Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Claudia Winkleman blouse and many more!

This autumn-winter blouses are a big trend - they are great to wear with skirts, trousers and jeans - No need to save them just for the office, this versatile garment is queen to any kind of event! 

Winter florals, another big trend at the moment, and it lends itself well to this garment. Not everyone likes to be head-to-toe floral so investing in a blouse is a good way to show off this trend without leaving your comfort zone.

A couple of weeks ago, Claudia Winkleman wore this blouse on Strictly and within no time at all I saw it all over Instagram, and that it was from Zara; knowing that I was out searching for blouses for this post, I particularly hunted this one out, and to my delight it was still in store. 


Image from OK

Ruffled blouse with contrasting bow

Most of my floral finds were all based on black sheer fabric, and one particularly issue I come across was the integral black vest which you would think is very useful, but not if the vest is too tight and the blouse fits perfectly. My advice here, is to get the blouse to fit you right and then if the vest is not, you can easily remove it and substitute it for one does - you can pick them up cheap in Primark or H&M. The reason I say this, you do not want to spend the whole time wearing it uncomfortable, but also if it's too tight on you, you can tell through the sheer fabric. Go the extra mile, and get the fit perfect.

First up is this number from River Island, the front panels are lined however I would recommend to still opt for a light black vest as you could see your bra at the back. I really loved the fit, the blouse is a straight cut so felt slimming enough to not have to tuck it in. I loved the tie neck too I think this is so feminine, I was less keen on the elbow bands this possibly could get a tad uncomfortable - but for £25 I thought it was a great price, and was one of my favourites.

River Island
Black floral print frill long sleeve blouse


This next one is from Zara, I loved the floral pattern very much, the fabric was quite stiff and no vest needed under this one. Again loved the tie at the top, I felt very glam and I have to say I was very tempted with this one. Fabulous price at £25.99

Floral Print Blouse with Bow


This blouse grabbed my attention as soon as I walked in store but I was less keen once I got it on. The vest top as I pointed out earlier was not the best fit compared to the actual blouse. The fit of the blouse was lovely at the top, but I found it was very baggy around the waistline making me look bigger than I am, not ideal! And at £45, this one was going back on the shelf, I didn't think it was value for money.

River Island
Black floral embroidered mesh long sleeve top


My search in House of Fraser led me to this gorgeous cream and gold blouse from Whistles. It was so super soft and felt uber lush to wear. The fit was good a little baggy at the waistline but with the soft fabric it allows you to tuck it in without getting too caught up. I think it's overpriced at £129. I would expect to pay more for this, as I think the quality was much better than the others, but not as much as that.

Andrea Gold Dobby Spot Blouse


This last one was my favourite of them all; River Island and this time it is for out-out! 

I loved the black lace, you pop it on over your head and then you have to fiddle with two small buttons at the back of your neck to get the neckline correct. I think you have to face the fact that if you have one too many sherberts and no one can help you undo them at the end of the night, this may have to double up as a sleepwear!! (LOL) I just warning you.... I wouldn't fight it just go with it!

Since checking it out online I've also found it comes in Dark Green and White both are gorgeous but I personally would have the black. This one is on my list... to buy!

River Island
Black lace high neck long sleeve top



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Sunday, 22 October 2017

These burgundy boots are made for walking...


I'm not a huge fan of winter, but I do love winter boots! I saw these from a distance, I tried them on and I purchased them in less than 10 mins... you just know then that you have made a great purchase - no deliberating, trying them on several times, or looking at others boots. If you love what you see, and it fits, then get to the check out!

The stores have gone BOOT MAD - in fact do not be surprised if I write more than one post on boots between now and Christmas, there is so much choice this Autumn/Winter with lots of different styles, patterns, fabrics, colour and length, it's a challenge just to know where to start!

I took inspiration from my favourite icon, Victoria Beckham, after seeing her in this pink dress with burgundy long boots I knew this was the type of style I wanted to be seen in this winter - and with wearing them twice to work last week alone I think the cost per wear will be down to pennies!

Style inspiration - Victoria Beckham on Instagram

Burgundy boots are a great choice of colour to wear, and they come in lots of different shades. I've opted for this Berry shade as I have a few tops that I think will work well with it, plus a new day dress from Zara (coming soon on the blog!!) is pretty much a match.

