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Checked Trousers

The checked trousers have been around now for a good year and it's still a popular choice on the high street, but with a huge variety of different colour choices and patterns it can be quite intimidating to know where to start - here's hoping my guide will help you take on this great stylish garment which will add value and versatility to your every day wardrobe.

I would start with the style of trousers first - cigarette, wide leg or paper-bag waist (this option comes with tapered or wide leg)

My personal preference is the more slimming cigarette style, as the tapered ankle that finishes around the 7/8th of your leg is very flattering, and a modern look, even for those with quite wide hips.

Checked Trousers

The checked trousers is a great way to introduce colour into your wardrobe and you can decide how daring or safe you would prefer to style yourself. The darker the colour the more slimming it will be on the leg, especially around the hips and thighs. The more white you have within the pattern, the more it will widen your natural body shape. 

As with all styling, only you can decide how comfortable you are with colour, but believe me, this is a great way to start moving away from traditional black, navy and grey tones within your wardrobe.

The vast majority of the pattern checks on the high street are typically 'window pane' followed by the 'buffalo check' which looks similar to a checkerboard but with more than one colour involved. More colour within the pattern the more you will be comfortable with playing with colours and be confident to accessorise too.

Let's be honest you could go down the pattern clash route, but I feel this will simply distract from a more sophisticated, stylish look. Complicate the look and some may view it as 'trying too hard'.

That said, I wouldn't be apposed to a little colour clash - for example if you had a predominately red checked trouser which did not have any pink in the pattern, then a great oversized knitted pink jumper could look fabulous. It's a style of trouser you can have a lot of fun playing with.

Checked Trousers


  • It's important that you love the checked pattern from the moment you see them, it's not a pattern you can make yourself love. If you don't like it, don't buy it
  • Think about the colours you want to wear, will the pattern give you the opportunity to do this?
  • You need to love all the colours in the check, wearing them for 10+ hours a day, you can't be walking around thinking 'I'm not keen on the green stripe' - this will simply make you lose confidence, and then you will find you won't wear them
  • If you are unsure about this style, buy a cheap pair - that's what I've done. I really like the bright red ones, but feel if I went straight to red I may not be as confident on day one. So I'm playing safe too by starting with a darker check, that's not too expensive, to test how I feel. As my confidence grows and the people I see on a daily basis see me wear them, when I do finally rock on up in a red pair, it won't be a big deal
  • I always wear something I truly love with a new item, so here I have team the checked trousers with my stylish green trench coat; this coat gives me confidence and because both have a green they naturally complement each other 

Checked Trousers


Let's completely forget about pattern clash and colour clash - this is for another day.

  • I would love for you to feel that you can wear these trousers with so many different items that you will get your cost per wear down in no time.
  • When you finally select the checked trousers you love, look at all the colours within the pattern - looking closely at the one I purchased it has black/navy, bottled green, yellow (love this) grey and white
  • As much as I love the yellow - I think it's highly unlikely I would add a yellow blouse/jumper for me this is the colour element that I want the trousers to make a statement with. By removing that one colour, I now have to work with the others
  • Why have I said black/navy - to me the pattern looks navy, the website states black - I've tried them with both black and navy tops and both work - so this tells me the pattern has confused the eye and I have the flexibility to wear both - this I feel is a bonus, as I am now not restricted
  • I really love the green - and typically most greens work well with each other, don't feel you need to match it perfectly!  
  • Once Spring kicks in, I will probably lighten this outfit with a light grey crew neckline knit or if it's warm I can easily opt a white tee - plain or slogan depending on my mood. And if the colour of the slogan is a yellow or green, this will only elevate the look further

Pull-on cigarette trousers



As it's likely we are about to hit a cold spell, these are a great one to team up with your Teddy coats, especially for a great weekend look with pumps and a slogan hoodie or long-sleeve tee.

If you need to style them up for a lunch date or family gathering, then why not do it as I have done above with some great ankle boots and a trench coat - opt for a slim style knit or go chunky and oversize with a roll neck, for that cosy winter look. As it gets warmer or if you layer up, then a chunky knit and a biker jacket will look fabulous with either boots or pumps.

Some of these checked trousers come with a matching blazer jacket - this gives you versatility to wear them together or as separates. The suit could be a great option for the office without having to do too much to style it - a plain tee and court shoes.

And if you are heading out on date night or dinner with girlfriends - simply add stilettos, a silk blouse and an oversized blazer for that ultimate chic look (don't forget your clutch bag that matches that statement colour you are leaving out - e.g. for me this would be the yellow!)


Tailored stretch trousers


Check skinny trousers

Straight checkered trousers
Was £35.99, Now £17.99
Most sizes available

Checked Skinny Trousers

Twill Check Trousers
Trending product online

Green Check Trousers

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Sunday, 6 January 2019


Denim Utility Boilersuit

As early as late summer I had started to see numerous posts on my Instagram feed for light coloured utility boilersuits, and as a lover of jumpsuits I thought this is a great new twist on one of my favourite garments. So I started to keep my eye out on what was on the highstreet.

