Thursday, 30 August 2018


For many of us 'Fashionistas' we want our look to ooze expensive looking clothes without actually paying the expensive prices! I think one of the key ingredients to everyday items looking more expensive than the typical affordable high street is the detail on the garment.

A little something that makes it a little different, a little something that just elevates an everyday garment to the next level, a little something that hopefully no one else will have!

I think HALLHUBER brand ticks this box very well, they are more expensive than Zara and H&M, but more affordable I feel than Whistles or brands like Reiss. And what I truly love is the attention to the smallest of details in their design, that without much effort can help you enhance your style.

Here are my favourites for the new season ahead... that would be perfect to incorporate either into your weekend wear or if you have a business-casual office style.

Bead-embroidered jumper

We all need to freshen up the staple black polo necks for AW18, and this one comes in cream and burgundy too.

Jumper with ruffle stand collar

Long sleeve with silk tie-neck

Pumps with removable bow

Striped ruffle blouse

Glen check trousers with centre crease

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Monday, 27 August 2018


I must confess I slightly panic when I see what people wear on colder summer days after so much heat, it feels sometimes they get their full winter wardrobe out straight away... What will you do come winter?

I feel you need to hold off and save some of your statement pieces for the right time, and transition into Autumn at a slower pace, I hope my tips below help you with a smoother ride.

Lizzi Richardson


Ladies there is no need to be getting the thick black denier tights on just yet, you can still stick with bare legs but perhaps cover them more with a midi/maxi skirts or cropped trousers - Plus keep the toes warm with trainers or shoe boots.


Yes we've had a bit of rain this week, but unless it's a huge downpour and you need to keep a longer summer dress dry, I would try to avoid wearing you long Mac until around late September (if you can). 

Right now you need to be wearing your denim jacket, utility jacket from Spring or even better for the warmer but still need to cover up days, the Shacket (the very lightweight jacket that can also be worn as a shirt).


Even if we get another warm spell, you should not be investing in anymore summer wear, unless you have an emergency for a forthcoming summer beach holiday... don't buy! Particularly if it's a trend item, you've hardly got any time to get a decent 'cost per wear' value and I know come Spring... you will not like it.


I don't know if it's my age, or whether it's my personal style but I like a bit of layering, I have to say! I wrote a blog back in Spring showing you how easy it is to layer both under and over a dress. This is the perfect time of year to start using this trick... whilst it may be too early to be in a polo neck under a dress, try a simply cotton t-shirt.


If you are unsure how to restyle an item you own, use Pinterest or Instagram, just simply type in the item you own, along with the colour, and instantly you will get numerous images... skip past anything that is too summery, look at anything that indicates Autumn that you LOVE and evaluate what they have styled with it - Do you own anything like that? How can you mimic this with what you already own? 

The great thing about Social Media is that because it's a global platform it means it's always cooler weather somewhere in the world...

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Thursday, 23 August 2018


A staycation - is it easier or harder to pack for? Let's be honest for a beach holiday just as long as you've got swimwear and an outfit for every night it's pretty easy going, but a staycation is not always so easy!

I've just had two weeks annual leave and for the first week I was travelling around Great Britain, visiting lakes and lochs with Hubby and my gorgeous bichonpoo Alfonso. This required practical walking outfits and as my husband likes to remind me "it's not a fashion show" but you still like to look nice? Yes! A couple of my girlfriends made me laugh over lunch last week as I was moaning about how I do not like wearing t-shirt and jeans most days, it's just not really my thing. They said I should have gone walking though fields in my floral dresses with trainers (LOL - not in the Great British countryside.... I would have looked very stupid!) I was already overdressed compared to most just by wearing my Stan Smith trainers!

The second week was a mix of being Auntie, going into London and lunch dates... but it's made me realise why I love going to work in an office most days.... I get to dress up!

This post showcases a few of my outfits for you and as much as possible I wore what I already owned and tried not to buy anything new specifically for hols and hopefully this may give some inspiration if you are on a staycation too.

