Monday, 30 April 2012

Wedding thoughts: Wedding Planning

I always thought it would be lovely to plan weddings for a living - wouldn't it be great to be looking at wedding dresses, card designing, menu selecting and not forgetting the wine & champagne testing each day.....until I (actually hubby & I) came to plan our wedding.

It's hard work!

It's fun - don't get me wrong, but so much rests on one day.  One day to get everything right!

You know if you asked me the week before the wedding if the wedding car may not show up until the very very last minute or if the cake stand wouldn't take the weight of the cake - I probably would have glared so hard at you as if to say "why would that happen!".  Well in my case...this is what happened!  And I can honestly say to all the lovely Brides-to-be... that on the day you'll just get on with it!

All the best plans can go wrong, but what you perhaps don't think about is all the lovely family & friends you have protecting you on the day!  So the vintage car, it turned up in plenty of time, at my house (the address we booked in) and not at my Mum's (the address I gave them two days before the wedding).  Luckily (thank god) my neighbours were in - sending him on his way by helping him push the car to start it!

Now for my cake - My lovely mother-in-law arranged for a cake-maker to make a gorgeous wedding cake just how I selected it, particularly the silver stand!  The cake looked and tasted gorgeous!  I found out the day after the wedding the lengths people went to try to make the cake & the silver stand work.   I didn't notice as it looked beautiful.  But that's my point...everyone wants the day to go well that somehow magic seems to happen!

Planning this special day is fun, and should be itself quite rewarding.  If you are finding things hard or stressful just ask a friend or family member (go for the ones that are married - they will fully understand how you feel) and I think you will be surprised just how much help you will get!  It's just a thought...

Our wedding car - Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II
Worth every penny and was simply gorgeous!
Bradley Rice-West Photography

Friday, 27 April 2012

Arm Candy for Summer 2012

Those of you who know me in person know I'm a little partial to arm candy - I have more handbags, clutches and totes than I know! 

So it won't surprise you at all to know that I purchased this gorgeous new handbag within about 2-3 mins.  I walked in, saw it, tried it for size and was at the counter before anyone could stop me!

Don't you just love those kind of purchases, no thought whatsoever because you know "you LOVE it!"

The compliments received so far (including male colleagues) have pretty much paid for the price of the bag!  I perhaps haven't told you my theory on that.  Whilst I may evaluate most purchases based on my normal formula: "PRICE divided by HOW MANY times you use it.  In this case, regardless of the PRICE if you get more than FIVE compliments, then the item pays for itself!  

Well every woman loves a compliment!

My lovely new bag from NEXT.
Accessories for a lunch date -  Chanel sunglasses and pink scarf from Accessorize

Now I know there is lots of rain at the moment spoiling our Spring, but when the sun shines those black handbags must really be put away!

Check some of these delightful bags that could put a smile onto your face this summer!

River Island
Orange Zip Messenger Bag
MANGO (House of Fraser)
Coral Zip Messenger Bag
Only £9.99 !!

Principles - by Ben de Lisi (Debenhams)
Colour block grab bag

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I'm delighted to announce that Loved by Lizzi blog has received it's very first blog award!  A dear fellow blogger Meg gave me the news that she has awarded the One Lovely Blog Award to me.  I started this blog in November last year and wondered if anyone would read it and have been overwhelmed with the support and it's less than six months old.  A big thanks to everyone!

I believe the rules are:
List 7 things about you
Award 15 other bloggers

So here goes!  7 things about me:

  1. I'm married to a gorgeous younger man!
  2. I'm half English & half Italian (unless I really am adopted ;) )
  3. I've been in product marketing for lifestyle products for over 15 years - where the hell does time go!
  4. Most blogs I read the writer lives in London - I don't, I live and work in Buckinghamshire but travel into Town regularly
  5. At 29 I quit work and travelled around Australia for three months on my own - one of the best things I have ever done and recommend everyone should do once in their life.
  6. I'm renouned for being organised at work - but cannot organise a thing at home?!
  7. I cannot share popcorn - my husband & 6 year old niece can confirm this!

