Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beauty Kit: Winter Essentials

With so much rain recently, I'm surprised to see just how dry my skin and lips are if I'm not using my products daily.  Looking after your skin in winter is just as important than the summer time.

Here are my top three favourite products that are helping fight the battle this winter…

I'm so in love with Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Skin Protectant.  I take this everywhere with me.  I use it daily on my lips to protect from the harsh ailments of the weather, but you can use for lots of other things, like taming your eyebrows!  I usually pick mine up on Duty Free, but all good department stores will have it.

Top tip - in the summer when you may accidentally burn your nose or ears, put this on before going to bed and then in the morning it's so much calmer and far less red!

Another favourite of mine is from the ARK skincare range - and it's their Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer.

I know this product is working on me, as I have freckles on my checks and nose, and when the sun is out so are my freckles!!  Since using this product my freckles are minimised and it acts as a supportive base to apply my tinted moisturiser or foundation too, which allows it to last a lot longer.

Put it this way, I know when I'm not wearing it!!  £36 from ARK Skincare

And finally, for your hair, Moroccan Oil - this one is not a protector but it adds moisture back into your hair.  There is a lighter version for people who have fine hair - this product is helping my hair fight the battle of looking tired and dry - again, I know when I'm not using it!

Just add a drop to your hair before adding your styling products - it leaves your hair soft and moisturised - great for mid to long hair!  I purchased mine via my hair salon - check yours on your next visit.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Conversation #loveselfie

The Conversation are running a social media campaign for woman in the month of February - many women find this month very difficult as Valentines Day can be quite an upsetting day.

So they are turning things round this year, it's not about who you love or who loves you...it's about loving yourself!!

The Conversation would love for you and your girlfriends to either Facebook, Tweet or Instagram what things you love doing for yourself, your own YOU time. Simply hashtag your post with #loveselfie and add images too - describing what you love to do.

Here was mine:

@lovedbylizzi: #loveselfie going to watch a matinee at the cinema during the working week, with a big box of popcorn!!

Go on, have a go!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's a must! Oversized Jumpers

I simply loving this season's trend of oversized jumpers - you know the ones, they break all the style rules of NOT showing off your figure!

Warm, comfy with plenty of give to hide away our winter blues.  I'm currently wearing my favourite one as I'm writing this.  I bought it from GAP just before Christmas break and seem to be reluctant to wear anything else whilst this weather is upon is.

Mine is a natural tan in colour, made from soft wool, low V neck in style with navy elbow patches - It keeps me so warm and I've had lots of lovely compliments about it - which is probably another reason why I'm wearing it so much. They are great to wear over skinny jeans or laze around at home in with some leggings.

I think we still have plenty of weeks ahead to keep cosy; so if you haven't invested in at least one snuggly jumper, here are a few to check out:

I'm really loving this pink with heart elbow patches!  You'll need to be quick the site suggests that it's selling fast….

Available in Pink, Khaki and Navy


Loving this colour - great for those with Spring colourings
River Island

River Island

Available in Apricot, Blue and Black


Luxlight V-neck sweater
Available in Pink, Lime, Light blue, While and Cashew


And NEW in to get ready for Spring, NEXT have these fabulous jumpers - that I might be investing in very soon!

Available in white or navy


Available in Red, Yellow, Blue and White


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Essential beauty: Shellac Nails

Image from polishpedia.com

As a birthday treat last week, I decided that I would treat myself to a manicure.  It's not something I do very often, because I'm actually quite good at doing my own nails, however just lately they were in a poor state and in a desperate need for a 'pick me up'.

I've tried bio-gels and the straight forward manicures and I have to say, after spending £x of money, I usually come away dissatisfied and kick myself for not picking another treatment.  This time though, it's a different story!

My waxing beautician suggested I should try Shellac; this is supposed to be as long-lasting as the bios but would look more natural like normal nail varnish.  To my surprise this is even better than that,  yes it's like normal nail varnish, but it is instantly dry, as they use the UV light boxes and then apply an oil - and your ready to go!

I'm four days in and not a chip in sight.  I feel that my nails look good, look natural and also feel stronger. To remove, you need to use a nail remover which contains acetone - I've not tried this yet but I'm not phased by this as I've done it before with the bio-gels.

I did try taking numerous photos for you to see, however I picked a nude cover that has a shimmer, a bit like gold - unfortunately the images just do not do it justice so I've opted to not include. (You'll have to take my word that they look great!)

I would highly recommend this beauty treatment;  £30 for 45 mins with no drying time.  Perfect for those last minute treats for a night out on the town or would be fabulous for dark colours, like black, that when you apply yourself can be very hard work to get a great finish.


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Spring-Summer 2014 Trend: It's all in the word!

This season we are continuing to see large words appearing across tops and jumpers, if you are looking to follow this trend, then you need to make sure that the words you pick to go across your chest, means something to you or is relevant to your lifestyle.

I know this from experience, as I get this a lot when I wear my favourite tee from She Died of Beauty, the one I picked was She Died of Individuality - and it takes some getting use to when people are looking confusingly at your chest trying to decipher the words!  So be prepared for the comments, as they will come!

This trend will be great for leisure time, for those days on the beach or in the park.  Wear them with printed or matching pencil skirts or team up with well-worn denim for the relaxed, chilled look.

Inspirational looks:

Jeremy Scott…

Image from Vogue.co.uk

Sister by Sibling…

Image from Vogue.co.uk

From the high street...

River Island

River Island

I may be treating myself to this one, love it!  Comes in red stripe too.
French Connection
And this one is great if your a fan of Instagram!
French Connection

If you've got cash to splash, then you might be more interested in these, all from Net-a-Porter: