Sunday, 28 January 2018

Casual Weekend Fun

There are times when you want to celebrate the good times but you just don't want to put a frock on! Jeans are always the best option I think for these kind of days but sometimes it's hard to know what to wear on top.

My 'early' birthday party brought me this dilemma, it was a casual lunchtime gig with family keeping it simple with food, wine and games - so being in your own home I just wanted to keep it light and casual - but not with my slippers on!

For this, start with your favourite pair of jeans and then get your favourite pair of trainers or pumps out - once you know the colour-ways for them, you can start your search. All the tops I'm posting about you can get in other colours or styles - so just mix and match to give you the best vibe you want, and keep the jewellery minimal.

I'm going to start my story with the end - this is What I Wore to my own birthday party

grey jumper and jeans

I chose my new jeans that I got in the sale from AllSaints and I teamed them with my Stan Smiths - I knew I wanted either a blue, grey or maybe a breton-stripe style of top, and with the current trend of stripes - I instantly loved this grey jumper from NEXT. 

It's a thin wool jumper that needs to be fitted and not oversized and for this I had to downsize two dress sizes, because I found it quite baggy around the stomach; there are no seams on the shoulder, it slopes with your own shape so it allows you to adjust sizing and still looks fitted.

I'm really sorry but I could not find it on their website, I paid £20 - so head in store and it was displayed near their jeans section. It also, which sadly you can't tell from my photos, has a glittery-silver neckline which just adds to the overall finish.

Flatlay grey jumper and jeans
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Sticking with NEXT, there is this Funday Jumper - I've seen this lots over Instagram, so it has been out a while, but there was plenty of sizes in store. I didn't particularly want a winter jumper, but I thought this was lovely, and if I had someone with me whilst I shopped, I may have been talked into this, especially as it's still cold outside! Size is true to fit.


Grey Funday Slogan Sweater

Funday jumper

Now I was very tempted with this next sweater, particularly as I like to find any excuse to buy Biba, but I was a little put off by the black, I think it was too harsh a colour for what I was trying to achieve, and I couldn't see any other colour options. It's meant to be oversized, I tried on my actual size and I loved it, but I'm afraid to say I just don't think I would wear it - and for that reason it had to stay on the hanger!

Biba - House of Fraser
Sequin Lips Sweatshirt

Biba lip jumper

So then I tried the breton-stripe route - well this is the way Kate Middleton does causal - and it's such a classic.

Hallhuber is a lovely brand and you can find it in House of Fraser - pricing varies some items seem good value for money and others I think are a little over-priced. With this breton-stripe top, I thought the price was good and the quality was certainly there it does however cling to you, and so if you have lumps and bumps like I do, it wasn't very flattering. I also didn't want black and white stripes, this is where you have to stick to what you first had in mind. 

Now I couldn't find the black & white version online, but they do have a pink one that you might like.


House of Fraser
Stripe Top With Three-quarter Sleeves

Hallhuber striped black top

I also liked this one...


Oversized Shirt With Appliquã© Slogan

This breton style top was from NEXT comes in other colours like green and coral, this will be great for Spring ahead, the size I thought was a little big, I definitely would have tried on a smaller size if I had been tempted to buy - as it came up particularly big across the stomach area, which is never flattering.

Basic Long Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt
Various colour options

NEXT breton striped top

I also found this one in NEXT - I was drawn to it as there was something very Pretty Green about it; a mens brand designed by Liam Gallagher which have some very cool designs. I absolutely loved the gold strips around the waist band and the cuffs, the size is true to fit. I think this is a truly lovely top - I just didn't think it was quite me.

 I'm really sorry but it's not showing on their website, it's £28 - so head in store.

navy floral top

And finally to end my story, this was the one that got away (well for now)! I'm keen on a blue linen shirt, especially for Spring/Summer coming up, this is a great way to be causal with jeans and trainers. If you don't like light blue, opt for the classic bright white - but any other colour options could be a bit dated - for this season think cotton fresh!