I'm Awarding:

I'm also a huge fan of Meg from Wardrobe Worship who has helped me out in the past.  
She is an Aussie girl living in London, show her some love by checking out her blog!  Thanks again Meg x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Glasses - Geek Chic Glam!

When I wake up in the morning, it's lovely - why?  Because I can't see a thing!  Short-sightedness does have it's advantages as I can have a little longer and take my time before I choose to put the specs on and get on with the day!

In an era where lots of people are getting Laser eye treatment, it now seems that the more geeky your specs are - the more glam a girl looks!  In fact sometimes I get quite jealous when I see a woman wearing really fab geeky glasses, my instant reaction is "I need a pair of them!" sadly though the expense of short-sightedness means you need to get it right first time, as the value of purchase can take quite some time to pay back!

Only this week I was at the opticians, and I can't believe how much designs have moved on in the last couple of years.  If you wear them most days like me, then this is one fashion item you should try to keep updated as your glasses say a lot about you as an individual.

Here are some tips to think about if you are a geeky spec chick!
  1. If your daily glasses are more than 3 years old - even if your prescription hasn't changed, design and styles have moved on and you should think about updating them
  2. A lot of opticians offer 2 for 1 - so pick a couple of styles e.g. professional & casual for the weekend
  3. Take an honest friend!  There is no point taking a nodding dog with you - you need honest opinions as you will be investing a lot of money and people are going to see them on you face, everyday!
  4. If you have contact lenses as well, wear them for trying on new specs that way you can see for yourself how you look
  5. Get your friend to take a pic of all the different styles you try on, not only from the front but from the side too - some Opticians offer this anyway
  6. You need to think about what you wear frequently - I love brown glasses, but I wear black most days to work, so it's better that my frames are black too.
  7. Don't be scared to try something completely new - if you love them and they look great - GO FOR IT!  People will get used to the new you a lot quicker than you think!
  8. Get inspiration for what's current by looking at your favourite celebrities / idols
  9. If you are checking out other people for inspiration - then make sure you are checking out like for like e.g. if it suits a blonde person it may not necessarily suit a brunette!
  10. Glasses are expensive - so take you time don't feel you have to purchase on your first visit

The Queen of Geek Chic title has to go to Demi Moore.  I just love her look and when I see pics of her, and she wears them publicly more often than not, I'm pleased to be a specky chick. 

Queen of Geek Chic has to go to the gorgeous Demi Moore

For inspiration check out these other cool celebs - I'm loving Anne Hathaway's and it seems the current trend is the bigger the frames the better - just make sure they suit the shape of you face.

Top left to right: Anne Hathaway / Kirsten Davis / Drew Barrymore / Maddonna

And these four gorgeous women agreed to have their pics included in this blog.  Don't you agree they look fabulous wearing their specs, and if you click on there names below, you'll find out more about each of them.  Thanks girls x

Top left to right: @Katie_Khan / @sadiebp / Sandra / @InvisibleEavie

Oh and here's me - well I thought it was only fair to show off my specs too!  To be updated in the very near future...!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wedding thoughts: Guest outfit

On Saturday, hubby & I went to a fabulous wedding at The Spring hotels in Oxfordshire. It's always lovely to spend time with friends having fun. And the barn dancing in the evening after plenty of sherbets certainly added to the entertainment!

I'm still loving my gold accessories and added a pretty orange dress to it plus a little bit of sunshine!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Home decor & great service from Dwell

Let's be honest -  if something goes wrong we are happy to moan and tell everyone, it gives us great pleasure "spreading the word".  It's our natural way for getting back at things when we can't control the situation.

But what about if we have great service?  Do we tell as many people?  Probably not!

This post today, is getting some of that balance back for me.  I've purchased a number of things lately for my home from Dwell.  They have been BRILLIANT.  Sales staff have been knowledgable, happy to help and service with a smile, a rarity these days particularly on a Saturday morning!

They have kept me updated on my delivery using modern communication.  I organised my delivery slot simply using text and had the option to select from four different days and choose between morning/afternoon.  They even called 30 mins before arriving.  BRILLIANT.

