Thursday, 29 March 2012

Max out on stylish summer dresses

There are not many things you can wear that can take you from day to night.  There is also not many things that you can wear that is suitable for on the beach, going shopping, having lunch with the girls or simply enjoying a drink with hubby on a summer's evening.

There is one kind of dress every women should own, that can do all of this and will guarantee you'll look glamourous, feminine and yet feel a little (dare I say) comfortable too.  Yes it's the Maxi dress!  I find my Maxi dresses to be one of the most versatile items of clothing for Summer.

During this time of year I will tend to have in the boot of my car, a pair of flip-flops, sandals, wedges and possibly heels too, and then wherever I go I simply change my footwear, add a little or take off jewellery and find that I'm dressed just right for whatever I'm about to set off and do.

Trends this year of prints and patterns make this dress ever more exciting.  Don't feel you have to splash the cash on this either!  Shops like Monsoon can be overpriced on this style of dress, two of my own favourites are from Therapy @ House of Fraser, originally priced at £40 but I picked them up at £20 each in the sale last year - and I will be wearing again this summer.

Check out these great summery dresses...

River Island - £30.00

New Look - £19.99

Zara - £39.99

Wallis - Was £55.00, Now £38.50

French Connection - £62.00

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A little bit of sunshine...

Essential Kit:  Dove Summer Glow

Now this weekend Ladies we got a little bit of sunshine, and thankfully it looks set to be here for the week!  Sadly though the views I got in Tesco's whilst food shopping - people in shorts and vest tops was simply too much to bear!  Or bare!!  I voiced my opinion on Twitter on Saturday and got some support from @sadiebp & @rachelmhughes (thanks Ladies x)

It comes in a bottle and it only cost £4.99 and I see it as "a little bit of sunshine in a bottle".

Now for some people they love to sunbathe and for other they like to spray tan.   I don't do either, but still take time to prepare a little before exposing too much to the public.

If you have never used this product before, I know of two great ways to apply it, first one is to use it alternative days and on the days you don't, moisturise instead.  I personally prefer my way (of course) which is to moisturise first and then apply it,  I do this about every third day.  Always use a tissue to lightly dab on areas like the backs of the knees or elbows which can look odd over time if you apply too much.

Go on, have a go....but don't forget to wash your hands afterwards!

Available at most supermarkets & chemists

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Patriotic designs for 2012 celebrations!

When it comes to trends you expect them to come & go - but there is one style that seems to be staying for a while!  Union jack designs in both home decor and clothing.

It has been a popular style for home decor now for at least the last five years, on cushions, bedspreads and biscuit tins, etc...and then with the Royal wedding last year it moved on into clothing.  Some has to be said, looks tacky, but there are also some designers who have taken this theme and come up with some great items.

It's 2012, and with the Jubilee & the Olympics to celebrate, we are keen to show our patriotic side by flying the flag in more ways than one!

With shoes from Irregular Choice:
Available from NEXT online at £65

Irregular Choice Design

Knitted jumper
From Topshop £46

Religion - have truly taken on this style, they have dresses, skinny jeans and more!  I'm loving this Union Jack Cardigan from Religion, if you don't like the red they do the same print in grey! 
Available from House of Fraser £60

Simply gorgeous! 
Britannia skull clutch - Selfridges
£845 - Value of Purchase approx £35.21 if you used it twice a month for a year!

Be the envy at the next festival....with these fabulous vintage style Hunter boots also from Selfridges!
Vintage Union Jack Wellington boots

If you already own some fabulous union jack design clothing, why not share them with the rest of us - leave a comment after this post.  For those of you who read this by e-mail click here

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Women - In life, in business & in style!

I'm Annette Gulliver and I am 45 years young! A Beauty Therapist living near Hertford, Herts, I'm married with no kids but have two gorgeous kitties!

How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up in Yorkshire, and left home at age 17 to train at Champney's in Tring...and didn't want to go back up north afterwards!!!!....I've loved doing my job for the past 27 years, meeting some wonderful people along the way (including you Lizzi!).   I have owned my own business for many years which was hard but always fulfilling and rewarding.  I've now scaled back to 2 days a week and I am loving spending more time pursuing other interests in life. 

