Saturday, 29 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend - Part 3 - The Trend Catwalk Show (from the Front row!)

Yes very excited about this post.  If there was one thing that made the Vodafone Fashion Weekend event for me, it was getting in the front row for the The Trend Show.

Queuing early always helps, and I was joined by mother and daughter, Lousie and Hannah. Chatting away about the day made forty minutes fly-by!  Going in, there was that uncertainty as to whether we could be at the front, but all three of us were lucky, especially me as I was right on the end! - but perfect to help take these pictures for you!

The show was hosted by Caroline Flack, a presenter from The Xtra factor.  With a mix of some VT's there were three main parts to the show.

60's inspired with lots of layering and colour clashing, hair and make-up mimicing Bridgette Bardot with smokey eyes.

My favourite look from this set

Purple being a huge colour for autumn/winter this year and this next set, focuses on the importance of suiting and tailoring that's making it big this season.

This dress coat was my favourite piece from the whole show

My least favourite set, this was about elegance, detail in the fabric and plenty of embellishment.  Dark colours was very much part of this piece and gold, particularly gold detailing on black tights.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend - Part 2 - The Show Bag

Image from Vodafone London Fashion Weekend Site

So what was in the Showbag?

Well, the bag was designed by Mulberry, and I have to say I like it - shame about the big labels printed on one side, I don't think it needed to have that!  I shall be using it, but showing it off from the other side! (see my pic for that).

It is suppose to be jam-packed with luxury goods, and have plenty of WOW items from the big brand fashion and beauty sponsors, sadly, I'm not convinced!

The bag contained:
  1. Colgate - Max white one sample - (apparently a must have accessory?!)
  2. A plastic domestic mirror - from
  3. A packet of tissues from Velvet
  4. Elizabeth Arden - Gentle Hydrating Cream
  5. label.m Professional Haircare - Sea Salt Spray - for textured volume
  6. Coffee sample pack from Lavazza
  7. Diet Coke bottle designed by Jean Paul Gaultier
  8. The original tanning mitt by Velvotan
  9. Compeed blister plaster (just the one, so lets hope both your shoes won't play you up!)

Hardly jam-packed and I really don't get the feeling that this is from the "fashion industry"?! There is only three items I think that hold any value here, and I have put them in bold.  So apart from the lovely designed bag, which I know I will use, sadly I think this is a tad disappointing!

Part 3 coming up later this week - The Trend Catwalk Show!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend - Part 1 - What's it all about?

Most girls dreams are to attend, London, Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Week.  For most girls, this dream is hardly likely to come true if you not in the industry, and even if you are only a few get the chance to go.

Vodafone has created an event called Vodafone London Fashion Weekend which goes live a week after London Fashion Week.  Located at the gorgeous Somerset House, along the Strand - this gives everyday fashionistas the chance to have an experience of what things could be like.

So what's it all about?  Well, I purchased an entrance ticket, a show bag ticket and a ticket for The Trend catwalk show, setting me back about £50 (quite expensive I thought, particularly that it wasn't going to be simply sitting there watching show after show!).  Having gone to a few Clothe Show events in the past at NEC Birmingham, my expectations where of market stalls and beauty stalls in the hundreds and making your way round would be similar to most shopping days in the average mall.

Not so here.  Somerset house has small rooms, for which was allocated one to two designers.  Brands such as, Almost Famous, Aubin and Wills, House of Holland, Twenty8Twelve and so on.

Small accessory brands like Alice Mentor and Sara Ebbett were allocated a space in the boutique area of the Vodafone Showspace's temporary building, which also hosts the Catwalk show and Vodafone Lounge.

The rooms were plainly merchandised, with simple racking for clothing, handbags and shoes.  Some designers hardly discounted at all, seeing prices like "Was £600, now £500" - hardly a discount! Twenty8Twelve probably had the best designer bargains, with t-shirts at £25, knitwear around £45 and dresses from £50+.

I did have a purchase, a Sara Ebbett scarf, these are hand illustrated scarves, and the designers describes her work as  “A bold, luxurious piece encompassing the spirit and fun of a Sara Ebbett design.”  The scarf should have been £175, it had been discount several times, but I picked this fabulous scarf for just £30!

Here's my scarf, a gorgeous green with a black hanging bird and flower, inspired by a London girl shipwrecked on a tropical island....

Part 2 of Vodafone London Fashion Weekend will follow in a couple of days - find out just what was in that Show Bag!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Women - In life, in business and in style!

My name is Emma Tanner and I act younger than I actually am! I am the owner of Agena Recruitment Services Ltd. A boutique recruitment company, based in old town Aylesbury.

How did you get to where you are today?
To be completely honest I’m not sure I got on a path that took me here. It has taken a lot of hard work, determination, and a sense of humour.

What do you love most about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I get to speak to a variety of characters; from MD’s of blue chip companies to a general labourer on a building site. Along with the "thanks" that I can receive from both candidates and clients when the they are both enjoying working with each other.

What challenges do you face as woman in you industry?
I work in a predominately male industry and being female has it pros and cons. Up until recently I had bleach blonde hair and had a look of Barbie, I now have brown hair with still a look of Barbie. When I initially meet with some clients I can see that they are thinking what does this Barbie know about the Utilities market? I love the look on their face when I am actually more knowledgeable than them!! 

