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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Essential Classics - The Crisp White Shirt

Marilyn Monroe
(Image from

The crisp white shirt is a staple item for every woman's wardrobe, and it is a sexy look on any girl, of any shape or size - as modelled above by the sexiest woman who ever lived!  

Just this week, I was reading one of my favourites blogs, Fashion Editor at Large, and a post by Junior Fashion Editor was about the latest way you should style this essential item in Styling it up! White Shirts

Alexa Chung has taken the shirt, jewelled the collar and cuffs and then wore it under a party dress - not for one red carpet event, but several!.  Out of the two examples shown in her blogpost, this is my favourite.

Alexa in Marc Jacobs dress plus shirt.
(Image from Fashion Editor at Large Blogspot)

The advice given if you want to follow this trend, is to either purchase a jewelled white shirt or take an existing one (that still looks crisp white) and add jewels to collar and cuffs.  If you like to try new things then I think this could be a fun way of wearing this shirt this season.

For me though, this type of garment is a classic for women, making you feel confident and feminine.  A few key things though are important to get this look right:

  • I keep mentioning crisp - well exactly that - the shirt needs to look pure white and have a sharp finish to it.
  • Two great ways to wear the sleeves are either rolled back right to your elbows or worn with cufflinks.
  • Haven't got cufflinks? - then steal some from your man!  I do.
  • If you have a fuller bust - I recommend to purchase a shirt that is tailored to go in tight at your waist.   Avoid wearing large shirts hanging over your jeans - this will only make you look bigger.
  • For the smaller bust - go for a man's cut and tuck into high-waisted flared jeans for that gorgeous 70's look.
  • Dare to bare - the sexiest way to wear a white shirt is to have it open as low as you can go without it all "hanging out".
  • Or for those of you who would prefer the conservative look then button all the way to the top including the collar.
  • As soon as it looks worn and tired - change it!
  • Great to be worn with a tight pencil skirt, black tailored trousers, dark or light blue jeans, but if you prefer a retro look then wear with capri trousers of any colour.
  • Add some colour by tying a single-colour square silk scarf.

Get the look:

Gap Inc

Jones New York

Friday, 22 June 2012

Vintage inspired dress rings

Oh how I love big dress rings - I've been checking out some gorgeous vintage inspired designs tonight, so I thought I would share a few with you!

1970's antique bras cocktail ring from ASOS
A stunning touch to a lovely daytime tea dress


Aqua stone oversized ring from River Island
Simply gorgeous - just add to a summer Maxi or with beach wear

River Island

You can't go wrong with Swarovski - so here is a couple from their collection!

Hortense Ring
Was £82.00 now £57.40
Fabulous and timeless!

Swarovski - Hortense Ring

Poison Metallic Light Gold
A modern style for evening

Swarovski - Poison Metallic

Biba - Was £2,000 now £1,400
I love it! I just can't afford it...but girl can dream!
(Better start saving....)

Biba from House of Fraser

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The alternative flip-flop!

There is no chance at the moment of being able to wear any flip-flops!  With rain continuing throughout June there is only one alternative for those lovely lazy days!


I've had a few nice comments in the last week or so about my tired looking Converse All Star slim pumps.  They are my saviour.  Not that I like to talk about "comfy" but they are the sort of shoe you can pop on and go for a walk, shopping or even lunch.  Lazy weekends do call for lazy shoes.

A clean example of mine.
 Converse All Star Slim come in a variety of colours - Mine are dark grey

I like the slim style as they keep this look feminine.  There are so many styles and colours to choose from you will easily find something you like, and the prices are not too bad either!

Here are few I've chosen for you:

NEXT - Raw Edge
I love navy striped and these are only £16.00

Not keen on all the laces, that go for "boat' style.
These are from River Island for £20.00

I also own a pair by Fred Perry in navy that I love.
These Fred Perry red pumps are £41.99 from Office

Gingham style from New Look.
Bargain price of only £9.99

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I vote for "The Joan Harris Show" #Madmen

Actress Christina Hendricks had done more for curvy women in the last few years than any other actress I know!

Her character Joan Harris from Mad Men is my favourite and I think we could all learn a few things from this women.  She a strong women, towards both men and women and yet keeps her composure and grace at a level I've not seen before!  Now I know the character is fictional, but let's be honest, since watching Mad Men, I'm sure my husband has been thinking "I wish we could go back to those days!" and yet I'm thinking "How did women put up with this!"

Joan's dress style is simply jaw-dropping...and only for that reason would I love us to go back to those days!  Here's Joan Harris in action.

No wonder the guys are turning their heads!

In an interview with Marie Claire, Christina Hendricks talks about how she embraces her curves. When asked "What is your mantra for dressing?" her response is "Highlight the things you like. I like my small waist, so whenever I wear a dress or blouse, I always make sure you can see my waistline.  It gives me more of an hourglass shape."

The interview continues with "What would you say to women who want to minimise their curves?"  I simply love her response!  "Instead of trying to downplay your curves, find a designer or style that glorifies them.  There are designers who simply don't design for people with shape and there are those - like L'Wren Scott or Roland Mouret - who do exactly that.  Once you find what looks best on you, stick with it"

Here's Christina's look on the red carpet.

And here is everyday Christina, still looking fabulous!

With so many young girls getting obsessed with their weight and looks, I think there should be more curvy role models for them...and that may simply mean that us girls need to embrace our own curves more!  What do you think?