What's a typical working day/week for you?
Starts on Monday morning with a long drive from Hertford, then a full day of dealing with the very demanding ladies of Aylesbury!!  I do facials, waxing, massage, nails etc. and seem to offer a free counselling service as well (LOL!!)   I don't get back home until late, then repeat the whole process for Tuesday....and then my 5 day weekend begins! 

What do you love most about your job?
The fact that my clients have now become friends and its a great way to make a living! 

What beauty treatment should every woman do to keep herself looking fabulous?
I think it has to be a good facial, whether you like to wear make up or not, you need to start with a good base.

How do you get work/life balance?
You have to learn not to take your work home with you, keep a good sense of humour and find someone special to share your life with. 

How do you relax from work?
Pilates, catching up with friends and Champagne!

What place have you travelled to that you think every woman should go to & why?
If you're a woman who likes shopping, then it has to be New York.

What three things could you not live without?  

1) My Decolette pad which is for chest lines, its brilliant! (Read more about it here)


2) Sarah Chapman face oil..smells amazing, feels and looks like I've had a facial whilst sleeping 

From: QVC at

3) Champagne!..because when one is tired of champagne, then one is tired of life!

What special purchase have you recently made?
A pair of Louis Vuitton shoes for my husband! (that took a lot of leg waxes to pay for those!)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Art Deco @ Alexander Palace

This morning I headed to Alexander Palace for an Art Deco Fair.  Why is it that before I've even finished a project, I'm planning the next one!

Planning to style a new room takes time, and once you know what style you want to go for, going to fairs and antique shops are a great way for finding unique and stylish artefacts that you know no one else will have - and that's what creates a WOW factor to your lovely home.

For me, it has to be 1920-30's art deco.  I simply love it.  And later this year I will be transforming a tired and barely styled bedroom into a fabulous art deco designed room.  So to help me do this, having a mooch around these stalls today starts the design process for the room to be created and gives inspiration to my thoughts.

Alexander Palace is a great setting, and it was a lovely day - lots of people, some who clearly were on a mission to grab a bargain!

Alexander Palace - North London

Great Hall - Alexander Palace

Art Deco Fair

There is another reason why I like shopping at these kind of places, and that's because you never ever pay full price!  They know that, you know that and its a lot of fun bartering down and getting something for the price you what to pay.  You can never have that kind of fun in John Lewis or Marks & Spencer!

I was on the look out for a large framed print to go above a double bed - sadly though there were not many stalls selling this sort of thing today.  I did see lots of gorgeous drinking glass sets and cocktail sets, lovely as they are I had no need for these.

And then I saw this beautiful sculpture, of a women in a joyful spirited pose, and I knew she would be perfect for my room.  

The lady was selling this for £45, but that's not what I paid for it! ;)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beauty chic...Nails

Spring trend for pastels is very much coming through into beauty products.  One of my favourite beauty items has to be nail varnish - a few strokes of colour and you can feel amazing!  Different shades can transform your look, and here are some of my favourite ones out there are the mo...

Orange Fizz - 307 from Chanel
(Available at Boots, House of Fraser)

Lemon Meringue  - Models Own

Peppermint - Rimmel London
(Available from Boots)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kate Moss for MANGO & Spring Trend: Pastels

I love Mango - and I'm also a fan of Kate Moss, so it's great to see the two teamed up!  She looks amazing in the film, and it goes to show that you don't have to spend too much to look fabulous!

Pastels are very much in this season, and for some of us that's great news and for others well we might be a little shy in dressing head to toe in such light colours, particularly if you spend most of the week wearing black!  Spring is here and soon we will need to be getting our legs out & embracing the sunshine, so what better way than to invest in some key Spring items, to get us in the mood!

Mango is a great place to shop; if you don't have a Mango on your local high street you can normally find a concession in House of Frasier - and there is always online!

Fancy taking a dip into pastels?  Here are a few gorgeous items from Mango...

Slim lapel blazer - £34.99

Loving this to add a touch of pastel!  Only £14.99

Relaxed-fit Scoop Neck Jumper - £29.99

Loving this lace blouse at £34.99

Pleated flared skirt - a key item this Spring/Summer!  £39.99

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Accessoires magnifiques pour un week-end à Paris!

