Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bag a bargain at Reiss!

I know I said I would be back in 2013 - but who can resist a bargain??

Reiss is one of my favourite stores, they have so many wonderful, fabulous quality items and one of the best times to shop at Reiss, is when they have a sale!  Here are few I've been checking out on their online store, to view simply click on the name of the product.

Accessorise yourself with these three fabulous red items:

Julia - Card Holder
Was £29, now £14

Lorna - iPad Cover
Was £35, now £21
Jane - iPhone Cover
Was £25, now £15

Bailey - Fabulous two tone leather gloves! 
Was £55, now £38

Tali - Large Grey Green Leather Bowling Bag
Was £275, now £137

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Year In Pictures

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I hope you have had a fabulous year, and I wish you the very best for 2013
Loved by Lizzi will be back in the New Year, so keep following!

Thank you

Lizzi xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Spreading the happiness!

I don't normally like magazine articles that have the "50 things to do before your 30" or "100 things everyone should know" - I find them a little tiresome.

However, January's edition of Glamour has an article called "100 things to make you happy" and at the end of it - I felt good!

Glamour Magazine

So I thought I would pick some of my favourites and share them with you - spreading the happiness over this festive period!

At No.9 - Get a cute fix
"A Japanese study showed that seeing photos of baby animals made us happier and perform better at work" (the performing better at work bit - made me giggle, I don't get it?!)

Under the section "Things that make you smile" I love:
No.12 "An old couple holding hands"
No.13 "The window of a patisserie"  (Not all do this for me it needs to be in Belgium or France)

Sad but true:
At no. 16 - Clean bed sheets (I don't need to explain this one...well maybe to the boys!)

Things to buy that will make you happy:
At No. 35 - Buy a 90's box set collection - "We're talking: Friends, Sex and the City, Dawson's Creek, Seinfeld, My So-Called Life, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal. '90s US sitcoms rock"

If you want a happier body try:
No. 60 - Stretch before bed
No. 61 - Sit up straight (this one I say to myself everyday after my back starts aching!!)

Apparently if you breathe this is one of the simplest ways to lift your mood (No.64) and laughing will melt away any anxiety (No. 65).

And finally "18 happy moments we heart" - these do it for me:
No.83 - The moment you put your "out of office"on
No.86 - When every piece of technology you own is 100% charged
No.100 - A day with no plans

If one of these has made you happy, then my work here is done.  If you have a "happy fix" that you would like to share, then please leave a comment for us all to read.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Fringe Finale - Part 3

And so I did it.  I got the fringe and a restyle, trying to move away from the dead straight look!   My challenge now is to not use straighteners at all until the next cut - it's a hard one as I use them everyday.

A big thanks to all of you that have commented and offered advice, it's been another great interactive topic.

So here's the new look:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A little Christmas sparkle!

Earlier this month I wrote about the LBD, and how handy it is to have them in your wardrobe.  One of the easiest ways to jazz up an outfit for this party season is to have some fabulous accessories!

Why not add a little sparkle?  If you naturally have cool tones to your complexion then silvers and platinum will suit you better, if like me, you suit warm tones then try gold or bronze accessories to enhance your look.

Here are some great options for you to consider - Go on why not sparkle this Christmas!

Clutch bag - New in this season!

Coast - £40

Guaranteed sparkle! from DUNE
BLIGHTY - Glitter Embellished Clutch Bag
Was £50, now £30
DUNE - now £30

I'm loving this simple Necklace from Wallis!
Gold smooth oval necklace
Was £10, now £7

Wallis - Now £7

Gorgeous necklace from Coast
Britt necklace
Coast - £40

A touch of the classics! Gold evening gloves from House of Fraser
Also available in silver

House of Fraser - £18

Shoes from Monsoon
Sparklebay Court
Monsoon - £60

And finally - these are simply stunning from DUNE
Glitter peep toe court shoes
Was £85, now £59
Dune - Now £59

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Fringe Benefits - Part 2

Ok the debate on whether I'm should to have a fringe is continuing - one of the best places to get feedback on an idea is Twitter - I knew the girls wouldn't let me down, so here are some of the comments:

Emma Cossey ‏@emma_cossey
@lovedbylizzi "I've had various fringes throughout the years. You'll need to get it trimmed regularly, but worth it!"

Kate Gurney ‏@Memoirswardrobe

@lovedbylizzi "I like having one, it suits my face, I look rubbish without. I strongly recommend batiste xl. I use it everyday xx"

Rachel Turone ‏@RachelTheHat

@lovedbylizzi "Do's: start longer, you can always trim more off. Dry shampoo is also a life saver and a good vent brush is your best friend.  Dont's: cut too short to begin with and don't be afraid to try it. It grows Mega quick! Lol xxx"

Comments where left on Part 1 too from; Pretty Little Things, Ruby, Carol, Hola and Rachel, simply click here to have a read of them.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been looking at every person who has a fringe and I didn't realise there were so many different styles.  So far I've been keen the deep V, but with so many variations to choose from I getting a little dizzy with it all!

Now if it's suggested that I should have a fringe that sits a little to the side, I'm liking this one that Reece has as it's femenine and stylish:

Image from

I really like Christina Ricci with a fringe - but I don't think I have the same size forehead to carry this one off!

Image from

Some say I look similar to Davina McCall - so here's Davina with a fringe, which doesn't look to bad.

Image from

My hubby thinks I look more like Kirsten Davis (or that's wishful thinking on his part!) however I can't find a pic with her in a fringe...

Image from should I really get one?

Last chance to give me any more advice as the appointment is booked!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Essential Kit: The LBD

At dinner last night, the subject of Christmas parties came up, and the usual chit chat of what a girl should wear when the dress code is not easy to decipher?  Within minutes we were all talking about the types of LBD's we have in our wardrobe.  LBD's?  The Little Black Dress, made famous by Coco Chanel.

Some girls have lots to pick from (I think I have about six or seven I can whip out at the last minute) - and some girls surprisingly have none!! 

A LBD can get you out of those last minute panics, they are simple to dress up or down, depending on the event - and for the most time it is guaranteed glam!

Now black may not be everyone's colour, but it's a "uniform" that is easlily understood and can help you ensure that you don't get it wrong.

Here are few to consider for the party season...

House of Fraser
JS Collections
Mesh Beaded Keyhole Dress
Was £130, now £78

House of Fraser

Black Sequin Mesh Sleeve Dress




Monday, 26 November 2012

For young fashionista's, but Shh!... don't tell Ellie!

I usually blog about gifts for people after I have given them their present, however this book is such a fabulous find, that if you have any young kids who love colouring, creating and are a tad obsessed with fashion - then this is the perfect gift for Christmas!

My wonderful world of fashion is by Nina Chakrabarti.  I first saw it in the book shop at Somerset House when I went to London Fashion Weekend, then the Sunday, Sadie & I went to the V&A to see the Ballgown exhibition, Nina Chakrabarti was actually there to spend time with kids to do some of her creations.  Now, we didn't hang around for that, but it made me realise this would be the perfect gift for Ellie!

Ellie, my niece, who is 6 years old, who likes to "advise" on what I should wear when she is staying over!

This book is one big fat colouring book, with so much more; it encourages kids to create drawings based around themes, there are pages where Nina has created lots of designs and then the task is to simply look and take them in - encouraging them to spot the detail on garments, shoes, hats etc.  I love this book so much I've had to stop myself having a go!

My favourite page is where Nina explains how you can make a bracelet with safety pins - one I'm tempted to do with or without the child in my house!

Here are a few snaps, to give you an idea of what this book is about:

Nina suggests that this book is for 8 years+, but if you have a budding fashionista in your home and you don't mind helping them a little then I don't see why they can't have this from 6.  Amazon is selling this book at £8.93, rather than the RRP of £12.95.  I've made it easy for you too, if you fancy buying, simply click here!

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Fringe Debate - Part 1

Earlier this year, you guys helped me out by getting involved with updating my look on glasses.  Loving what I purchased, I think your help with my new styling choice is just what I need!

I've been debating for some time now on whether to have, wait for it.....a FRINGE.

Now for some of you reading this your probably thinking, well what's the big deal, but when you have fine, flyaway hair like mine...a fringe may or may not work.

So where am I getting my inspiration...Celebs of course!  What I like about the images I have chosen below, is that they have the deep V fringe, rather than the straight looking fringe which is what I normally opt.  I want something different this time, and I'm thinking the deep V will allow me to wear my hair more natural rather than having to straighten it daily.

Top left to bottom right: Claudia Winkleman / Zoe Ball / Alex Jones / Kate Moss

What do you think so far?

Now do fringes mix with glasses, particularly as mine are quite big....well take a look at these pics and see what you think:

I would love to know your initial thoughts on the deep V fringe for me, so either leave a comment on my blog or tweet me @lovedbylizzi.

