Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tis the season for a Christmas jumper or two!

It's here - Christmas has come knocking yet again!

Over the last couple of Christmas' it's been fairly popular to wear a retro 70's style christmas jumper or to have an animal plastered across your chest wearing a santa hat with snow falling in the background.

Well this Christmas you simply cannot get away from it!!  There are Christmas jumpers EVERYWHERE! You can buy them at cheap and cheerful prices, or you can choose to splash out on something more to your own style choice.

I'm loving how everyone seems to be putting their own twist to their jumper - and that at the end of the day we all having a little fun which is what it's all about at this time of year.  So for Christmas day this year, forget the LBD or the plain blouse & trousers - bag yourself a Christmas jumper for that more fun and relaxed look!  (It will also help with hiding the waistline when you have had to undo the button after lunch! ;) )

I thought it would be fun to get some ladies to join in and show us what Christmas jumpers they own, to give you a few ideas!  So a big huge thanks to all of you for taking part - it's very much appreciated.

So we'll start with Katie Khan (pictured right), who was the first to respond to my request via Twitter! Katie has taken part before on Loved by Lizzi, on Geek Chic Glam about glasses.  Here she is with are BFF Katy Pegg and they purchased their jumpers from @DarkBunnyTees

Followed next by my glamourous mother-in-law Carol, who is wearing a robin (which by the way is a bird that can bring you luck - so if you see one in the garden you should always make a wish!)  I'm going to reveal Carol's secret now… she owns more than one Christmas jumper!  She also looks great when she wears her Mother santa jumper too!

Lucinda (pictured left) responded to one of my requests on Instagram - here she is with a friend looking great on a night out; lots of colour and definitely a lot of Christmas spirit on the designs of those jumpers - simply gorgeous!

Next up are two fabulous women who I get to work with daily!  You've met Kelly (pictured right) before on Loved by Lizzi in one of my interviews.  Here she is with her BFF Torie, these girls are a great laugh and I love the fact that as soon as I mentioned I would love their help - they were more than happy to take part! They got these fab jumpers from Primark.

Here's my dear friend and sister-in-law Sadie - this women simply loves Christmas and really gets into the spirit of it all - in fact just this weekend she's been making 81 mini Christmas cakes and marshmallow snowmen!!  Loving Rudolph and looking wonderful in her jumper that she purchased from Sports Direct.

Now I'm probably going to sound biased, but hey she's my fashionista Niece!  I'm giving Ellie the title of best Christmas outfit for this blog, because she went that extra mile and wore Christmas leggings too! Trendy Ellie got her outfit from Sainsburys.

Next up is my friend Naomi - after having lunch with her yesterday and with hardly any persuasion Naomi was happy to join in with the fun.  Here she is wearing a subtle and very stylish snowy grey jumper, pictured here at her home with her beautiful dog Betty! 

Amie also responded via Instagram - here's a selfie of her Christmas jumper worn this time with a skirt - showing these jumpers are so versatile!  Amie has her own blog too called DimpleBug which you can take a look at here.

And finally it's me!  I'm so in love with penguins since going night-watching for them in Australia you can imagine my joy when John Lewis featured penguins in their Christmas ad this year - the romantic side of me loved that two penguins fell in love.  So when I spotted the kissing penguins jumper by John Lewis Weekend, this was the jumper for me!!

So I hope this post has inspired you to go out and get one - #joininthefun

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

5 minutes for...

Dear readers, 

Today my Loved by Lizzi blog celebrates it's third anniversary and what better way to commemorate this event than to launch a new feature for my blog!

"5 minutes for…" will become a regularly feature on Loved by Lizzi showcasing the latest news on topics of fashion, lifestyle, exhibitions and general well-being, leaving it up to you to decide which ones you want to read when you have a spare 5 minutes.

So why not grab yourself a drink, sit back and read through my very first edition of 5 minutes for…

British Fashion Awards
This Monday I will be attending the British Fashion Awards with my dear friend Emma, at the London Coliseum, which will be hosted by TV presenter and comedian Jack Whitehall!!  Read more about who's nominated, here.

