Sunday, 17 June 2012

I vote for "The Joan Harris Show" #Madmen

Actress Christina Hendricks had done more for curvy women in the last few years than any other actress I know!

Her character Joan Harris from Mad Men is my favourite and I think we could all learn a few things from this women.  She a strong women, towards both men and women and yet keeps her composure and grace at a level I've not seen before!  Now I know the character is fictional, but let's be honest, since watching Mad Men, I'm sure my husband has been thinking "I wish we could go back to those days!" and yet I'm thinking "How did women put up with this!"

Joan's dress style is simply jaw-dropping...and only for that reason would I love us to go back to those days!  Here's Joan Harris in action.

No wonder the guys are turning their heads!

In an interview with Marie Claire, Christina Hendricks talks about how she embraces her curves. When asked "What is your mantra for dressing?" her response is "Highlight the things you like. I like my small waist, so whenever I wear a dress or blouse, I always make sure you can see my waistline.  It gives me more of an hourglass shape."

The interview continues with "What would you say to women who want to minimise their curves?"  I simply love her response!  "Instead of trying to downplay your curves, find a designer or style that glorifies them.  There are designers who simply don't design for people with shape and there are those - like L'Wren Scott or Roland Mouret - who do exactly that.  Once you find what looks best on you, stick with it"

Here's Christina's look on the red carpet.

And here is everyday Christina, still looking fabulous!

With so many young girls getting obsessed with their weight and looks, I think there should be more curvy role models for them...and that may simply mean that us girls need to embrace our own curves more!  What do you think?

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