Friday, 16 December 2011

The glamourous updo!

Lots of parties this year are themed around black tie - there is nothing more glamorous than a gorgeous updo hairstyle for the ladies.

Clearly this will only work if you have mid-long length hair - and with the high-street full of different hair extensions that you can colour-match there is no reason why you can't simply put it up!

I say that - but it's not really that easy...when i got married, my wedding dress called for an updo, in my search I actually found many hairdressers do not offer this service!  It's a shame because is a great talent to have.  If you are a hairdresser reading this - please learn how to, so we don't lose the skills!

I finally found some magic hands, her name is Lara in no time at all we sorted out the right style for my wedding.  After my special day I went on to use Lara for special occasions, here are a couple of styles that gave me inspiration:

If you've not tried it before, I would suggest a test run before any big event - and why don't you get a couple of the girlfriends to go with you or come round whilst you are having it done - couple of glasses of bubbly and you will be ready for a night out in no time!

Let's bring back the glamour!

Lara works in the Aylesbury Vale Area - you can contact her by clicking on her name to go direct to her Facebook page.

Loved by Lizzi is also on Facebook, click here to go to page