Friday, 29 December 2017

How to keep cosy with the athleisure trend

I've been wanting to write about this trend for a while, and now that we've finally have some cold days, it just feels a little more relevant. Athleisure is a trend that's been really popular in 2017 and one that I have been embracing over the last few weeks due to it's cosy hygge appeal and sometimes it's just nice to dress down for a more relaxed vibe.

Athleisure style is about adopting clothes that are more for the workout environment and mixing them with causal daytime clothes, achieving an overall relaxed look to your style, whilst staying stylish - have I now confused you?


Leggings, trainers, hoodies are all a good starting point mixed in with jackets, baggy jumpers, bobble hats, scarves, the oversized tote bag or maybe even a rucksack - not forgetting the coffee-on-the-go to finish off this overall look!

I think another big tick for this trend, is that we are all super busy and this relaxed style allows for versatility; one minute you are on the floor playing with your children, then you could be racing around a supermarket with a trolley, and then finishing it off with a catch up over coffee in a trendy cafe with your friends - you need that flexibility in your life.

I don't think I've fully adopted this the whole look just yet, but it's one I'm planning to invest in more on over the next couple of months; I think I am still yearning a little for that Swedish style that I loved so much on my recent trip, plus I have fallen in love with a new brand (for me) Hallhuber, who's current season has quite a mix of athlesiure mixed in with their workwear.


Image: Pinterest

Image: In The Frow

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Achieving a relaxed look can sometimes take more effort than getting ready for a night out! Think about how you achieve your natural make-up look?! You now get my point! (lol) - Here's a few tips to get you started...

  • Go through your wardrobe pulling out anything that is relaxed, oversized and in neutral shades
  • You need trainers or pumps to achieve this look - if you don't own any this is your very first item to buy. I really love my Nikes, I've had my black ones for nearly two years and they still look good. 
  • Leggings, ideally Yoga style or the tapered joggers
  • Layering is essential, so a black polo neck or a long-sleeve t-shirt to wear under your hoodie or oversized jumper
  • Consider rolling up the sleeves (if it's not too cold) - this is a good way to show off your layers plus it adds to the relaxed vibe you are trying to achieve
  • Minimal or no jewellery - you are minimising fuss with this style
  • Your hair needs to have that unkept, fuss free, I've hardly styled it look - again this can be tricky so if your having trouble with this, you definitely opt for hat!




I couldn't see my own ones on the website, but if I was to buy today, I'm loving these!

If you're nervous trying to get things to work together, the one great thing about a tracksuit is that they usually come co-ordinated, and I would say this is a good place to start. Try and avoid one block colour, invest in a design that has contrasting elements that you can then tone in other garments and accessories.

Something like this one from Juicy Couture

Velour Sporty Heritage
Jacket - £167.69

Hush is a great brand for this trend, and their joggers are so lovely, super-soft and a great fit. These Amie Joggers come in four colours; navy, khaki, black and grey and it's this tapered look with a little ruching that I mentioned earlier that will keep you modern with this look.

Hush - Amie Joggers
Was £49.50, currently £39.60

Don't forget this relaxed style offers you endless options with hats and caps, and during these winter months opt for the cosy ones!

Mint Velvet Grey Studded Detail Pom Pom Hat
Was £39, Now £29

These trousers from Hallhuber are very much on my shopping list, I love that they offer me the choice of dress-up or dress-down, perfect for this athleisure trend - perfect for work, rest & play!

Hallhuber - Tracksuit bottoms with centre crease


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Sunday, 24 December 2017

My top tips on getting the best out of the Sales


It's Christmas Eve and it's that time of year again when we will start to head out to the sales just after (or maybe during) the festive holidays - we all want a great bargain, although is it truly a bargain? 

Most of the time we all buy because we think we are getting value for money, but quite often it's not. How many times have you cleared out your wardrobe to find items with the price tag on, showcasing that very special price you bought it for?!

Here are a few of my tips to get more out of the sale this year and how to avoid getting caught up in the buzz so that you buy what you need.

Tip 1
What's your budget? Work it out and stick to it - by the way, you don't have to spend it all! What you don't spend save it for another shopping trip.

