Thursday, 24 August 2017

It's a red boots thing


Today I debuted my new red boots! As soon as I saw these gorgeous boots in Westfield Shopping Centre the other week with Ellie, we both new I had to have them. New Look £29.99 - they are affordable, they are comfy and just as I expected red boots go with pretty much everything!

The red trend is going to be big this Autumn, and wearing it head to toe, whilst it is one of my colours, I'm not sure I will be doing - but you can have lots of fun introducing this bright colour through accessories like handbags, and particularly boots.

These ankle boots are suedette (faux suede) and I personally find ankle or shoe boots very comfy to wear, within a few weeks of owning them I know I will be able to walk miles. There is also a new type of boot 'on the block' which the colour red is also making it's mark on too and that's the sock boot, this is taking a heeled shoe that has lycra material in the exact same colour continuing on to be either an ankle or mid-calf length type of shoe boot. These are particularly good if you struggle to get boots to fit your ankles and calves comfortably.

These red boots today made me very happy, lots of compliments, a few shocking looks, but it's great to be different. I give them 10/10.

New Look
Red Suedette Cone Heel Ankle Boots

Other choices to consider...

New Look
Red Suedette Stiletto Heel Pointed Shoe 

Fabric High Heel Ankle Boots

Red Mid-Heel Ankle Boots

Wide Fit Leather Kitten Ankle Boots

Kitten Heel Sock Boots

HOT TODDY Pointed Boots

MONICA Pointed Kitten Heel Boots

And here's me today wearing them with my fabulous floral skirt....

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fashion First: The humble cardigan


A key trend this Autumn is the humble cardigan, I gave you a little tip about this in my first AW17 post. This weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday, she has a couple of weeks to go until THE big day, but we chose the summer holidays to celebrate to ensure the great-grandchildren could all be there. Interestingly most of the women had cardigans, which all matched their outfits.  I think that's one of the differences between jumpers and cardigans, jumpers we are happy to go loud and be contrasting and yet cardigans it seem to follow the pashmina clan of having to comply and fit in.

Buttons are an item I can be quite fussy on, if I don't like the look of the button regardless of the quality of knit, colour or brand - I will not buy it. This one I am wearing above from Hallhuber I loved the buttons instantly and so I was sold on that alone!

I'm hoping this is a trend you will find easy to adopt, here's a few I've been checking out for you...

Balloon Sleeve Knit Cardigan

This one has been flagged on the site as a 'trending product' which means you've not got long until it's sold out - only Medium and Large left! I'm loving the sleeves.

Knit Cardigan with Faux Pearl Buttons

Ooh I love this look of wearing three of them together, this is a great idea! I love pearl buttons, fake or real is fine with me! And at £19.99 you can afford to do the combination look.

River Island
Grey chunky cable knit cardigan

Go chunky with open front cable knit cardi in grey - it will look fabulous with jeans for a relaxed weekend feel.

Milan Knit Cardigan

If you are looking for choice when it comes to colour, head over to the Kettlewell Colours site, you will be spoilt for choice. This 70% cotton, 30% merino wool is an Italian yarn and I will be styling this product shortly for my blog, so watch out for more on this!

Crew Cardigan

OMG this one looks very "Joan" from Mad Men; this reads wear me with pencil skirt PLEASE - I love love love the buttons too! 

Biba at House of Fraser
Striped knitted throw on cardigan
Was £59, Now £40

And if you are looking for something a little bit different that you can dress up or down, then Biba is where to go! This one is fabulous, and even more so as it's reduced!!


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Zara Dress - That's Now A Skirt

Sometimes you just have to accept that what you first bought may need to change. I loved this dress from the first time I saw it - I loved the pattern, I loved the shape and as always, I love a dress.

Loved By Lizzi

And so I placed my order, collected in store and then headed home to try it on. Now I'm not going to lie to you, it needed a bit of tweaking for me around the bust line, but that's no different to other dresses I've previously owned, however after one wash it just wouldn't fit.

And so thanks to my mother-in-law the idea of a skirt was born, I was a little unsure at first as I really loved the dress, and I'm less a skirt person at the best of times - but she assured me that I would wear it far more as a skirt and get more value-for-money and that's not a bad thing to be having!

For Work

Here's me at the beginning of the week, this is a typical OOTD post I use on my Instagram. Here due to the really bad weather we have been having, I teamed it up with a slimline black polo, my hair up and black stilettos - it's a great office look that I will be able to play around with a lot.

Loved By Lizzi

For Rest

Here's my look today, light shopping with a lovely walk through the park. I've not had the chance to wear my hat much this year (need more sunshine, please) - I love how a hat can dress down this look. The simple white tee is always a good starting point too for a relaxed vibe.

Loved By Lizzi

For Play

Friday was a shopping and lunch date with one of my nieces, we headed for Westfield London and after a healthy lunch we started shopping. The skirt was a great choice as I didn't want to opt for jeans, and a dress possibly could have been a little OTT. Flat sandals and my bucket bag made shopping super easy.

