Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Delish: Medjool dates

Your probably thinking what?  Medjool dates??!

Well we all go through fads and currently mine is Medjool dates. I've always been a fan of the standard ones; but these are bigger, sweeter and you only need to eat one or two at a time as they are quite filling.

The downside is they are a tad more expensive, but I think they are worth it (Very L'Oreal!!). I've tested various brands over the last couple of months and my go to ones are the Tesco Organic; you'll find them in the fresh fruit section where they put all the nuts, health snacks etc.  These are the most juicy and have a great sweet taste.  One packet can make about 4-5 smoothies or 2-3 smoothies and a couple of snacks.

Why did I fall in love with them? Ella Woodward that's why! I got her book last year as I wanted some new smoothie recipes and now I'm hooked!


If you love banana milkshake then you are going to love this! 

Just a pre-note as I'm aware not everyone loves cinnamon, but if you're not keen on cinnamon, still give it a go as it's not overpowering in taste and I've tried it without (when I've run out) and I now believe it is a must have ingredient for this recipe to work.


  • 300ml cold almond milk (I have used coconut milk when I've run out of almond, it's ok but makes it much sweeter)
  • 2-3 Medjool dates (I use 2 but Ella suggests 3 - it depends on how sweet you want it
  • A large ripe banana
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • I use 1 desert spoon of Almond smooth butter, Ella suggests more (NB: this is an expensive ingredient, so if you see it on offer stock up, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get through a jar)
  • If it's for breakfast; I highly recommend adding a desert spoon of gluten free porridge oats to make it extra filling


  1. Blend together - I use a Nutrabullet
  2. And then decant into a large glass and serve straight away


This is a great snack to have on its own or sometimes I have it on the side with a light smoothie for lunch. I know two dates doesn't sound a lot but I promise you it's plenty; cut them in halve, remove the stone and then spread across some Almond smooth butter - and oh my god.... delish! 

IMPORTANT: Both recipes contain nuts

If you love both of these, then why not check out Ella's book...

Image:  Amazon 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fashion: Summer Black

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Frankie Graddon's post for The Pool about The joy of wearing black in summer - in fact I couldn't agree more with her opening statement "Because summertime doesn't always have to mean bright colours and florals".

Why is it the minute the sun starts to shine, for some, this simply means losing all sense of style!  It's fine if the colours suit you and it's fine if the print or floral enhances your outfit - but let's be honest we can all point fingers daily where the thought in your head is "did they look in the mirror before leaving?".

Black - love it or hate it - oozes sophistication. And I personally think there is no better time to wear it, than summer.  Choose the right fabrics, the right accessories and it ticks all the boxes for me and it's complete tosh that it makes you warmer, being in direct sunlight makes you hot regardless of what colour you are wearing!

Sparkly sandals - The Forge Boutique from Berkhamsted

My top tips on wearing summer black:

  • Wear it from head to toe - no contrasting colours please ;)
  • Keep accessories to a minimum - I personally think wearing silver or gold depending on what suits your natural colourings is best
  • Make-up is essential - go for a bright lipstick; the natural look is fine for beach but it's a big no for a girlie lunch or a shopping
  • Sunglasses - black tint only avoid brown or grey tint as it just doesn't finish the look
  • And according to Frankie's post it also hides the sweat patches - bonus!

Here's how the celebs are wearing summer black...

Well you know I love a jumpsuit (you'll see mine at the end of this post) Cindy Crawford and her daughter looking cool in theirs.

Image: @cindycrawford

Mother-to-be Kate Waterhouse is looking fantastic in her summer black glam, extra points earned here as it's maternity wear!!

Image: @katewaterhouse7

Sasha Wilkins wore a gorgeous lace dress to the races last week - F a b u l o u s

Image: @libertylndngirl

Elle Macphearson tends to wear the same colour head to toe anyway, so this could mean all black or all white etc.  Here's a great summer black shot

Image: @ellemacphersonofficial

Here's me in my summer black jumpsuit - such an simple outfit to wear.  I spent a few days in Italy last week and this garment was so... easy-pack, easy-wear and easy-glam.  I purchased it from Gap in spring, unfortunately I can't see it on the website, but you never know it may still be in the shops?!

Friday, 15 July 2016

5 mins for...

