Sunday, 29 April 2018


This is a new feature that I would love to introduce regularly; I spend a lot of weekends shopping, sometimes for me, sometimes for my home but mostly it's research for the blog (well that's what I love to call it)

So much of what I see or touch doesn't make it onto Loved by Lizzi, and that's not because I don't love the item, but maybe it doesn't tick the box of the theme I've chosen to write about.

Then there are items that I buy for me, again they may be odd items that I wouldn't potentially write about on it's own and so I feel you are missing out -  and I can't have that! 

My new SEE IT, BUY IT feature will be a lovely mixture of items that I've either purchased or have tried on that I think you should know about, plus some tips or advice as to what I found when I tried them on.

This gorgeous little number I've picked up a few times, I love this pink. Highly tempted and if I had a wedding coming up in the next few months I would be purchasing! And then I'd be on the hunt for a dress to go with it (LOL).

I have purchased this jacket in the khaki and I am absolutely loving it - it's going to be such a versatile item for this spring, and I know I will end up wearing it right up until a colder Autumn. You can see me wearing it more than once on my Instagram. I purchased the 12 and it's quite roomy you don't want this to be a slim-fitted item, so I would say size is true to fit.

I've actually returned this item back to the store this weekend; I bought it online as I am looking for a new summer tote, and I loved with this one you could zip up, bonus! I loved the colourways and I thought it was a really great price, but for me it was a tad too big for everyday use. I think it's a great bag, a great price and ideal for travel, especially as a flight bag and perfect for the beach too.

I bought this red knit for my Instastores Live feature that I did with Lizzi Parson's this month - I teamed it with my new Topshop jeans and nude heels, I also added my Chanel brooch as I didn't feel a necklace quite worked. The holes are fairly big, so I've worn it with a red cotton vest underneath. I purchased the large and it fits just right, so if unsure go up a size, because the knit doesn't stretch, it's fairly stiff.

Lizzi Richardson and Lizzie Parsons
Lizzi & Lizzie - Instastories Live Night

Zara have this little number is various colours in store, be warned though if you are buying online, the price may be very tempting, but the cotton is very thin so it would be great for the beach or for weekend home life to keep cool on very hot days.


I was hugely disappointed when this was delivered to me, I had been quite excited about this dress; I love the colours, I love the design so what could go wrong?! Well the material, it's 100% polyester that is completely see-through, it also just doesn't feel nice - the only way I can describe it, it's like the soft packaging filler they put into boxes to protect items - hugely disappointing purchase.

That said, I do think it has a use and for me this would be as a beach cover up, perfect for holidays.

Comes in a wide range of colours

Now I have purchased these trousers in various colours over the last couple of months, the pink wasn't the right pink for me, the red was lovely but then I decided I didn't want red. And if the navy blue had been a deep navy blue rather than a washed-out blue, then I would have kept them for my recent holiday to Portugal. The fit is lovely, they are a modern style that shows off the ankles. Ideal for Spring and Summer, ideal too for the office so I do highly recommend and they are a fabulous price at £28. Sizing is true to fit.

Now I did buy this, and the fit seemed right in the changing room but then when I got it home, upon closer inspection there was a few things about it that made me doubt it so I have since returned it. 

Firstly you definitely need to size up at least one size, the fit was tighter than I thought. It's also a tad see-through, and even with nude underwear you may have to wear a slip - at £19.99 they have not put a lining in which is a shame, because if they had I would have been happier to pay £29.99 than have to deal with adding a liner myself. 

I'm indecisive so if I see the right size in store then I may try again.

My obsession for my Chanel mimic cross-over bag continues, I love using it, in fact I was out shopping wearing it this weekend! I've spotted that they do a similar version for the summer in this red. Well it's a 10/10 from me!

I loved the style of this shirt dress however the length of the skirt on me needed to be  slightly longer and it's for this I didn't buy it. It's a very pretty print and I loved the look of it, but the fit has to be right, or it's simply not right. So if you are smaller then 5ft 6 or you like a shorter the length then this may just be perfect for you!

