Monday, 29 May 2017

One Mustard M&S Trousers - Three Ways

I just love doing these style posts - where you take one item and you make it work a minimum of three ways.  I could have given you five or six different outfits easily as I have found the colour mustard to work with everything, so versatile.


Red and orange trousers are very popular at the moment, but I fancied something a little bit different to the mainstream, and I must confess, I did try on these exact same trousers in the red first and took the mustard into the changing room as a "let's see what these are like" and whilst I liked the red, I loved the mustard instantly.

Look 1 - a casual option for a little retail shopping or a coffee with a girlfriend, a simple black top with black patent flats and some gold jewellery.


Top - Biba short-sleeved turtleneck (Winter 2017)
Bag - Zara (couple of seasons ago) - I find this bucket bag so practical to just throw in what you want, and yet the compartments keep me organised, thankfully - there's nothing worse than fishing around for an item!

Look 2 - Try navy instead of black - I think this makes the look fresh and modern. To mix colours that perhaps you may not first think would work together can sometimes surprise you. I have styled the trousers with a muted navy top, nude sandals and my favourite orange tote shopper.

A little note to anyone reading this who's natural colouring is Autumn - this ticks every single box!


Top - Kettlewell Slub Charli Top in Sultry Navy - it's a super-soft tee that is a relaxed fit and I love it as it's sightly longer in length that allows you to drape on your waist hiding the not so perfect waistline! - £35
Sandals - My new ones from New Look as shown in a post this month
Tote Bag - Topshop (over 2 years old now - sorry!)

Look 3 - I wanted to show you that you can get a professional office look too without having to simply opt for black.  So I have teamed them here with a red vest and my black jacket that shows off a fabulous colourful summer look.


Top - Basic red vest from Next (in stores now) - I think you get 2 for £9, there are so cheap they are worth buying in lots of different colours, just make sure you buy a slim fit, as they do loosen over time and you don't want these too baggy.
Jacket - Wallis (Winter 2017)
Shoes - Black stilettos - These are Next (1-2 years old)

M&S Collection
Cotton Rich Slim Leg Cropped Trousers
(They do come in other colours)


A couple of points on maintenance that I must tell you; you will need to iron them before wearing them again, they can get a little creased. Plus I've cut out the pockets - I never understand designers who put pockets in on a slim fit pair of trousers - because all you can see is the outline of the pocket which is not attractive!

And finally, I do have my eye on this little number from NEXT, which they have several different tops and jackets that will match in - tempted!!!

Capri Trousers in Yellow
(they do other colours too)

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lipstick - Does wearing it make YOU happy?

Image from Pixabay

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, it's been on my list for what seems like ages; I was inspired by a USA magazine, Women's Health, I purchased for my flight home from Jamaica - see I told you it's been ages!

The article 'Lipstick may be small in size, but it packs major meaning' was in the April 2017 edition, and I was fascinated by the content within this article; suggesting that lipstick has played a role in women's lives for the last 5,000 years - apparently in Elizabethan times it was thought to protect against death (not sure how long it took them to work out that wasn't the case!) and apparently the suffragette's took to wearing red lipstick as it was considered the province of 'loose women' I suppose a form of identity to say your part of a 'club'.

I remember being told (can't remember by whom) that in the war days women took to wearing red lipstick to cheer themselves up, not that there were many men to dress up for, but it kept them happy nonetheless.

Colour plays a really important role in the mood we are in; unless you stick to a particularly daily style then naturally we tailor our lipstick to what we are wearing, what we plan to do for that day or simply because we want to wear that colour regardless that it may clash!

Nudes and muted neutrals channel warmth and calm, according to this article, red symbolises power (fairly obvious one as red is a colour for leadership) whilst oranges and fuchsias convey daring, and if you want to nail the refined and professional look, stick to plum, (which bizarrely is the colour I generally wear to work - so I concur).

The other day for work, I stepped up the colour from plum to powerful red, and I have to say I felt great, so I asked on Instagram 'If lipsticks makes YOU happy?" and these were the responses:

The article also includes some research they did in the USA about cancer patients wearing lipstick throughout their treatment, it seems "lipstick provides a reliable tonic in trying times. For cancer patients, it often serves as a symbol (however small) of health and vibrancy".

And so this got me thinking - if you have an unhappy girlfriend or family member going through some tough times, perhaps forget the flowers, they generally die within a couple of weeks anyway.... buy her some lipstick; that way every time she applies it, not only are you helping her mood, it's also a reminder that she has a friend who cares, and that is priceless!