A reminder of what I look like if you are not reading this on the blog site!

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Shopping Destination: Brighton

I think there is nothing I love more, and that's being by the sea!

One of my favourite sea-side locations is Brighton, as it offers you so much choice in a day out, that one visit is simply not enough!  
So today, hubby & I set off early, we arrived in Brighton around 10am - I would highly recommend getting in early as the traffic and queues for parking were unbelievable about midday.

Now parking in Brighton, well to put it bluntly, it's not cheap - 4 hours will set you back £15.00, but once you've experienced this place, I guarantee you will not mind.

So we started in Cafe Rouge for a spot of breakfast, and then we headed to the beach for a little stroll - the sea was calm, the sky was perfect blue and they have these gorgeous boutique gift shops right on the seafront, selling everything from costume jewellery, books, prints as well as the usual sea-side merchandise, postcards, sticks of rock etc.

Heading back to the centre you can explore lots of great shops, one area called The Lanes has lots of shops huddled together down narrow lanes, hence the name! Mostly full of jewellers, perfumeries and Art galleries.  
A little further on you get into some of the London brands, such as Jo Malone, Pretty Green, Ted Baker and Toast.

We ended the day having a little flutter on the two-penny machines on Brighton Pier's arcade (plus a cheeky donut!).  
If you've not been, make sure you add it to your to do list for 2013!

Cafe Rouge
Boutiques along the seafront

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter is coming... check out Joules winter collection

Joules is one of my favourite lifestyle brands, I love the colourfulness of their range, but also their quirky design features.

Last winter I wrote about the love of my new jacket on The need for Tweed!  And after a few cold spells in the last couple of weeks, the jacket is back out, and I'm still loving it!

I've been checking out their new winter range, and here are some of my favourites...

I simply adore these boots, I keep checking them out every time I'm in their store, but I think it may be tweed overkill to wear with my jacket!?

Green Carrick Tweed Boots - £69.95

Think of the traditional Christmas day jumper and the current trend of animals and birds featuring on all our tops and accessories - so this navy jumper with the robin is bang on track to fit in with both!

Womens Intasia Jumper - £79.95

Love fur trimmings, always adds a little something and yet you get that warm cosy feeling too!  Check out their fur welly sock warmers!

Fur Welly Socks - Available in Blue or Pink - £19.95

And for those crisp winter walks when sometimes a jacket is a little too much, then layer up with their range of gilets.  Joules offer them in a range of colours so you are bound to find one you like.

Higham heavy padded gilet - £64.95

Thursday, 8 November 2012

BOND GIRLS, by Sadie

Emma Bridgewater, the designer of china, and general kitchenalia, has a fantastic tea towel available that says ‘I had a really nice dream last night about Daniel Craig’

Well since seeing Skyfall last week, I’ve had several and I doubt I’m alone!

Daniel Craig has probably made a lot more women interested in James Bond films but personally I’ve always been a fan.  What’s not to like?  The films are just so glamorous!  The cars, the tuxes and of course, the Bond Girls.

Every James Bond film has had beautiful Bond Girl in it whose clothes and general look is to be admired and often emulated.

Here are some of my favourites – 

Honey Rider played by Ursula Andress in Dr No (1962)

Honey is probably my favourite Bond Girl, being a bit of a Vintage fan as I am.  I love her iconic white bikini - which was, of course, nodded to by Daniel Craig’s emergence from the sea in Casino Royale (2006) and again with Halle Berry’s orange bikini in Die Another Day (2002) .

Pussy Galore played by Honor Blackman in Goldfinger (1964) is possibly one of the most famous Bond Girls.  I love the attitude she’s exuding in this picture..

The 70s Bond Girls also had some amazing dresses.  

Solitaire played by Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die (1973), looks stunning in this ensemble. 

Bringing it bang up to date is Eve, played by Naomi Harris in Skyfall (2012).  Possibly more gutsy than many before her (I’ll say no more in case you haven’t seen it yet), but still stunning in this amazing dress.

I can’t go without mentioning the ULTIMATE Bond Girl.  Dame Judi Dench as M.  What a woman, who shows all of us what we can aspire to in our later years.  Smart, sophisticated and still a real beauty.

Oh, and just as a final thought – I know this is about Bond Girls, but lets just have a little look at the current man himself!  Sweet dreams!


Sadie is a wife, mother, dog-owner, plus organiser of complex things and owner of large handbags!  Why not follower her on twitter @sadiebp or read her other blogpost, Why not opt for Vintage.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Women - In life, in business and in style!

