Sunday, 15 July 2018


Lizzi Richardson

Back in Spring I wrote about how the lower heel is more on trend this Spring/Summer and these Carvela white mules, by Kurt Geiger have been one of my best buys so far this season. If you follow me on Instagram, I have frequently featured them, as I find they go with pretty much everything!

They truly smarten up a day look where you want to be a little dressier than flip-flops, I regularly wear them shopping, as you know me I go for hours, so I can't tot around in heels to do my blogging work!! And I have worn them too in a corporate office usually with trousers but they go very well with skirts too.

These next few photos should convince you just how much I love them and how versatile they are, shopping, work, meetings etc. I feel like I could wear them anywhere! I will certainly be using them to travel in, especially airports as it will be like wearing slippers! Plus I can honestly say to you that your feet do not get too hot in them, this was one of my concerns, but so far it's been fine.

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

Lizzi Richardson

I purchased mine from House of Fraser, but they only have size 3 left in the white - they are reduced from £59 down to £14!! And so too are what they are calling beige (I personally would say snakeskin!) £14 in size 3 and 4 available.

The black however are available in sizes 3 up to 8 and are still full price at £59 - now I realise black is not very summery, but hear me out!

  • An all-black summer look is very chic
  • I haven't worn my white ones out of an evening, but black I would
  • Black will take you through to early Autumn, for a possible late summer vibe or just that warmer Autumn day where you don't need a heavy shoe
  • These you can definitely wear to the office 

House of Fraser

Black Million Mules

And if you love the idea of a mule loafer, but fancy something a little different, here are another five that I am loving!!

Add some colour with these gorgeous pink ones!!!

Dune London
Gene - Pink (other colours are available)

Metal Saddle Trim Backless Loafer Shoe

For that floral vibe!!!

Ted Baker via Office
Dorline Mules - Black Chelsea Textile
Was £120, now £60 (all sizes in stock when I wrote this)

These just scream.... 'I am in holiday mode!'

Woven Loafer Mules
Available in red or black

Keeping it plain and simple - absolutely fabulous choice for a statement dress, jumpsuit or skirt etc. 

Leather Mule
Available in black or white

Cheap as chips! (well I have to confess my chips are a little cheaper where I live - LOL) But it gives you the chance to try this style to see if it's right for you.

Bow Mule
Available in white, red or black

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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Imogen Lamport and Lizzi Richardson
Imogen Lamport (left) & Lizzi Richardson

You may recall that I met Imogen Lamport at a recent style workshop that she ran on her concept of 16 Style Types!

Imogen, who lives in Melbourne Australia who has a successful Style & Image business and writes regularly for her own blog -  Inside Out Style Blog, invited me to guest blog for a feature she hosts called  STYLISH THOUGHTS.

Well I simply could not refuse!

Lizzi Richardson Stylish Thoughts

Within my post, I talk about what I believe is the secret to great style, recommendations on how to travel stylishly, what I do and do not spend my (hard-earned) money on, and some pointers about that dreaded word for non-fashionistas.... trends!

I do hope you'll have a read! Simply click here to do so,

love, Lizzi

Sunday, 8 July 2018


The Salon Nail Boutique St Albans

I was invited by The Salon Nail Boutique to come and try their 'toxic free' natural nail bar, a concept I didn't know much about or if I am honest thought about! 

The Salon Nail Boutique in St Albans offers a modern and premium service, I got to try both their gel pedicure and manicure. As I didn't know much about toxic free, one of my reservations beforehand is that they wouldn't have a lot of choice regarding colours, how wrong was I - very pleasantly surprised that they had the full spectrum available.


I give this salon a big thumbs up for the lovely chit chat I had with all the ladies in my couple of hours there; I sometimes find it awkward if you and your beautician are the only ones talking, but the whole set of the pedicure stations where they can be up to six of you in total, three clients and three beauticians, it was a fun and chatty time catching up on all things going on in the world!


The Salon Nail Boutique St Albans

Getting your nails done is just getting your nails done - or is it? I don't want to dis any other nail business but you do end up spending a lot of time in these salons, so you want your environment to be lovely, clean, and especially calming - and this salon ticked all the boxes!

I loved all the special touches, my pedicure basin was a butler style sink, my chair was a cosy and very comfy grey armchair. I had a little white table next to me so I could lay out my stuff and whilst I didn't partake in any hot beverages I was super pleased that my sparkling mineral water came to be in a wine glass - I love little details like this!

