Sunday, 27 September 2015

Is it all about the scent of a woman?

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For me perfume is not a huge part of my life, Yes I wear it daily, but I'm not one for having lots of different bottles on my dresser.

I wear an affordable fresh smelling perfume from Zara for work, and then for evenings, special events or when I need an extra confidence kick, I opt for only one bottle - Chanel No. 5.

Saturday I attended the Federation of Image Professionals International annual conference, and I was very much excited about the guest speakers this year

A fellow blogger Stephan Matthews, who works for the legendary perfume house, Guerlain, has a blog about perfumes which he describes as "Putting fun back into fragrance".  I've not yet had the chance to take a good look through, but if your mad about perfume, then this clearly looks like a good blog to go to!

Stephan's Blog

Is it all about the scent of a woman?

Now I wouldn't have said this is true, but after Stephan's talk I'm now thinking there is more to a scent of a woman then I thought!

How we look and our image gives people either positive or negative first impressions, but if they like what they see but don't like the smell, well where does that leave you?

Stephan feels there are 'four columns of style' and that the fourth is just as important as the other three:

  1. Fashion
  2. Hair
  3. Make Up
  4. Fragrance

I found the talk extremely interesting but I still don't feel I know enough about the different scents and how they are mixed up by Top, Middle and Base notes, but I acknowledge that smell can make a real impact, even if it's not a great one!

It's perhaps something we all need to give a little more thought to when we are thinking about the image we want to create for ourselves and the personality we wish to convey.

Here are a few tips I noted from the talk:

  • Perfume is on the skin, so if you don't like it there is no escape - you can't take it off like a hat!
  • When selecting a scent it has to be all about YOUR own personal choice
  • Everyone's skin is different; the scent may smell fabulous on your friend but your own PH differs so it's not going to smell the same on YOU
  • If you need to spend time studying, or be awake and alert then you need to opt for a fresh fragrance
  • To maintain the smell for longer, apply a non-scented body lotion on your skin; Stephan recommended the brand Simple or "I am Woman" a body lotion by Joan Collins
  • The best place to apply perfume is behind the ear, or (after applying body lotion) on the décolletage area on the body
  • Traditionally we put it on our wrists, however modern life means we wash our hands so much more that your simply washing it all away!
  • You will not be able to smell your perfume after a few minutes, but it's there, trust it!
  • Separate your two worlds: real life and work place - by having a different scent from work can your help you switch off from it
  • Cost of fragrance is not indication of the quality; it's all about the smell for YOU.

So when your next shopping take a little more time in selecting one, and perhaps avoid buying perfume as a gift unless you know what they truly like, just because you love the smell it may not be right for them!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Get ready for St Albans Fashion Week!

If your living in the Bucks or Herts region of the country then did you know our great city St Albans has a Fashion Week too?!

Click for Website

Starting on Monday 26th October, there is an action packed week of events on, all across the city.  I've already booked my ticket for one of the two catwalk shows held at the beautiful Cathedral.   But if that's not exciting enough, the team at SAFW have also agreed for me to volunteer to help out that week.  Not sure what I will get involved with, but I promise my Loved by Lizzi readers will get to know all about it via my blog and Instagram.

The week kicks off with Caroline Jones, who's campaign Knickers Model's Own, I've wrote about her before. Caroline is aiming to style herself daily throughout 2015 with clothes she has got from her local Cancer Research UK shop - to raise money in memory of her mother, Mary.  It's a fantastic campaign and I love seeing Caroline's FB posts popping up daily on my Facebook page.  

Monday 26th October you can meet Caroline - she's holding a trendy lunch from 2pm to 4pm at Brasserie Blanc, and she'll take you through her tips on how to purchase and style yourself from your local charity shop.  Every penny of profit will go to Caroline's Just Giving Fund!  Book here if you want to join her - tickets are £20.

Another exciting event that takes place on Wednesday 28th October, is Grace Woodward's "Welcome to Graceland".  Grace own's a new independent boutique called Graceland in Hitchin.   It's fantastic that a local celebrity stylist is getting involved with St Albans Fashion Week.

Image from Grace Woodward's Instagram Page

Welcome to Graceland will be at Poggenpohl Showroom, London Road, from 7pm-9pm and tickets are £18.00, which includes a glass of bubbly and canapés.  So if you want to hear Grace talking about her collection and get tips on how to style them, then book your tickets here!

There's lots more you can get involved with; The Gentleman’s CollectionGet Fashionably Fierce with ZumbaMenspire Pop-UpKings Hill Jewellers, Super Shopping Saturday and one I'm very excited about but I don't know timings yet is Dior and I at The Odyssey cinema on the Sunday.  

The biggest events of the week will be the two Catwalk Shows that are being held in the Cathedral.  I've booked my premium Front Row ticket for the Thursday night and I can't wait!

Both shows are packed with High street and Independent retailers, and both nights includes Caroline Jones for Cancer Research UK -  to see the full list of Retailers showcasing on the the night, simply click here and to book your tickets click here!!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

5 mins for...

