Sunday, 31 August 2014

Product Review: La Redoute - Orange lace summer dress

Every now and then as a blogger you get asked to do a product review.  I blogged about La Redoute before when I've talked about French styling.

For this blog post I'm reviewing a gorgeous orange lace summer dress.  La Redoute is part of Redcats - the world's 3rd largest home shopping organisation. What's so special about La Redoute?  Well it makes French style accessible to all -  They give advice on how to look good with they guides to styling.

La Redoute - Orange Lace Dress

Orange is one of my favourite colours, and because my natural colourings are based on Autumn, my skin tone easily accepts this fabulous colour.  Once the dress arrived, I was very excited about the colour, and I love the detailing of the lace.  The slip is a great match and the fabric mixes perfectly with the top fabric, so it does feel like one dress.

Detailed lace

Now 75% of my dresses are a size 14, so when they asked me what size, 14 is what I requested.  The slip of the dress fits perfectly however the top dress is too big.  I think for a mail order company, sizing is really important, as it's a hassle having to return garments.  I feel the top dress is easily a size 16 - so I'm disappointed that it didn't fit me.

The fit

So if I want to wear it straight away, I'm left with no option but to style it with a belt.  Gold is a favourite of mine to pair up with orange.  As this is very much a day dress I felt it needed flats - ideal for lunching with a girlfriend or two!

The day look
By having the belt on, this lifts the length of the dress up quite a bit, I would much prefer to wear this without, so with that in mind, I'm going to look to have the top dress taken in so that it matches my body line.  

A summer dress like this is so versatile and an essential part of every summer wardrobe.  You can style this up for shopping, brunching and day trips out or dress it down for visiting friends or even a great cover up for lunch once you been on the beach!

The price of this dress was originally £35, which I think is good value as the dress is made well - what's even better is that if you love this review and you still have your summer holiday coming up, then this dress has been reduced to £14, that's a 60% saving!!

So I love the colour, I love the fabric and I think the price is fair.  I'm disappointed that it didn't fit right, so for that I will give it 7.5 out of 10!  Simply click here to buy.

I checked out their site for what you could accessorise this with, and I"m loving the following…

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Autumn Trend: Floral

So you thought Floral is just for Spring/Summer… well this Autumn/Winter you are going to see a lot of floral on the high-street and I'm very excited about this trend.  I've personally invested in some great "Audrey" style trousers from Oasis this week, whilst shopping with Sadie at Westfield shopping centre.

We were debating whether you should wear floral tops and trousers sets together or keep them separate - personally I quite like the two together, however you need to make sure it fits your body line just right!

I styled my new trousers two ways this weekend; firstly with a bright lime cardie that tones in well with the floral detail, which I wore with pointed flat patent shoes for morning coffee at Luton Hoo.  And then the following day whilst brunching with the girls, I restyled it with my cream top, gold cardie and this time I wore high cream wedges - I love how versatile the trousers are!

Oasis trousers - £42

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

You've got to read... The Glitter Plan

Have you ever day-dreamed of running your own business? Are you thinking of starting a business with a friend? Or maybe your already doing your own thing but want to take it to the next level….

…well you need to read The Glitter Plan, by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

It's for women of any age, to start anything they want to, but with core values of fun, reaching your goals and making some money!

Part memoir, part business manual - Pam and Gela write about how they started Juicy Couture from an investment of just $200 each by making items like maternity jeans, t-shirts and tracksuits to building it up to a multi-million dollar business.

Their journey was certainly a roller coaster ride, with lots of fun, creativity and a desire to launch the best LA clothing they wanted for women, tagged with the words "Made in the Glamourous U.S.A".

Each chapter takes you on their journey from the start of Juicy to the current day of their new clothing line Pam & Gela.  At the end of each chapter they summarise their advice, so that you can take their key learnings for your own enterprise.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • "Believe in yourself first or no one else will."
  • "Working for yourself is supposed to be fun, but don't forget you're in it to make money.  If you don't, you've got a hobby not a business."
  • "You have to be your own customer.  If you won't buy it, who will?"
  • "Not every business is going to be a success, but that doesn't mean you don't learn from it.  Pick up and move on to the next one with even more focus on what you want."
  • "Figure out your brand DNA"
  • "Keep moving, reinventing, and improving - your labels, your packaging, everything

Click here to purchase the book - enjoy the read!

To find out more about Pam & Gela - depending on your media you can, Facebook, Tweet or Instagram them.

Friday, 1 August 2014

A Duchess and her wedding dress

I love it when an artefact inspires you to find out about a person.

This recently happened to me, after visiting the Wedding dress exhibition of 1775-2014 at the V&A. Obsessed to know more about the woman behind the most gorgeous wedding dress I think I've ever seen (and I've seen Kate Middelton's!), I purchased her autobiography, Forget Not, published in 1975. 

1 December 1912 – 25 July 1993

She started life as Margaret Whigham, a young British debutante from the 1930's, who featured daily in the newspapers as one of the most exciting and beautiful women of her times.

I've loved reading about her life; she was a well travelled woman, with many highs and lows to life.  Even though I know not all was true in her book, I could sympathies with some of the poor treatment she got as a wife, which was quite typical of her generation and class.  

She was once quoted saying "Always a poodle, only a poodle! That, and three strands of pearls!" she said. "Together they are absolutely the essential things in life."  Loving my little Bichonpoo, I couldn't agree more!!

Image from the V&A website
Silk satin wedding dress, designed by Norman Hartnell, 1933, given and worn by Margaret, Duchess of Argyll. 

The dress that takes centre stage at the exhibition, is from her first marriage to Charles Sweeney, but she is most popularly known for marrying (and publicly divorcing) Ian Campbell, the 11th Duke of Argyll.

Go see the exhibition, it's simply fabulous, it includes dresses from Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese's dress by Vivenne Westwood, which are all to die for!

The exhibition is on at the V&A until 15th March 2015