How do you get work/life balance?
This is something in the past that I have struggled with and still find it hard to switch off. In today’s world with email access on your phone it seems to be impossible to ever completely switch off. I have made a rule that I only check my emails once a day at the weekend and leave my Blackberry at home!

How do you relax from work?
I love spending time with family and friends and go to as many festivals as possible.  I probably indulge in too much Vodka too!

Where is your favourite location to shop?
I am not a labels type of girl. I believe if it looks good it shouldn’t matter how much it cost. I am a high street girl and love Topshop.

Who's your  favourite designer & why?
If I had to pick a favourite designer it would be Roberto Cavalli, I like the cut of his dresses and the beautiful colours of the materials.

What place have you travelled to that you think every woman should go to & why?
This was a hard one, as there are three places I believe that every women should travel to Ibiza, Barcelona and Las Vegas.  I will go with Barcelona, there is sooo much people watching to be done there, with huge personalities and passionate Spanish conversing it makes great viewing. The architecture there blew me away along with amazing Tapas. Spanish women for me are absolutely stunning and the style there is exactly to my taste classy but laid back.

What three things could you not live without?

  1. My MAC makeup!! 
  2. My GHD’s
  3. Oil of Olay Multi Radiance Fluid.

What special purchase have you recently made?
I treated myself to these, they are ridiculously high but I think they are beautiful!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty chic...Nails

With Autumn here you can have great fun with colour for you nails.  With nail varnish being one my favourite beauty items - a few strokes of colour and you can feel amazing! Different shades can transform your look, and here are some of my favourite ones out there are the mo..

Pure Colour Nail Lacquer - Bete Noir

Models Own
Beetlejuice - Copper Pot


aruba blue - a frosty sapphire blue

Also from Essie, I'm loving
go overboard - a limitless sea blue

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn Trend: Owl accessories from Accessorize

Continuing with the theme of animals for this season's trend, Owls are everywhere!

Accessorize have some fun products in their selection to suit most people's taste - you can view their range here, and here are my some of favourites:

Belinda Bling Owl Long Pendant - I think I may have to treat myself to this one!

Yenzi Owl Across Body - This will certainly makes heads turn!

Girl's Ali Owl Pull On - How cute is this if you have a little girl to buy for!  (Jenny - you just might be able to squeeze this one on ;) )

Snoozing Owl Socks - Great for lazy weekends at home or maybe these are just your thing!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Isabelle Tote Bag

My love for curvy Christina Hendricks continues, however after recently writing about The Harper Bag by Victoria Beckham and the price of designer bags, my surprise when I read an article about Christina and her new $23,980 tote bag - left my draw dropping!

The tote bag called "Isabelle" is designed by Farbod Barsum, it looks quite casual, probably why she teamed it with a denim shirt and black jeans.

It's now making me think that The Harper Bag is a bargain at £1,650.  Whilst Christina may dress for us curvier women, I think her budget is out of this world!

What's your thoughts on expensive designer bags - do you think they are worth it?
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumn Trend: Animal Magic

This season, some unusual jumpers and tees are making their way onto the window displays of our high streets - what do they have in common?  Animals.

These kind of jumpers tend to make their debut on Christmas day morning, but not this year - wearing the face or full body of your favourite animal is bang on trend!

Keep the look "country" by teaming up with a wool skirt or denim jeans and a great tweed coat.

Beaded Owl t-shirt by Burberry Brit - £395 (yes that's right £395!)

Grey Cat Sweater from Wallis - £35
They also have owls, giraffes and dogs....

Dog jumper from Joules - £69.95

Owl Cashmere Sweater by Burberry Prorsum (Net-a-Porter) - £895 

Redferne printed cotton-terry sweatshirt - Aubin & Wills (Net-a-Porter) - £55 

Owl Sequinned Tee - NEXT - £25 (bargin!)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Product Review - The Corinne Satchel

As you know I'm loving orange this season, so I was excited when I was asked to review one of the latest bags from the Chelsea Doll collection - The Corinne Satchel.

The Corrine Satchel - Chelsea Doll

This bag is bright! And I love it!  As soon as I saw a pic of it on Twitter, I knew I had to have it.

To make sure it made a statement, I wore black for it's debut appearance.  Now, having used it all week, I have found the bag to be more flexible than I thought, mixing in well with other coloured garments, and I particularly like it with my causal look this Friday with dark blue denim.

The bag is slimline, perfect if you want to have less items on you and it's particularly good for popping your iPad in as it has a soft grey interior protecting it, much better than it bouncing around in a larger tote bag!

Lots of compartments with & without zips to keep all your bits safe & secure

The long strap gives you flexibility to use it as a shoulder bag or as an across the body, it's a shame the straps are not detachable, as I would like to use it as a large clutch.  But hey, this bag is £18.00 and does everything you need it to, and I've received some great compliments this week - which always makes it a winner with me!

Perfect for this Autumn season, available to buy directly online at the Chelsea Doll store, simply click here to purchase.