Sunday, 10 November 2013

All I want for Christmas is a Smythson's...

It's that time of year when we have to start thinking about Christmas shopping, now I don't know about you....but half of what I love about Christmas is what I going to get myself!

Giving hints to the hubby is never easy, and so I thought maybe he might read my blog and get a few ideas!!

I'm not too keen on people buying me clothes, as getting the right fit and right colour is never easy, but you can never go wrong with a handbag or accessories as there are 365 days in a year to use them!

So on Christmas day morning I'm hoping that I will find a Smythson's or two in my stocking...and here are a few I'm loving at the moment!

From the Cooper Collection, I'm loving this iPad Case made from natural goatskin in white, simply luxurious!

From their new Elliot Collection there are versatile pouches that can be used as an iPad cover by day, slipped under the arm as a clutch for the evening, or simply stowed away in your bag for every-day essentials.   How great is that!

As my colour season is Autumn, I'm naturally drawn to the clementine orange and with the python texture finish this is simply gorgeous!
£595 - although others start from £295.

The Chameleon Collection is a fun and vibrant collection of totes and accessories made from a soft natural goatskin, and are available in great colours.  I'm loving...

The back to school pencil case, which let's be honest could also double up as make-up bag!

And lastly, from The Antonia Collection, don't you just love the name!!
The Top Handle Bag, in calf leather, this classic colour is Dove Grey but for you fashionistas that don't like to stray, it's also available in black!

Would love to know which ones your loving? Simply leave a comment on the blog, and you never know I may just tweet some of them!

To view their website, click here.

Oh and one more thing... A girl always needs to say thank you!

What better way than Smythson's card collection... from bumblebees to ladybirds to butterflies or even the London skyline - there something for everyone!

All images were taken from Smythson's website - to view click here.

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