Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Dog Walk by Ralph Lauren

I wanted to share with you this wonderful piece of work that Ralph Lauren has been doing in collaboration with Battersea Dogs and Cats home.  Rescue dogs takes to the runway to present Ralph Lauren’s Autumn 2013 Accessories Collection.

And from 15th October through to the 15th November 2013, 10% of the net purchases of select accessories featured in the film will be donated to Battersea Dogs and Cats home, which is fabulous news!  

With many of the accessories already sold out, this surely is a successful partnership and a great way to raise exposure!  Here are three fabulous items from the collection, that are still showing in stock!

Big Pony Dog Polo Shirt
How cute is this model!!!

Square-Frame Sunglasses
Made in Italy

Embossed RL Satchel

There is a great film you can watch, which feature this lovely dogs, simply click here to view.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

I'm loving: The countdown advent gift!

When this fell into my inbox today, I was surprisingly excited about an advent calendar, YES an advent calendar!

This is no ordinary countdown to the big day; it contains no edible content at all, but what it does give you is 24 colourful ways to be creative with your nails in the run up to Christmas.

If you are looking to treat someone or perhaps yourself, this is a really fun and different take  on the traditional format.

You can purchase online from Selfridges for £42.00.

In their own words they say "Every girl's diary can now be filled with a daily dose of delectable mini nail treats, as behind each door lies a very colourful surprise. Gorgeously packaged with seventeen of Ciaté's bestselling mini Paint Pots, four mini Caviar blends, and three extremely special exclusive Paint Pot glitter shades you'll not find anywhere else, ever."

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Essential Kit: Travel sets from ARK Skincare

ARK Skincare have now introduced three fabulous new travel sets for each of Age Aware Skincare collections; Age Prepare; Age Maintain and Age Repair.

These travel sets are great for overnight stays or if your planning a break away - ensuring your skin looks the best whilst having fun on your adventure!

If you've not tried ARK Skincare before, then have a read of a previous post where I go into more detail, simply click here.  These travel sets are a great way to try these products.

Age Prepare products are specifically designed for those in their teens, 20s and early 30s.  The Age Prepare collection in handy travel sizes: 1 x 30ml Masque, 1 x 30ml Cleanser, 1 x 30ml Exfoliator, 1 x 30ml Moisturiser. £28.00

Age Maintain products are designed specifically for those in their 30s and 40s, up to the age of 50.  The Age Maintain collection in handy travel sizes: 1 x 30ml Masque, 1 x 30ml Cleanser, 1 x 30ml Exfoliator, 1 x 30ml Moisturiser.  £29.00

Age Repair products are designed specifically for those in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!  The Age Repair collection in handy travel sizes: 1 x 30ml Masque, 1 x 30ml Cleanser, 1 x 30ml Exfoliator, 1 x 30ml Moisturiser.  £30.00

All of these collections are presented in a stylish travel bag, not a gift box.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Don't save it for best - Buy it, Style it and Wear it!

One of my very first posts for my blog was "To buy or not to buy?"

I'm hoping that my readers from the beginning are living this formula every time they go shopping; but for my new readers I thought I would cover this one again.

My formula is quite simple; what's the value of the item divided by the number of times I think I will wear it.

Last week I was with a girlfriend and the subject of cost per wear came up;  I think we all have our own way of justifying the purchases we make, however sometimes I think we perhaps don't apply it to the staples in our wardrobe.

So which out of the two should you truly invest in?

  • A pair of designer evening shoes costing £200+ that you may wear to say ten events over the next three years.  Cost per wear = £20+
  • A pair of good quality work shoes costing £100 that you will wear a minimum of twice a week for six months.  Cost per wear = £1.93

Now let's be honest most of us spend a higher value on those special event items and for the day to day we would buy more budget shoes from NEXT, TK Maxx, New Look etc, shoes costing more around £30, but these are items you are wearing most days!  It doesn't make sense.  Why do we seem to invest in those items we save for best?

As you are starting to change your wardrobe from summer to winter, and thinking of replacing those items that are worn through, why not consider in investing in good quality brands on those items you wear every day.  And buy smart on those items that will be worn a few times.

If you do have pieces that you've not got value from, have a think about how you can style it differently. What could you add to it to make it look different.  If you bought it for going out, can you simplify it to make it work for day?

When you next go shopping be true to yourself about the value you will get, but whatever you do, don't save any item for best - Buy it, Style it and Wear it!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013: Check it out!

Image from http://www.stylosophy.it

One of the biggest trends this season for Autumn/Winter 2013 is tartan.  It's available in such a wide variety of colours and garments - there is something for everyone!

If your bold, dramatic and really up for it, then you can simply go head to toe in this trend.  For others, it may simply be adding in elements of tartan through accessorising, to get involved.

When I think of tartan, I always think Vivienne Westwood, and when I think of her, I think punk, quirky and very much FUN!  So don't take yourself too seriously with this trend, buy a few fun things and add some colour to your daywear!

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going...

I'm loving this dress from ASOS, perfect for those of you who have Autumn natural colourings.

Vivienne Westwood

Derby Purse 2800 New Exhibition

For those who don't wish to wear it!  (And don't forget you may find cheaper tartan alternatives in her Designer outlet at Bicester Village.)

Joe Browns from Debenhams
Multi coloured cheeky tartan duffle

Simple, yet stylish - great for the weekend!

River Island
Black and white check leggings

I'm loving these! Really good for women who's natural colourings are Winter.  Be sure to have slim, athletic hips & legs to handle this much pattern on your lower half!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fabulous Fashionitas

Image from Channel 4

I received a text message from a very dear friend Annie, saying I needed to watch this brilliant documentary about older woman, Fabulous Fashionistas.

Well this Cutting Edge documentary about six remarkable women with an average age of 80, has to be one of the best programmes I have watched in a long time!

Six wonderful women who I think are truly inspirational for us!   Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington all have something in common: a determination to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun, demonstrating that old age does't have to be grim and boring.

And one of the best facts I love about them, is that they have not had botox or plastic surgery, and they all look fabulous - they look like older women, but they look fabulous!

Key advice they give; stay active, don't retire and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Image from Channel 4
Image from Channel 4

It's not just me raving about them!  On Twitter, here are some of the tweets...

@hellothemushroom "Just watched the #fabfashionistas I want to meet all these fabulous women!"

@amyannette37 "I hope to be half as cool as any of these ladies when I'm 80."

@JulietteBurton "A coupe of days late on the uptake but I am in love with these women.  What amazing role models"

@andrewmarcus "Everybody should watch #fabfashionitas. Best documentary I've seen for a long time."

@oldmaidenaunt - quotes from the programme - "beige is the colour of death... don't wear beige. It'll kill you."

@MsJenAllison "This programme is reaffirming my life"

You can still watch it on Channel 4's On Demand, simply click here - if you have the desire to never get old, then this is one to watch!!

They are simply fabulous!