Burgundy also works so well with neutrals; with black it tones down an all-black look, I love the colour combo with Navy this is soooooo elegant, and then there is camel, nearly three years on I'm still in love with my Ted Baker camel coat, these boots are going to look fabulous with this coat, I just need the weather to get a little colder (did I just say that out loud??!)

M&S Collection
Leather Side Zip Knee Boots
Available in Black or Berry

Five more to consider...

House of Fraser
Dune Stella Lace Up Back Over The Knee Boots
Was £170, now £120

Sateen High Heel Boots

Russell & Bromley
Hi Light - Over the knee boots

Exclusive to John Lewis
Somerset by Alice Temperley Sandford Over the Knee Boots

Kurt Geiger


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Five reasons to invest in the Alexa Biker Jacket

WARNING: Now if you talk too much about 'Alexa' in front of your man, he may think you are investing in technology for the home; although this could be the perfect way to make a deal with him! He gets to buy that Echo thing so that he can command orders to it day and night (gives you a break anyway!) and then you can buy this Alexa biker jacket which I personally think you'll enjoy far more! 

I'm doing things a little different this week, before I give you my reasons... check out my five ways to wear it!

Style reason 1 - Wear it out for dinner, just add heeled boots and dangling earrings


Style reason 2 - Ditch the travelling pashmina, upgrade your travel style


Style reason 3 - When you shop all day in a shopping centre this little number will not get you too hot!


Style reason 4 - Wear it to lunch with the girlfriends, it's perfect with a midi skirt and trainers


Style reason 5 - And for colder days, just add faux fur... OR a chunky knitted scarf!


And now my five reasons why you should invest in Alexa...

Reason 1 - A biker jacket adds edge to your look, without going OTT

Biker jackets are huge this Autumn - they have become a versatile staple in most women's wardrobe because they go with so many items. What's different this AW17? well they have been restyled into more than just the standard black leather (thank god!). Colour choice, fabric choice you don't have to be like everyone else.

What's fabulous about a biker jacket is that it gives a little edge to a simple outfit. I'm often just in a plain tee and jeans, and whilst I can wear a cardigan a biker jacket just adds so much more to the look. And then there is the day dress, if you opt for a suit jacket you may feel like your heading to the office on a weekend (no one wants that feeling!)... the biker jacket will add that WOW factor!

And then when you add heeled boots and some chunky jewellery, you are ready for a fabulous night out, you know you will be glam!

I'm wearing a size Medium which is a 12, it's a great fit. Alexa is made from faux suede and I am so pleased with the light fabric, as it means I can wear it fully zipped up without adding bulk across my chest, this is great as it gives me the choice to add a big scarf and leather gloves on colder days.

Reason 2 - A travel companion

This jacket has travelled with me to Sweden for a business conference, for a weekend away in Portsmouth and for a holiday with hubby in Dorset along the coast. I have found this light-weight jacket a fantastic companion. It's not too heavy for when you are at the airport, it fold ups really well so that you can tuck it into a bag and it doesn't add extra weight (thankfully!).

And then... when the following happened, I realised this was the perfect jacket... 

My husband 'stuffed it' in the car boot along with a million other things, and crammed everything else on top. Once I realised when we got to the destination, I thought it would be all creased up and I would have to hang it in the shower... but no creases?? How? I do not know AND I don't care, in my world this is huge bonus!

I'm heading to Belfast in November, and Alexa is top of my list to come with me! 

Reason 3 - It doesn't come in black

Now I know for a few of you (and me included) that would normally make us run for the hills, but the fact that it's not black is what makes it a statement piece. Mine is the Forrest Green; a lovely deep green that really compliments my warm skin tone, I particularly like wearing it with my dark blue jeans or my new M&S black midi skirt.

You can choose from Taupe a great neutral, Praline a light tan option which I should imagine is a very popular choice, Cranberry which is simply gorgeous and if my skin tone was cool I would be heading straight for that one! Also two blue option; the Royal blue which is very quirky and you would certainly be making a statement but also in trendy dark navy, described as Ink - how fabulous!

Alexa Jacket - the colour choices

Reason 4 - Versatility

I've mentioned it doesn't crease, but another bonus is that it's washable, I've not given this a go and I only will if it's gets dirty (I'm not a big fan of washing dark items frequently), but the fact I know I can, just gives me peace of mind.

