Saturday, 31 October 2015

St Albans Fashion Week: The Fashion Show

I've had great fun this week getting involved with the SAFW team and helping out at Graceland.  But the best part of the week for me was being Front Row at Thursday's Fashion Show at St Albans Cathedral - Spectacular venue and worth every penny.

It's not until you see the "behind the scenes" activity that you suddenly realise just how much work and effort is put into, well lets be honest, a 2-3 hour event!

Great work and great fun!

Front Row on Thursday's night was fabulous, the line up included; Graceland, D. Copperfield, Marc Cain, The Cutting Room, Wharton Goldsmith, LK Bennett, Anna Burns, Purple Menswear, Cancer Research UK (Styled by Caroline Jones), Galio Jewellers, Gatsby and Miller, Cara London, Simply French, Menspire, Jigsaw and French Connection.

Here are some of my pictures from the night, but to see the professional ones, you really will need to head over to St Albans Fashion Week website, I'm sure they will be loaded up over the next few days!

So the runway started with Graceland, and these were my two favourite…

I loved the detail on this long coat - one of my favourite items of the night…

I was so impressed with Caroline Jones' Cancer Research UK set, that I have to give this the "best styled" award of the night!!  I really need to get more involved with hunting out fab pieces from charity shops, especially as the lady on the right is wearing all my Autumn colours!!

(Caroline Jones is the one on the left - you can donate to her cause, by clicking here).

Simply French is a new boutique I discovered this week, and I've met the owners Lesley and Norma at the Graceland event on Wednesday night - fabulous ladies!  The red skirt below was my "favourite item" of the night, I simply loved the detail and texture of this skirt - very sexy!

But the "best dress" of the night, and the one I know most ladies would have love to steal - had to go to the Alexander McQueen red dress, by Graceland.

And the venue, well that was stunning too!


Well I knew I wanted to wear a dress, and with having the week off I had been shopping!!  I purchased this fabulous dress from Therapy by House of Fraser, I teamed this up with black shoe boots and I had a green/grey wrap which has a lovely brown fur trim, this was gifted to me for my birthday this year by my dear friend Naomi.

Image is from my Loved by Lizzi Instagram which you can follow here.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Grace: Your Style DNA

This post comes to you whilst I'm sitting in a cafe in Duke of York Square, London, I'm here to see the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

So last night I had lots of fun helping out - what I didn't tell you in yesterday's post was how poorly I've been this week, I've had no voice! I was a little concerned they may not let me help, but all was fine!

So the key message I took from Grace last night was to find your STYLE DNA, this isn't about following fashion trends, it's about understanding your style and to dress for yourself so that you enjoy the whole process - she also strongly believes that clothes should not be kept and stored, they should be worn, which is the ethos behind her independent boutique for vintage clothing - Graceland in Hitchin.  I've not yet been, but I will be now!

This dress is Alexander McQueen and was the welcoming dress at Welcome to Graceland, part of St Albans Fashion Week, in the stunning kitchen showroom of poggen pohl in London Road.

With plenty of Prosecco and canapés for all the guests, this was a fun night for ladies, perusing the dresses of both The Pretty Dress Company in collaboration with Immodesty Blaize, who was also at the event, and Grace's Pre-loved collection of some very expensive but absolutely fabulous dresses.

Here's Grace (right) with Immodesty Blaize, a burlesque model, just google her, she is so beautiful and makes a big statement for all curvaceous women!!

Here's the rack showcasing all the lovely dresses from Immodesty in partnership with The Pretty Dress Conpany, prices start from £95.

So tonight, I will be Front Row with my mother in law Carol, at the fashion show in St Albans Cathedral, the first of two nights for St Albans Fashion Week. I know that they will be showcasing clothes from Graceland, Simply French and we will also get to see Caroline Jones who is currently raising money for Cancer in aid of her mother, she has been dressing daily in charity clothes, so it will be fab to see what comes down the catwalk!

Don't forget that you can see pictures of the evening via my Instagram at Lovedbylizzi or via Facebook, simply search Lifestyle Blog - Loved By Lizzi 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

#SAFW - Welcome to Graceland

Image from

I'm so excited that tonight I get to help out with St Albans Fashion Week #SAFW with their event Welcome to Graceland.

Celebrity stylist, Grace Woodward,  has been one of my idols for years, I've loved watching her on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.  Tonight she will be giving out styling tips and ladies will have the chance to peruse key pieces from her own independent boutique Graceland.

I'm not sure what I will be able to get involved with, but keep an eye out on my Instagram as I'm sure I'll be posting as much as I can throughout the night!

If you fancy coming, you might still be able to get tickets (sorry to those that read this via e-mail - it will be too late for you by then).  Check out the details:

Welcome to Graceland
Poggenpohl Showroom, London Road
Time: 7pm-9pm

Tickets: £12.00

Click here to book…. and hopefully I may see you there!


Well the team have requested black, black and more black - this is perfectly fine with me!  I've cheekily treated myself to this lovely top from Biba, which I will be wearing with black trousers, heels and a blazer.

House of Fraser
Biba Button Detail Simple Blouse

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Rest & Relaxation

If your not following me on one of my social media channels then you perhaps don't know that I'm currently holidaying in Crete this week.  A week of rest and relaxation with my mum, a much needed break from the busy schedule I usually keep!

