Saturday, 24 March 2012

Patriotic designs for 2012 celebrations!

When it comes to trends you expect them to come & go - but there is one style that seems to be staying for a while!  Union jack designs in both home decor and clothing.

It has been a popular style for home decor now for at least the last five years, on cushions, bedspreads and biscuit tins, etc...and then with the Royal wedding last year it moved on into clothing.  Some has to be said, looks tacky, but there are also some designers who have taken this theme and come up with some great items.

It's 2012, and with the Jubilee & the Olympics to celebrate, we are keen to show our patriotic side by flying the flag in more ways than one!

With shoes from Irregular Choice:
Available from NEXT online at £65

Irregular Choice Design

Knitted jumper
From Topshop £46

Religion - have truly taken on this style, they have dresses, skinny jeans and more!  I'm loving this Union Jack Cardigan from Religion, if you don't like the red they do the same print in grey! 
Available from House of Fraser £60

Simply gorgeous! 
Britannia skull clutch - Selfridges
£845 - Value of Purchase approx £35.21 if you used it twice a month for a year!

Be the envy at the next festival....with these fabulous vintage style Hunter boots also from Selfridges!
Vintage Union Jack Wellington boots

If you already own some fabulous union jack design clothing, why not share them with the rest of us - leave a comment after this post.  For those of you who read this by e-mail click here