My name is Lindsey, I’m 28 but probably act somewhere on a sliding scale between 5 (with friends) and 35 (in the work place). I think I’ve definitely always had an old head on my shoulders but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun or to laugh at myself. 

What do you do for a living?
I come from a very traditional sales background with experience as a sales rep and an account manager working with the UK supermarkets, however recently moved into a new role as a Commercial Planning Manager for a global FMCG company. This involves project management as well as looking at resource allocation and new processes to make the sales and marketing functions within our business more efficient and effective.

How did you get to where you are today?
I’ve always strived to be the best or do the best job I can – but it has been combined with people seeing the potential in me and giving me a chance to do different things, as well as taking every opportunity I can – including relocating from Leeds to London for three years. In addition I’d say ability to take criticism and turn it into something positive, having a good sense of humour, always looking to develop myself (back to being the best I can be!), oh and enthusiasm… showing an interest, being motivated and engaged will get you a long way!

You write a blog, what made you start that?
Hmmmm good question! I got persuaded by friends to join Twitter, followed some beauty brands I was interested in and very quickly stumbled across this whole world of blogging that was completely new to me. I was inspired by a some ( to name one), and if I’m honest thought I could bring something different than others, so wanted to give it a go!

What's different about Beauty and the Beats?
Beauty and the Beats combines my two passions – beauty products, treatments and trends as well as a love of house music. From a beauty perspective I tend to feature articles on products that are tried and tested and generally I would repurchase so hopefully provides readers with an in-depth review on what I like and why. I’m not a blogger that tries several new products a week and writes a piece without having given it a fair chance.  

House music and DJ’s normally have more of a male association so I like the contrast with the beauty – plus it’s the opportunity to bring some new and interesting music to an audience that might not normally listen to this genre. I have two regular features including Track of the Week where I try to post a recently or not yet released track, as well as my Weekend Hot Mix where I share a DJ set that I’m loving – these are usually free to download so it’s a great way to pick up new music or to stay ahead of the game if it’s your thing!

How do you achieve work/life balance?
I’m lucky at the moment to have a flexible situation - I’m currently based in Leeds, working from home a couple of days a week with the rest of my week spent staying over in London working at our Richmond office. This definitely helps and at least means I get to spend most nights with my partner as well as being able to keep on top of the washing!  I also find being away from home a few days each week means I am purely focused on work during this time and can be super productive  - I’d rather work late than sit in a hotel room alone! This allows me to make time for friends and family when I’m back home in Leeds.

What's your favourite thing to do to relax from work?
I’m a massive foodie – I love eating out (throw in a few Margaritas and I’m even happier!) as well as cooking things at home – I’m very good at desserts actually. Thankfully I’m also really into my exercise… I enjoy running as well as going to the gym and accept it’s an essential part of my physical and mental wellbeing.  My other treat to help me relax is my monthly Elemis facial – this helps keep my skin in great condition as well as gets rid of those stresses and strains. You can read the review here.

Where is your favourite location to shop?
It’s a tough one for me… I love Miss Selfridge – the designs are great, the sizing is just right for me – you know when stuff in your size just seems to fit? But then I have a lot of stuff from Next, H&M and George at Asda believe it or not!  I’m definitely a high street lover – I can’t bear to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you could easily convince me a £75 moisturiser was worth it!

If you had to pick one travel destination to recommend, where would that be?
It’s got to be Ibiza! I love the island – I’ve been holidaying there for the last 8 years and there’s far more to the place than just the clubs. Stunning beaches, amazing food – with tasty fresh local ingredients, beautiful people - there’s just something about the place that’s completely magical. Plus it’s where my boyfriend and I got engaged last month and two friends got married earlier this year so it’s made Ibiza even more special…

If anyone needs any recommendations I’m always happy to help!

What three things could you not live without? 

Number one would have to be Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm – my everyday cleanser. The smell is amazing, it gets rid of all makeup even the really stubborn black eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling gorgeous   – you can read the review here

There’s no way I could live without my GHDs – I’ve not looked back since my first pair getting on for 10 years ago and whilst they are expensive they are essential for managing very thick and frizzy hair like mine!

Last but not least would be the website Soundcloud – its my biggest source of new music, I’m constantly finding new DJ’s, producers and mixes to listen too. I’m in the car all the time (constantly up and down the M1) and I’d go crazy without a constant stream of new tunes!

Follow Lindsey on Twitter: @theresonlyoneLB or check out her blog Beauty and the Beats.