I look at it, I love it.... 

Holly Willoughby Must Have for Marks and Spencers


Okay for my favourite three! I highly recommend you take a look at these and if you can make them work with your existing wardrobe then, buy, buy, buy - before they sell out!

The sock boot still remains to be a key player this winter, and I absolutely love these burgundy ones, they are a great colour choice this season. I can't see these hanging around for long.


This is the one I nearly bought... I loved it but apart from my jeans which I'm not keen to wear much, I just don't think it will go with many items in my existing wardrobe... and I'm a firm believer that new items have to work with existing.

So I plan to have a good rummage tomorrow and if I think it will work with at least three items (that are not jeans!) then I might still buy ('s hoping!)

I tried on my own size which was fine, but then I did size up for an oversize vibe, and I preferred that look. So for me, size up!

This was the item I bought. Never in a million years at 6.30am this morning did I think I would be buying this!

I cannot tell you just how fabulous this shirt feels on. I've bought it for the office, but you can easily dress this up for an evening out (think tuxedo trousers or black leather pencil skirt). This shirt is unbelievably superb value for quality, feel and just how good it looks on!

Although it does say in the description 'Oversized' I sized down one as it was too baggy around the front and back, but this could be because I am hourglass in body shape - so think about your own body shape before selecting a size.

Holly has picked really well! And if you would like to see the full twenty items from this fabulous collection, simply click here

These items are not in every M&S store, so check their website to see what locations are stocking the full collection.


Tuesday, 25 September 2018


This week STYLE MATTERS is from Elena a Personal Stylist who's 41 and lives in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. I met Elena at a summer Instagram meet up in Marlow and she's just as lovely in person as she is across all of her squares!

I personally take daily inspiration from Elena, she makes me keen to wear colour! We both hope you enjoy the interview.

Love, Lizzi x

Elena Torri

How do you describe your personal style? 

I would describe my style as urban, bold and edgy. Lots of colours and not too feminine. I spent half of my life in Italy and the other half in the UK (mainly London); surely this has influenced my taste and it helped me to develop my own sense of style. 

Why does style matter to you? 

Style is my way to express myself; to show my personality and to feel confident. Style is my mood booster, it’s my business card.

Have you always been interested in style?

Always. I grew up in Italy where my mum had a little boutique so my youth was all about trying on clothes and finding what I liked. To my mum’s disappointment I was a real tomboy and never wanted to wear a skirt or a dress until the age of 14.

What would be your signature style look? 

It’s hard to say as I love to experiment and try different things. I like to keep my style interesting and when I can, unique. I like to feel comfortable and that’s probably why I’m a big fan of maxi dresses and maxi skirts with a leather biker jacket on top and some flat buckle boots or sneakers. That would definitely be my ‘go to’ outfit.

Elena Torri

What’s your view on fashion vs. style? 

Fashion is what is in this season and gone next season. People follow fashion to try and belong somewhere. Style is what an individual wants to wear because it suits you, it suits your personality, it tells people about you. 

When you find your own style, you don’t feel like you have to belong anywhere, you are faithful to yourself. It’s good to throw in some fashion items to complement your style but when you let fashion take over and forget what you are about, then that can go seriously wrong. A 30/70 ratio between the two would most likely work wonders!

What is your body shape? 

I am an hourglass figure and I am borderline petite which means I can shop the kids range and the petite range too. I’m a size 6 to 8 but I do wear a D cup bra so it’s not that easy for me to find clothes. When I purchase bikinis for example, top and bottom have to be two different sizes. 

I also train a lot and I have quite muscly thighs which makes it difficult to find size 6 jeans/trousers which fit me around the waist and don’t pull on my thighs. Last but not least, my legs aren’t exactly the longest, which means that most trousers are too long on me and not many brands offer different lengths or a petite range.

Have you worked this out for yourself or did you get professional advice/training? 

I am “the professional” so I did work this out myself, if that makes sense. 

To be honest I knew long before I qualified as a Personal Stylist that some garments look better on me than others! You just have to look at your body shape and find your best asset. Once you’ve identified what that is, emphasise it!

What I like the most about my job is when my clients look at themselves in the mirror and realise what a huge difference wearing the right clothes for their shape makes.

What is the best thing about being hourglass? 

As a stylist I would say that hourglass figures are the easiest to dress as they are not too limited in the choice of garments, they can easily look good with most fabrics and cuts (although other things like the height or the size of the features have to be taken into consideration when choosing fabrics and cut).

None of us are perfect and none of us can change their body shape as that is mainly down to our bone structure but we can all learn how to dress in a way which enhances our best features and hides what we don’t particularly like.

Elena Torri

What’s not so easy about your hourglass figure? 

In my case, having such a tiny waist and a fuller bum and thighs; it means that I often have problems with trousers and jeans, they may fit my waist but they’ll be too tight on my thighs or flatten my bum. 

I also find shirts can be a problem as they often pull on my chest.