Tip 2
Start to write a list - what gaps do you have in your existing wardrobe that tend to have a big price tag? Winter coat, leather boots, sunglasses etc - anything that on a normal shopping trip you don't feel you can treat yourself too - these are the items you should be hunting out.

Tip 3
What daily basics need replacing? Underwear, nighties, t-shirts etc - think of all the things you were hoping Santa would bring but didn't, but you need them! 

Tip 4 
Once you got your list, put down a figure next to every item that you think you could spend on these items, and then prioritise them against your budget - this then gives your top 3-5 items you should focus on.

Tip 5
Once you know what you want, think about the brands you would prefer to buy them from, start looking at their websites to see if they have what you need.


Tip 6
If you can get it online at a great price, then buy it - I mean why head to the shops if you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Plus there is no guarantees that you will find it in the shops anyway, so save yourself the heartache of not being able to find it.

Tip 7
Be prepared that you may not be able to try on in store, on very busy sale days you usually find they shut the fitting rooms - if that's the case then I urge you to find out their 'Returns' policy as it's not always 28 days and also they do not have to give you your money back, they can give you store credit, which you may not want. It's your responsibility to check.

Tip 8
I would personally shop alone, going with people they will just encourage you to buy what they think you need - stick to your list.

Tip 9
You may end up buying something spontaneous whilst out shopping, because you thought it was a great buy, 24 hours have passed and now you're not keen, do any of the following:
 - Return it immediately and get your money back 
 - Can you gift to a friend or family member for their next birthday
 - Wear it a couple of times and then pass it on to charity

Tip 10
Whatever you buy, try to think of at least three items in your existing wardrobe it will go with, and if it's for out-out (i.e. not for work) then try to think of more than one event to wear it to - if you can't do either, then ask yourself "do I really need it?"

Buying in the sales can be lots of fun, just be sure to buy what you need and step away from anything that's not! And once you bought, start wearing it - let's avoid the clear-out with the sales tags on please ;)

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone - thank you again for following Loved by Lizzi throughout 2017!

Enjoy the festive holidays, 



Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to pack for a mini city break

Photo details: Card purse by Oliver Bonas, Cream scarf by Biba (House of Fraser), Paris Jacket by Kettlewell Colours, Berry long boots by M&S, Chanel brooch by Chanel, Black clutch bag by King & Eye Crochet 

A city break for a few days can be far more rewarding than a longer holiday, but not all of us want to do this type of break in jeans and trainers for the whole duration – there’s sometimes a desire for a more glamorous adventure – and why not we only live once!

Dresses, heels and accessories were very much on my packing list for Paris; and whilst I did make best part of the travelling wearing my Nike trainers, the rest of the time I walked the streets of Paris without a practical, mundane accessory in sight!

Here's my step-by-step guide to packing for a fabulous few days away...

Step One
Pick a neutral colour that ties all your accessories, bags and shoes – for my trip I chose berry/burgundy – avoid everything having to colour-match perfectly, opt for different shades, that way it is far less stressful when you are grouping items together. Other colours you could consider for this are black, navy, brown (tan), camel or khaki.

Step Two
Pick a secondary neutral colour that compliments your first; having this second option gives you far more versatility for more choice in mixing and matching your outfits. Mine was cream/camel – again variation of shades rather than it being one tone only. You could try navy & tan, khaki & burgundy, black & white and so on. For these items you should consider coats, scarfs, purses, and belts.

Step Three
For jewellery either pick silver, rose or gold – and stick to it. I opted for gold and quite a few of my pieces have pearls in, so this was my secondary to help mix and match. You generally find with silver the secondary will be diamante.


My travelling outfit: Coat by Ted Baker, "Pop the champagne" jumper by Biba (House of Fraser), Faux leather leggings by NEXT, NIKE trainers, burgundy scarf by Accessorize and my berrie bag is Linea by House of Fraser

Once your've complete steps one to three - you will find you already have a vast selection of of what you need to take...

Step Four
Now to select your statement pieces – this is what you want to wear to wow people with, for example I had my H&M green floral dress for the Dior exhibition and my Zara purple dress for Afternoon tea at Angelina Paris.