I truly hope you enjoyed this style of post, as you can see you would have missed out on some fabulous items - If you do like any of them, then click on the links (I'm not part of any affiliates programme, so I won't earn anything by you doing so) however I cannot guarantee you'll find them in store, as some are from a good few weeks ago.

Lizzi Richardson

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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Dune Loupe Tan Sandals

There's one thing about social media, if something kicks off (pardon the pun) then it can really fly! The Hermes Oran Sandals has been doing the circuit on Instagram as the 'must have' tan sandal for this summer. At a mere £485 what's not to love? Don't get me wrong I'm sure it's a fantastic leather sandal with a beautiful finish, I actually really love the design. 

But let's not forget our behaviours, there is bound to be something this exciting next summer too.

We are seeing more and more, that no sooner a designer item becomes trendy the high street kicks in! And to no surprise we now have two very strong contenders, and I tried them both out, and this is what I have to say.


Hermes Paris
Oran Sandal

Tan Sandals


Loupe - Tan
Smart Slider Sandal

These are so similar I can't quite believe they can get away with it - but at £80 they are so much cheaper to invest in this kind of design. I tried them on and found them very narrow, I don't usually have a problem with width but I couldn't get my foot in at all on my size, so I sized up and whilst I could get my fit in, as you will see below, they were tight! After handling them I felt underwhelmed, yes they are a nice sandal, but I didn't feel they were worth £80. 

There are other colours too - black, white, orange, pink and turquoise, whilst the fit may not be any better, maybe the other colours may make this more appealing. 

Dune Loupe Tan Sandals


Leather Crossover Sandal

Well good old Zara, it's not exactly the same, but hey it very similar! They are a leather upper and I really liked the finish of the silver label and heel detail. I also preferred the colour of the tan, these felt to me far more premium to look at.

Again my usual size just wasn't quite big enough (you need to take into account heat when you are buying a summer shoe). When I returned them today in store they didn't have the next size up, but I do plan to try them. I thought they were lovely and I genuinely preferred them to the Dune sandals - it's a 10/10 from me.

They too come in other colours, red and a light blue - I will be sticking with the tan.

Tan Sandals

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 22 April 2018


 Linen Dress from Zara

Linen is a big trend this summer and I feel linen to the vast majority of us is like marmite - you either love it or hate it! I've owned some fabulous pieces in linen; my orange Whistle dress is a good example, it looks amazing on, I get lots of compliments, but it creases within minutes and it's a bugger to iron. But I love it.

There is something about the fabric linen that kind of says "Hello Summer" it opens the door to Pimms o'clock, picnics and straw bags - and so I'm in on this one!

Wear to shop? Do not worry about that, nearly every highstreet store is full of options - in fact I had to scale down my selection before even hitting the changing rooms. There's lots of blouses, shirts, skirts etc to choose from, so you can kind of dab your toe in it, but no surprise about me - I've headed straight for the dresses.


All photos are from Pinterest

 Linen Dress from Zara

  • Linen, especially a maxi dress with a full skirt, can be a little overwhelming - make sure you are wearing the dress and it's not wearing you!
  • Think about the fit - linen allows for a more relaxed-fit it's far less formal than wearing a crisp cotton garment, so really think about how you want to wear it and if it doesn't suit then best to move on to another dress
  • Staying with the fit - a lot of the dresses are either a wrap or buttoned-up - this can play havoc around the bust line, big or small! If you cannot make it work with your typical day bra then then avoid! You want summer days to be carefree, not worrying if you are showing your best off to the whole world.
  • Linen creases - so when you try it on in the changing rooms it's highly likely to be creased, you've got to look past that when making buying decisions.
  • If you don't wash it between wearing it - make sure you re-iron it at least! Do this before hanging back into your wardrobe, becuase you might get lazy in a morning rush and then you will not look as fresh as you could be.
  • Linen doesn't travel well, but it's absolutely fantastic in a hot climate - so don't waste your time ironing it before going; take a travel iron or arrange one out there (you are probably thinking why take an iron?! Well when I went to Sorrento with my orange dress, by the time the Italians organised an iron for me, my holiday was nearly over! - LOL)
  • Linen comes in bleached white - perfect for cool tone skin, but a lot of high street stores are looking at how they are producing clothes and how this impacts the environment, natural linen is more cream, and this is a better choice for warm skin tones.

