Sunday, 29 July 2018


A white blazer in the summer time is very chic. An instant elevation to any outfit and you'll easily find it pretty much goes with everything!

For this week's post I've been trying on white blazers and checking out what's on the highstreet that you can purchase for £70 or under! I was really pleased to see there are many options at the £50 price point; but the two I favoured (and one of them I bought) were both £34.99 - hardly breaking the bank if you want to try this before investing in a better quality one for the long-term.

white blazer hm



  • Don't be scared to wear white! It either washes or dry cleans - you'll be surprised just how easy white can be
  • For a more modern look scrunch the arms up to your elbows, if you can't do that when trying on the jacket... I'd pass
  • Don't forget my night time glam rules for jackets - drape them on your shoulders like a cape
  • If you are large busted - a double-breasted blazer is unlikely to work for you
  • For the most part you will wear the jacket open, so check yourself at all angles - does it look flattering on you with the jacket undone?
  • Wear it to the office
  • Wear it to lunch with the girls in your floral dress
  • Wear it over an all-black look - be it with a t-shirt & trousers/skirt or a simple black dress
  • Wear it with jeans - for a day look teamed with pumps or boots and for an evening vibe get those high-heels on!
  • For extra glam... add sunglasses!

Let's start with the one I actually bought! It's one at the cheaper end at £34.99, that wasn't intentional my budget was around £70 - so I am quite chuffed with my purchase. The jacket has a very fine weave and it's this woven feel that attracted me to it in the first place. It looks very good quality and yet it's pretty much polyester. For me it's a Massimo Dutti copy and I like that!

It's not made the hero shot in this post, because I think over the next few weeks you are going to see me wearing this a lot! I did size up one size before purchasing as I just wanted it a little looser on my shoulders to accommodate a thin jumper.

Textured-weave jacket

white blazer hm

The next one is also H&M at £34.99 - I loved this, and it was a very close call - What put me off was the linen-blended fabric and it was quite creased already. I just don't fancy ironing this before every wear! But the fit was the best out of all that I tried on - perfect. This gets a 10/10 from me, if you can tolerate the creases!

Shawl collar jacket

It's completely sold out online, plus it's showing a cheaper price point than in store so you'll have to look in your local store. I've popped the link, so you know which one. Sizing true to fit.

white blazer hm

This one from Zara was a little too long for me at 5ft 6", but if you are tall this could be just right. I thought it was a lovely fit, felt great on and for once Zara hasn't overpriced a simple blazer, I was surprised with the £49.99 price point as just lately all their blazers seem to be over £70! Sizing true to fit.

white blazer zara

Moving on to Mango, and I was quite disappointed with what they had to offer. I thought this is where I would be spending my money... but not to be!

This first one is a side tie, and I couldn't get it to work with my hourglass shape I think you need to be fairly straight to wear this. Sizing was oversize but that's intentionally with this style.

This next one is limiting - for all the freedom I've just told you about in my tips the black inserts will limit what you can wear it with, I also found it had a corporate vibe to it. Sizing true to fit and the jacket didn't allow for a scrunchy arm!

white blazer mango

Now to good old M&S, not surprisingly they had more than one option, and I have say I was impressed with the quality.

First up this double-breasted was very big for my size, so consider sizing down. Double-breasted is not ideal for large bustlines and I personally would want to style a jacket open, especially in the summer and I just don't think this really ticks the box.

white blazer marks and spencer

Loved this next one from M&S Collection, really good fit, lovely fabric. Sizing true to size, I think this is fabulous option and one I can see lasting a few good years. A great price too.

white blazer marks and spencer

And finally River Island, they always regardless of season have black and white blazers in store, I knew I could rely on them to have one. And in typical River Island style it was covered in gold buttons! I think this one has to win the award for most glamorous, it's truly a statement piece and I love it! Sadly I can't wear double-breasted but if you want glam, this is your girl! 

It's got a touch of 'French Riviera' about it and I can see this going very well with short-shorts!

It's the most expensive at £70 and sizing is true to fit.

River Island
White double breasted tux jacket

white blazer river island

So I do hope this post inspires you to try out this colour and style of jacket. I'd love to know what you think, so please do leave comments on any of my social channels!

Enjoy shopping! x

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Thursday, 26 July 2018


For a while now I have wanted to bring some video content to my weekly blogging.

I don't really have a plan just yet but I have a few videos that I would love to share with you - Any feedback or content ideas are truly welcome.

And if you love to subscribe, that would be lovely too!

Thanks for watching, 

Lizzi x

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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Yep that's right this is part one of probably many more to come. Earlier this week I wore an old (2.5 years to be precise) denim shirt dress from Whistles. I can still recall buying it - I had a £60 voucher that I needed to use up (long story that I won't bore you with!) and I needed something for Florida for end of January, for that 'it's not hot enough for summer clothes and it's too sunny for winter' - yep that awkward holiday trip of where the weather is not one thing or the other!

A denim dress I settled on and it's become a staple in my wardrobe all year round. Compliments? Well there is plenty of them, and I gathered more of them this week, which is why I felt compelled to do a post on it... seems you ladies love a denim dress too.


Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go see what the highstreet have to offer at the moment, and I have to say not very much - which is why this is Part One. I bought mine in Winter, January to be precise and this kind of thicker denim is not usually around in the summer.