Image from Pixabay

"On a bad day, there's always lipstick" - Audrey Hepburn

My tips on the perfect pout:

Step 1 - Get a good base

  • Your skin on your lips is very sensitive and if you are prone to very dry lips, the first thing you need to do is get hydrated!
  • I sometimes, and very gently do it, use an exfoliater product just to remove any dry skin
  • You can use a lip cream as part of your daily skincare routine, it's much better than a moisturiser - I did this for a few months and it's worked a treat.
  • I also, especially if I want my lipstick to last throughout the day, always use a bit of foundation before applying (even if I'm having a no foundation day on the rest of my face)
  • On a night out, when I generally wear more make up compared to my day look, I sometimes apply powder too for longevity

Step 2 - Create your boundaries

  • There is nothing worse, particularly on dark or bright colour to get a bleed - you need to avoid this as it's not a great look
  • I've always been complimented on getting the perfect line, and I think this is for two reasons, I always loved colouring in as a child and hated going over the line! Plus I don't try anything silly like a line around the outside of my lips - your lips are perfect, stick to the natural line.
  • You don't have to use a lip pencil, if you have a good lip brush, you can use the lipstick you are about to apply, and create a line using that.

Step 3 - Direct application is fine

  • You don't have to use a lip brush for stay on colour, applying direct is fine, it's more about creating a number of thin layers and blotting in-between than packing bulk in one go!
  • Avoid eating or drinking straight away, if you know you want a Starbucks coffee on route to your meeting, stay natural until the very last minute and apply just before walking through the door!

Step 4 - Make it shine

  • There is so many lipsticks - you have to decide for yourself what works for you. If you want to invest in some of the luxury brands, then make time to try them on at the counter and speak to the girls - just like you would if you were to invest in designer shoes or bags (you wouldn't be buying one of them in a rush!) Savour the buying experience.
  • I prefer wearing lipstick to lipgloss, but that said sometimes the shine is just not at the level I would like.  So after I've applied 2-3 layers of colour, I then apply a top coat of lipgloss. Now the thing to watch is that some lipgloss' will simply wipe away all your hard work. So I've taken to (and I know it's not cheap at £28) but I have found it works, I use it every day, and IT MAKES ME HAPPY, the Victoria Beckham lipgloss by Estee Lauder. All I am saying is, I've tried numerous lipgloss' over the years and it's been a waste of my money - I will be reinvesting because it's become a staple.

So go explore, play with colour, enjoy the experience of trying a new brand, but most of all I hope it makes you very happy.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

New Look - New Shoes

Image: @Lovedbylizzi - Purchase at New Look

Shoes play an important part to your outfit and so having choice can help with getting more out of your clothes. In its most simplest format you could wear the same black dress every day, but if you changed your shoes, you've changed the dress.

I know there are so many of you who are into your designer shoes, I get it. I've been told many times that the more you pay the comfier the high-heel is to wear. However, designer shoes would be a complete waist of money for me.  I"m forever damaging heels!!!

I've had brand new stilettos in nude with a leather heel - first day I wore them, I got the heel caught in a ventilation grate on the floor, ripped all the leather off the back. I actually keep a spare pair of heels in the boot of my car, I think at least 2-3 times a year something happens to my heel (break it or it's wobbling) that thankfully my spares have said the day!

But practicality aside - I do not want to be tied to the same pair of shoes, to make sure I get my monies worth.  You see I don't love shoes as much as I do handbags. Or jewellery. Or dresses. 

If you are not passionate about something then you just want to get by, and for me that is New Look. They have lots of choice, lots of different colours, and at the price if you only wear them once or twice it does't matter.

Now I'm not one for usually buying cheap or disposing without any environmental thought, so I still choose wisely - If I don't love them, I don't buy them.

My plum shoes from New Look - Instagram @lovedbylizzi

These plum shoes I purchased above; I needed plum shoes to go with my wedding outfit, and not many shops were stocking this colour, it was for the first time in ages I was prepared to throw money at the situation, because the colour plum was the most important factor, so if I had to spend, then I would. Thankfully New Look saved the day, and I purchased these gems for £24.99 - and I have received compliments ever since.

They are simply glam - and so far (every finger cross) I have not damaged the heel!

So if you need a new look to spruce up an old dress, or if you want a pop of colour to wear with your trousers - then I would head to New Look - I am sure you'll find something there.

Gold Cross Front Ankle Strap Heels

Wide Fit Orange Satin Ankle Strap Heels


Black Suede Pointed Heels

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

5 mins for....

It's been a while since we caught up over a cup of tea, well that's what I like to think you are doing when you read this kind of post.

