Tuesday, 18 September 2018


This week STYLE MATTERS is from a lady I've been following for ages on Instagram, Helen who is 46 and lives in Shropshire, is always, and I mean always, super stylish! And yet I feel she makes it look so easy.

Helen primarily works on Instagram under the name of @simpson.house and focuses on women’s style and lifestyle - In her interview this week Helen is giving us some great tips on her styling, especially for those of you who are pear shape. We hope you enjoy it.

Love, Lizzi x


How do you describe your personal style? 

I would call it a classic, ageless, timeless style which reflects my attitude and personality. 

Why does style matter to you? 

Style reflects so much about my personality and changes according to my mood. It gives me confidence.

Have you always been interested in style? 

Yes, since a very early age.

As a child in the 1970s I remember seeing fashion models walking around our local department store promoting the latest styles. These models looked both graceful and confident. I suppose I always aspired to look so effortlessly stylish.


What would be your signature style look? 

My signature look is jeans, boots, jumpers with attention to accessories, usually a neck scarf and big earrings.

What’s your view on fashion vs. style? 

Fashion is about the latest trends and is very much up to date and of the moment, whereas style is more of a personal statement reflecting your way of life. Style is a choice, fashion is a following. 


What is your body shape? 

My body shape is pear at the moment. Having previously battled with an eating disorder my body is prone to changing shape, sometimes I can be an apple, sometimes I can be a straight shape. This is something I have had to accept over the years but nowadays I try and embrace it. My weight fluctuates quite often but my wardrobe is flexible enough to take these changes.

Have you worked this out for yourself or did you get professional advice/training? 

I worked this out for myself


What is the best thing about being pear shape? 

The best thing about being a pear shape is I can wear lots scarfs and big earrings, balancing out my hips.

What’s not so easy about your pear shape?

Having big hips means that jeans tend to gape around the back of the waist. It is also difficult to find flattering dresses, because what fits on the top doesn’t tend to  fit on the bottom and vice versa.

What three styling tips do you have for pear shape?

  1. Keep the interest high up to deflect from the thighs
  2. Balance your shoulders and your hips
  3. Wear a statement belt to define your waist 


What must you avoid (regardless of if it’s in fashion) for your pear shape?

  1. Avoid big pockets
  2. Avoid anything stretchy
  3. Avoid pleats around the waistline

What are your three favourite stores to shop (bricks or clicks!)?

  • Bella Freud
  • Cos 
  • Ralph Lauren


What do you own that you will never ever give away?

Red Gucci loafers

To find out more about Helen from simpson.house simply click here.

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Sunday, 16 September 2018


Corduroy is a huge trend this Autumn and whilst earthy tones would be the most natural choice, it's pink that has taken over the high street! Available in jackets, trousers and also the pinafore dress which is another big trend this Autumn - you've got a lot of choice if you fancy giving this one a go.

Pink Corduroy

So whilst I had thought I would be spending on a little pink faux fur coat, I've currently parked (not stopped - LOL) that idea (possibly the warm weather is making me feel like this) and purchased this gorgeous double-breasted pink corduroy blazer from & Other Stories. The same brand that I got my fabulous leopard print dress from. I've yet to really wear it but I already know it's a 10/10 from me - I just love it.

Here I have teamed it with a motto t-shirt, blue jeans and some pink faux suede shoes. The white tee is allowing me to still mix in my white accessories, something I'm not yet prepared to give up for Autumn. I've then added my old leopard print (with a touch of hot pink) silk scarf just to get a hint of the animal print trend in too.

Pink accessories


All photos from PINTEREST


  • Don't be scared to try this trend - it's a great one for the weekend when the natural vibe of styling is a lot less pressure
  • You will be surprised just how much it goes with - denim, navy, grey, leopard print and more!
  • And if it doesn't go, sometimes a clash adds more style anyway
  • Pick an item that you know you will wear a lot - I needed a jacket... but I am tempted too with trousers
  • Corduroy is one of the perfect winter warmers so this trend should see you all the way through to March (and possibly beyond)

(I shouldn't be telling you this...as this post is about pink corduroy - but they also do it in a gorgeous navy with trousers too... perfect for the office!)

I saw this whilst shopping this weekend, I thought this was just fab!

& Other Stories
Cropped Wide Corduroy Trousers

These go with the jacket I bought... a potential suit if you want to do head to toe!

Corduroy straight trousers

Max & Co Corduroy A-Line Dress


River Island
Pink corduroy diamante embellished shirt

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Last week, I launched the first STYLE MATTERS interview and was overwhelmed with all the fabulous feedback.

This week I am delighted to introduce Jaimee who's 40 years old and lives in Grenoble, France - Jaimee is a Kiwi girl living in France blogging her side of the story & exploring her 40 year old mum-style. As always I hope you enjoy the interview,

Love, Lizzi x


How do you describe your personal style? 

