Sunday, 29 July 2012

Essential Kit: Quick French Manicure DIY

When it comes to nails, there are so many colours and patterns now that sometimes it just nice to keep things simple.

French manicures are not only classy but they make your nails look really healthy.  If you just added some clear nail varnish, whilst you may be protecting them, the overall finish doesn't look that great.  By spending a few minutes adding some white, can make a big difference.

This mani only takes less than five minutes to do and it's surprising just how many lovely comments I get about my nails!  

So here are my step by step guide!

  1. This is only going to work if you have some white nail tips.  They don't need to be very long, but you do need to have them!
  2. If you have the odd nail that's broken, then tidy up as best you can and just use clear on that one.
  3. File all other nails to the same length and keep them fairly square - this goes against the current trend of having them curvy, but it's the best shape for French Manicure.
  4. Regular readers know my love of Rimmel so this is what I will be using
  5. Take Rimmel 60 seconds clear and apply one coat
  6. Grab the Rimmel Lasting Fix in colour Melted Mallow - this is an iridescent white that makes the nail look more natural than using an opaque white.
  7. Apply a thin coat from left to right as steady as you can - only across the tip
  8. Add another application of the Rimmel 60 seconds clear
  9. Wait 60 seconds
  10. And your ready to go, YES ready to go!

My nails approx two weeks ago

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A great week on

If you follow my blog on Twitter or on Facebook, then this update will come as no surprise.  Loved by Lizzi Blog was featured on the homepage of this Tuesday - which was very exciting! is a global forum for bloggers to promote and find new readers.  People from the United States, India, Latvia and Russia, plus more, have all been having a look at the posts I write, this week.  If you visit my blog you will see some of the comments they have left.

You can then imagine my excitement when I got home from work tonight to find that my blog was trending 4th, yes 4th!  On the MOST POPULAR category for the United Kingdom.  Take a look on the link here to see if that's still the case.

Thank you to all my lovely readers, as your comments and feedback help me to tailor my posts into a popular blog for all you fabulous women!

So thank you


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Glasses - Geek Chic Glam...The New Look!

Image from:

When I started to write the first post about wearing glasses, I wanted to get other girls involved, as I knew there are so many women who don't mind wearing glasses and enjoy updating their style.

And you didn't let me down!  

Geek Chic Glam has to be one my most popular posts since launching this blog November last year.  I shortly followed this up with a posting that showed you five designs that I couldn't decide on, again the interaction on Time to update the look! was simply fabulous.  Thank you.

And now for the big reveal - which one did I go for?

Well the feedback suggested that the Ray Bans were the most popular choice, but you were indecisive about the black or the tortoise-shell.  So back I went, this time with my mother-in-law Carol, to have another look.

And it must come as no surprise to you - that I ended up buying a completely different pair that I had not tried on before!  Gok Won got my vote in the end with a large pair of tortoise-shell frames - that I simply love.  The new look has taken a little getting use to, plus a few hic-ups like sore ears and headaches, but now that I have battled through them and with all the lovely compliments I've been getting, I'm so glad I have made the change.

So thank you for your help, I hope that you found my advice useful, and if you what my help in choosing some frames for you, then send some pics through to and I will be happy to help.

A couple of pics for you to see my new style...

Writing the Loved by Lizzi blog

Relaxed at home wearing my favourite tee! Read here

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Women - In life, in business and in style!

We are the three co-owners of Pink Angels Offices Services; Sam Patamia, Penny Pressler and Sam Pearce, all based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

How did you get to where you are today? 
Hard work and determination and a varied/broad range of skills. We  deliver office services to an excellent level of customer service. We also feel that if we are given the opportunity to help someone, be it a local business or just somebody wanting to have a document scanned then we should strive to do so as this will be remembered and in a small town word of mouth is essential for future business.

How did you come about setting up Pink Angels Office Services?
We saw a gap in the market to offer cost effective, stress free alternative to employing more staff. Saving businesses time and money. We were previously work colleagues who were in danger of losing our jobs due to the lack of interest and customer care by our previous employer so decided to branch out on our own. Since we opened in June we have gained 3 more clients through facebook, the premises where we opened which has a number of sole traders and just cold calling.

What's a typical working day/week for you?
Due to us having different work skills and backgrounds a typical day for the three of us is varied and complex from photocopying, book-keeping and payroll, answering telephone calls for other businesses in their company name. We also administrate the Lotus 7 membership car club, which has 2800 members and Historic Lotus Register which is slightly smaller. As we are a fairly new company a lot of our time is spent networking and sourcing new business from many angles.

What do you love most about your new business?
We love all of aspects of our new business from our pink and grey company colours to our new business premises which are very light and airy and the other occupants are very friendly. Our personal contact with our clients and it is nice to be able to see business grow because of our combined hard work. 

How do you achieve work/life balance?
When we are not in the office, apart from networking and meeting clients, we do not disturb each other with work related issues. We tend to be able to deal with each others work queries. We socialise once a month as a company and as we are friends we tend to meet up at the weekends.