It's been a busy few months on the blog; one of my favourite posts so far this year is my interview with Emma, it was interesting to see how the topic of eating disorders really engaged Loved by Lizzi fans both via the blog and on social media - I do hope for those of you that shown an interest you've found Emma's website or books useful.

Talking of social media, you know I am a huge fan of Instagram (a life in pictures is one of the best way to keep the memories alive) however I've also found it's a great way to interact with brands, and book authors, particularly on a Sunday morning (I imagine them to be relaxing at home and finally having five minutes to actually absorb what comments they do get). I'm currently reading The New Garconne (How to be a Modern Gentlewoman) by Navaz Batliwalla (a.k.a Disney Roller Girl), and Navaz has kindly commented on my Instagram posts a couple of times.  This has made my book extra special, and now memorable for me.

I can highly recommend this book, not for fashionistas but stylistas (if that's a word??!!). The book explains how to achieve the style of today's New Garconne (and buying behaviours). It's advocated by fourteen modern women who champion this look; you'll be familiar with '1970' Bella Freud and potentially the accessories editor, Donna Wallace, of Elle Magazine, the others I wasn't too aware of but they were all very interesting women. The book concludes with a style edit of what Navaz recommends you purchase (and where to) to start achieving this look.  

Image: @Lovedbylizzi on Instagram
Purchase book via Amazon

March and April were a busy time for fashion exhibitions with A Passion for Fashion and House Style, I really enjoyed them both!  There are still a few more that I plan to visit over the next few months, so grab a girlfriend and some lunch money and treat yourself to a fabulous day out.

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion will open at the V&A from Saturday 27th May, this exhibition studies the life of Cristóbal Balenciaga his work and how his designs shaped modern fashion. To find out more, click here.

Diana: Her Fashion Story is already open at Kensington Palace, and you've got plenty of time as it's on until 2018.  As a child, I was obsessed with Diana, I was five when she married and I made a scrap book of all the newspaper and magazine cuttings from her wedding, which I still have.  Her fashion style when she was a young Diana to Charles was very odd (I didn't really like it) but after her divorce, she became her own woman, and it's that style that I prefer and admire to this day.  Read more here.

London Fashion Week Festival - tickets have now gone on sale. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to go to this as the dates are not really working for me, 21st to the 24th September. Not all information has been released yet, but you can purchase your package, so you'll need to check their site for more details.

And finally I was sad, but not surprised, to hear that Lucinda Chambers, fashion director for British Vogue, is to step down. As soon as Alexandra Shulman made her announcement to leave as Editor-in-Chief, I thought this may be the case.  This photo is from my Instagram taken two years ago now, when I specifically went to Vogue Festival to a interview with Lucinda about how she got started in fashion - her history with Vogue is legendary but my one take from it all was 'anything is possible if you put the hard work in'. You can read Vogue's announcement here.

Coming up soon on the blog there will be more interviews, outfit posts and my popular Let's chat posts, but in the meantime you can follow my daily updates on either Facebook, Instagram (obviously) or on Twitter.

Love Lizzi x

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

I'm loving - Cheetah Pink Top from Zara

I'm not usually a fan of busy looking tops, but after wearing my beautiful dress from Next during Autumn/Winter last year which is full of birds and butterflies, I'm now a little partial to animal tops.

I've purchased this fabulous pink top from Zara; I'm just loving the Cheetah in the middle and can you see the monkeys!!  As it's quite a dramatic piece, when you style it this is the statement item, so no need for over-accessorising at all.

This coral pink is an orange-pink so it's ideal for those of us who's skin tone prefers warm colours, like Autumn and Spring.  The top itself is super soft and very light to touch, perfect for hot sticky days come Summer. And at a price of £15.99 you can't go wrong.

With sizing, I am normally a medium in Zara, but it was all a little too lose and unflattering for my bodyshape, so I've opted for a small to get a closer fit.

Watch my film below to see more.

If you get my posts by email, you will need to click here to view.


Here I've styled it for an evening out with some slimline black trousers and nude sandals, I've tried to colour match my nails and toes with the top so that the colour flows through the outfit. (I found my Victoria Beckham VVB Nails Inc in Juno Red - that's what I am wearing on my toes).

I've minimised my accessories, sticking to a theme of rose gold with dangling earrings and bracelet plus my amber stone dress-ring.

You should be able to find it in store, but it's also available online.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Let's chat about... traveling light

Hmmm not really my favourite thing to do.  