Casual Shirt

Blue casual shirt

Lizzi Richardson

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Five ways to enhance your own personal work style

It takes three weeks to change a habit, apparently. With February fast approaching and Blue-January coming to an end, I’ve got five great habits that will enhance your own personal work style and so by the end of February, these new habits could form part of daily routine!

work style flatlay

The night before trick

The more you prep the night before, the less hassle and more time you’ll have in the mornings – think of that extra sleep you could be having, earning you points towards your overall wellbeing. Get that shirt or skirt ironed, clean your shoes, sort out what accessories, swap your handbags and have your work bag ready to go so you can head out in the mornings, less rushed and more gliding like a swan than tripping over your feet like calamity Jane! - (LOL)

Keep your skincare routine simple

You don’t need every lotion and potion to keep your skin in fabulous condition, but it is really important to have a good skincare routine as this forms the foundation of your make-up. If you keep it simple, you are more likely to do it. Cleanse in the shower, add moisturiser perhaps with a touch of serum and that’s it. Forget toner, masks and scrubs save that for for the weekends or prepping for a night out.

Avoid wearing the same garment twice to work in the same week

The vast majority of us only wear about 20% of our wardrobe, over and over again. Last week I gave you a few tips on how to avoid wearing the same item, but if you would like to enhance your work style, then avoid wearing the same basics every day. Try to jazz up your wardrobe with more than one coat or handbag; and if for example black trousers are a huge part to your own work ‘uniform’ why not try expanding by having different styles and fabric finishes so you are not moving away from your style, but you will look different, every day, effortlessly.

Add colour with your accessories

A great way to make a statement is with colour, but if you are of the neutral colour work style the easiest way to do this is by having your accessories do all the talking! So if you typically wear a navy trouser suit why not have a large boxy handbag in red. Or if you like to wear black dresses most days, then why not invest in the exact same bag but in different bright bold colours, so say Monday you use Verde green, Tuesday use Cobalt blue, Wednesday a pop of Magenta pink and so on and so on - playing with colour can be a lot of fun.

Get your lippy on

A great way to feel instantly happy is to add a little lippy, I wrote about the benefits of this some time ago. Lipstick will make you smile; and a smile can go a long way in the working environment. Let's take two very popular celebrities; Victoria Beckham who is renowned for not smiling, for those of us who watch her Instastories we know she has a great sense of humour, but we perceive her to be quite snotty. Let's compare to Claudia Winkleman, who is always smiling, she however keeps her personal life quite quiet and so we only see her TV persona and assume that she is the most loveliest woman and we would all like her to be our friend. I'm pretty sure both are amazing women who are both truly happy, but it's likely we would say Claudia is more happy - and that's simply because she smiles. Back to the lippy... be brave and go bold if you dare, but step it up on occasions especially if you need an extra boost of confidence.


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Sunday, 21 January 2018

January Sales - It's not quite over!

Buying a bargain at this time of year can be quite stressful - you know what you need to buy but perhaps can't find it, you're being enticed by low prices on items you don't need and doubting whether perhaps you do. It can all be overwhelming when you want to make sure you are getting Value For Money.

At the beginning of the sales I had two things on my list, a midi skirt for work and a designer pair of jeans for out-out, i.e. not for dog walks! I failed on my first couple of shopping trips, and decided not to bother with the jeans as you need to dedicate time to finding the right pair, and the sales environment doesn't really offer that!

And then the saying goes "when you are not looking, you'll then find it" and I did! It's reminded me that the January sales, is for January and not just the first couple of days after Christmas; what I mean by this is towards the end of the month, retailers give more discount off and so what may not have seem like a good price at the beginning, it certainly is now.

Some of the extra discounts, like I got on my jeans, you have to be in store, I'm not surprised as retailers want people to visit and they need to clear the shop's stock to make room for new season - so venture out and you never know what delightful little bargains you'll get.

red jacket and jean

Let's start with my jeans, I got them from AllSaints, they should have been £88.00 but I paid in store £28.16 - they had been reduced twice, plus I got an extra 20% in store - what a bargain! 

I'm wearing them here with my fabulous navy shoe boots from Next (gifted to me by a dear friend Katie - thank you!) and Kettlewell's red silky roll neck, this comes in lots of colours and I find the fabric is ideal for dressing up an outfit.