Goop's Clean pre-holiday cleanse
As some of you well know, I'm currently working on a 9-week detox to rebalance my health.  Well Gwyneth Paltrow is also promoting detoxing before Christmas break, so that you'll have less to feel guilty about when over-indulging this holiday season.  Read more about her article here.

Is it death of the cupcake?

I was looking for a surprise & delight item, and what better way to do this than say it with chocolate!  The cupcake has been around now for ten years after being made popular through the Sex and the City show.  So move over cupcakes, it's time for the pops!  Maple Molly's offer a wide range of personalised chocolate favours and gifts, their service is excellent and I love my personalised Loved by Lizzi pops! Click here to visit the site.

Women Power Fashion at Design Museum

For those of you keen on fashion exhibitions, this latest one at the Design Museum offers an unprecedented look at how princesses, models, CEOs, Dames and designers have used fashion to define and enhance their position in the world.  I've not yet been myself, but it will certainly be on my to do list! Exhibition is on from now until the 26 April 2015.  Read more about it here.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Recipe: Salmon salad

I'm not kidding, detoxing for nine weeks is not an easy task!  The hardest part is eating out, and this is something I've discovered I do A LOT and I simply refuse to STOP.  It does make you feel like an outsider and you also feel a little awkward around the people your with, as you don't want to be a pain but you don't want to compromise what your trying to achieve.

You can therefore imagine my excitement when I do find something to eat on the menu that ticks every single box for me.  My delight came on my recent visit to Selfridges, from their in-house French restaurant Aubaine. On their menu was no ordinary salad, they had a Supersalad - which provided me with lots of the things I need to include into my daily diet  (Priced very reasonably at £9).

Aubaine's food, service and restaurant was fantastic, a must for any of you on your next visit to Selfridges.  You can check out their website here.

So inspired by this salad, I decided to make a little extra effort the following day for lunch and create my own - I was very happy with it and it looked and tasted fabulous.  Yes it took a little longer to make than just "chucking" it all into a bowl, but I really enjoyed eating it too! So here's what I did and hopefully you might have a go yourself.


  • Fillet of Salmon (Place on foil that has been greased lightly with olive oil, add a couple of slices of lemons, sprinkle of thyme and then add a few drops of either milk or white wine - wrap the foil so that you make a parcel place in a hot oven for 15-20 mins - be careful when opening as lots of steam will come out!)
  • Butternut Squash (Cut up a single portion into small dices cubes - place in a hot oven with olive oil and roast for approx 20-25 mins)
  • Spinach
  • Watercress
  • Cherry tomatoes - slice in two
  • Cucumber - chopped
  • Sugarsnap peas - chopped
  • Sweetcorn - (I used tinned - just a few spoonfuls)
  • Pomegranates (I underestimated how much time it takes to get them out!  Allow a good 15 mins in your timings, but they add a real freshness to the salad)
Mix together in a bowl and drizzle a small amount of good quality extra virgin olive oil and balsalmic vinegar.

Enjoy x

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's party season!!

Last Saturday I headed to Selfridges with my girlfriend Emma to check out the dresses and jumpsuits for this season's party time!

If your looking for something to wear and your not sure exactly what you want, the best place to start is a Department store - this gives you a taster for different designers and high-street and you can usually try them on all in the same dressing room.  (I say usually, the Karen Millen sales exec had some issues with Emma and I walking off with HER dresses!!)

Image from homepage of Selfridges

We found lots of sequinned dresses this season; so glitter and glam is everywhere and if your not keen on wearing it, you can accessorise with it!  Lot of choice too in dress length; to the knee, long gowns and of course the stylish jumpsuit which has been vamped up for evening.