Lizzi Richardson

Let's start with my London look - I've taken inspiration here from a blog called A Style Album, they have a uniform that's really is quite easy to adopt - it's not for the corporate office but it's definitely more my off duty style.

A delicate floral dress, this one I got from &Other Stories back in the spring, I've not had a chance to wear it much so I've taken the stance to wear it more casual. I've harden the look with my khaki army jacket, very much the uniform along with my Stan Smiths - this is a great day-out outfit if you are mooching around with the kids or playing Auntie like I was on a city (or Town) day out.

Lizzi Richardson

Now for the complete opposite of me; t-shirt with jeans and here I have not straightened my hair and I have no make up on. This was typical countryside day out walking the dog around fabulous lakes and lochs on our gorgeous island!

A couple of new items here are the white belt as I wanted to match in with my lighter trainers and also the 'practical' crossover bag, which was only £6 from Warehouse at House of Fraser, the day before I left - what a bargain!

Lizzi Richardson

Shorts! I really dislike them, but with the recent very hot weather I just knew I would need them. I've never been happy with denim shorts that I buy, in fact this year I gave a few to charity as they were piling up and I never wore them. So I took an old pair of my favourite jeans that I now only use for dog walking, and I got my mum to cut them at the length I wanted (You can do any length you love) - we agreed that a 'turn-up' style (which required some stitching by Mum not me!!)  would have more longevity to them rather than opting for a rough-cut finish, but it's been the best option to get a great fit.

I packed them thinking I wouldn't wear them, and in the end I wore them most days around the lakes as it was too hot for long jeans.

Lizzi Richardson

I did a terrible job at packing for the evening for my week away - I think I got jeans and t-shirts stuck in my head so I had that too for the evening! Slightly more glam though with the bardot top that I bought in the sale from Sosandar for £17.50 - and it's going to be a great holiday top for many years to come! I teamed it with my white jeans from Topshop, one of my great purchases this summer, I cannot believe (and the evidence is on my Instagram squares) just how much I wear them, they go with everything!

And lastly not forgetting my Carvela by Kurt Geiger flat mule loafers - I've worn these so much and they add instant glam to any outfit, I am seriously thinking of buying the black version for warmer Autumn days - I've got the 'cost per wear' down to pennies now!

Lizzi Richardson

And here I am with my very old, but faithful friend, my Wallis jumpsuit that I purchased about five years ago. It's made from jersey and it's featured on my travel posts before; it's a favourite because it doesn't crease at all, and can be worn day or evening. Dress it down with flats and a plain belt or jazz it up with a gold/silver belt and high heels - so versatile. I highly recommend you find your own version of something similar to this, you will not regret it.

I also want to give a tiny mention to Hotel Du Vin, they are a luxury hotel and this is our room in Harrogate which was the last night of our trip away - They allow dogs to stay, and not only do they allow them, but they truly welcome them. There was a rug and bowl in the room, and whilst we couldn't eat in the main restaurant they have other areas for breakfast and dinner so that your dog can be with you! 10/10 from me.

Lizzi Richardson

I just want to finish with this last outfit. This skirt used to be a dress and so tucking in a top is not that easy as it's not a skirt that I can show off the waistline. And if you leave a tee hanging over it, this can add bulk to your hips - so to get round this issue I decided to knot the tee. You can do this two ways;  if the tee is baggy enough you can take two pulls of material and tie it or you can do what I did and use a hairband and just tie a pony and then the last section you fold - it holds it in place all day!

Everything you see in this photo is not new and worn lots, the denim jacket is nearly 20 years old from DKNY and yet I think the whole look is very current.