Early November I went to Stylist Live and saw this gorgeous denim utility boilersuit on the catwalk from ASOS, as soon as I saw it I said to my friend 'that has Lizzi written all over it!' When I got home I was straight online, however something stopped me, something about it wasn't quite for me.

Shopping in December the week before Christmas (a week I ban myself from buying ANYTHING - it's an absolute no, no! Well you don't know what you are getting for Christmas and the sales start Boxing Day) I spotted this denim utility boilersuit in store at Topshop and straight away I knew this is the one - I liked the zip, I liked the colour blue of the denim, but most importantly for me, as an hourglass, it had a belt.

It didn't go down in the sales, but a shopping trip with hubby and a firm nod from him that he liked it as much as me, I didn't care!


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Denim Utility Boilersuit

Denim Utility Boilersuit

Denim Utility Boilersuit


  • Decide on your own style - denim, corduroy, woven fabric like polyester or viscose - each type of fabric will offer you a different vibe
  • What fabric and colourway you purchase will determine where you can wear it - i.e. a Black viscose fabric you could wear to the office, my own denim utility boilersuit probably not unless the dress code is quite liberal (even if they let you wear jeans)
  • Utility boilersuits are exactly the same as jumpsuits - wear them with heels, boots or trainers
  • Depending on the thickness of the material this will determine how you wear your outerwear - I teamed mine with my brown teddy coat and draped it over my shoulders
  • If the fabric is light and flowy then you could wear an oversized blazer to elevate a more stylish look
  • Don't forget you can add garments underneath, the options are endless - lace vests, logo t-shirts (as you can have the zip much lower to show it off or a plain polo-neck!
  • On a denim or corduroy have a play with accessories - like badges on the chest pockets like you do with a denim jacket, a skinny scarf, change the belt to a leather option
  • And if you are wearing a skinny scarf, glam the look up with big earrings
  • Your accessories DO NOT have to colour match, they just need to complement 
  • For a more dress-down version of the utility boilersuit then don't wear the belt

Denim Utility BoilersuitDenim Utility Boilersuit

Denim Utility Boilersuit

I just want to touch on the thickness of this Topshop utility boilersuit, it is quite thick, I'd say on par with a typical denim jacket thickness. With years of ownership on many types of denim garments, particularly skirts and dresses, I find I prefer a thicker denim - they last longer and they don't lose their shape which you certainly don't want that on a jumpsuit (especially around the bum!) that would not be flattering! 



Sizing is true to size

Topshop are offering corduroy utility boilersuits is various colours but you will need to be quick as these have been popular and there are odd sizes on different colours.

A great one for the office!

For things slightly wild... weekend vibe.... upcoming holidays - this could be just fabulous!

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Thursday, 3 January 2019


Leopard Print Boots

Hello, and welcome to 2019 x

I am so excited that you have joined me, yet again, for more stylish and fashionable blogposts. Over the next few months new and exciting content will be coming, that I am sure you are going to love!

For 2019, I've created a new feature called THE EDIT - this will be a collection of items I've picked from one brand only, and first up is New Look. I've been a fan of their shoes and boots for a good few years, plus I've just treated myself to these gorgeous shoe boots in their sale!

The way THE EDIT will work is that I will simple add the content I generate for my social media channels and publish them directly on here. So my styling tips and thoughts will be embedded within the photo, and where possible I will add a link to the site, directly to the page. These are not affiliate links.

I hope you enjoy this edited form of content, for quick and easy selection.


Lizzi x

leopard print


leopard print

leopard print

leopard print

leopard print

leopard print

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Sunday, 23 December 2018


Loved By Lizzi

There are many ways to tackle The Sales period and if you are one that you just wants to head out, no research, and just see what you get, then hey I am all for that too Ms Moneybags! (LOL)

However the vast majority of us need to spend wisely and The Sales fall in the month when, let's be honest, we have the least amount of disposable income after having the best Christmas EVER! 

The recent news that high streets are suffering may bring us, the consumers, a little early joy with the sales starting before the traditional Boxing Day - but STOP and give some thought to why

If you truly love your brands, nows the time to invest in them, stick to where your heart truly lies and who you want to make sure you can buy from in months to come, place your favourites high up on your loyalty list.

Don't forget your favourite local boutiques, they will also have sales, make time for them as I'm sure they will have some exciting offers too.


We all want 'things' - I'd love a Chanel Jacket... however that's not happening this January! So want do you need? This should really be your starting point... new boots? a premium-quality winter coat? That leather purse that sadly Santa didn't bring. Go through your wardrobe and start to write a list.

Once you have your list - which three are your highest priority?

What can wait until Spring 2019? Cross them off - you want to feel you can have reason to be buying for new season, so park them for now. Come January... Spring is around 12 weeks away, and so investing in Winter is now short-term.


Think about your favourite brands, go see what they have for the top three items you need. Here you want to be looking at style, the fabric qualities, and not forgetting the price. Which ones do you want to touch and feel? 


Again, unless you are Ms Moneybags... your first question should be 'how much can I afford to spend?' allocate values against your list, especially your top three. Then have another little hunt online looking at other brands too, to see what's out there and at what price.