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Essential kit: Rimmel London - 60 Seconds Nail Polish

Image from Rimmel London

With so many fabulous colours out there this summer, you need to be able to change the colour of your nails in a flash!

I simply love Rimmel London 60 Seconds - "It does what it says on the tin!" or bottle in this case. Start by investing in the Clear option, as this can act as a base coat plus the glossy top coat. Within seconds you can start to apply 1-2 thin coats of colour depending on your preference.

Available from Boots and Superdrug for only £2.99

Within a few minutes your look has transformed and you can be on your way!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer time essentials - Make the most of it!

Image by Culver Pictures

We are all fed up with the rain - and most of us are still wearing our winter jackets (BOO!).  But what I have realised is that we are getting moments of lovely sunshine, but because we are fooled by the grey skies when we do get a few hours - are we ready?

Get organised and feel summery, here are my top tips!

In the handbag...
Sun tan lotion
Lip gloss

In the boot of the car...
Summery cardigan (just in case it's not quite that warm)

Keep those gorgeous toe nails painted, summery shades of Orange, Yellow or Pink
Body-scrub and polish to keep skin in tip top condition
Apply suntan lotion - don't be fooled by the weather, the sun rays can still affect your skin

In the kitchen...
Bottle of Pimms
Diet Lemonade
And don't forget the mint!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Time to update the look!

Back in April I wrote a blog post Glasses - Geek Chic Glam!  The popularity of this post made me realise that us chicks really like to wear glasses.

Now, it's time for me to update my look, and over the last couple of weeks I have been out and about trying on lots of new frames.  I had the urge to go for what I pretty much have already, playing safe.  But that's no way to update a look!

From what I can see, big glasses, particularly black or tortoise-shell seems to be the current look. I thought I would instantly know which to go for, but I'm loving quite a few.  It hasn't helped that my hubby also likes them all, so with not having the budget to have a different pair for every day in the week - I think I need your help to narrow my choice down!

I haven't costed up any of the following, so we are purely selecting here on style!  

1. Karen Millen - I quite like these ones - my current pair are Karen Millen - so is that boring!? 

2. We forgot to take a photo of these Gok Won glasses - I liked them but the Tortoise-shell was more burgundy than brown

3. Ray Bans Black - I really liked these a lot until I tried option 4!
4. Ray Bans Tortoise-shell - I like the shape and they suit my hair colour
5. Prada (I have no idea of cost - I was too scared to look at the label! )  These are my favourite, but I think I might get bored of these quickly - and will they go with everything?

So my lovely readers - help me out here!  Either leave a comment or cast your vote on the poll in the right-hand menu.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

She Died Of [blank]

Has it happened to you?

You get a parcel arrive a week after you've made an impulse online purchase, whereby instead of finding a bargain, you actually spent more money than you normally would on something because you have been swept away by the marketing message or the celebrity endorsing the product!

Well that was me about 18 months ago - I can't remember all the detail, but a new brand had launched She Died Of Beauty, by supermodel Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny - a playful take on the fashion industry.  They offer a variety of t-shirts, vests and cotton bags all made from organic cotton. Even better they are ethically made and manufactured using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

When the parcel first arrived, I was impressed by the nice packaging but at first hand I actually wasn't that impressed with the t-shirt - it look so basic and simple that I thought "I spent £40 on this?".  My next reaction was, well the black is going to fade and after a few washes it will be all mis-shapen. 

But hasn't.  I can honestly say, it is now my favourite t-shirt in my wardrobe - in fact I'm wearing it as I write this post!  I simply love it and I actually feel bad that my initial thoughts were so wrong.

It's a fun brand with lots of different slogans.  I opted for the She Died Of Individuality - which I think sums me up - I like to do things my own unique way.  It takes a little while to get use to people looking at your chest area with a blank expression - as you will see from the image below it's not that obvious at first glance!

Why not check out their site to see their products by clicking here.

Which slogan is your favourite??

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Olivia Sundress - New Look

My favourite garment of all time is dresses.  I simply love them!

I remember when getting married, my concern was not "would I find a dress"  I knew it would be more like "which one will I pick".  In fact, if money had been no issue, then I would have purchased half a dozen dresses and just spent the whole day changing! -   Oh a girl can dream!

Now in to prep for my forthcoming holiday, I need some day dresses.  There were some important things I needed from these sundresses so they had to be versatile:

  • I needed them to be fairly short - to enable me to get colour on my legs
  • They needed to be cotton - so that I didn't have to worry about suntan lotion staining
  • I plan to wear my bikini for some of the time - so they had to suit the beach
  • They needed to look girlie and stylish - for those great holiday lunches with a glass of wine or two
  • Small budget - well I won't be wearing them all year - this is for a two week holiday

So I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and was really pleased to come across this style of dress in New Look.  The Olivia Sundress at £11.99.  The dress ticked all the boxes above, and so I bought them in four different colour/patterns.

This dress is feminine, with a v-neck and a fun flirty skirt that nips in at the waistline.  This one is my favourite out of the four that I got - Floral Alice Olivia Sundress

Remember - shopping for holiday clothes doesn't have to be expensive.  You need to think about how long you are really going to be able to wear them in the summertime, and for me these dresses are not suitable for work.

Also think about colours, style of dress, patterns - don't go to on trend as you might like to wear them the following year or for the last minute holiday you book!

What's your favourite sundress this year?

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