So I have something to offer for now, but most are summer denim dresses, whereas the one above you can pretty much wear all year round. With that in mind, don't spend too much as you have about 12 weeks (if that) to get your money's worth!

My Tips For Styling

  • If it's long sleeved, I tend to roll the cuffs up for a more casual vibe
  • If it has a collar and my hair is up, the collar goes up.... and if my hair is down then I wear the collar down... easy way to remember it!
  • Tan or red accessories really are the best to team up with dark denim, avoid black that's way to wintery and white is definitely an option! (If I wear it again in the next couple of weeks, white accessories will be the way I go!)
  • Don't feel you have to use the original belt, but denim doesn't really work with skinny belts, so get something that's about the same width as the belt it came with
  • As this dress is just below the knee it works well with both flat and heels - I recommend wearing a bit of heel if you are wearing this to the office, it makes it look more professional
  • Where possible pick one with pockets - this is the true denim vibe and I personally think it looks far better quality

This first one the denim is very light in fabric, I loved how the long skirt was floaty. It's smart enough for work and has a true feminine feel to it, a little romantic actually for that picnic lunch your man will be taking you out on!! (or possibly not!) - it's truly a summer dress and I think the price is good value. Sizing true to size.

Oasis Angelica Dress

Midi Shirt Dress

This is the dress I was trying to seek out, unfortunately they didn't have it, but I still plan to try this on when I do! It's a fuller skirt to my shirt dress, but I think it's looks spot on for the office, for lunch - anything really - A fabulous price too!

There is also a longer version - not so sure that's me - but that might be more your style.

I loved the look of this next one, however they didn't have my size, and now I know you can't size down!! (as I couldn't do it up - LOL). Love this, more of a mini in length. Would look fab with white pumps or espadrilles, and perfect for any city break you perhaps may be going on, it's kind of casual with a good dollop of dressed up too!

Lantern sleeve denim dress

Warehouse Lantern Sleeves

Next one is also Warehouse, if it has been 2-3 inches longer, I would have bought this one - I loved it, it's a great fit. Sizing is true to size and I think this is more a casual vibe to the one I already have. But for me it needed to be more knee length. It's a shame, so I will keep looking out!

Four Pocket Shirt Dress

Warehouse four pocket denim dress

And here are a few more I've found, but have not had the chance to try on...

Lightweight Denim Dress

The White Stuff
Aspen Bardot Dress
Was £55, Now £27

Alice Denim Dress

Hush Homewear
Nicole Chambray Dress
Was £75, Now £50

Misha Chambray Wrap Dress
Was £159, Now £109


I have to give it to this one - whilst the denim look was very popular, my new Sosandar Bardot top, that I purchased this week, got a lot of loving on Instagram, I teamed it up with my Zara skirt (formally a dress!) plus wedges. It was the perfect lunchtime outfit with family. 

The top is currently in the sale, it's now only £10.50 and you can afford to size down as the sizing is generous. There is a white version too.

Sosandar Bardot Black Top

Denim Dresses

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Sunday, 15 July 2018


Lizzi Richardson

Back in Spring I wrote about how the lower heel is more on trend this Spring/Summer and these Carvela white mules, by Kurt Geiger have been one of my best buys so far this season. If you follow me on Instagram, I have frequently featured them, as I find they go with pretty much everything!

They truly smarten up a day look where you want to be a little dressier than flip-flops, I regularly wear them shopping, as you know me I go for hours, so I can't tot around in heels to do my blogging work!! And I have worn them too in a corporate office usually with trousers but they go very well with skirts too.

These next few photos should convince you just how much I love them and how versatile they are, shopping, work, meetings etc. I feel like I could wear them anywhere! I will certainly be using them to travel in, especially airports as it will be like wearing slippers! Plus I can honestly say to you that your feet do not get too hot in them, this was one of my concerns, but so far it's been fine.

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

I purchased mine from House of Fraser, but they only have size 3 left in the white - they are reduced from £59 down to £14!! And so too are what they are calling beige (I personally would say snakeskin!) £14 in size 3 and 4 available.

The black however are available in sizes 3 up to 8 and are still full price at £59 - now I realise black is not very summery, but hear me out!

  • An all-black summer look is very chic
  • I haven't worn my white ones out of an evening, but black I would
  • Black will take you through to early Autumn, for a possible late summer vibe or just that warmer Autumn day where you don't need a heavy shoe
  • These you can definitely wear to the office 

House of Fraser

Black Million Mules

And if you love the idea of a mule loafer, but fancy something a little different, here are another five that I am loving!!

Add some colour with these gorgeous pink ones!!!

Dune London
Gene - Pink (other colours are available)

Metal Saddle Trim Backless Loafer Shoe

For that floral vibe!!!

Ted Baker via Office
Dorline Mules - Black Chelsea Textile
Was £120, now £60 (all sizes in stock when I wrote this)

These just scream.... 'I am in holiday mode!'

Woven Loafer Mules
Available in red or black

Keeping it plain and simple - absolutely fabulous choice for a statement dress, jumpsuit or skirt etc. 

Leather Mule
Available in black or white

Cheap as chips! (well I have to confess my chips are a little cheaper where I live - LOL) But it gives you the chance to try this style to see if it's right for you.

Bow Mule
Available in white, red or black

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