Neutrals do not wow, they are like the cream, custard or ice-cream to your desert! So the questions to ask yourself is “what do you want to wear?” and to “which part of your trip?” Get these items out and take a look to see if they will work with what you have selected in steps 1, 2 and 3. I would hazard a guess that 80% will work and we just now need to focus on the 20% that doesn’t. 

Step Five
The items that have not worked with the neutrals – the first question you should ask yourself, do you really want to wear it? Could you swap it for something else? If you truly want to wear it, what minimal items do you need to take in terms of shoes and accessories to make it work without excessively increasing your luggage, it's pointless taking a lot of items to make one outfit work - reconsider would be my advice.

Step Six
Do you have any gaps? I did, mine was a handbag. You should allow time to shop for what you need, and if your trip is truly last minute you need to think what you can get online with next day delivery or even the option of getting it on route, e.g. at the airport. Try and research as much as possible, before heading to the shops to save you precious time.


Photo details: Biba cream scarf by Biba (House of Fraser), Berry long boots by M&S, Berry bag by Linea (House of Fraser) and Green floral dress by H&M

Step Seven
Always take that extra jumper or t-shirt depending on the climate you are travelling to – you never know how your trip will pan out and you may find you need an extra change of clothes, just because.

Step Eight
You can wear heels; you don’t always have to tackle a city in trainers. Think about what you are doing and how you are getting there. Do you really need to eat so far from your hotel? Take a look at what’s in your local vicinity.  Do you have to walk or can you treat yourself to a taxi?  

Avoid wearing brand new shoes, both my heeled boots are well worn, and my long berry boots I walked a great distance in are only a couple of inches high with a thick heel – far easier than six inch pinned stilettos.

Step Nine
Take suitable luggage that allows extra room for any shopping you may do on your trip – consider this BEFORE you leave so that you don’t have to worry about this whilst you are away - there is nothing worse than having to carry lots of bags to accommodate your shopping - and the airports nowadays simply won't tolerate it! 

Step Ten
My final tip if you are only going away for a couple of nights, is treat yourself to a blow-dry that will last best part of your trip – I personally find it awkward trying to do my hair in a room where the mirror is never near a plug socket!! Or worry about my straighteners burning the furnishings – so if you can afford to – I highly recommend this! 

Travel should be fun, but it can also be super stylish too!

If you would love to see more outfits from my Paris trip then just click through here.


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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Kettlewell's Paris Jacket - The perfect companion in Paris

I've just got back from a fabulous three days in Paris - it was delightful to be in this city in December with all the Christmas lights and the wonderful retail window displays. Paris was extremely busy with shoppers and tourists but I loved how it was all very Christmassy and buzzing with excitement.

A city break at this time of year can prove a little challenging - it's hard to know what the weather is going to do and what you should pack. I was invited to take the gorgeous Paris Textured Jacket from the Kettlewell Colours new Winter 2017 range, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how versatile this item was for me and I have to say I was so pleased to have it on this trip, not only because it made me look very glam where possibly a cardigan may have not, but it kept me super warm too!


This textured jacket is definitely for everyday wear - no need to save it for best! It's smarter than a cardigan but less casual than a suit jacket, which for me was just perfect for my trip. I particularly love the fringe detailing, it sort of mimics Chanel and a few people commented about this when I wore it (which made me super happy!). 

The jacket is lined with a soft jersey material which makes it comfortable to wear; there is a hook and eye fastener at the top to help make the jacket sit flat, this is particularly useful if you want to tie a scarf. 

I need a size 12 when it comes to jackets of this kind and I found their size Medium fitted me fine. I was pleased to see it was machine washable, that way you don't have to be too concerned about dry-cleaning bills. The jacket travelled well to Paris, it was folded in my suitcase for the entire journey there, and when I arrive there was no creasing, tick tick tick!


My trip involved, quite a few changes of clothes as I was going to a couple of fashion exhibitions, afternoon tea, dinner in the evenings, plus I had to walk around the city; and I found I took the Paris Jacket pretty much everywhere with me as it mixed in well with what I wanted to wear.

