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A white blazer in the summer time is very chic. An instant elevation to any outfit and you'll easily find it pretty much goes with everything!

For this week's post I've been trying on white blazers and checking out what's on the highstreet that you can purchase for £70 or under! I was really pleased to see there are many options at the £50 price point; but the two I favoured (and one of them I bought) were both £34.99 - hardly breaking the bank if you want to try this before investing in a better quality one for the long-term.

white blazer hm



  • Don't be scared to wear white! It either washes or dry cleans - you'll be surprised just how easy white can be
  • For a more modern look scrunch the arms up to your elbows, if you can't do that when trying on the jacket... I'd pass
  • Don't forget my night time glam rules for jackets - drape them on your shoulders like a cape
  • If you are large busted - a double-breasted blazer is unlikely to work for you
  • For the most part you will wear the jacket open, so check yourself at all angles - does it look flattering on you with the jacket undone?
  • Wear it to the office
  • Wear it to lunch with the girls in your floral dress
  • Wear it over an all-black look - be it with a t-shirt & trousers/skirt or a simple black dress
  • Wear it with jeans - for a day look teamed with pumps or boots and for an evening vibe get those high-heels on!
  • For extra glam... add sunglasses!

Let's start with the one I actually bought! It's one at the cheaper end at £34.99, that wasn't intentional my budget was around £70 - so I am quite chuffed with my purchase. The jacket has a very fine weave and it's this woven feel that attracted me to it in the first place. It looks very good quality and yet it's pretty much polyester. For me it's a Massimo Dutti copy and I like that!

It's not made the hero shot in this post, because I think over the next few weeks you are going to see me wearing this a lot! I did size up one size before purchasing as I just wanted it a little looser on my shoulders to accommodate a thin jumper.

Textured-weave jacket

white blazer hm

The next one is also H&M at £34.99 - I loved this, and it was a very close call - What put me off was the linen-blended fabric and it was quite creased already. I just don't fancy ironing this before every wear! But the fit was the best out of all that I tried on - perfect. This gets a 10/10 from me, if you can tolerate the creases!

Shawl collar jacket

It's completely sold out online, plus it's showing a cheaper price point than in store so you'll have to look in your local store. I've popped the link, so you know which one. Sizing true to fit.

white blazer hm

This one from Zara was a little too long for me at 5ft 6", but if you are tall this could be just right. I thought it was a lovely fit, felt great on and for once Zara hasn't overpriced a simple blazer, I was surprised with the £49.99 price point as just lately all their blazers seem to be over £70! Sizing true to fit.

white blazer zara

Moving on to Mango, and I was quite disappointed with what they had to offer. I thought this is where I would be spending my money... but not to be!

This first one is a side tie, and I couldn't get it to work with my hourglass shape I think you need to be fairly straight to wear this. Sizing was oversize but that's intentionally with this style.

This next one is limiting - for all the freedom I've just told you about in my tips the black inserts will limit what you can wear it with, I also found it had a corporate vibe to it. Sizing true to fit and the jacket didn't allow for a scrunchy arm!

white blazer mango

Now to good old M&S, not surprisingly they had more than one option, and I have say I was impressed with the quality.

First up this double-breasted was very big for my size, so consider sizing down. Double-breasted is not ideal for large bustlines and I personally would want to style a jacket open, especially in the summer and I just don't think this really ticks the box.

white blazer marks and spencer

Loved this next one from M&S Collection, really good fit, lovely fabric. Sizing true to size, I think this is fabulous option and one I can see lasting a few good years. A great price too.

white blazer marks and spencer

And finally River Island, they always regardless of season have black and white blazers in store, I knew I could rely on them to have one. And in typical River Island style it was covered in gold buttons! I think this one has to win the award for most glamorous, it's truly a statement piece and I love it! Sadly I can't wear double-breasted but if you want glam, this is your girl! 

It's got a touch of 'French Riviera' about it and I can see this going very well with short-shorts!

It's the most expensive at £70 and sizing is true to fit.

River Island
White double breasted tux jacket

white blazer river island

So I do hope this post inspires you to try out this colour and style of jacket. I'd love to know what you think, so please do leave comments on any of my social channels!

Enjoy shopping! x

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