Evolving because I’m still finding it! But here is what I know for sure; I have a love of vintage clothing and I won’t follow fashion trends just because it’s popular. So I find myself mixing new finds with vintage pieces and my own personal stockpile to create an outfit. 

Vintage earrings with a vintage t-shirt will turn a pair of old jeans and this season’s blazer into a stylish look that you can’t find on the high street.

Why does style matter to you? 

I love to feel good in what I wear. I spent my 30’s putting everyone else first and having babies. Now I’m 40, I am taking time to figure out how to express myself and break away from that mum vibe!

Exploring colour has been my main focus over the summer (I even went 31 days without wearing black to kickstart my creativity) because colour plays a massive part in whether a certain piece will look fab or drab. It also says a lot about my personality and for too long I’ve been hiding it behind greys, tans and blacks.

Have you always been interested in style? 

No, anything but! As a double Olympian, I spent my 20’s playing international sport so I never wore makeup and I was constantly training and tired, making style a low priority! Then I had 3 kids and we moved 4 countries in 6 years which pilfered some more of my energy reserve! 

It wasn’t until I turned 40 that I decided to consciously find my style. I always had an idea of what I liked and didn’t like - I had just never explored it. 


What would be your signature style look? 

Pretty simple: skinny coloured jeans, ballet flats and I never leave home without earrings in.

What’s your view on fashion vs. style? 

Fashion is what’s popular but style is individual and timeless.  Who can afford to follow fashion trend’s that change more than my 2 year old’s nappy? I won’t wear something because it is in fashion, I’ll wear it because I love it, it fits me well and it’s comfortable.

What is your body shape? 

Probably straight and short-ish - I have always been small all over. Until I hit 40 years old, I maintained 54-55kgs (121lbs) and I’m not tall at 164cm (5ft 4in). 

Now I sit around 57kgs (125lbs) . I don’t have big boobs or a big tum or big thighs, I’m pretty even all over. But I am carrying more of a mum-tum nowadays thanks to baby number 3 at 38 years old! 


Have you worked this out for yourself or did you get professional advice/training?

Of course, I sought the advice of Dr Google!! I think my body type is pretty obvious…I am not voluptuous in any area and the curviest parts of my body are probably my ears!!

What is the best thing about being straight / petite? 

I have a naturally athletic, lean build so there are lots of things I can wear and shop sizes are usually pretty easy to predict for me so I can buy without trying…sometimes

What’s not so easy about your straight / petite body shape? 

Trying to make my body look like it has more curves than it does! Plus finding trousers that aren’t too long.

What three (hmm four?!) styling tips do you have for straight / petite? 
  1. Find shirts / tops that are cinched in at the waist to give shape.
  2. Choose tops that have an open, scoop or off the shoulder neckline and fluttery capped sleeves - these are super flattering.
  3. Trousers: I always look for a wide elastic band or a pant I can wear with a belt - again to accentuate my waist. Mid-rise to High-waisted skinny jeans are ideal at my age too. They hide the Mum-tum and it means I can wear a fitted top without muffin top!
  4. If all else fails, wear a killer pair of earrings to redirect any attention!!

What must you avoid (regardless of if it’s in fashion) for your straight & petite body shape? 
  • 3/4 length baggy or loose trousers - make me look short with stubby legs. 
  • Flares of any size or type.
  • Oversized tops / blazers - make me look like a little child.
  • Tight tops around my stomach! I like to eat and not have to worry about the fallout, literally!


What are your three favourite stores to shop (bricks or clicks!)?

  1. Zara is absolutely my main shop for everyday pieces.
  2. Any quality preloved / vintage clothing shop.
  3. I also have my eye on two awesome NZ clothing brands: ‘Love Knot War’ and ‘Augustine' by Kelly Coe

What do you own that you will never ever give away?
  • A fabulous pair of Tommy Hilfiger wedges I bought in New York in 2013.
  • My collection of coloured jeans
  • My ‘Kathmandu’ winter puffer jacket

What do I want my style to say about me?

A casual-chic mum of 3 that’s fun, cheeky and willing to take a chance. That I don’t fit into a ‘Fashion’, ‘Trend’ or ‘Latest Craze’ box - I wear what I want, the way I want to, and its always comfortable.

If I could raid anyone closet, who would it be?
Jennifer Aniston for sure!! Simple, fuss-free, stylish and chic. She epitomises the girl next door look and rocks a black dress.

Also Janine from @fashionlovingphysician for her unique and colourful pieces and earrings. 

Also, Emms from @beautifuleverday_uk for her elegant and chic style.


You can follow Jaimee on Instagram here and her blog Kiwi Mama of 3 here!

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Sunday, 9 September 2018


They say a change is as good as a rest, and I couldn't agree more! There are times when an environment loses its original purpose and the need to recreate, revamp and rethink has to be a priority - and this is where I found myself with my home office.

