Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer time essentials - Make the most of it!

Image by Culver Pictures

We are all fed up with the rain - and most of us are still wearing our winter jackets (BOO!).  But what I have realised is that we are getting moments of lovely sunshine, but because we are fooled by the grey skies when we do get a few hours - are we ready?

Get organised and feel summery, here are my top tips!

In the handbag...
Sun tan lotion
Lip gloss

In the boot of the car...
Summery cardigan (just in case it's not quite that warm)

Keep those gorgeous toe nails painted, summery shades of Orange, Yellow or Pink
Body-scrub and polish to keep skin in tip top condition
Apply suntan lotion - don't be fooled by the weather, the sun rays can still affect your skin

In the kitchen...
Bottle of Pimms
Diet Lemonade
And don't forget the mint!