And the jacket, well that was another bargain too from Zara - it should have been £69.99, but I paid £19.99 - this is going to be perfect for my weekend break to Portugal that I have in March as the evenings are likely to still be chilly. I'm sorry I cannot find it on their website so you will need to head in - there were quite a few left in store.

grey midi skirt

I found my midi skirt at Jigsaw in a recent shopping trip in Marlow with my mum - I was unsure about what colour or pattern I wanted but was keen to have good quality, by not having anything specific in mind left me open to lots of opportunities. I settled on this heavy satin midi skirt which fits lovely around the waist, it's true to size and hangs really well. Creases slightly, so you do need to make sure you smooth it out before you sit. It also comes with pockets, which I love in a skirt of this style. 

I found it online! This colour, shadow grey and foliage green are £60 down from £120, but if you love pink, you are going to be super happy, as this is now £36 for their magenta. Whilst I'm wearing it with jumper and long boots, the fabric is light enough that I know I will wear it over spring/summer with a cami and flip-flops. So you will get a lot of wear out this skirt - I'm actually tempted to get the pink myself!

Heavy Satin Fluid Skirt
Was £120, now £36/£60 - depending on colour

And so you see it is still worth visiting the shops for those last minute bargains, don't be fooled the racks are messy so you will have to hunt, but at least now the changing rooms are a lot more quieter than when the sales first started, it's definitely worth taking the time to try before you buy - and don't forget it's only a true bargain if you really need it - here's my link again to my top tips for getting the best out of the sales.

Good luck! Let me know what you buy by leaving comments on any of my social channels - Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Spring 2018 - Easy trends you can adopt!

Spring 2018
Image from Pixabay

I'm so excited that I am starting to write about Spring 2018, I love this season so much! Once we get to the other side of New Year I just can't wait for the shops to clear of sale items so that we can start to shop for this new season.

Now some stores have had their new collection in for a while, whilst others still need to get a move on shifting old stock. My advice to you is STOP buying for AW17, it's over! You have around 6-8 weeks to get as much wear out of your existing wardrobe before really adopting Spring items. I think this recent snap of cold weather is helping too, as we all want to wrap up warm at the moment.

One of the best things about a new season, it gives you a chance to re-evaluate the items you already own. But before we go into that in any great detail (I'll blog about this more over the coming weeks) - you need to start to think about what trends you may like to adopt; you can't wear everything, well you can try but I hope you have a very big bank balance to accommodate this! 

Here's a starting point of Spring trends for 2018, that I think will be fairly easy to introduce into your life, without necessary breaking the bank!


The new kind of bag for this season is the belt bag or for those of you who are as old as me, this is a revamp of the bum bag! I know, I know it's had a lot of bad press in the past - but it's a trend that could be really big this season and the high street are already selling them; and I have to confess this new bag is quite high on my shopping list. I think the easy discreet option is to go black, but I am personally thinking of colour - you don't necessary have to belt it around your waist you can also have it across the shoulder.

Panther Belt Bag
Available in black, red or pale blue


This trend has been around for a few months - shops like New Look, H&M, Zara, Primark, Topshop have lots of designs, colours and styles to choose from. Don't spend a lot and get a few to have a broad selection, the key point to this trend is that you can have a lot of fun and they can easily perk up a fairly dull outfit. Or if you are known for wearing an eclectic mix of colours and styles, this may just simply blend in! 

Fringe disc elaborate earrings


Pink is everywhere at the moment, it's certainly a colour to consider for this new season. If you have a warm skin tone (like me) this is fairly challenging as our pink is actually orange - but sometimes you have to learn to mix it up, and we can opt to continue the AW17 trend of mixing pillar-box red with pink for that non-typical colour combo! 

For those of you who have cool skin tone, simply go head to toe! Here's Oxana Lozovskaya, a fellow Instagram girlfriend, showing off this trend - you can follow her here at oxanalozovskaya1101

Oxana Lozovskaya
Image: oxanalozovskaya1101

If you are Autumn or Spring with your natural colourings, i.e. warm skintone, I recommend this as an option.



After Think Pink, this leads me nicely into the next trend - All One Colour! - it's as simple as that. Pick a colour and its various tones, and simply wear it throughout your entire outfit and make sure your accessories, shoes and bags all tone in too. No complimenting colours, just the one hue please.



You should know this one already, as it was one of my very first posts of 2018. This is going to be big this Spring, you only have to go onto the Zara website or Topshop and it's all over their site. You have options of wide-leg, tapered or jogger-style - a lot of choice and so it should be fairly easy for you to adopt.