Another small observation I picked up on, is that all the beauticians were wearing white with natural fabric aprons; reinforcing the clean, calm and modern vibe of the salon.

Bryony, my beautician (below) also explained how they are working towards eliminating plastic, they've made a start with this but they want to do so much more - another big tick for those of you who are passionate about the environment.


The Salon Nail Boutique and Loved by Lizzi

So as I explained before, everything they use on you is toxic free, and I opted for orange gels on my toes as I wanted something deep and vibrant and I chose lighter peachy colour (still on the orange spectrum) for my hands - so it tones together! 

I particularly loved the foot scrub, and by all accounts it looked like it was mixed fresh that morning - himalayan salt with almond oil. Plus I was offered a choice of three different aroma body lotions, as part of my pedicure treatment, of which I opted for coconut with lemon - it's nice to be given choice!

Lizzi Richardson Manicure

Lizzi Richardson Pedicure

To find out more about The Salon Nail Boutique and the services their offer, simply click here for the website.


It was one of the hottest days we've had so far and so I opted for last years bardot dress from Marks & Spencer, which I teamed with some blue jewellery that I've owned for a good few many years and also my Dune sandals that I bought very late last summer which I've hardly worn, the rose gold looks fabulous with the orange pedicure gel nails.

Lizzi Richardson


Getting me nails done was just one part of my preparation for the Gala dinner I attended this Saturday, for those of you who read Thursday's post about The Sales Are On! You got a sneaky insight to the dress...

... and so here is the final look, my gorgeous Karen Millen dress.

Lizzi Richardson

Thursday, 5 July 2018


This is going to be a less tailored kind of post I'm afraid; the sales are on and you need to be quick to pick up any great bargains!

I've searched my favourite brands to see if they are any fabulous savings to be made, that I think you should invest in! And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, apologies but there are going to be some duplications... but you had the info first! LOL.

So let's do this!

First up is this dress from KRISP, I've been lucky enough to do some social media with this brand, and I can highly recommend this dress! If you love it, then you can get an extra 25% discount using LOVEDBYLIZZI25 - you can only use it once!

KRISP Ditsy Print Pin Up

Ditsy Print Pin Up Dress
Was £24.99, Now £20.00

I had to size up one size to get a good fit and I was also pretty impressed with the belt too which I will be using on other dresses too!

Pebbled shopper bag
Was £25.99, now £12.99

You can also see me using this bag in the above pic, it's a great buy! I didn't realise until after I got it home it's reversible - so handy! It's a 10/10 from me.

Gingham Bardot Top
Was £19, Now £7

You can't go wrong with a Bardot top, this will be perfect for weekends or holidays!


Paris Textured Jacket
Was £109, now £54.50

This is the jacket that I featured as part of my Paris trip last November, I absolutely love it. Admittedly is not for the weather right now, but this jacket is a 10/10 from me. I am loving this green!!!

Shiny pleated print dress
Was £49.99, Now £17.99

I've not seen this in the store, but this has definitely caught my eye online!


Multicoloured Leather Sandals
Was £69.99, Now £39.99

I have to say, I'm a tad tempted with this these!


Daphne Jumpsuit
Was £85, Now £50

I'm actually wearing a Hush jumpsuit as I am writing this, I do love them (not always the price point!) So the sales are a great time to purchase, available in some sizes in floral or black.

Kurt Geiger

Daisy Shopper
Was £99, Now £39

I'm loving this! Perfect for weekends, the beach, that holiday abroad!

Ted Baker at House of Fraser

Loulah Geo Lace Bardot Dress
Was £199, Now £89

Ted Baker [tick], White dress [tick], Bardot style [tick] and price reduction [tick, tick, tick]!

Rib Zip Front Chunky Knit
Was £129, Now £39

Whistles is not a cheap brand, and when they have a sale it generally isn't anything special, but the reduction on this is! Again not necessary for this season, but if you are into this style of jumper I think this is a bargain, and it's currently available in all sizes!

Suiting Collection
£ Varies

If you need a new suit for the office, Reiss have quite a choice in their Suiting Collection on sale, this is the perfect time to buy that classic suit to last you from season to season!

And to finish off, I'm going to reveal my Gala dinner dress for this Saturday night, that I got in the sale at Karen Millen. Burnt orange is truly a statement colour and I know this will be good to wear again come Christmas and New Year season, should I be lucky enough to go to another Black Tie do.