I wasn't expecting this jacket to be that practical, but in fact it was, particularly whilst we sat in cafes watching the world go by it kept me warm and it was slim enough to be worn with my Ted Baker coat over the top, this was great because on my last day, there was rain and hail stones to contend with!


The jacket was casual enough to wear with jeans (the ones above are my faux-leather legging from Next) and as you can see the H&M turtleneck (currently in stores) sits very well underneath it - you can style it either with a long necklace (as above) or as I did for the Yves Saint Laurent Museum with my Biba silk scarf.

Instagram - @Lovedbylizzi

And finally the jacket added a touch of glam to my Zara floral dress for my visit to Angelina's for a spot of Afternoon Tea, with champagne (of course ;) ). Top Tip: If you don't want to tie a scarf around your neck all the time then add it to your bag, that way you have choice throughout the day.


Instagram - @Lovedbylizzi

The Paris Textured Jacket comes in six sensational colours, so plenty of choice - with Light Grey, True Red, Leaf Green, Aubergine (that's the one I am wearing), Marine Teal and Black. You can view the entire selection by simply clicking here.


I must give a special mention to Martine Turcotte, my true companion on this trip! Thank you for being a great guide around Paris, for showing me some spectacular sights and for also taking all these photos for my blog - Thank you x  

You can follow Martine, a stylist from Canada who's currently living in the UK, here on Facebook.


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The jacket in this post were gifted to me by Kettlewell Colours but I am not part of any affiliates programme with them, so any purchases you make with Kettlewell Colours using the links in this post there are no financial earnings to Lizzi of Loved by Lizzi.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Gifts, gifts, gifts

It's that time of year again when you are trying to guess what your loved ones would like, concerns about it being the right choice, avoiding duplications and for sure not to have picked something that's going to end up in their re-gifting pile!

Whilst I've been out looking at all the sparkle the last few weeks, I couldn't help but have a little nosey in the gifting section... my choices below are not for men or for the kids, but it may help you out with special friends, sisters, mum and that special female in your life that has helped you one way or another in 2017. Alternatively you could look at it as a potential list to buy for yourself, well it's not like I'm going to say anything ;)

Oliver Bonas

If you have a store near you and you've not been before, I highly recommend a visit. I lost nearly and hour in there just mooching around, they have so many diverse items and the majority of it is for women.

Here are some of the items I loved...

Personalisation is a big trend and it's nice to have something with your initials on, it's like using the tippex to write your name on the stapler! This Alphabet range also includes a wash bag, pencil case, travel card holder and a shopper bag.

Alphabet Make-up Bag

I have to caveat this item with it's not a standard size mug, this Hello Gorgeous mug is smaller although it's bigger than an espresso cup! I think it's cute and a perfect little something for a young woman if you are unsure what her tastes are.

Hello Gorgeous Mug

Now I bought this item for myself, I've been looking for a card holder for months, and at £12 I really don't think you can go wrong. Everyone has a need for a card holder, whether it's for nights out when they don't want to carry their purse, or to stick their train ticket in or simply to use for their business cards.This two tone gold/grey is not real leather but I'm really pleased with the quality.

They have lots of choice of colour and style ranging from £12-£19.50

Sierra Card Holder

H&M Homeware

I have to give credit to my niece Ellie for this one, I didn't know H&M did homeware, a recent visit together at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush had the range and it left me thinking how fabulous some of the items were! They have quite a lot of the collection online, and so here are a few things you could consider as potential gifts.

Eye-shaped Mirror

Stoneware box

Tall glass vase
Available in black or clear


I've picked Oasis as my last choice of store, as coming back to personalisation they offer a monogramming service which costs £5 for up to 10 letters or symbols. They do not do it in store, so you have to build in time to get this service should you wish to choose it - but what a lovely personal touch!

Here are some ideals for you, from their website

The perfect stocking filler! Alphabet keyring....

Letter Keyring

This is so cute! Rose gold in colour

Glitter coin purse

And don't forget this time of year is not about spending the most, because you really don't have to. If your gift is thoughtful and relevant, regardless that it's cheap as chips, then it's going to valuable to the recipient, especially because it came from YOU!

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