And so this is the dress I picked, it's from Zara, it has as you can see by the shoulder and sleeves a more relaxed fit to it. If you are pear or hour-glassed shape, I highly recommend opting for one that ties in at the waist or otherwise belt it. This dress for me ticks a few more trends; the shirt dress and stripes - so you've got a winner here. I would say sizing is true to fit on this one.

Long Striped Tunic

Checked dress with belt

So coming back to my first tip about how a dress can be wearing you - this gorgeous checked dress below very much did that to me. I think it's suitable for someone who is pear or hour-glass but with a smaller bustline. I also feel you need to be quite tall to carry this pattern off, I found it was too busy for my 5'6" height. Sizing was also a little big, consider sizing down one.

Striped linen dress

I loved this dress, and I was very tempted to buy, however the v-shape is actually quite low, so it's a tad revealing on my bust, but I think it's a definite winner for a BBQ, picnic or weekend away. Sizing is true to fit.

Chevron stripe midi dress

This option is actually very classy - the material is quite stiff a bit like denim and overall the design itself is very structured. I felt it was more of a going out dress for daytime, for example a posh lunch, possibly Wimbledon, or a christening; there was definitely something about it that made you feel you needed to take it somewhere - it's not for everyday. And for that reason (because I have no forthcoming plans) I didn't buy - but I loved it! 10/10. Sizing true to fit.

Check Knot Front Shirt Dress
Only 12% Linen / 88% Cotton

Now I thought this was a linen dress when I touched it, and also when I tried it on, but through searching for the link for this blog I came to understand there is only 12% linen in it. So this is a mock-linen dress which I think is very stylish for the office. I need to be a tad sensitive here, if you have a bit of a tummy (like me) then the knot is not very flattering, so avoid. I did. But nonetheless it is a lovely option to try. Sizing true to fit.


The M&S Collection are offering a linen blend tunic dress - an ideal option for the office or for the weekend. It comes in various colours, plus it is available in petite, curve and the fuller bust. Great to see lots of different sizing options for women! And a great price too.

M&S Collection


Straw bag

The straw bag was also from Zara - so much choice in every store. Straw bags will feature in the coming weeks, but for now this is the Two-Tone Tote Bag at £29.99.

It has got some structure to it and it's not too 'weekend' making it ideal for the office too, and it has a cross body strap (not removable).

Lizzi Richardson

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Thursday, 19 April 2018


I’m often asked how you can easily take a day look to night, I feel you can easily achieve this by following three very easy steps. Two of the outfits in this post, are for the most part, my normal daywear to the office and then the last look, my leopard print dress which I've blogged recently about, is a versatile option and I've used the same tricks.

Lizzi Richardson - Loved by Lizzi

So here are my three (very easy) tips! And if you don't own any of these items, then these are 'gaps' in your wardrobe you should shop for; they are investment items you can wear over and over again.


What you wear on your feet is the biggest giveaway to what you are doing - so wearing thick heels or a flat court shoe are not really ticking the “let’s go out and party” look. Play with colour, try a higher heel and keep the heel slimline. I really love these burgundy shoes from New Look, the straps alone oozes a more glammed-up vibe to any outfit – they work with dresses, skirts, jeans and as you can see a jumpsuit too.

Lizzi Richardson - Loved by Lizzi


If your outfit allows you too, especially if you are wearing predominately black, a touch of black lace is one of the most easiest items to add. Full-length lace sleeves are simply divine and as you are all covered up too you can forget the need to fake tan, bonus! I purchased this top from M&S a couple of years ago at just £25 – I’ve not stopped wearing it as an option for evening, it travels well too so it's a great first night out top wherever I am.

