Sunday, 25 January 2015

One Ted Baker Camel Coat - Four Ways To Wear It

First published January 2015 - Updated April 2017

On Black Friday last year I treated myself to this gorgeous camel coat from Ted Baker - I'm so pleased I did  as I was going to wait for the New Year sales but this coat has not be in it!

Every visit to John Lewis, I would find myself back in the Ted Baker concession checking to see if this coat was still there! Ted Baker have this belted coat in a variety of colours, but for me having natural Autumn colourings I went for one of my own base colours - this guarantees it will work with most of my wardrobe.

For such a large investment you want to make sure you get your monies worth - I feel if you can wear an item in a number of different ways; then this is one step closer to getting great value for money.

Even Ted Baker online refer to it's versatility: "There's a million ways to wear this chic wool-blend coat. Crafted with a touch of cashmere for softness, the effortless style is offset with a button collar."

So here are my four ways of wearing this one coat, but I'm sure over time I will be styling it many other ways too!

Going solo - no accessories, just how Ted Baker designed it. I love wearing it this way, because not everyday do you want to wear a scarf, with the high-collar I find this keeps me really warm!

Faux Fur Hat - I purchased this hat when I was at Little Kimble races last Easter for about £10 - I love it! Over Christmas I was in London on a freeeezzzing cold day and I wore this with my faux fur black coat, I was toasty.  I'm loving it with this coat, and with a city break coming up in the next week, this will be one of my looks for the day.

Faux Fur Collar - Fur trims are very much in this season, I purchased this faux fur collar from Esty, I was really pleased with the service and delivery as it was made and delivered from America.  Another one I will be packing in my case, as this will add some glam (as well as warmth) especially heading out in the evenings.

Colourful scarf - The easiest way to add some colour, is simply to add a scarf.  For me this bright red works with the base colour of my coat and highlights my face with warmth.  I purchased this scarf just before Christmas from H&M, I think it was as little as £7.99 - bargain!

So simple, and all very easy to mix and match!  You can purchase this coat from Ted Baker for £299.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Book Review: The Feminine Mistake by Leslie Bennetts

We've all had many mornings wishing we had enough money that we don't have to go to work or perhaps how lovely it would be to be a kept woman, going to ladies lunches and shopping every day and la la la - But lets face it, do we really want that?!

I thought I did; until I read this book and now all those thoughts have gone (for good!!)

Book via Amazon

In a world where women are trying to balance work and family life; life can get really hard at times and if for some women they don't really "have to" work then surely its best that they don't and dedicate their time to be a stay at home mum.  Leslie Bennetts believes that this is definitely not the right answer and debates in the book the advantages of staying in the working world to some of the unexpected issues that can come up for a women who have left it.

Now I don't have any kids, but quite a few of the stories that Leslie tells throughout the book I could relate to my own life.  And this is not to say that the choices we all make are right or wrong, but I love how Leslie has a passion to share her own story and thoughts in a way to protect future girls from making the same mistake - without being a feminist!

To give you an example of the type of message you get from her book, here is an extract from her chapter on Home Equity where she is trying to demonstrate that her husband and her share the family responsibilities - comments some of you possibly hear all the time!

As a reporter, I often travel on assignment.  When my children were small, the prospect of my leaving town for a few days typically elicited great alarm from our friends and family.  "Who will take care of the children?" they exclaimed, as if the little darlings had only one parent.  When I replied that their father would doubtless make sure they didn't starve to death while I was away, everyone from my women friends to my mother would simper adoringly, "Oh, you're so lucky! Jeremy is soooo wonderful"

The books covers topics from many angles and has lots of interviews so you'll hear plenty of stories of other women which I found gave an insight into how differently women cope with the same issues of marriage, divorce, raising children and balance of power in home.  The book with all it's statistics and examples are American but you can easily translate this into your own world!

Soon after I read this book I happen to watch this film, Blue Jasmine, on telly, and thought it was a great visualisation of the typical woman that Leslie writes about. Cate Blanchett plays the leading role of a stay-at-home wife who's marriage collapses overnight and she has lost everything - one to definitely watch!