I'm writing this post from my sun bed this morning, using my iPad, so apologies I'm not sure how the formatting will look from your side.

You're probably thinking, why is she blogging? well this is my favourite past time, and I don't get to do enough of it, I'm actually chuffed to bits that the hotel offers free wifi from everywhere, including the beach!

So what does a week of rest and relaxation look like?

The holiday book
This is Spectacles, a memoir by Sue Perkins - only just launched so it's available to buy now - it's very very funny, I'm getting a few strange looks from others as I keep laughing out loud.

The holiday meditation
One your probably not familiar with, but if I said Mindfulness Meditation then maybe this would help?! Being in the present moment is important, having your mind race here there and everywhere can lead to lots of stress. Sometimes when we stop, it takes a few days to truly relax, to help me get there quicker I listen to a few meditations to clam the breath and to remind me to be in the here & now. Listing to the sea also helps with meditation. Try it for yourself.

The beauty regime
You know the weekly face mask you supposed to do?, I don't think I've had time in the last six months - I found it as I was packing, so I've popped it in, done one already and plan to do another before I leave 

The holiday massage
Well I've already done one of them too! Back, shoulders and neck - the therapist is a lovely lady, a little scary and with her thick Greek accent she told me that my shoulders were full of stress and bellowed this is NO GOOD!  I've promised her I'll be back for another session later in the week.

The clothes
It's lovely to be back in my summer clothes for one final week.  I know that arriving home it will now be layers, jumpers and boots.  So this week for the evenings I'm wearing all my favourite dresses and summer items, as a fond farewell until next season.  You can check out my OOTD on Instagram at Lovedbylizzi

The food
This week is the start of trying to be good again, I have a few weeks till Christmas break to get back into a healthier mode.  I've been reading some great recipes from my holiday magazines that I'll adopt once I'm back in my kitchen, but until then I'm enjoying the holiday salads, like below for lunch (drank with sparkling wine of course!)

Summer salad with Manouri cheese
 - grilled pieces of Manouri cheese
 - salad leaves
 - cherry tomatoes 
 - walnut flakes 
 - balsamic vinaigrette 

The holiday drink
Well Mum and I have chosen Pimms - I've always been a fan of Pimms o'clock! Cheers!

To see more pictures or my thoughts this week, why not follow me on Twitter or Instagram - @Lovedbylizzi

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Six of the best: Winter Hats

First published October 2015 - Updated April 2017

I love wearing hats - I personally find them easy to wear and they can really add to an outfit.  Now the only time I would consider wearing one, is when I know I can wear it all day, say for example you are going to a County show or perhaps a day out in London in the parks were the weather is warm enough to still lunch outside, why?  There is nothing worse than hat hair on a woman!

If your lucky that you don't get that problem, then feel free to wear it when you want, but if your like me where a hat can easily mess up your do, then think about your days events before embarking on wearing one.

Here are few of my top tips when buying a hat:

  • Try loads of different styles on, just because your favourite celebrity looks great in one style, if you don't have the same hairstyle or face shape it may simply not suit you
  • Make sure you look in the mirror and look at yourself from several angles - sometimes it's easier to get your partner or friend to take photos so that you can see what it looks like on
  • If your self-conscious about trying on in-store, head to the changing rooms, they have better mirrors anyway
  • Think about what you are going to wear with it; for example if you go for a big floppy hat this sometimes doesn't sit well if you then want to wear a chunky scarf
  • Black hats are not necessary the best to wear; try other neutrals like camel, navy, grey or burgundy to add some contrast to your look
  • If you love the hat but think it's too plain, you can easily spruce it up with a brooch or ribbon
  • And think of it as any other investment to your wardrobe, cheap hats can look cheap!

Here are six I found that you might like to check out:

River Island

Zara - Special Edition Black Hat




And if you've got some cash to splash!!


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Morning coffee & conversation at Luton Hoo

If your in the mood to ditch the kids, the dog and even the hubby for some social time with girlfriends, where there are fabulous treats in a luxury 17th century Mansion House - then why not book yourself in for Morning Coffee at Luton Hoo.

From 8am to 12pm everyday, Luton Hoo offer a fabulous selection of muffins and pastries to have with either tea or coffee and a large glass of orange juice.

Instagram: @lovedbylizzi

Luton Hoo is on the borders of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and you'll have a fabulous drive up to the Mansion House; set in beautiful grounds which offers more than just fine dining and afternoon tea, there's the golf, the spa and the gardens to spend time in.  

Today was my third visit to Luton Hoo and each time I've found both the Mansion House and their staff welcoming, you just know it's going to be memorable.  Today's event was to celebrate a special birthday for my mother-in-law Carol; and we did within a beautiful room looking out to the gardens.

At £12.50 per person, what better way to spend a morning - having coffee and conversation!


It's always fun to have somewhere to go where you can dress up a little; now for morning coffee you can be slightly more relaxed with your attire than afternoon tea.

I opted for my new favourite jumper dress that I've purchased from Kin at John Lewis and I styled it with some old booties I purchased from Zara about four years ago now!!

Kin by John Lewis

Kin by John Lewis

Instagram: @Lovedbylizzi

I've found this jumper dress to be so versatile; later that day I took off the opaque tights, and put on some leggings with my easy-wear Nike's and headed out with Alfonso, my Bichonpoo to walk off all my morning treats!!