Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Bag?! - Help!

I'm in search for a big handbag.  I need it for my forthcoming Paris trip whereby I need to take "things" and yet travel "light" - I know, I know, it's a hard there is only one thing for it - a very large handbag!

I'm indecisive. I'm thinking black, but then spring/summer is on it's way.  Brown is ok?  But I'm not keen when bags match with boots etc - I like my accessories to be unique pieces.

Is orange too bright?  Not sure if I like white/cream enough for one big accessory....

There is one element it needs to have - and that's stylish!

What's your thoughts on the following:

THERAPY - Mille Tote Bag


This option is nice and would work for the purpose and then I wouldn't necessarily have to keep using it?!
Mango - Faux Leather Shopper Bag


M&S - Double Handle Shopper Bag


Now for orange, the one I actually saw in House of Fraser doesn't appear to be on their website, but I've spotted this one.  Now quite sure why the medium tote appears to be larger then the large?! but would this be a better option than the above?

LACOSTE - Pique Medium Tote


What do you think?  Comments please...x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The new is now live

Image from Victoria Beckham's Facebook Page

Victoria Beckham launched her new website today. 

Her new online store covers collections from:

ready to wear - icon
victoria - victoria beckham

The prices are not for the faint-hearted!  
That said, her collections are designed very much with the beauty of women in mind.  I like her designs because they are feminine with a timeless style.   Should you choose to invest I believe they will last you for many years.

Go see - here!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Office style with NEXT

Buying clothes for the office can feel a little repetitive if you stick to the same old thing.  If your bored with your look why not move away from the traditional suits and perhaps treat yourself to a few new items that will look great in the office.

I find, if in doubt, pop into NEXT; whilst you can rely on them for the traditional office clothing they also have a few things that can just jazz it up a little, without hurting your bank balance too much!

I've recently invested in this jacket - I originally saw it on a couple of blogs, and then found every time I popped in I was having a look - to the point when I thought "just buy it!!"  I simply love it, and not only does it look fabulous with my black dresses for work but I've also worn it with jeans, which adds a little style to a casual look:


I've also started to become a huge fan of their Crepe dresses, I own a few of them now, they are so easy to maintain, and guaranteed glam for the office.


Sticking with dresses - this is one I'm keeping my eye on; I like dresses that are all in one but look like a top and skirt.


With monochrome being a strong trend this season, what not treat yourself to this fabulous dress, perfect to for summer too.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chanel No.5

Regular readers will know that I adore Chanel.  This came about simply through buying a bottle of perfume;  No. 5.

Perfume I believe is a personal item, and can only truly be selected by the person that is going to wear it, which is why I do not advocate buying perfume as a gift.  So if you haven't yet tried No.5 then have a little squirt of it next time you are walking through a department store. 

Coco Chanel upon seeking this scent was looking for "A woman's perfume with a woman's scent" to be worn "wherever she likes to be kissed!".  Called No.5 simply for being the fifth sample, in 1921 Coco launches her first fragrance.  The roaring Twenties couldn't have been a better time to launch this scent to the modern flappers and women looking for liberation.

As the best selling perfume in the world, who earlier this year attracted the gorgeous Brad Pitt to advertise it - this bottle of perfume is now having it's own exhibition titled No.5 Culture Chanel.

The exhibition will explore how the famous fragrance is linked to specific moments in history, through art, photographs etc.  This Paris exhibition will take place at Palais de Tokyo from 5th May until the 5th June 2013.

I'm so excited!  I've booked my flights to Paris...have you?

If you would like to see Chanel's film about No.5 and how this fragrance came about, the film has been added to the Loved by Lizzi Facebook page, simply click here to view!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Return of the Mac!

Yesterday when I was out shopping, I spotted a couple of trench coats on display.  If you do not own a trench coat this is a vital garment to add to your classic collection!

The most traditional form is to opt for a beige version, although they now come in so many fabulous colours, that if you know your colour season you can have a lot of fun exploring new options that will enhance your natural colourings.

Before buying, here is a reminder of my top tips from last year for selecting your Trench coat:

  1. Make sure it fits you properly on your shoulders
  2. When trying on, do all the buttons up and fasten the belt - how do you feel? This is really important - wearing the trench coat open appears sloppy, to look stylish you need to wear it fastened up, so you need to feel good in it.
  3. If you like the coat but not the belt that comes with it - most are detachable so you can choose to wear another belt.
  4. Some coats offer a lot of "skirt" - you need to think about what you will typically wear under your coat and does the skirt give you want you need.
  5. Don't forget to think about adding a silk scarf (not wool!), particular if you are going for beige, you can change the scarves to co-ordinate your outfit or simply add a little colour.
  6. Beige trench coats are not good to go from Day to Evening.  If you need this flexibility I would suggest that you invest either in a black coat or one whereby the fabric has a satin finish.
  7. If it's just for evening, you can really go to town with colour, purple, orange or red would simply look fabulous.

This one is a lot of fun with these patterned sleeves!
Maison Scotch Trench Coat with Aztec Sleeves from ASOS


Remember the Trench coat is an investment, and if you know the best colours that suit you, then perhaps spend a bit more, the garment will last you years!  This one from Paul Smith Black Label Collection is simply gorgeous - It come in red and navy blue.

Paul Smith

Want to keep it simple, then Hobbs has this beautiful dark navy Bliss mac


Ted Baker have this fabulous full skirt option, available in fuchsia (as below), purple or beige. With a fabulous inner print that adds a touch of class.

Ted Baker - House of Frasier

Inner print