Sunday, 24 November 2013

Back to basics with hair - Part 2

Back in September I blogged about how I was making lots of effort to look after my hair, for those who don't remember you can read Part 1 here.

Now I thought I had made real progress, and that the condition of my hair had significantly improved, and it has, compared to twelve months ago.  However, after a recent colouring treatment it seems I've still got a way to go!

I had my hair coloured, a reddish-brown semi permanent.  This gave lots of warmth, perfect for my own colourings,  and much needed shine to my locks.  However, this colour only lasted a couple of weeks.  Why?
  • The condition of the ends of hair
  • I wash my hair everyday

And so my quest continues and further investment has been made into some new products in the hope that it will improve the condition of my hair.  And so far, over a week in, I'm already really seeing the results!

So what am I doing...

Well firstly, I've made the step to commit to washing my hair every other day.  This has not been an easy one for me, as I love fresh clean hair - so I'm squirting the dry shampoo and lets see how it goes.

I've now taken the leap and purchased expensive professional shampoo and conditioner.  You only need to use a very small amount;  what with banning my husband from using them and now I'll only be washing my hair every other day, I'm hoping that I will get value for money.  

When you are using a very different kind of product to what you are used to, its hard to say whether you love it.  The shampoo doesn't really lather up as much, but this is good as it means it's not got Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) - the damaging agent that they add high-street shampoos to make it foam.

I do really like the conditioner, it's was quite strange to discover it has a minty smell, it contains peppermint, sage and rosemary??!   It feels lovely afterwards.

Pureology Hydrate is the range I'm using, the shampoo is £13.85 and the conditioner is £17.85 (can you now see why I've banned the husband!!)

I'm continuing using Moroccan Oil, and on the days I forget to use this, I really do know!  I would suggest that this product is really only for mid-long length hair.  I've been using this after every wash before adding styling products.  Note this is not a styling product, it's more  extra condition.

And then two new products from label.m – as you know my favorite hair products brand. You don’t need to use a lot and I find they last ages, so they truly are value for money.

I’ve purchased Protein spray (£13.25) – this will really help to protect hair from heat damage and UV rays and even out porosity leaving a seductive shine.  And I think it does.

I’ve also gone for the Thickening cream (£12.95) -  This is fabulous, I have fine hair and this has given it thickness both visually and to touch.  This product will only work when applying heat, so you'll need to use your hair dryer.

I’m only in week 2, but I can't wait to see what my hairdresser will think when I next visit the salon.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

All I want for Christmas is a Smythson's...

It's that time of year when we have to start thinking about Christmas shopping, now I don't know about you....but half of what I love about Christmas is what I going to get myself!

Giving hints to the hubby is never easy, and so I thought maybe he might read my blog and get a few ideas!!

I'm not too keen on people buying me clothes, as getting the right fit and right colour is never easy, but you can never go wrong with a handbag or accessories as there are 365 days in a year to use them!

So on Christmas day morning I'm hoping that I will find a Smythson's or two in my stocking...and here are a few I'm loving at the moment!

From the Cooper Collection, I'm loving this iPad Case made from natural goatskin in white, simply luxurious!

From their new Elliot Collection there are versatile pouches that can be used as an iPad cover by day, slipped under the arm as a clutch for the evening, or simply stowed away in your bag for every-day essentials.   How great is that!

As my colour season is Autumn, I'm naturally drawn to the clementine orange and with the python texture finish this is simply gorgeous!
£595 - although others start from £295.

The Chameleon Collection is a fun and vibrant collection of totes and accessories made from a soft natural goatskin, and are available in great colours.  I'm loving...

The back to school pencil case, which let's be honest could also double up as make-up bag!

And lastly, from The Antonia Collection, don't you just love the name!!
The Top Handle Bag, in calf leather, this classic colour is Dove Grey but for you fashionistas that don't like to stray, it's also available in black!

Would love to know which ones your loving? Simply leave a comment on the blog, and you never know I may just tweet some of them!

To view their website, click here.

Oh and one more thing... A girl always needs to say thank you!

What better way than Smythson's card collection... from bumblebees to ladybirds to butterflies or even the London skyline - there something for everyone!

All images were taken from Smythson's website - to view click here.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

One to watch! - The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet

There's a new channel on Sky, called Lifetime TV on channel 156.

You need to Sky Plus this show featuring Amanda de Cadenet talking to some fabulous women!  Starts Sunday at 8pm.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tom Ford - 15 things every man should know for

Image from Vogue
Now I rarely write anything to do about men on my blog, nothing about styling or buying really - however this week on they featured this article by Tom Ford as part of celebrating 15 years of -  I was really surprised to see just how similar the rules would be for us ladies too?!

I then had a go at trying to think about 15 things every woman should know, and seriously I could have just kept going!  I've restrained myself to 15, but I found it very hard - after your've read mine, I'm sure you would change a few for your top 15.

So starting with Tom's - I'm hoping this will aid you in gift-buying this Christmas season or simply to pass on a couple of tips to the men in your lives.

  1. To laugh - 'A sense of humour.'
  2. Starting The Day - 'A daily read of the newspaper.'
  3. Fancy A Game? - 'A sport that you love and are good at.'
  4. Grooming Essential - 'Tweezers.'
  5. A Signature - 'A good cologne that becomes a signature.'
  6. The Right Suit - 'A well cut dark suit.'
  7. Style Classics - 'A pair of classic black lace-up shoes.'
  8. Tailoring - 'A smart blazer.'
  9. Denim - 'The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.'
  10. Wardrobe Staples - 'Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.'
  11. Good Underwear - 'Always new socks and underwear (throw away the old ones every six months).'
  12. Something Smart - 'A classic tuxedo.'
  13. Efficient Accessories - 'A beautiful day watch with a metal band.'
  14. Cool Accessories - 'The perfect sunglasses.'
  15. A Great Smile - 'Perfect teeth - if you don't have them, save up and have them fixed.

And now here are mine:

  1. Stye Essential - 'Find the right dress for your body shape (this should include an LBD)'
  2. Have it at hand - 'A great day bag for all your bits & pieces'
  3. Daring greatly - 'Be confident to go on a trip, a movie or dinner on your own'
  4. Essential grooming - 'Eyebrows, legs, nails and feet (you know what I mean ;) )'
  5. Keep it wrapped - 'A shawl/scarf that you take everywhere with you'
  6. Denim - 'The perfect pair of jeans that can be worn with heels, boots or trainers'
  7. Double up - 'Two blazers - one for Autumn/Winter and the other for Spring/Summer'
  8. British style - 'A tea dress or Maxi for those afternoons in the great English countryside'
  9. Think positive - 'Dreams do come true if you stay focused'
  10. It's all the walk - 'Find a pair of heels (mid or high) that you can walk in confidently'
  11. Health does matter! - 'Exercise your inner and outer self'
  12. After eight - 'The clutch bag that just goes with everything'
  13. Bejewelled - 'Treasure that family jewel, it was past to you for that reason'
  14. The right size - 'You should get your breasts measured regularly so that you are wearing the right size underwear - you'll never look fabulous with wrong underwear, FACT!'
  15. Stick together - 'Find a girlfriend or two that you can say absolutely anything to without being judged!'

I would love to know what your fifteen would be, so please feel free to add them into the comments for this post!  My favourite ones will be tweeted or maybe included in a follow-up post!

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