It's been a while since I've blogged about forthcoming events or lifestyle news.

This is the time where you need to put your feet up, grab some tea (or wine) and have a little read of the following snippets.



At the V&A their are exhibiting Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear which features over 200 examples of men and ladies underwear from innovation to luxury. Exhibition includes current designers like Stella McCartney and Rigby & Peller, the exhibition explores the relationship between underwear and fashion. On until 12th March 2017.

London Fashion Weekend is the event that the public can go to that follows directly after London Fashion Week, a bi-annual show that's on 22nd-25th September at Saatchi Gallery, I've not been to this location before for @LFWEnd but I am sure it will be perfect!  I highly recommend if you're going to invest in good tickets, the basics cover next to nothing and to ensure you have fun, you need to join in!

I'm a huge fan of Instagram, what better way the to peek into people's lives - so creative and lots of fun.  You can follow me here @LovedbyLizzi - Some of my favourite ladies to follow (for no particular reason are:  @carolineflemmingoffical / @davinalpmccall /  @sarahharrisuk  and @daphneselfe

A great article by Elle for The Coveteur - she talks about well-being starts from the inside-out and the importance of looking after your own mental health.  She offers daily tips on how you can incorporate them into your busy day.  I did publish this on my FB page, but if you missed it, click here to read.

Sara Donaldson, blogger of Harper and Harley has wrote a great piece about wearing oversized garments - this trend can look very sexy or unfortunately can make you look very frumpy!!  Here she advises about balance, showing skin and making sure your garments have structure.  Have a read here.

And finally a date for your diary! St Albans Fashion Week will be returning 24th-30th October, once events are published I'll let you know more!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

One 2 Watch: Victoria Beckham's Top 10 Fashion Tips

Style tips are everywhere and it can be difficult to know what to follow and what not too.

As a huge fan of VB I frequently watch her films on YouTube and I came across this little number, and I have to say I agree with most of her tips, apart from the one where she advises to over-pack for travelling - she clearly doesn't have to worry about carrying her own case or paying for extra luggage!!

She suggests to invest in key pieces such as jeans, crisp white shirt and a tailored jacket - which reminds me that I need to reinvest in a new white shirt as they can dull after a fair amount of use.

Keep accessories simple - a must, I think there is nothing worse than over-jangling, fussy jewellery - keep the size of your jewellery in proportion to the size of yourself - if you have a small neckline then a large necklace is going to silly.

Enjoy getting ready - I couldn't agree more with VB, I actually sometime prefer this to the event I'm going to!!  Preparing your outfit, getting your hair done, doing your make-up is such a big part of the process of a girls night out, I always allow plenty of "getting ready" time.

For those who receive this by e-mail, you'll need to click here to view film.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Trevi Fountain - Per amore della moda

One of my most favourite places in the world, is the city of Rome.  And my most favourite place in Rome is the Trevi Fountain, but at night.

You can imagine my disappointment this week when I visited that I couldn't see all of the fountain or throw a coin into it as there was building work going on!!!  With no signs up to say why, it was a little frustrating to say the least.

And then I spotted on Instagram that Fendi had used it to showcase their Autumn/Winter collection for 2017 and to celebrate their brand being 90 years old - and so now that I know it was for Fashion, I don't mind!

Photo: FatalefashionIII

Fendi have invested over £2m since 2014 in restoring the Trevi Fountain, and so it only seems fitting that they can then use it.  The full film below not only highlights the best features of my favourite fountain, but the see-through catwalk floor makes the models look like they are floating on water.  The show is stunning, the only thing I didn't really enjoy was the music, I think it was a little odd in places.

For those who receive this by email, you need to click here to watch the film

Model Kendall Jenner leads the girls at the beginning of the show, the collection itself is beautiful. Fendi renowned for their fur and leather, include a lot of fur trimmings alongside a continual floral theme. I love the colours of pink and red flowers mixing with a variety of green floating fabrics - a wonderful collection for next Winter.  Each model wears thee amazing high-heeled boots, I particular like the white ones, very sexy and different.

I also like the cloaks, if you watch the film all the way through, my favourite is the first model that comes on for the final walk through - it's absolutely stunning.

What a very special night - and all for the love of fashion!

A window display in Rome of Fendi - @Lovedbylizzi on Instagram