Pyjama-Style trousers with side stripes

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

My guide to shopping your own wardrobe

Black outfit

January is always a tough month when it comes to shopping; you've had all your Christmas presents, you've spent all you gift vouchers, you may or may not love what you bought in the sale but can't be bothered to take it back! And along with having to spend less due to December overspend, let's be honest this could continue into February.

So here's my guide to 'shopping your own wardrobe' to wear more of what you have already...


To make this effective and feel good about what you are wearing, it's important to put together stylish outfits. You can only do this if you know what you have, what fits you and what you absolutely hate (by the way, why is it still in your wardrobe?) and what are your potential gaps. Now that last part you may not know until you start to get creative. To help with all this you need a notepad and pencil (don't use a pen you may get ink on your clothes) and your camera phone.


This is where you take one item, like a jacket, pair of trousers or perhaps a skirt; and you start to play with other garments, accessories, shoes and bags to create more than one outfit. Every outfit you put together that you love, you take a photo to remind you of it! Start to create a library of these so that when you are panicking on a Monday morning of "what shall I wear' take a quick look and just select.

Here's how I styled my striped Hush skirt to get three different looks. First up monochrome, just kept it simple with black polo and black boots...


I'm still loving my berry boots from M&S - and here I've teamed them with a burgundy jumper for a different look.


And then I like to do the complete contrast and just add that dynamic splash of colour - and I don't care whether colours work together or not, for this style you need to forget what compliments each other but be more of a wow factor. Love those kind of looks!



This one I think is easy to sort, don't wash it! Bear with me here (LOL). If you find you wear the same jumper every week and you can't stop yourself from putting it on because it's an easy choice - then stop being Superwoman and getting all your washing done at great speed. If it's in the wash bin, you can't wear it and that forces you to wear something else.


The idea here is that you don't wear the entire outfit again for two week, you can wear the trousers again or the jacket, but the entire outfit is a no, no. This helps you get creative with your own wardrobe, and you start to learn to mix and match your outfits. When I offer this advice to girlfriends their immediate reaction is "I don't have enough clothes to do that" - the truth is you do, because the majority of us only wear 20% of what we have, because we wear the same things, over and over and over again - you see my point? A good tip here is to take a photo each day of what you have worn, as a quick reference and by not washing some of the items immediately, this will help you pick other items in your wardrobe.


Pinterest is not social media it's a search engine for images, much better than Google images (I personally think). All you have to do is type into the searchbox the garment you would like inspiration for - so here's what I got back simply by typing Black Poloneck and selecting the filter Women

Not surprisingly, it's suggesting an all-black look with black jeans and boots - this is an easy look you can pull together without too much stress.

The next suggestion was dungarees as a possible alternative option, now I don't own dungarees but I do own jumpsuits - so straightaway this makes me think "what can I do with them?".

You may own a faux fur sleeveless jacket like the one below but again if you don't you can simply copy this style and just use your faux fur coat - and you can team them with your favourite blue or black jeans and the accessories she is wearing is again a great way to jazz up a black polo.

Or finally a contrasting statement skirt - now you don't have to have this exact same shape skirt but you may have a pencil skirt in your wardrobe which could be red or blue and you could mimic this style. And here instead of boots you could opt for shoes.


Now this is not an open door to go shopping for an entire new outfit! This is where you have done your research into pulling outfits together from your wardrobe; you've played on Pinterest or looked through magazines, and then you find you have small gaps like needing different coloured tights or maybe a different colour poloneck to get more out of what you have. Now here's where you use the pencil and notepad, as you try on your outfits, work out what you are missing to complete the look. Once you have a list, what common items do you need most that helps several outfits, these should be your priority on your next shop.

I purchased recently myself to get more out of my own wardrobe by investing in my H&M Biker jacket - I wanted to wear more of my work clothes at the weekend for the occasions where I don't want to wear jeans, and so this jacket has provided me a relaxed look (as photographed above) and all the rest of the items I am wearing I have owned for several seasons or years! So sometimes you have to invest a little to get a whole lot more!

One final rule for spending on your gaps, consider the value you need to spend to get the right purchase for you. If it's an item you will only need to wear a few times then spend less but if you think it's an item you will wear week in, week out, then consider spending on better quality so that the item lasts longer.

I hope you find all these tips useful - if you have any you would like to put forward, then please share them by getting in touch or leaving a comment on any of my social media platforms - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.