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter, you will know that last weekend I was treated to a lovely break in Paris.  It's always fabulous to get away on a city break, and half the fun is arranging the outfits for both day & night, plus what to wear there & back!  

Now as much every girl would like to buy all new outfits for a trip, not feeling that flushed at the moment I decided to see if I could buy a few key accessories to give new life to some clothes I already own.

Travelling with Eurostar is really good as there is no weight limit to your luggage!  If there was ever a reason to pick a train over airplane that needs to be it for us ladies!  To travel to & from Paris, I took my own advice from my blog post Essential Classics: The Trench Coat and opted for my beige trench coat.  With the new spring trends of both pastels and patterns, I came across this lovely silk scarf from Monsoon.  Now I bought this in store, however online it seems you have to purchase from Accessorize:

Colourful silk scarves are a great way to easily update a look.  I recommend not to spend too much, with fast fashion outlets like Primark and New Look these are great places to shop for this sort of thing.

Gold is still very much the colour to go for when accessorising.  So when I was looking to add something different to my little black dress for the black tie dinner cruise on the Seine, I teamed this up with some fabulous gold shoes from Julian Macdonald's collection STAR:

Continuing with the gold, I now needed to find some jewellery, whilst I wanted to add some sparkle, I still needed to get more gold into my look, and the my mother-in-law Carol helped me pick this out, which was just perfect to finish off my look.  A gold cuff from Wallis - and even better was they had 20% off jewellery!

This was simply fabulous, and I know that I will be wearing this a lot over the next few months.

So next time you go away and you want to create some new looks but can't afford a whole new wardrobe - why not just add a few simple accessories to give a boost to a much cherished item you already own.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Accessories that give something back!

Every March, the Great Daffodil Appeal aims to get everyone to wear a daffodil in support of Marie Curie Nurses and raise money to help them provide more free care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses.

I believe that us girls can help support them this month with this.  I've been checking out their website, and here are my top three suggestions on what you can do to do your bit:

1 - Buy a daffodil pin & wear it to help raise awareness - if you can't find one at any of the major retail outlets, then buy one directly online here

2 - If you need to buy a token gift this month for a girlfriend, why not choose their friendship bracelet at £12.99:

3 - With Mother's day coming up, their online shop have some great ideas!  Check it out here.  Here are three of my favourites!

Blue Polka Dot Tea Time Gift Set for £24.99

Grow Me: Say it with Flowers for £3.99

Daffodil Wellies for £15.00

For my Twitter followers, here's a message you can spread to your followers:
Wear a daffodil this March and show your support for the @mariecurieuk Great Daffodil Appeal #gda2012. Visit

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wedding thoughts: Hair

Wedding hair - can be one of the most challenging tasks to sort for your wedding day.  It's fine, if you are keeping the same colour & style, but quite often brides-to-be like to have their hair done very different from their day-to-day look.  Trying to grow your hair long to a suitable length and keeping it glossy, needs lots of preparation!

You'll find it hard to decide on your hairstyle until you have chosen your dress.   Some dresses simply don't lend themselves to certain hairstyles.  Colour is also important; your skin tone, the colour of the dress and the time of year must all be taken into account.

A good hairdresser should be able to explain to you what you need to do and help you with timings so that you are having the right amount of cuts to get it to grow healthily,  and with colour to get the right shade on the day.  Make sure you budget for this hair prep in your wedding spend, as you will be surprised how much it all adds up!

You should also think quite early on if you want your bridesmaids to co-ordinate with you, and that they don't decide to make any drastic changes to their hair before your big day!

Now if you are having an up do, you may have to invest in hair extensions, again your hairdresser should have contacts, if they don't provide the service themselves.  Whatever your having, book a hair trail as soon as, to decide if what you've picked is right for you.

Have your bridesmaids there too, as it would be a good chance to decide on their hairstyles, plus invite your mum & mum-to-be, it's a great way of making them feel involved and it gives you an excuse to open the bubbly!

Here is a website if you want to check out Celebrity wedding looks, to give you some ideas for your special day: Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Here are my top three, my favourite is Hilary's - it gorgeous!

Kate Moss

Hilary Duff

Candice Crawford