Loved By Lizzi

And so this brings me back to a post I wrote a few months ago, about the essential need to find a good seamstress - they can be such an important part of maintaining your wardrobe, getting the most out of your purchases, helping you to transform, to reinvent and to get your creative juices flowing.

A shrunk dress could have ended up at the charity shop or simply at the back of my wardrobe for some time, but thanks to a bit of chopping off and some stitching, here are three fabulous looks that I will be continuing to wear for the next few months.

The only drawback I'm experiencing is now every time I open my wardrobe I'm thinking, what else can I change... Oops!

Loved By Lizzi

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Let's chat about... Autumn 17 Inspiration

I know, I know you are thinking it's August why are we talking Autumn - but you know what even without this shitty weather I would be talking Autumn to you, right now.

Unless you have a real need, say like a forthcoming super hot holiday, you need to stop investing in summer items NOW. Stop! It's not worth your money, most of these trends will not be in fashion next year, whilst you love love love it now, I promise you come March next year you'll be looking at your summer items and apart from a few, probably classic items, you'll be saying "nah".

Your money now needs to be investing in items that will work your wardrobe hard from September through to late November. Over the coming weeks, I'm going to help you take some of your summer clothes and make them work throughout Autumn. I'm also going to be sharing with you right here, right now some of the Autumn trends that are starting to appear in store.

Somerset by Alice Temperley

Blouses - fabulous for work and for the weekend; I'm already seeing lots of choice with the button through blouse, sometimes with the bow too. And I particularly like this wrap-around neck version that's shown here.

Lots of pattern and colours to choose from, calling all long-sleeve, chiffon lovers!! Wear them with trousers, jeans or skirts these are a must for your wardrobe!

Boots by NEXT

Leopard Print - whether you choose to wear this trend in garments, shoes, bags or accessories just as long as there is leopard print it doesn't matter. Those who like a dramatic look consider it head-to-toe and for you quieter ones then be subtle with a belt or boots. These here from NEXT are on my shopping list, I want these!!!

An article from The Times

Cardigans - To be honest I have always been a fan, they look fabulous with a pencil skirt - and if you are hour-glass shape like me, the tighter the fit the better!

This Autumn they rule according to this recent article from The Times, and so I'll be exploring this trend over the coming weeks - so watch out for more on the blog.

Crushed Velvet - I've started to see this trend in the shops right now, mainly in accessories, tops and bags - but over the next few weeks you'll start to see more in dresses, skirts and coats.

It's such a romantic, tactile fabric, so get exploring with this trend as you'll see items will be quite diverse in say bright jewel colours and then you'll see it in understated pastel. And don't think you need to save this for a night out, team it up with your weekend look too and explore weighty jewellery to give it some edge.

See are you excited now? And it doesn't stop here, Autumn will bring a new twist on denim and you are going to see a lot of suede too, not forgetting to mention the new colour that appears to go with everything - RUST.  This plus more other Autumn looks, coming soon on Loved by Lizzi.


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

One Gold Ring

The exciting new 'thing' in handbags, is the gold ring - all because of the a brand called Chloe, a brand that for most of us (who work extremely hard, everyday) cannot afford. But fear not, this trend has made it to the high street so that we too can get our own, gold ring.

And starting with the best one I have seen so far (I nearly purchased today), indecisiveness stopped me; I love the cross-body strap when I was wearing it across the body, but I didn't like it hanging down when I used the gold ring. You can't put the strap inside because you then won't be able to fit anything else in... so the jury's out for the moment. To give you an idea of scale, I can just about (it's a tad tight) get my iPhone 6 Plus in it.

Tan Ring Handle Bag

They also do it in this gorgeous mock croc pink version, which if you are heading off on hols or to a wedding, I think this would be lovely!


Pink Mini Croc Effect Ring Bag

I was less keen on this one, as the ring is at the back of the bag and not on top, so it doesn't balance well compared to the NEXT one, that said it was a much bigger cross-body which if you need to carry a fair bit, this one would be better


I see on the New Look website that they have this pink number in the sale, great price if you are about to head off on hols and want to get into this trend. The gold ring again is on the back.

New Look
Pink Ring Handle Across Body Bag
Was £15, Now £8

If you fancy two-tone, this is a great one from ASOS, although I did have a little laugh because the gold ring appears bigger than the bag?! 

Ring Detail Snake Saddle Cross Body Bag

If you don't fancy this trend in a small cross-body version, then why not opt for a bucket bag, one of my favourite types of handbag, only because you can just simply chuck everything in!!

I don't know why, but the tanned version of this bag is £5 more than the white or pink that NEXT are doing??!! They look the same to me today in store.

Tan Ring Detail Bucket Bag

Biba who likes to be different, offers you a gold ring, but not as a handle, they've included it in the detail of the design, I have to say I really quite like it. When I touched this one today, the quality of the leather is so devine...Love it!

House of Fraser
Biba Jenna Top Handle Shoulder Bag

And lastly here's one I found from Whistles, not sure I'm keen, but now that I've seen it online I'm going to be heading to their store to check it out - I can't decide if this would actually be really cool bag to wear, but at a price of £129 I'm not planning on testing this one!! 

Eden Shearling Cylindrical Bag

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