Monday, 30 May 2016

The slogan tee and a little lippy...

I love slogans and mottos!

Instagram and Facebook are full of them, everyone sharing and liking it can sometimes feel that all things have been said and then someone powers through with another one!  Typical are Chanel quotes, fashion statements and not forgetting WELL-BEING mantras!

Well I've jumped onto this ship and here's mine, MOVE ON, DREAM BIG.  I needed this tee the moment I saw it in H&M; I stood in the middle of store saw the mannequin wearing it and said to my sister-in-law Sadie, I need this tee! Within less than five minutes I had tried on and it was purchased!


I'm wearing it here with my new Spring jacket from Zara - not quite such a quick purchase! I think I tried on over 20 jackets over a few weeks, and after a shopping spree with Sadie and then a trip to Nottingham with Annie & Kat, I finally settled on this, and I love it!  Dress it up or wear it casual it's perfect for this time of year where it's not quite yet warm enough to go without and we all want to ditch that winter feeling!!

In Nottingham, I went into a Kiko beauty store, my original intention was to purchase a new lipgloss from M&S by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, her new range didn't really inspire me and after trying a few I decided it wasn't for me.

Kiko (Make Up Milano) was like a sweetie shop for women; shelves and shelves of make-up in rainbows of colour and all at very reasonable prices.  My purchase below is Creamy Lipgloss 113, the same shade as my new tee - it looks fabulous on!

And so you see with a great slogan on a tee priced £7.99 and some new lippy at £4.99, you can update your look and how you feel with hardly spending a penny.

A coupe of tips for selecting a tee with a message on it; people will ask you questions, you can't get mad at them for that, you've made a statement so you need to own it!  The other thing to watch out for is how it could be apt, I have a She Died Of Beauty tee that has a slogan on it of "She Died Of Individuality" now if someone else had rocked up to whatever venue I was wearing it at, not really unique!!

Here's one from Juicy Couture "Stay Glam" a little over-priced at £80! - Juicy Couture

One for Chanel loves, of course! Although I think I'm loving the gold clothes hanger more!!
£14.02 plus shipping

For this one, I would prefer to change the order to Diamonds, Champagne and then Lipstick!

And just in case you did want to copy me ;)

She Died Of Beauty

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Longevity Book and a Lady called Bo

Post Updated 5th January 2018 to remove old links as they were out of date.

Do I want to live to 100?

Do YOU want to live to 100?

For me personally, I would of course love to get to that age but only if I have my health, my home comforts and with the love of my family and friends around me.  Isn't that want we all want?

Over the last few weeks I seem to have been caught up within this world of asking this question; firstly it started with the BBC programme "How To Stay Young" with the gorgeous 71 years young Angela Rippon co-presenting with a much younger Dr Chris van Tulleken - they both travel the world to see the latest discoveries and experiments that demonstrate that certain cultures that adopt particular activities and foods can help with this.  My greatest learning from watching this was "don't keep doing the same thing" - our brains and bodies love the challenge of all things new, it stretches the grey matter!  

They also had a test that both my hubby and I tried; you have to get, from standing position (no shoes), down onto the floor with your legs crossed and then without the help of your arms get back up to standing - you lose "years" if you put a knee down or both. Very funny to do... perhaps not one after you've had a glass or two! 

And then I got reading this book by Cameron Diaz, The Longevity Book - I thought this was going to be about the latest health kicks in celebrity world, but nope it wasn't!

What I discovered was a world about how the female body ages, written by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark who together embark on a journey to discovery more about their quest to learn about the ageing process.  I'm 41 years old and I learnt things about my body that I'm ashamed to say, I didn't know about! Informative and empowering I think this is a must read for all ladies, especially those who have not yet embarked on the menopause.

I love the fact they have dedicated the book to our own journey; Cameron suggests throughout that they present the facts but everyone is different, and the only person who can help you achieve a healthy and well-balance approach to ageing, is yourself.

The book is in three parts; the first covers of things like the past and the learnings from that time, what scientists have done for us over time and most importantly the benefits we all receive in modern day life, medicine.

Part 2 is the bit I found most interesting; probably because I was learning so much stuff! They cover off topics like "The biological impact of genes, choices and attitudes",  they describe "cellular ageing" and the stage of menopause - which let's be honest is not usually covered off in any general health books.

The final part actually covered what I thought the book was about originally!! How to build a strong body, information on food, fitness and general well-being.  The section on "how to build a stronger brain" just kept reinforcing the positive benefits of continuous learning.

A book to share with your girlfriends, a book to read more than once!  

And now for a Lady called Bo...

... Vogue is 100 years old, and Harvey Nichols has chosen to celebrate this by having a photo shoot using a model who is 100 years old, Bo Gilbert.

Image from Vogue
She is wearing bespoke Valentino glasses, a Dries Van Noten coat, a Victoria Beckham top, a Lanvin necklace and trousers by The Row.  Doesn't she look F A B U L O U S !!!

And it goes to prove that the article "26 Is Old In Fashion" by Lauren Milligan for Vogue is a load of nonsense - there should be more older models both in magazines, in brand campaigns and on the catwalk.

The centenarian, from Birmingham, tells her story throughout the film, she talks about her love of clothes, how she likes to make the effort every day to look nice but NOT for the boys. How she would love for hats to come back into daily fashion and I truly love the ending when she gets super excited to see the finished photo, very touching! 

Here's a chance to see the film, and you can see the full ad in June's edition of Vogue out in shops now.

For those of you who receive my posts by email you need to click here to view the film.

And so you see, if I could be as healthy and as fit as the lovely Bo then the answer is Yes, but let's not forget that it is important to live for today and make the most out of every opportunity that comes our way - as did Bo when she was asked to model for the very first time, at 100 years young.

If you fancy catching up on "How To Stay Young" you can watch it on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Spring Trend: Denim Dresses

Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged.  2016 did not get off to great start and I just needed some time out for a bit.  Thank you to my girlfriends who have been encouraging me to get back to blogging.  And so I thought I would kick start with one of my favourite pieces that I've been wearing over the last few months, and that's my denim dress from Whistles.

It all started with a £60 voucher that I had with Whistles - Did you know, that if you buy something in the sale from Whistles you cannot get a refund?  Apparently not, as I found out late last summer. Throughout winter I think I visited Whistles nearly every week to see what I could get with my voucher, but nothing really grabbed my attention.

In January I went to Florida and I wanted something more casual to wear, and I saw this denim dress. Even though I bought it for this specific trip, I didn't get to wear it out there and it made it's debut outing on my birthday when I went for lunch.

I've loved it from the start - dress it up with black shoe boots or dress it down like I do often with my Nike trainers, a versatile dress to say the least.

Photo by: Danielle Bailey

I bought these trainers whilst in Florida, I was a little unsure about buying trainers that are black in colour but they have worked so well with trousers, dresses and of course jeans when you need to put on something practical to get out and about in!

Love these trainers!!
Photo by: Danielle Bailey

Olive green works so well with denim and I found this bag from Oasis in the new year sales. Cross-over bags are great for shopping trips, keeps your hands free for all those shopping bags you need to carry!

Love this olive green cross-shoulder bag - Oasis
Photo by: Danielle Bailey

Photo by: Danielle Bailey
If you need to smarten the look then ditch the trainers and opt for shoe boots!!  Once the weather warms up the footwear options are endless from high-heeled brown sandals, to Havanas to pumps - versatility at it's best!