What advice would you give women about setting up a business?
Be brave but do your cashflow forecast and business plan and make sure all figures you use are true reflections on your incomings and outgoings 

What do you like to do to relax away from work?
Penny and Sam Patamia are really into cooking and gardening whereas Sam Pearce is into Lotus 7's and motorbikes. We are all into fashion shopping of course!

What advice would you give women about dressing professionally for business?
As a company we are always suited and booted and a smart business appearance is essential to promote ourselves within our community. The rules we follow are basically don't wear anything revealing eg skirts to the knee, blouses buttoned up enough to cover cleavage, smart well fitting skirts, trousers, suits etc preferably not in garish colours! We always try to ensure that we are well groomed and spotless.

The girls from Pink Angels Office Services doing their bit for Race for Life!

What to know more?  
Then check the Pink Angels Office Services at:
Website -
Twitter - @pinkangels03
Facebook -!/PinkAngelsOfficeServices

Monday, 16 July 2012

Maria Galland Paris - Thousand Lights Facial

I have something to confess.  Until now, I had never had a professional facial - Why?  Well to put it simply, I never thought they were worth the money.

Most facials are a minimum £40 for approx 45 mins.  And with approx 20 minutes of that being a face mask, whereby the beautician doesn't actually do anything, for me that wasn't value for money.  Why pay to have something that I can actually do myself!

On the last day of my holiday in France, I treated myself to a Spa treatment.  This beauty centre had more facials than I have ever seen listed and the other more typical treatments seem to take a back seat on their price guide.  So I thought, well maybe these guys specialise in facials, so i thought I would give one a go.

Now based on my comment above, there was no way I was paying for anything under 60 mins! So in typical Liz style I opted the for the most amount of time, 90 mins.  I did think "what the hell are they going to do to my face for 90 mins?!". 

All booked in then for:
Maria Galland Paris - Thousand Lights
Anti-aging care which renews and regenerates cells. Stumps out wrinkles, smooths, firms, hydrates and calms the skin.

I can't speak French and my beautician could speak a word of English - I was pleased, it meant 90 mins of silence.  That in itself was relaxing.  A good start.

And so it begun; lotions, potions, scrubs, hot towels, assessment of my pores, paper mask (beautician didn't leave I got an arm & shoulder massage - bonus!), more lotion and quite a rapid face massage, gel mask (she did leave me here for about 15 mins - but by this point I don't think my face could take any more!) and then finally moisturiser.

All the Maria Galland products she used, smelt gorgeous, they felt good too.  I'm no expert on creams, but the combination of all the different products made my skin look amazing, so soft, vibrant and dare I say - so much better!

I'm now rethinking my beauty regime.  I've completely changed my mind, they are both relaxing and rewarding and I think this is s little treat that I may be indulging in a little more often!  But I sticking to my for more time!

If you have any facials you would like to recommend to my readers, simply leave a comment. For e-mail readers click here.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Destination - Monte Carlo: Inspiration de Style classique

And so in my recent travels to the French Riviera, my thoughts for my blog always led me back to the same thought - French women are so stylish!  

I've read many a time that us British ladies should look to French women for tips on being more stylish, but on my few trips to Paris I have to say I was never really convinced - but now I think they may be true.

Out and about everyday, watching people is probably one of the best holiday past times, and it was a pleasure to be looking at women who had made such effort.  Hair styled, clothing colour-matched and fitted properly and most importantly - nothing was hanging out!  I wouldn't say they were all amazingly beautiful or super skinny - but they had all made an effort to select clothes that suited them and their bodies - they walked with confidence.

I also think their Chanel inner goddess assisted when it came to accessorising - simple and not too much.

And so whilst we were away, one of my dreams came true - I have finally got to visit Monaco. The glamourous location was everything I expected, I loved the boats, the Palace, the people and the food -  I even got the chance to visit the grave of Grace Kelly (an idol of mine).

Sitting outside the Cafe de Paris, it was a joy to watch people around Monte Carlo - again so many beautifully dressed people, out and about doing their thing.  And as we walked past the Hotel de Paris, there was this stunning women, waiting on the steps (I should imagine for her chauffeur), but there was something head-turning about this women - she was 80 years plus!  Her hair, her clothes, everything - she looked amazing!  And yes, the first thing I said to hubby "I hope I look like her when I'm that age" to which he nodded with agreement.

No blog post of mine would be right without a little Chanel.  So here is a picture of their window display in Monte Carlo.

Chanel Window - Monte Carlo

I did get to snoop the shops too and hubby treated me to this jacket from Zara, the design inspired by Chanel.  The perfect gift to remind me of this special day.  A classic design, so it will stay with me for years.

Jacket from Zara

Don't forget ladies, there is always time to sit and watch the world go by, if you get the chance, do it in Monte Carlo at the Cafe de Paris - the views are amazing!

Cafe de Paris - Monte Carlo