January sales last weeks so don't feel you have to buy on day one (unless you truly believe you will not get this chance again) come mid-January some prices will be reduced again, so if you are not bothered whether you get it, I would hold off. I've had some cracking investments by waiting, it's a risk, but I get joy at buying for the least amount possible.


The Sales are not just for investment pieces - it's a great time to buy cheap on 'trends' too so that you are not investing too much of your hard earned cash into them. Try to pick items that will take you well into Spring, so you can get more wear.


Before you buy any sale item, check the returns policy. I've been hit a couple of times with well-known high street brands that you can only get store credit on sale returns. That is no good, you need your money back, so check. Plus dates reduce too from 28 days to normally 14, sometimes even 7 days, so check.

We all make mistakes, and the best thing you can do after you get home and realised they are not for you. Take them back. I've lost count how many wardrobe weeds I've done when I see tags hanging off the garment to hear 'I bought that in the sale a few years ago...'

Enjoy the sales, wear your bargain hunter hat! And shop wisely for your wardrobe... good luck!

Lizzi x



Loved by Lizzi
I particularly wanted to feature this biker jacket for this blogpost, the reason for this is I have waited three years or more for this AllSaints biker jacket, and I have finally rewarded myself with one, now that I got it at a good price (a third off in the recent Black Friday sales).

I've previously wrote about the quality of faux or real leather jackets and unless you invest in a timeless classic like this one, then I feel you should go cheap.

I've teamed it here with my M&S Holly dress (giving the impression it's a skirt) by adding my camel jumper over the top, the neckline of this too acts as a scarf so I don't have to add more bulk across my chest and I keep extra warm too.

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Friday, 14 December 2018


I'm so delighted that Carole from carolem beauty. was happy to guest blog on her thoughts on sparkle and make up for the festive and holiday season - she's also kindly used Christmas decorations to get you in the mood on her photos. 

I love Carole's tip to put your foundation and concealer after your eye make up, this is so useful as trying to clear up excess glitter is a nightmare!

You may have already had your Christmas party, but there's no reason why you can't glam up the make up for Christmas day and all the New Year celebrations! I hope you enjoy the post and that it encourages you to #getyoursparkleon

Love Lizzi x

Carolem Beauty

It’s that time of year again when we have an excuse to put on all the glittery and sparkly makeup we want. To be honest though I like to squeeze a bit of glitter into my makeup all through the year. It makes me happy so that can’t be a bad thing can it? I also don’t subscribe to the thinking that we shouldn’t wear glitter or sparkle over a certain age. I am 43 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Eye makeup is where I like to focus my festive party look. I am a fan of a smokey eye normally and so adding some glitter and sparkle to my eye makeup works well. There are various ways of “jazzing up” our eye makeup from a subtle sheen to the full on va va voom look. If you pop a bit of glitter or shimmer into the inner corner of your eye this can also make you look awake and ready to take on all the festive fun without looking like a Christmas bauble.

A shimmery or sparkly eyeshadow to wash over the eyelid is a good way to add a bit of something extra to your look without going crazy. I like to add a touch of glitter to the middle part of my eyelid after putting on my eye makeup. This really makes the eyes pop and with this you can go as crazy or as subtle you like, depending on the products you use. My current favourite products are the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. There are gorgeous and come in excellent shades as as they aren’t purely glitter. they can be worn on their own or over your eyeshadow, which is how I wear it. I also like Barry M’s Dazzle Dusts - they are a loose powder so can be a bit tricky as they can go all over your face! They do add great sparkle though. I often apply my foundation and concealer after doing my eye makeup. It saves you having to try and save it when glitter or shadow falls down onto your cheek or under your eyes.

Carolem Beauty

Carolem Beauty

There is a lot of eyeshadow palettes about at this time of year and they often have a couple of sparkly or glitter shades. . Charlotte TIlbury’s quads usually do as do the larger Huda palettes which are some of my favourites. Urban Decay have a fabulous selection of individual sparkly eye shadows in lots of different shades and are great.

Glitter or sparkly eyeliner is also a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to your look. Urban Decay do a good one as do good old Collection makeup. I do tend to think with fun and quite seasonal makeup it’s not always worth spending a lot of money. Particularly if come January you are unlikely to wear them again. You can either use an eye pencil with glitter or sparkle running through it or liquid eyeliner with the little brush.

Carolem Beauty

Carolem Beauty

Carolem Beauty

There are glitter lip glosses you can buy which is an area I haven’t ventured into as I think with my strong eye makeup it would be too much (even for me!). However, you could do a wash over a neutral eyeshadow, apply mascara and then a glittery or sparkly lip could work and would be fun. I tend to go for a bold lip at this time of year and a red lip is always a great look and so festive.

Or if all of the above doesn’t float your boat there is always glitter nail varnish to add a bit of sparkle to your look. I love Barry M but so many companies do them and there is such a wide range of colours out there too.

Carolem Beauty

The most important thing is, glitter makeup or not, that you have the most fabulous festive time.

Carolem Beauty

Carolem Beauty

You can follow Carole on her blog and get her daily updates on Instagram at @carolem_beauty

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