There is also versatility in wearing it; when I travel I usually cannot take much, I know we all dream to be like the celebs with ten cases, a beauty case and a glam squad! But my reality is that I have to carry the lot, it needs to be on wheels and I like to have choice - so a jacket that works with jeans, skirts and dresses PLUS can dress up or dress down a look, adds simplicity to my hectic life.

One way I love to wear it, and you can probably tell by my photos, I like to scrunch the arms up, not only no creasing but they stay up too.

Reason 5 - The compliments come from all angles

Every time, no matter where I'm going I am getting compliments when I wear this jacket; whether it's about the colour or the style of it, but definitely as soon as people touch me, it's the buttery feel of the faux suede, you can see it in their face, they love it.

Compliments are great to give and great to receive - win, win!

Alexa - Kettlewell Colours

The Alexa Jacket (not to be mistaken for that Echo thing!) - She comes in six fabulous colours, she's washable, she versatile and she's got attitude, £99 - click here to buy.


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The Alexa Jacket in this post was gifted to me by Kettlewell Colours but I am not part of any affiliates programme with them, so any purchases you make with Kettlewell Colours using the links in this post there are no financial earnings to Lizzi of Loved by Lizzi.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

5 mins for...

I've missed doing these 5 mins for... posts where we have a little catch up on some fun things that are going on in this crazy world.

As always we have the new season to look forward to and get excited about, even if it seems like months away until we actually get to wear them!

Grab a drink, take five minutes out of your busy day and enjoy the snippets I have for you below.

Love Lizzi x

I've still not had the chance to go see the Diana exhibition; I've heard that it's really good - I have noticed you need to book in advance unless you go on a quiet week-day. So I'm adding this to my 'To-Do' list of places to go once I'm on Christmas break! Read more here.

I've been introduced to the world of podcasts in the last couple of weeks; I always thought I didn't have time for this sort of thing, but I'm using my commute home of an evening to squeeze one or two in of a week. Let's Discuss are by two lifestyle bloggers in their late twenties, Ella Gregory & Monica Beatrice Welburn, talking life, love, work and wellbeing. I've really enjoyed quite a few of them, so if you know of any podcasts that you can recommend, please let me know!! I'm on the look out for a new series to try.

I read my first Dan Brown novel over ten years ago whilst travelling around Australia, now I realise there is no connection here at all to fashion or styling by referencing his new book that got released this month. But I only found out yesterday about it and so I'm super excited about this... and just wanted to spread the word! (LOL) - You can buy it here (although I've not done that bit yet!).

Now back to the world of glamorous fashion, and Dior - the exhibition in Paris ends on the 7th January 2018. I'm hoping I may make it there in December... So if you want to go, read on here for the info.

Every time I walk into Paperchase these days, I seem to fall in love with every range they have! They are doing some great collections, and I love love love stationery! Their Golden Palace range has a huge mix of products perfect for home or your office, I'm loving these jewellery boxes, a 2-piece set with a butterfly design £18. The range also includes a gorgeous white and gold candle that's in the shape and design of a birdcage - I think it's very art deco! Check out the full range here.

Victoria Beckham has got some great activity going on her Instagram to do with her new make up range, so check it out when you have five minutes. 

Since her New York Spring 18 collection, she's pretty much worn this simple white tee everywhere; well this boyfriend cut t-shirt is now available to buy exclusive from her site for £90, which you can view here. I'm slightly disappointed in VB and her sizing, her size large which is the biggest size you can get, is only a size 12, her ready-to-wear collection should be for everyone, not just the thin!

Erdem and H&M have collaborated on a new collection that is now available to buy, one things for sure it's not cheap, both a skirt and tweed jacket that I like are around £120; they have shoes and handbags too, along with some lovely jewellery. The collection is not just for the ladies there are some great pieces for men too. Vogue have published a overview of the collection which you can read here.
I couldn't see the collection on the H&M website, so I think you'll need to head to flagship stores to buy.

And finally - I would love for you to check out my daily Instagram posts, they are like mini blogs in between my posts on here. Below is a taster of the kind of pictures I post... I would love for you to follow @Lovedbylizzi come join me!