What three styling tips do you have for hourglass?
  1. Tailored garments are always the best as they are created on your figure but they can be very pricy so the best second option is stretchy fabrics. They follow your curves beautifully and fit any budget. Just chose the right size as you don’t want them too tight.
  2. Belts tend to work wonders for the hourglass figure as the waist is one of our best assets. Invest in a few different belts, try different colours but whatever you do, make sure you have a sash belt in your wardrobe. Sash belts are used to create a waistline effect and on hourglass figures it almost recreates the corset effect.
  3. Try elbow length sleeves, they look amazing on hourglass figures! This is a visual effect that draws attention to your waist. Never thought of it? Try and stand in front of a mirror relaxing your arms beside your hips. Wear a long sleeve top first and an elbow length sleeve top after. Which one do you think draws more attention to your waistline? Simple tricks go a long way.

What must you avoid (regardless of if it’s in fashion) for your hourglass shape? 

Well, shift or empire style dresses won’t do you any favours as they totally hide your best asset. Other than that, I would suggest you stay away from horizontal lines across the widest part of your body or legs, they tend to widen and shorten.

What are your three favourite stores to shop?

Zara, TK Maxx and H&M are my favourites at the moment, but I’m also loving this A/W M&S collection and independent shops. 

Elena Torri

What do you own that you will never ever give away?

It’s got to be my AllSaints exotic bird scarf. It must be 10 years old but every year without fail, I wrap it around my neck and fall in love with it again.

One useful advice to those who want to start finding their own style?  

Start experimenting! Introduce colours in your wardrobe and a brighter lipstick in your makeup bag. You’ll be amazed to see what difference it makes to your mood and to the perception that other people have of you.  But please don’t get too carried away!

Elena Torri

If you want to check out more outfit inspirations then go see her Instagram page, it's full of them! Just click here.


Sunday, 23 September 2018


A beautician friend of mine once said if you are going to spend your money on any beauty treatments, spend it on facials. The importance of great daily skincare is just as important as brushing your teeth and yet sometimes I feel I don't give this area enough love!

Well let me tell you how you can give yourself some of this love and it's all free, yes FREE!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know that I've had the delightful opportunity to go to the launch of the Discovery Room at John Lewis and Partners in Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre. This exciting new service offers customers the chance to experience a variety of products and get hands on with testing them in a cosy and safe environment whilst being hosted by the team there!

I returned the following week having booked myself into the Fresh skincare workshop, and I feel I got such a fabulous experience by one of Fresh's skincare experts, Hattie, I just wanted to share this with you. 

This post will take you through the products I got to try - it was a fun and entertaining hour just talking skincare... and having a glass of bubbly now how fabulous is that?!

Fresh Skincare

This is Hattie and I at the end of the facial, I felt amazing, my skin was so light and dewy and even after a few hours I felt like it had just been done. And without a doubt, my skin felt fresh!

Fresh Skincare

So here was the line up of all the products Hattie was going to use on me, we started with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser followed up with the Fresh Rose Floral Toner (I love any product that contains Rosewater!)

Fresh Skincare

Next up I got to try their new product Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vitamin C Glow Powder - it's a 30 second foaming facial.

I've been learning about the importance of Vitamin C, and if your watch Trinny on You Tube for her brand Trinny London - she is a massive advocate of Vitamin C products - so I was really interested to hear more about this.

Not a cream but a powder, something that I had not tried before! There are two sections which for science reasons (I'm not good on the techy stuff!) have to be kept separate and then you pour both sections into your palm, add a few drops of water and rub your hands together and it foams, once that starts you apply it to your face and leave on for 30 seconds.

I chose to purchase this product after the event, it comes in a box of twelve two-part sachets so ideal if you travel too. You can use it up to twice a week, but I am planning to use it every Sunday morning for the next twelve weeks - I paid £32 so this works out £2.67 per treatment. You can find out more about Vitamin C benefits and this product here.

Fresh Skincare

Fresh Skincare

Now this Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask was so cold (for the whole duration) I actually needed this back in the summer on those super hot days to keep cool. It had a luxurious texture to this mask which doesn't dry on your face which I found quite refreshing! Loved it.

Fresh Skincare

Now when it came to face cream I had the choice of two, I think I opted for the lighter cream of Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Lotion but I am sure Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is just as wonderful.

Fresh Skincare

Now I'm not big on eye cream, something that quite a few friends tell me off for! I own some, but I just seem to forget about it in my morning rush! Hattie explained all the lovely benefits and I promise to try harder in the future!

Fresh Skincare

And then we finished off which something I was not expecting! A little mini facial on my lips - and boy did they need that! My lips are quite dry and so we started with a few drops of Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops and followed it up with the Fresh Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Balm.  I was given a Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm sample so I will be continuing this good work!

Fresh Skincare

You can visit the Fresh counter at Oxford and receive a complimentary treatment. You can choose to between any of the three above - to book your appointment email

Or why not go along with a girlfriend or two for the full workshop (which includes a glass of bubbles) and make a real event of the experience! Simply contact John Lewis & Partners Experience Desk at Oxford Westgate Shopping Centre - click here for details.

Fresh Skincare

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John Lewis & Partners invited me along to experience their new Discovery Room in Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre, and I loved it so much I chose to write about it on my blog so that I can share this FREE experience with you, my readers. Love Lizzi x