Lizzi Richardson - Loved by Lizzi


If you need to take a jacket out with you, and most of us do as it get very chilly of night even in summer, wear it but don’t wear it! I find that placing the jacket on your shoulders as a cape not only gives off a “going out” vibe but it’s actually quite a sexy look. There is also a fabulous practical tip here too, especially if you are wearing a top or dress that easily creases, by not actually wearing your jacket it minimises any creases to the sleeves or underarm where the jacket could scrunch the material. 

One final point about jackets; there are day jackets and evening jackets and apart from the biker or a really sharp blazer not many transfer easily from day to night, so invest in one or two really great evening jackets, this way if you do wear something like a dress that you would normally wear daytime, an evening jacket can transform it so easily.

Lizzi Richardson - Loved by Lizzi

I hope you loved this tips, and if you have any yourself then please get in touch with me, I'm always keen to learn more tricks!

Lizzi Richardson - Loved by Lizzi

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Sunday, 15 April 2018


white kitten heel

For this summer you can take a bit of a holiday from the stiletto heels; the fashion gods have granted us some time off by making the lower heel this summer's obsession.

You get to pick between three heights; the kitten which is about 60mm, the new (and more trendy) Nano heel which has a maximum height of 40mm or you can go flat - yes that's right no heel at all!

For me personally (apart from trainers and flip-flops) I rarely get on with a flat shoe, strangely I find a hard flat shoe or a ballerina pump very difficult to walk in - I quite like a kitten - and the image above features my new investment for the office, the button kitten heels in white, from NEXT.

These shoes are ticking the box for two current trends - heel height and the pointed toe. I can't believe how comfy they were on their debut outing to the office, I did a whole day without a concern for any rubbing. 

The white is not too bright either, perfect for a fresh look this Spring/Summer. The leather is fairly soft but when you wear an open cut shoe of this type, you need the leather to be quite sturdy to give you the firmness you need to walk well. A great price at £38 - it's going to be hard to keep me out of these, I'm loving them so much!

Next - Button kitten heels
White (also available in navy, black or tan)

NEXT white button kitten heel

TOPSHOP - Juniper Ball Heel Mules
Yellow or Nude

The mule is another big trend this Summer and I think Topshop has got it so right with this fabulous yellow ball-heel mule. Also available in nude this simple design is quite a statement. Heel height is 1" making it a Nano heel and it's 100% leather. Gorgeous.

TOPSHOP - Knot Woven Mules
Black or White

I tried these on in black and I didn't find the weave too comfy because it's a hard weave with no give at the width, so unless these fit you perfectly I think they will rub. They would be gorgeous for the summer holidays, so if they fit you right, these will be sure to be a winner.

ZARA - Flat Mules with Pearl Beads

A great pair of flat mules, these will fit right in with lots of pieces I'm sure you already own in wardrobe - maxi dresses, black trousers or skirt, pearl detailing on tops etc. These are a statement piece.

ZARA - Slingback Court Shoes with Elastic Strap

These gorgeous two-tone pointed toe shoes are ideal for the office, the height of the heel is kitten at 50mm, they will look fabulous with a dress, skirt or trousers (make sure your trouser length allows you to show off your ankles). They will be ideal to team with a nude or white bag and wear with a black or navy dress giving you the chance to take your usual office dresses on into the summer with these lighter accessories.

Described as kitten, after reviewing the video I think these are Nano, as in under 40mm. I'm keen to give you more options to team up with office black dresses as I know it's important to those of you who want to carry on wearing your usual office attire but look less winter. And I think these monochrome shoes would be perfect.

I just had to include these fabulous pink kittens from Dune, the heel is 65mm in height and they come in lots of colour versions too. Strappy metallic studs with croc-embossed pointed toes makes this shoes super-feminine and it goes to prove you can still have gorgeousness at a lower height!

Loved by lizzi
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