This special edition of 5 mins for... is all about fashion related exhibitions that are either on currently or will be in the months ahead.  So if your ever having a "I don't know what to do tomorrow" moment, simply head into London, take yourself round one of these shows, and then treat yourself to lunch or even afternoon tea!  

You haven't got long before this one ends!
On until the 18th October at the National Portrait Gallery this exhibition is showcasing more than seventy photos that illustrates Audrey Hepburn life as an actress and fashion icon.  For details, click here.

My favourite gallery, the V&A, of which I'm now proudly a member of, is exhibiting over 200 pairs of shoes from the last 2,000 years.  The exhibition which is called Shoes: Pleasure and Pain will be displaying designs from famous men and women that have inspired shoe designers over the years.  If you love shoes then this one is a must, on until 31st January 2016, click here for more information.

One of the things I love about the London store Liberty is it's iconic designs of floral or paisley patterns; used on their scarves, accessories like umbrellas, china wear or simply to purchase as fabric, they are all so beautiful.  From the 9th October, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London will be celebrating the company's 140 years, by showcasing 150 garments and objects - I'm so excited already!!  It's on until 28th February, click here to read more!

A lover of Chanel, the Saatchi Gallery is holding another exhibition about her, called Mademoiselle Privé.  The exhibition promises an ‘enchanted journey’ through the brand’s haute couture history, this is one that I will be adding to my To Do list!  It's sounds like it's going to be a fairly large exhibition being on three floors, and it also includes Coco's first and only jewellery collection she designed herself titled, Bijoux de Diamants.  Exhibition starts 13th October and ends 1st November, so you'll need to be quick! Read more about it here.

And finally, a heads up!  British Vogue
will be celebrating 100 years next year and to celebrate The National Portrait Gallery will be featuring photographs from the last 100 years on fashion, beauty and portrait.  The exhibition called Vogue 100: A Century of Style, will start 11th February and will run until 22nd May - get it in your diary Ladies!!  Have a read about it here.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A little bit of ME time!

Now I don't have kids or a mad house to say the least, but even so there are times when all I crave is a little ME time!

I found a solution to this and it happens about every eight to twelve weeks; getting my hair coloured followed by a cut & blow dry.  Nothing crazy I know, but I get a good solid two and a half hours all to myself!.  

Yes, there is a little small talk to be had, but due to the colour, I have the opportunity to switch off the noise in the room and immerse myself into poor writing, paparazzi pics of celebrity world, and catch up on this diet and that diet and any other new crazy health kick that's now the "best thing EVER!".

The girls at my hairdressers were chatting about how earlier in the week a rep from label.m, which is one of my favourite hair brands, came in to give them update on new products and what you can do with them.  It made me think that I've changed a couple of my hair products lately and I've not told my Loved by Lizzi readers about them.

Earlier in the year, I went to Oxford Fashion Week, and Front Row ticket holders got a goody bag; in there were some hair samples from Schwarzkopf.   And for once instead of putting these samples in a cupboard and forgetting all about them, I just got on and used them.  

Well, this led to me changing a two year+ routine and investing in some new hair products, that I am now loving, every day.

So here's a mix of some favourite oldies and a few newbies that you might want to consider trying…

label.m Thickening Cream

I've discovered I cannot live without this product.  I have fine hair and this basically thickens the roots, you need to apply heat as this activates it, so you can't just leave it to dry on its own.  I ran out of this product and thought to myself that I can wait a week or two before buying more, after about day 5 I was pulling my hair out and did a detour to my hairdressers to buy some more.  

label.m Protein Spray

Now for those of us who blow dry a lot we need to protect from heat damage plus the daily exposure to UV rays - this product is suppose to protect the hair and even out porosity. I found it has also helped with minimising the line you can get on regrowth when you colour your hair, and its for this reason I continue to use it.

Schwarzkopf - OSIS+ Glamination hair spray

Now this is one of the samples I had in the goody bag, I've struggled to purchase online so I  bought it via Amazon.  This holds your style and smells gorgeous and I like the glossy finish it gives my hair.  Click here to view on Amazon.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment
Via Amazon it's £9.75

Again this was another sample.  I used to use Moroccan Oil Light but even the light version could leave my hair looking oily.  This stuff, it doesn't matter if I overload by accident it doesn't have that same effect.  I also really love it, as I've found it has accelerated the drying time, which means less damage to my hair.  I cannot live now without this one!!  Click here to view on Amazon.

Hair Wax

I'm not brand anything on this, the one above called Fishfingers Wax (I'm sure it's aimed at teenage boys!) I found in Boots in the "holiday small sample size" section.  A small pot like this will last me about five years!  If you have layers or you want to shape your bob, then I find wax is a good way to finish off your style.  I certainly can see the difference on days when I use to when I don't.

So if you are using products from old, and fancy trying something new why not have a chat with your hairdresser about what would work for your hair type and stye.  I really love label.m, so if you don't know where to start, start there!