Blue Jasmine on Amazon

How I learnt about this book was through watching one of my favourite programmes The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, below is a clip from the interview - whereby Leslie and Amanda talk about how work can empower women.  For those of you that read this by email, you'll need to click here to watch.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

5 minutes for...

I'm hoping you are all having a great start to the New Year, not long now until pay day and then the shopping sprees can start again!

I've found some great articles that I know you'll love, so take some time out, grab a cuppa and have a read of some of these!

Selfridges has this great article about "10 commandments for radiant new year skin" and at No. 3 is a product I tried summer last year, The Super Elixir by WelleCo, which really helps to give you energy by having a highly specialised alkalising greens supplement with vitamins and minerals. The only downside to this product is the cost £££!  Take a look for yourself and check out Sefridges' other recommendations here.

Catherine Bruce, guest blogger for Loved by Lizzi, has written this fabulous blogpost on her own site, Style & Coach, called "New Year, New You and Your Business Casual Wardrobe".  Dress down Fridays or business casual can be difficult, and if you are looking for promotion or simply to get ahead in business then you need to make sure your making the right first impressions!  Take a read here for her fabulous tips. I especially agree with avoiding lycra ;)

Today's look on Knickers Model's Own

Caroline Jones from Harpenden is wearing charity clothes 24/7 throughout 2015, to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK, in memory of her mother. I love the name of her Facebook page "Knickers Models Own" as she states "My knickers are always my own."  I've donated £10 for this great cause because it's a wonderful way to raise money and you know her mother would be so proud!  After I donated, I got this message from Caroline which I thought I would share with you:  "Remember, looking good makes you feel good. Dress up in something that makes you feel happy, gets you noticed, reminds you of a loved one and then get out there and live your life. Caroline x" To have a peek at here outfits click here or to donate click here.

Image from the Telegraph

I'm loving this article by Natalie Kingham, who writes for the Fashion section in the Telegraph, on "How to pack stylishly for a work trip".  She has some really smart tips; if your like me having to pack light on business trips then Natalie shares some great advice about selecting clothes that are versatile and light-weight.  One I'm thinking of using is travelling wearing a hat rather than having to use an umbrella, she explains that this can be difficult if you have lots to carry!  Take a look for yourself, here.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Essential classic: The Blazer

The easiest way to update a tired business wardrobe is to invest in new blazers that will go with the majority of your clothes, such as dresses and trousers.  Stick to the classic colours - so that it gives you versatility and allows you to mix and match.

In the New Year sales, I grabbed a couple of bargains from Zara - personally I don't feel their expensive jackets are worth the price, as the quality isn't great compared with the likes of Reiss or Whistles, but when Zara jackets are in the sale then I feel I'm getting a good deal!

I've opted for this classic black, cotton mix.  It's easy to wear with all my work clothes and I can style with jeans too!  Pictured here with my new leopard print scarf from H&M and my lovely gold watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I'm a huge fan of tweed; not only because I love the texture, but I find it gives me a lot more warmth.  I love the colour of this jacket, it's not quite as flexible as the black, but it looks fabulous with weekend wear too.  Pictured here with a gorgeous top I picked up in French Connection, again in the sales.  The shoes are not current season, from NEXT.

For some inspiration, here are some that I'm loving…

Dark Blue
Was £59.99, now £29.99

Colour is Frost
Was £225, now £145

Colour Blue (and only a few sizes left!)
Was £80, now £45

Thursday, 8 January 2015

73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

I love 73 Questions by Vogue - if you've not seen them before you should check them out on YouTube.

Here's the latest with the fabulous Victoria Beckham!

For those of you who will get this post by e-mail, you may need to click here to view.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Accessories - I'm loving!

Sometimes it's the small things in life that make us happy, and I doubt we really give much thought to these daily pleasures.

Over the last few weeks I've treated myself to a number of different accessories that I'm using daily - and I'm seriously loving them!!

Starting with my new iPhone 5 case from Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury - at the time I purchased this I didn't realise it had additional benefits; my whole buying decision was on the cartoon image of Polly Bean carrying the gorgeous Chanel handbag that I had seen in the window of the flagship store in Paris last May. That sold it for me!