Lizzi Richardson

Left to right: Zara brown flat mules, Revlon Colourstay Creme Eyeshadow 710, Vogue Magazine, River Island white belt, Nivea Factor 30 Sunscreen, No7 Simmer Palette Bronzer Rose, Warehouse Brown Crossbody Bag, Ted Baker Hair Scarf, Fitbit HR and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 267

  1. Even if you are staying in this country you still need sunscreen!
  2. Holiday time is about reading and relaxing, so don't forget your favourite magazines
  3. Get a pair of flats that you are happy to take you from day to night, just in case you don't go back to your hotel to change
  4. I use holidays to have a break from make up, but you still want to shimmer at night, so don't forget to add some make up that you perhaps can't wear to the office or at home to give your make up a different vibe
  5. Not all holidays require a beach bag - I needed something more compact - a crossbody is still my favourite option to keep your hands free
  6. I used this holiday to try a new trend that I wanted to give a go, and that was hair scarves - If there is something you want to give a go then holidays are a great time to do this and practice because you are more relaxed, you have more time and who cares if it's not perfect... no one knows you!
  7. And my last tip... staycations are just as important to get rest and relaxation... so dodge the housework, grab a cuppa and put your feet up too!

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Sunday, 19 August 2018


It's a trend that is just not leaving us and this late Summer/early Autumn, it's completely full on! I was out shopping this week with one of my nieces and within an hour I purchased two! Yes two! 

And it's not just in the usual browns and blacks, oh no... not anymore the leopard print has evolved, keep reading to find out more!

Lizzi Richardson

This dress from NEXT is the perfect day dress, in fact I'm pretty sure I could get away with wearing it to the office too, however I'll be saving it first for a few events - I've styled it here for a lunch date with girlfriends (who by the way... Martine wore a blue leopard print dress!) - As it was raining I had to go with boots, and because that's quite a hard look I added the black leather belt to balance this rather than use the matching material belt that came with the dress.

This shirt dress has sold out online, but I have seen it in quite a few NEXT stores over the last week, but if you love it... you'll need to head out fast to grab one, as it's a bargain at £36!

Animal Print Shirt Dress

They also offer this wrap t-shirt dress, a great alternative day dress! Perhaps not one for the office though. Again most sizes sold out online (I told you this is a popular trend!) But I have seen this in store too.

Animal Wrap T-Shirt Dress

Now M&S are really into this animal trend, with numerous styles selling fast, but don't panic they seem to have a new dress every few weeks, so if you don't see any now... I'm confident there will be more coming soon.

This one is a little cheeky - it's a two piece that together will trick people into thinking it's a dress but you have the added benefits of getting great cost per wear, as you can style the items with other pieces you have in your wardrobe!


Animal Print Jumper & Pencil Skirt Suit Set

Now this one I have seen a lot on Instagram... and I think this dress is gorgeous, BUT I must caveat this point with "if you have the right bodyshape!" I'm not kidding!! Ideally best for a straight body line with a small chest or this may not be very flattering, if you are pear or hourglass please consider a belt to give you some shape.

Animal Print Half Sleeve Shift Midi Dress

Now for the biggest collection of leopard print dresses, head to ASOS! Here are my top three... and it was hard to pick!

Leopard print pep hem pencil dress with buckle

Liquorish leopard print wrap midi dress
Was £50, Now £32

Wrap midi dress in leopard print

My leopard print dress from &Other Stories has to be one of my best purchases this year! I've posted this dress a lot on my blog, and for a spend of £59, I've definitely had my cost per wear and with so many compliments I now get a little embarrassed to say how cheap it was because it looks so expensive plus I've started to apologies to people that it's no longer available!

Lizzi Richardson

So for this post, I had to head to their site to see what they have, and this one is going to be perfect for Autumn.

&Other Stories - Designed in Paris
Leopard Pleated Midi Dress

Now I promised you an alternative to the brown.... and that's the red and black animal print! It's a harsh print that is not going to suit everyone's colourings, you see the usual leopard print is pretty much a neutral and works for most people, however this one... I think the print is quite dramatic and would probably work best with ladies who have cool skin tones and can take the deep shades otherwise known as Winters. 