If you are local to Milton Keynes, then you can Pay & Collect -  they will give you an address to go to another location in MK so that you don't have to pay a delivery charge - I've used that recently and it was completely hassle free!  However, if you had seen how big the item I was trying to get into my VW Scirocco plus my Mum too.....well I'll let my Mum tell you that story! But we got it home.

Here's my new dining table from Dwell - I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with!  

Dwell have some fun fabulous items, here are a few other things that I've got my eye on!  (even better they have a 50% sale on that ends 23rd April)

Pink Cow Art
Was £149, now £99

Alexander McQueen would love these Skull candles, they come in pink, black or my favourite silver.
Was £39.95, now £34.95

I think this next one is brilliant, and I've sat on one of these in the waiting area at the warehouse.  Stylish sofa bed that has a great base to act as a bed for those odd nights when guests are staying!

Pisa Soda bed - available in White, black, tan and cream.  
Was £349, now £299

And my last one, to stay with the Patriotic theme from last month.  Not in the sale but I love!


Have you had great service?  Why not tell us about it (link to blog here:)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fabulous scarves - the perfect accessory!

The last few months I seem to have developed an addiction for scarves!  Not the woollen version, but fabulous colourful silk or linen scarves.  It's not like I'm buying them everyday, but I have invested in four or five in the last couple of months, and regardless of weather I have no intention of giving them up!

Only the other week as I was walking past House of Fraser I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous new scarf in the Biba collection - in orange, one of my favourite colours!  So far I've managed to convince myself I don't need it, but now that I have booked my summer holiday I'm tempted - I'm sure I could wear it from day to evening?

I've already shown you my Monsoon purchase from my blogpost about Paris.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will have seen this one below from Chelsea Doll a fabulous Independent online accessories shop, and it was free postage!

My birthday present, an investment in a Biba scarf has already achieved a value of purchase of less than £5.00 (can you see why I now would love the orange!)

You don't need to be spending a lot, and investing in a few colourful scarves can really transform an outfit which can be worn all year round.  Add over a jumper or t-shirt or under the lapels to a fitted suit jacket, for both work or causal with jeans.

I'm loving these! Check them out...

ASOS Zebra print - £12.00

Mango Flower print - £9.99

Wallis - Purple butterflies - £16.00

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Carry on Mary! #Bottomline

This week was the last of three great episodes of Mary Portas doing what she does best - waking up Britain to what is going on around them.  Now I don't know how you could miss hearing about it... but if you have not heard about her Kinky Knickers, then "Read all about it" here.

Mary has re-opened a British nightwear factory in Middleton where she employees, seven young people who were struggling to getting work and were claiming benefits, to start producing KNICKERS.  So many eager young people queued to apply (now maybe some of that was the Mary factor) but  after weeding out those who really didn't have it in them, she found some great young people who simply want to earn their own money.

I've been in Product Development for nearly 15 years, and some of the best times I've had in creating a product, is getting hands-on in the factory floor and truly understanding how all the different components will make my finished product.  Sadly, as more and more of my lifestyle products are now made in the Far East, you simply don't really get to do that anymore.  It's all done by e-mail and when things go wrong you can't speak to the person that makes it!

Which is why I'm such a huge advocate of making products here in Britain!  Regular readers will know my thoughts about spending a little more and getting far more out of your purchase.  Well I think if you are a tax payer like me then this is pretty much the same thing.  I would rather spend a little more on knickers made here in Britain, and invest in our own young people.  So ladies, why not support this great campaign and bag yourself some fabulous Kinky Knickers!

Made from stunning lace by British lace makers and they come in three great colour options; Black & Cream, Pink & Peach and Ivory.  And for those of you who are thinking, well she won't have made them big enough for me, think again!

XS = Size 8
S = Size 10-12
M = 14-16
L = 18-20

Oh and the price...£10.00  But this £10.00 will stay here in the UK.  And if we all buy some, then more people will be employed to make more!

As you can imagine, demand has outnumbered supply, so you might not be able to get them today, but if you click here you can get an up-to-date stockist information. 

I personally shall be investing in the Pink & Peach.....!

Mary's Team - Image from The Telegraph