So get trying on!  The more you try on lots of different styles the easier it will be to find that special outfit. Here are a few top tips to get you started:

  • Go with a girlfriend - it's so much more fun!
  • Make sure that what your wearing to shop in, is quick and easy to take on and off!  As you'll spend quite a bit of time just in your bra and knickers….
  • Get the sales assistant to work for you - got the wrong size or colour? simply ask them to go find the right one
  • You won't have any time to lose weight, exercise intensively or change your body shape (which you can't do by the way ;) ) - Party season is now, so if it doesn't fit today it won't fit on the night!
  • Stay true to yourself  - Emma and I needed dresses to compliment each other - a real challenge when we are two different kinds of people with two different body shapes and sizes.  But by sticking to our own style values, we achieved it!
  • If at first you don't succeed, keep trying more on ;)

Here's a few we found in Selfridges that you might just love…

Floral is a big trend this season!


Fitted floral brocade dress

Karen Millen at Selfridges

Structured tailored jumpsuit

Karen Millen

We spent a lot of time in Miss Selfridge's dressing room - and the assistant was very helpful!  We tried on lots of sequinned dresses between us - however I've checked both websites and their long gowns are not featured online, so please go visit the store as you'll love these!  But here's a taster

Was £150, now £105

Miss Selfridge

Later this month you'll find out were Emma and I are going to and we'll be sharing our two fabulous dresses we bought in a future blogpost (a little hint for now is that they are black….and they are long!)  - We are sooooo excited!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Go nuts and fruity for breakfast!

Firstly I want to thank all my readers who loved the A powerful new breakfast routine! post; your feedback and comments were fab, and it was great to see that some of you had a go and even posted your smoothies on Instagram.  Thank you.

So for those of you who are keen to continue  and looking for more healthy breakfast options, here's an alternative to a smoothie. 


  • 40g of porridge oats (mine are gluten free)
  • 160ml of Koko fresh coconut milk (I've add a little more as I don't like my porridge too thick)
  • One cup of frozen raspberries (take them out the night before and defrost in fridge)
  • Two to three desert spoons of mixed grounded nuts; almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecan and walnuts

Top tips

  1. You can swap fresh coconut milk with unsweetened almond milk
  2. Instead of frozen raspberries, I've also used blueberries - this will turn your porridge purple, which I love!!
  3. Prepare as much as you can the night before, so that it's hassle free on your busy mornings

Dont' forget at breakfast time...
Step 1 - a large glass of water
Step 2 - a cup of hot water with lemon
Step 3 - a smoothie or porridge oats

Please continue to give me your feedback, I love it!



Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The photographer, the fashion designer and little old me

On Sunday I headed to the V&A Museum to check out a new exhibition about Horst - Photographer of Style.  Horst was one of the world's leading photographers of fashion, theatre and high-society women, and his work frequently made the front cover of Vogue - say no more!!

Image of postcard for @lovedbylizzi instagram

Now I'd love to tell you more about the exhibition, and all that I saw, however I was seriously distracted! Distracted by the fact that Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham was there!!

I was standing by my favourite photo of Chanel, which was taken by Horst - and to my surprise I found them both next to me.  It was the perfect moment that I was cherish forever!

I texted my girlfriends with my news and unsurprisingly the questions back were:

  1. How skinny is she?
  2. What's she wearing?

She looked amazing, yes she's slim but I wouldn't say she looks like she needs a meal.  On the contrary, I think she looks really healthy and her skin, eyes and hair where radiant and bright.  She looked fantastic. It's inspired me to do even more with my own health.

I was also surprised by how natural she looked; not a lot of make-up, hair tied up in a pony tail  - no false tan, no big hair, very natural and dare I say normal?!

She was wearing blue skinny jeans with knee high flat boots, with a grey (I'm guessing cashmere as it looked expensive) crew neck jumper, with a black tote back.

So if you want to get this look yourself, here are my suggestions…

Premium Washed Skinny Jeans

Premium Cashmere Rich Crew Neck Jumper

House of Fraser
Bertie Pixie Button Boot

River Island
Black Tote bag

Horst - Photographer of Style is on at the V&A Museum until the Sunday 4th January 2015