Friday, 30 August 2013

Sell, sell, sell to buy that little special something!

Image from Keep Calm & Posters

This is what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks!

I've been going through all my clothes & accessories,  the items that are too good for charity (sorry!) and too good for the bin - I've been selling on eBay.

I've been surprised (or lucky) that some items have gone for a good price.  I had a lovely dress that I originally paid £25 for which sold for £10.  A bad purchase of a skirt that I paid £35, I've sold for £15. Some items have gone for a little less than expected, but when you total it up... it all adds up!

It's never easy getting rid of things; that clutch bag you had for that one special event which you've not used for the last five years, or the skirt in the sale that you purchased thinking you will lose weight to get into it, which lets be honest never happens!!  So why hold on to these things - especially if your dreaming of owning something else.

Once I get there... no doubt my Loved by Lizzi readers will be the first to know what I purchase!

If you have any eBaying tips that you would be happy to share...then please leave a comment, we would all love to read them.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fun in the sun!

With the Bank Holiday weekend upon us, for some it's the last chance to enjoy this year's summer before starting the whole "Back to school" episode!

This weekend is going to bring some great weather, so make sure you make the most of it having lots of fun with friends and family.  Check out the following for some last minute inspiration to look glam and fab for this weekend's adventure!

Having a large bright tote is a great way of carrying all the things you may need on your road trip...and probably the kids and hubby's stuff too!  

Liberty London - Red Iphis Tote

Brat & Suzie have lots of fun vests and tees to make you stand out in the crowd, whist still catching the rays!

One of my favourites - Dalmatian Dog

On Twitter the other day there was a tweet that I liked - "Heels - go high or go home!"

The easiest way to add some glam is adding height...if you have a lot of outdoor plans, such as beer gardens, picnics or simply enjoying the park - I would recommend wedges! 

I invested in these beautiful wedges called "Cannes" from Just Fab (UK) - they cost me £35
(Please note that with Just Fab they have a monthly ordering policy that you have to adhered to or you will be charged - make sure you read the Terms & Conditions!!)

Have fun girls this weekend!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Introducing ARK - Age Aware Skincare

Do you find searching for the right skincare hard work?  Does a new skincare range feel good for the first five minutes and then it's back to the same old, same old.

Investing in skincare is an important decision, one not to take too lightly, as we want to see rewards versus the money we are spending.

A few years ago, I purchased a premium branded moisturiser from a counter in a department store, a few months later I went back to buy a second pot because I had been happy with the results.  The assistant was horrified that I had been using such a highly active product on my face, it turns out I was using moisturiser for the mature women and I was only 28 years old.  I had been misguided or simply miss-sold a product, perhaps based on commission?  Who knows?!

And for this reason, plus many others; I simply adore ARK Skincare.  Its's AGE AWARE so you cannot get it wrong!

So how does it work?

There are four products that are age appropriate; Cleanser, Moisturiser, Exfoliator and Masque, for:

And then there are additional products you can include which are for everyone; Pre-skin cleanse, Hydrating toner, Anti-wrinkle cream, a Plumping lip balm and just recently their Primer which is SPF30.

There are also eight wonderful SkinResponse serums to enable you formulate a bespoke solution to target your specific skin concerns:

  1. Antioxidant serum - protects against environmental damage, great for city dwellers and fans of the great outdoors!
  2. Anti-redness serum - calms and protects sensitive, irritated skin. Reduces skin redness, itching and inflammation 
  3. Clearing serum - this pore-refining serum banishes bacteria, tightens pores and eliminates excess shine
  4. Destress serum - reduces the visible signs of skin stress, diminishing the look of fatigue, slackness and loss of vitality
  5. Firming serum - helps reduce the depth of wrinkles. Skin is firmer and your complexion takes on a smooth,more youthful appearance
  6. Hydrating serum - instantly hydrates thirsty skin and plumps up fine lines
  7. Phytohormone serum - This innovative mature skin serum reduces the visible signs of hormone depletion such as dullness, dryness, loss of elasticity and uneven tone
  8. Radiance serum - creates luminous, dewy skin in an instant, whilst reducing the look of sun spots and age spots

I've been using ARK skincare now since January this year, and I'm loving the transformation.  My regime is quite simple, yet effective.  Back in January I was mixing my moisturiser with hydrating serum, I found after approx. 4 weeks my skin was plump and fully hydrated that I hardly needed to use any moisturiser...and still to this day!  I'm now mixing a couple of drops of firming with the radiance to make it bespoke to my needs.

Over the next few weeks I will go into more depth about the products I've been using.

So if you have been thinking of changing your skincare products, why not take a look at ARK skincare, simply click here to learn more.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The importance of Well-being!

Image from

After having a few weeks of not feeling 100% - it's made me realise just how important our health is - and do we take "feeling good" for granted?  Stress can cause immense damage to your body in a very short space of time, and sometimes we miss the most obvious signs.

One of the key elements of living a minimal stress-free life is by being happy - sometimes easier said than done! I quite often see home giftware signs along the lines of "Happiness is not to be achieved but to be lived daily" 

According to an article last week from the Daily Mail, there is a formula for a happy life!!

Here is is:  (Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)

Simple?  Well this is how it breaks down...

M - Live in the moment - appreciate the sounds, smells and sights that you take for granted everyday. Remind yourself every waking hour to do this.

C - Be curious - explore the unfamiliar, mysterious, complex, and uncertain aspects of our world once a day.

L - Do something you love - if there is anything that provides the framework for a well-lived life it is the presence of activities that are important to us and excite us. Do this once at work and once at play.

T - Think of others first - offer compliments, do a good deed and listen. This is not intuitive because many believe you need to love yourself before you can love others. Science has found this to be false. Do this five times a day and you’ll soon see it feels good to make someone feel good.

N - Nurture relationships - dedicate time to a partner, friend or family member twice a day. Scientists have discovered that when you observe the happiest people on the planet, every single one has a close, significant relationship with another person.

B - Take care of your body - no, you do not need three per cent body fat, nor do you need to be able to pound through three sets of 15 unassisted handstand push-ups. Taking care of your body is about healthy eating at least three times a day and committing 30 minutes per day to exercise.

Did you note that B is the most important factor in this equation?  Take care of you body...and this means being healthy, which means less stress!

I've used an image of a Yoga meditation pose for this blog-post, that's because last weekend I hit the Yoga mat for the fist time in probably 15 years!  I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and realised quite quickly that even just standing still and breathing was so calming for the body.

If your feeling stressed, may I recommend having a cup of tea and start to think about the question "what needs to change in my life...?"