But try it, and be honest with yourself, if you feel the print is overpowering, then it's not for you and stick with tradition leopard print. I can confirm I would not be able to wear any of these, as I am a deep-Autumn and therefore I have a warm skin tone.

Mint Velvet
Salma Print Shirt Dress

Red Leopard Print V Neck Dress

Okay this next one from Topshop unsurprisingly is sold out apart from size 8 - so check in store if you are loving this!

Leopard Print Ruffle Slip Dress

Cheetah Print Channel Dress

And if you are not digging brown... or the red.... then I have found this beauty at ZARA - what a gorgeous leopard print!

Leopard Print Halter Neck

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Thursday, 16 August 2018


I've been blogging quite a few years now and I make every effort to go hunt out the best buys I think you'll love. Well I don't do this from my home surfing the net! I love to get out and about checking the latest products from the highstreet brands and get a feel for what's hot at the moment.

I love blogging and I love creating this content for you, and as part of my new series on You Tube I've put together a short film on one of my trips out so that you get a feel of some of the 'behind the scenes' activity.

It's not glam in any way, and so the film is quite raw - it would be good to know if you like this sort of content, so please do leave a comment and let me know!

If you are into You Tube, I would love for you to subscribe.

For those of you who get this by email, please click here to view.


Lizzi x

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Sunday, 12 August 2018


Head scarves or turbans are a strong trend this summer season - so easy to wear and let's be honest it helps us with those bad hair days, especially if we need to stay away from washing it so much.

I've also found this year I'm less keen on a summer hat - Why? I have absolutely no clue, so this trend is really working for me.

Lizzi Richardson

I've tried tying my skinny scarf both as a bow (see below) plus I've also let it hang loose for a longer look - I personally prefer the bow as I don't have much of a pony tail with my bob length hair but should you have very cropped or very long, I can image leaving it longer would look stylishly fab!

Head scarf

As for the turban version, well I have bought the black Zara one below - I've not had the chance to use it because in my mind this would suit me more for either the beach or poolside. With my fringe once you get your hair a little wet it can look quite messy, I am hoping this turban along with a bit of lippy and some earrings, will mask how unkept I'm feeling, because it will ooze glam - well that's what's going on in my head!! LOL.

Have a go at both - unfortunately they don't allow you to take these small accessories into the changing rooms, so perhaps shop for them at a quieter time giving you the chance to try in store without too much fuss. Take a friend for the honest opinion BUT remember it's meant to be an aid to keep a casual vibe stylish so let's avoid perfection!


All images are from Pinterest


  • Think about what colours, prints you like - perhaps take a look at Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration before you head to the shops
  • Don't try too hard making your hair look perfect - it's meant to look natural not too contrived
  • Head to You Tube and watch a few videos on how to tie the scarves
  • Start small - try a pony tail and just tie a skinny scarf around the tail, keep trying new ways each time, and your confidence will grow
  • It is harder with a fringe, but don't feel you have to hide the fringe... work it within the look
  • Think about the colour of your scarf and the print - it needs to work with what you are wearing (unless you are in a plain tee and jeans or a simple jumpsuit)
  • If you love this trend - invest in two or three scarves/turbans as you don't want to keep re-creating the same look
  • Most importantly, spend time playing and getting to know how to tie it - don't try creating on a special night out!

This black one below is what I have purchased for my beach/pool look - hardly breaking the bank at £7.99!





Was £16.00, Now £7.00


My Ted Baker scarf is from last year and I bought it in the sale - so always keep a look out for this sort of thing at your favourite premium brand stores - as paying full price for these kind of items can be quite expensive. Here's a few I've found on their website.


Kyoto Gardens skinny scarf
Was £40, Now £25


Blenheim Jewels skinny scarf
Was £40, Now £28


Alexa – Abstract Oriental

I would love to see how you get on using your head scarves or turbans, so if you do post on instagram, please tag me in @Lovedbylizzi and feel free to use my hashtag #lovedbylizzi

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