I'm so excited to wear it and I promise to share any photos of me wearing it on my next blog!

Karen Millen
One-Shoulder Maxi Dress
Was £225, Now £150



I have to dedicate this to Cap Sleeve Knot Front Dress from the KRISP Basics range, it's only £12.99 and available in five colours! Lots of compliments wearing this. And again you can get 25% discount by simply using LOVEDBYLIZZI25 - I do not earn anything from your purchases, it's not an affiliates link.

Cap Sleeve Knot Front Dress from the KRISP Basics

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Sunday, 1 July 2018


Martine Turcotte, Imogen Lamport, Lizzi Richardson
Martine Turcotte, Imogen Lamport, Lizzi Richardson (@LovedbyLizzi)

Now it's not often I post on Loved by Lizzi about a style workshop that I attend, but I was pretty much blown away yesterday with a new style theory that three ladies have been researching for the last few years.

Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style Blog, along with Jane Kise and Jill Chivers have taken an existing psychological types based theory, established back in 1921 by JUNG and have looked at how this affects men and women and their approach to style.

Style a concept that for some people they absolutely love and are very passionate about and for others they see no purpose for styling, just practical and functional garments to do their job - so why is that?

Imogen Lamport took us through their 16 Style Types concept; for me as an avid fashion blogger and born by nature to shop (although my skills have been nurtured with time spent with other women who love style and shopping too - both in childhood and even in my life today) this was going to be right up my street!


Within a few slides of Imogen's presentation, I got the theory and quickly worked out that I was an ENFJ - so what does this mean?

The first letter is simply an indicator of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert - we can all be both, but you need to select what you typically are. I am an extrovert (although I can be at times an introvert wishing no one to speak to me, so I push myself to join in - and once I feel comfortable that's it, I just don't shut up!)

The next two letters are the core elements from the theory above of JUNG. If you work in the corporate environment, I can pretty much guarantee your HR department will have done some form of Behaviour based theory test on you. I've had several over the years, so I found this quite easy, I can't explain this to you, but later in this post you can find out your own style type by taking a test. However I am iNtuition (they have used the N in the code) and Feeling.

The N element is that most of the time I react based on my gut-feeling and not what my head is telling me. The F element is that I value things quite highly, for example I care that my home looks nice not just for me but for the people who visit me.

And then lastly the J, this is for Judge - ooh what a awful word. The other option was Perceive, but I know truly that I do judge myself, I care what people think of me, and so this is how I base my decision.

Still with me? If you are that's fabulous, that's saying you are interested in knowing more about your own style type.

As there are 16 of them, I will give you an overview of mine, and then you can see what you can expect should you wish to find out more about yourself.

16 Style Types by Imogen Lamport
16 Style Types by Imogen Lamport

This is by no means all of it! This just gives you a flavour of what you can learn about yourself, should you wish to take the test.



We want our style to be making an impact to help people - Which is probably why I love fashion blogging so much, as it helps me, to help you. 

We also believe that style helps with making the best first impression, we value this so it's importance to us.


I have always been a firm believer in this - There has been times in my life where I have had little money, but I have invested that money in myself with getting my hair cut, buying a modern professional suit that I really can't afford, to get THAT JOB

That job which will pay better than the one I am currently in, because I know I will be judged before I have even sat in my chair and spoken my first word.


Yep this is me to a T! - I don't plan ahead. I can get an outfit ready the night before but if it's not right the next morning, I will not wear it. 

I can try on several outfits and I will not walk out unless I feel right. And that's just me.


Even if you are not passionate about fashion, I am pretty confident you do care about your own individual style. I fully understand the frustrations of being put into a box; but getting to understand how you tick, what makes you happy, what's important to you - this enables you to change things.

Getting your own personal style working right for you, even if that is owning the same pair of jeans ten times over, with the the same kind of jumper and shirt, or if you just want one style of dress in ten different colour ways or patterns - you know what, that's ok. 

Personal style, and getting it right, gives you confidence, saves you money, save you time, makes you happy and hopefully gets you that job you so want.

Imogen Lamport
Imogen Lamport (@LovedbyLIzzi)

Learn more about Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style and how you can take your own test and see which you are of her 16 Styles Types over on

And if you do, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH and let me know what you are and what this means for you!

The photo at the beginning also includes by fabulous French-Canadian stylist friend, Martine Turcotte, who you've met before on my Paris trip. You can find out more about Martine by following her on Facebook page.

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