From Gift Library - Was £25, now £15

The extra benefit is its a Gooey iPhone case.  For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a non-sticky skin to touch and feel but when it comes into contact with a smooth surface like glass, mirror or acrylic it sticks firmly on (and I mean firmly!!).  So if you want to use your iPhone as a Sat Nav, it stays put on your car windscreen or if you want to watch a film whilst cooking you can add it to the splash back of your cooker, if it's made of acrylic like mine. It's brilliant!

Gooey products come in lots of designs, but if you like the fashionista look, then Gift Library offers three fabulous designs, here are the other two!

Gift Library - Polly Bean Louboutin Shoes iPhone 5 Case
Was £25, now £15

Gift Library - Polly Bean Me Me Me iPhone 5 Case
Was £25, now £15

Moving on to my next little gem, this is my new make-up bag that I purchased at the V&A gift shop - not the most obviously place for a product like this!  The Italian Glamour exhibition was on in 2014, and they created a range of accessories, purses and bags to promote the show.  This particular item is exclusive to the V&A shop and is designed by Leslie Barnes and is only £5.  Click here to view.

Image from @LovedbyLizzi on Instagram

The last one is based around the gift my Hubby gave me for Christmas which was an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - and so I need a cover for it.  My Kindle is not something I plan to carry with me daily as I don't commute by train or bus, so it's more for when I am travelling.  

With that in mind I didn't fancy opting for the classic black, navy or brown case. No, no, no!  I need this to be full of sunshine and saying "I'm on holiday!!" so I've opted for Honey Yellow in the Amazon Kindle cover range - and I just know it's going to look fab on my next beach holiday!!

Amazon - Honey Yellow Kindle cover
Currently £27.99 instead of £29.99

If you have any exciting new accessories, I would love to hear about them, either leave a comment on this post below or get in touch via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Breakfast delight

This simple breakfast is super easy and so healthy with natural bio-live yorgurt, pomegranates and walnuts.  Why not add this to your weekly breakfast routine.

Here are my tips!

  • I only buy one brand of organic bio-live yogurt and that's Yeo Valley Natural 0% fat (blue tub)
  • Use any nuts you like, I just happen to love walnuts
  • Consider adding a couple of teaspoons of Flaxseeds too - you can purchase these from Holland & Barrett 
  • To get pomegranate seeds out of their case easier; simply place the cut fruit into a bowl of cold water, and break apart in the water, this way the seeds come out whole with no lost juice
  • To remember the recipe - if your viewing this on your iPhone or iPad, why not save the image to your camera roll


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Winter Trend: Textures & Print

If you've been out and about over the Christmas holiday season you will have seen an abundance of faux fur coats, hats and scarves going on, in fact the day I went into London I think every other woman was covered from top to tail in faux fur to keep warm in the freezing cold.

I've always loved wearing my faux fur jacket during daytime - I've taken some stick in the past (in the over-the-top for daywear kind of way) when I've turned up wearing my fur with jeans to either go shopping or for lunch - but I love it!

New Year's eve daytime saw me in Berkhamsted having lunch with Carol, and I chose to keep warm by mixing up my textures and adding some print!  Textures for me include faux fur, leather (real or fake) with cosy knitwear.  Here I'm wearing my new biker style skinnies that I purchased from Zara in the sale last week, they are a great fit and very easy to wear.

My leopard print scarf was a Christmas gift from Carol, and this ties in well with the black and compliments my warm skin tone.

This trend may/may not be here for this season alone, but I know one thing for sure, that when this trend is over I'll shall be still wearing my faux fur jackets for daywear!

  • Leopard print scarf - H&M (current season)
  • Real leather handbag - Osprey
  • Faux fur coat - Spirit of Christmas Fair
  • Biker style skinnies - Zara (current season)
  • Olive green jumper - The Forge Boutique (current season)
  • Real leather black boots - John Lewis
  • Real leather black gloves - Jaegar
  • Sunglasses - Chanel

Skinnies are from Zara and Scarf is from H&M