Sunday, 20 January 2013

Spring Nails - Do you dare to go bare?

This Spring there are two main trends for nails; 'The brighter the better" and "The nude look".  For this post, I'm taking a look at nude, as it's not a look I would normally go for.

According to Vogue Beauty, the idea is to look at your skin tone and match as close as you can, suggesting to bespoke-blend a couple of colours to get the right colour-match.  Judging by the imagery used it implied there would be a lot of choice, I found little choice of 'nude" in Boots today - there was a lot of neutrals, but not many light enough to match my skin tone.

For nails I normally like colour, so for trying this trend I decided to opt for a cheaper brand, and selected 500 Caramel Cupcake from Rimmel London 60 Second range; it's darker than my skin tone but my other options were too pinky for me.  Expert manicurist Marian Newman, suggests to use a matt coat between applications to get that flawless finish, not having used this before I purchased Rimmel's Pro Matte Finish. It worked brilliantly, I may try this technique on some other colours that sometimes leave an uneven finish. That said, I've still opted for a high gloss coating for the last coat.

Marian also did a feature with Emerald Street, stating that "nude nails was the strongest trend she had seen in 15 years" and recommended to use "Quiet time" by MAC at £10 a bottle - if I take to this new look, I may just invest.

So do you dare to go bare??

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