I've never EVER been one to wake up, put on an outfit, and stay in it ALL DAY.  Nope, not me.  I like to wear clothes that are suitable for what I am doing, which basically means I get changed numerous times a day, making my outfit of the day posts (#ootd) on instagram confusing for some, as they think I'm in one outfit and I turn up wearing something else!

It's quite simple really: 

What you do = What you wear

Walking the dog = trainers or wellies with a big rain coat that has a hood and lots of pockets to carry everything!

Lounging around at home =  leggings, trekkie bottoms, t-shirts, big baggy jumpers, casual jumpsuit or in the summer a long maxi dress

Food shopping = jeans, trainers and a coat

Lunching with girlfriends = summer dress, jeans with a t-shirt and blazer jacket with lots of accessories and a big tote bag

Cinema trip  =  jeans and a nice top with flat shoes or pumps - no accessories

Evening out with the girls  = jumpsuit with very high heels, large trendy jewellery, statement clutch

Evening out with hubby = A dress, usually black and heels (not too high!), classic jewellery and bag

So I get quite perplexed with people when they say they can't be bothered to change and wear the same outfit from the minute they get up till bedtime.


Can you now see my dilemma for travelling without a mega large suitcase for my recent trip to Belfast? Visiting a girlfriend that involved; walking, shopping, brunching, a Saturday night out plus weather that went from a fairly chilly Friday to a scorching hot Sunday!

I think airlines have made it very dull and unfriendly to travel.  We need cheap flights so that we can go and visit friends as often as we like, but why all the rules (don't get me wrong I'm super cool with all the security rules) but all the charges and implications of having to travel light have made weekends aways hard work!

And so this is where the staycation of holidaying in the UK with your car can truly make a girl happy - because with a car boot you can take as many shoes, jackets and handbags as you like, and squeeze in your dog, a couple of friends and your hubby too!

My last staycation with my lovely VW Beetle Lily - August 2016 at Durdle Door

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

My top tips for 'Off the shoulder' glam

It's a trend I never thought I would adopt, however I saw this 'off the shoulder' top on another blogger's post and decided I had to try it.

The next morning I headed to H&M (although I stupidly forgot to wear a strapless bra) but I got a feel, in the changing room as to which size would suit me best and then I headed home to try it on, giving myself time to play with accessories, bags and shoes.

I've worn this out with the girls now on two separate occasions, so you are reading this post with it being fully tested and it's been compliments all the way! 

I've found it to be quite versatile for dressing up on a night out or as you will see in image 4 you can dress it down with flats - which is just fab -  as it's one I will, throughout the summer, wear for lunches out at the weekend.

Here's a few tips to think about should you opt to adopt this look for Summer too...

Tip 1
A good strapless bra! - without a doubt if your underwear is not supportive you will not look great. Most of the gorgeous tops are in floaty sheer material which is translucent enough to show what you are wearing underneath.  If you are busty in any way then you need to go and get fitted properly for a strapless bra.

Tip 2
Take care from changing from your day look, give yourself time - you know when you've been wearing socks all day and then on a night out you want to show off your ankles but you run the risk of indents from the elastic - well the same is true from your bra straps if you don't give your shoulders time to recover, it's not a great look if you have indents or red marks - so a few hours before you need to remove those straps.

Tip 3
A clutch bag works best - it's really uncomfortable to directly put the strap of your bag onto your bare shoulder, you also run the risk again of red marks if your not careful. Avoid all of this by simply carrying your bag and for a day look, I would opt for a big tote.

Tip 4
Think about your jacket - depending on the weather and where your heading, your normal jacket may not be so easy to wear, especially as this style of top is also coming with big sleeves.  I would avoid wearing a shawl or pashmina all that floaty material would not look great perhaps consider a biker jacket draped over your shoulders.

Tip 5
Exfoliate and moisturise - great shoulders start with great skincare.  Make sure they are super smooth and once you've moisturised use some bronzer across your collarbone and on the tips of your shoulders for added shimmer.

Tip 6
Think before you wear it to work! - you may not agree with me on this one, and my friend Carol from Want Her Outfit has wrote a great article -  How To Embrace The Look: Off The Shoulder Tops where she covers how to wear it to work or weekend.  For me personally I would never wear this to the office, as a professional I avoid baring too much skin both on business days and dress-down Fridays.

So I hope my tips give you the confidence to give this one a go and here's my Instagram post for one of my nights out on how I wore my new top...

Instagram - @Lovedbylizzi

The top I'm wearing is from H&M, I can't find it on the site (sorry) but I know that it's in store and you can get it in Natural White or in dusky Pink.  I have found a similar one on their online store:

Off-the-shoulder blouse
Available in Natural white, Dusky green and Light pink