Friday, 27 November 2015

I Spy With My Style Eye!

It's cold, it's winter and it's nearly Christmas.... It's glam season and not everyone wants to be in a practical coat!  Yes we want to be warm, buy hey we want to be sexy too!

If your heading out - day or night, you can jazz up any outfit with these fabulous coats or capes!  

Longline Chunky Pelt Faux Fur 

Very online
Miss Selfridge Swing Cape With Faux Fur Hood

Faux Fur Oversized Animal Print Coat

Grey Funnel Midi Faux Fur Coat
Was £80.00, Now £56.00

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Happy birthday to...

Today is my blog's 4th birthday and I've been thinking about what is it that I love about blogging so much - You see I love it more today than I did when I started out!

'Connecting with women' is the answer I've come up with - when I talk about my blog to women you realise that blogging is so mainstream now!  I no longer get "what's that?" response, but more "hey that's cool, what's it called?".

I have big plans over the next 12 months for my blog, so watch this space and I hope you enjoy the journey with me!  There are many ways you can get involved if your not already.

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If your a fan, then please tell your girlfriends; share, forward the e-mail, or simply like & repost!

Thank you x

Saturday, 21 November 2015

One 2 Watch: 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

This coming Monday is the British Fashion Awards for 2015 - I can't believe that I was there this time last year with my friend Emma! For those of you who didn't get the chance to see my post on this, then simply click here for a read and a look at the pics!!

In 2014, Anna Wintour OBE won "Outstanding Achievement Award", which by the way will be awarded to Karl Lagerfeld this year (and so it should!).  For those of you who perhaps don't know this hard-working, no-nonsense British woman she's the Editor of American Vogue, and they have filmed one of their "73 questions" You Tube features on her.

My favourites answers include that she loves Starbucks for breakfast, she has a phobia of spiders, she misses our British humour, her guilty pleasure is none other than Homeland!! See, she is fairly normal...right?!

Have a watch for yourself... enjoy x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter Trend: Cable knitwear

This winter season, forget the novelty Christmas jumper, the way to go is the Aran style of cable knit!  So hide away those old jumpers and invest in this gorgeous classic jumper.

This type of knitwear is traditionally seen in off-whites and creams, but with this Winter trend there is so much more colour choice than ever, including some great ones for the cool skin-toned amongst us with dreamy greys and blues too.  For me personally, I love the traditional cream; this also looks fabulous on men!!

This month's Vogue

Sarah Harris writes "Comfort & Joy", an article in this month's Vogue; Sarah talks about this trend, and says "That deliciously cosy, creamy coloured cable-knitted sweater that whispers good taste - and this season no cold-winter wardrobe should be without one."

I've done some searching around for you and I have found jumpers at all budgets, if you want to go classic then you need to opt for Aran wool, you'll know by the price-tag!

I'm loving this monochrome option from Zara, mixing off-white, cream and black for this modern and funky look - not too casual so you could get away with it in the office…

A very stylish cable knit by Superdry that I saw on House of Fraser, this one is available in either dark or light grey - perfect for those who cannot wear the traditional cream, this will suit cool skin-tones perfectly!

A modern looking cable knit by Reiss, this one is available in off-White or Black - I'm really loving this one!!

As seen in the Vogue"Comfort & Joy" article...

Combining two Winter trends here of both the knitted dress and the Aran knit, but could seriously hurt your purse!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Official Highlights from St Albans Fashion Week

St Albans Fashion Week have now updated their website with official photos - which I thought you might like to peek at!

But first if your on Facebook, you can take a peek at their film, simply click here

To view the highlights from the show - click here

And to view the back stage highlights - click here

Enjoy x