Over the last six weeks, without investing too much money, I have updated the vibe of my home office. The look I wanted to create was feminine, creative and fabulous - and with my life very much in the style world, my room needed to shout this message... without having to speak!

As part of the process and because I thought some of you may be interested to get a good look at what I have done - I've created a little film so you can see up close at some of the items I have in my gorgeous new home office.

This space now is my own, it's modern and it definitely says Lizzi!

I hope you enjoy it and the notes below are the same notes I've put on  You Tube.

Love Lizzi x

e-mail subscribers you will need to click here to view

The new theme to my home office is PINK! With a touch of white, chrome and gold. I absolutely love the new items I have purchased, especially from IKEA and DESENIO pictures. It's the little touches that count!

My style coat hanger was from Khiam Interiors - http://www.khiaminteriors.co.uk/

My books case to house all my style books is the Billy from IKEA - https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/collections/billy/

Also at Ikea you can get the gold floaty shelves and the picture shelf too!

A couple of little gems in my new office are from a boutique in St Albans called Chloe James Lifestyle and you can purchase online too. If you can't find it online, then please give them a call, I am sure they will be happy to help! https://www.chloejameslifestyle.co.uk/

I mention a fabulous portrait artist, Paul Bennett, his work is simply fabulous! Please do go check out! https://www.paul-bennett.co.uk/

My blue chair is from Made Dot Com, called Margot and she is in Peacock Blue Velvet.... she will be with me forever! Love her.  https://www.made.com/margot-accent-chair-peacock-blue-velvet

My Vivienne Westwood print was purchased unframed from Gina Potter on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/ginagpotter/?hl=en

My white mirror was from Dwell https://dwell.co.uk/107309  It looks much better against a painted coloured wall rather than just a white one

And finally all my lovely pink pictures in gold frames from Desenio - I go into a lot more detail on another video on my channel about this - so make sure you check that out!  I will definitely be buying more from them for our home!   https://desenio.co.uk/cgi-bin/ibutik/AIR_ibutik.fcgi

The paint was Dulux and it was Rose Vanilla in Matt.

Thank you for watching my video - If you loved the film, please do give it a thumbs up and I would love for you to subscribe to my channel.

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Thursday, 6 September 2018


Pink faux fur... can be a lot of fun during winter, a fabulous alternative to a plain black faux fur jacket or coat. Now normally I have pictures of me to show you of which one I have purchased.

Well on this occasion I haven't purchase one (yet), but it's not without trying I can assure you! The amount of time I've spent on this one this one garment - buying in, trying on or surfing the internet, I feel (or it would make me feel better) that it had a blogpost! Just to make it all worthwhile!

Why pink?

Dusty pink is very on trend this Autumn/Winter - I'm also really getting into the colour as I've just painted my new home office pink (and it's fabulous) - and so with that and my love of faux fur for winter, the two seemed a lovely combination.

What I hadn't banked on was the lack of variety you actually get... I do love all the items below for very good reasons, but then there is something about them too that I dislike and so for now, I have made a decision to not buy. 

This type of garment will disappear as quickly as it comes in, they are what I consider 'niche seasonal' so not only are they around at certain times of the year, but they are the type of item that retailers will not buy more of - once they are gone, they are gone!

My journey first started, with this gorgeous one from ASOS - I bought it and it was delivered within a few days, super excited I opened it and whilst I loved the colour, the length of the faux fur was quite long, as in Yeti long. I put it on and it really wasn't flattering - so much so I rechecked the photos online. The model looks gorgeous in it, but I just don't feel I bought the same item.

That said, If you like this coat and you plan on trying it yourself, I would highly recommend to size down as it did come up quite big.

ASOS DESIGN stand collar faux fur coat


Now this one below is making it's rounds on Instagram, I tried to find it in store without any joy. Looking at it, the fur quality looks really good but I'm not sure about the big large pockets on the front, and it looks cheap on the model but the price tag is not. So I'm holding off judgement until I get to try it on... so watch this space for this one!

Faux fur jacket

This next one from New Look is pretty good value at £39.99. Online it's only showing as petite, but I don't recall that when I was trying it on in the shop. It's so-so soft, absolutely lovely feel - so a great price and a great feel, why didn't I buy

Two reasons... it's a very light pink, I want mine to be a few shades deeper, I feel this is too close to camel/blush, plus what the photos online do not show, is that under the collar is not faux fur but lining material like you get inside the coat; if like me you like to wear the collar up (especially if your hair is up - to keep your neck warm) you will see this lining, and I was quite disappointed with that. 

BUT if you know you won't wear the collar up and that you don't mind it being a light blush pink - then this is definitely the best buy and you should grab it while you can!

Petite Pale Pink Faux Fur Coat

I did also try this one on, it's not the best quality and the faux fur length is quite long, but I have to say I thought it was a lovely colour combo that would work with many outfits. And if like me you can easily be cold inside the home too, this would keep you snug... and it's now on offer.

Pink Patchwork Faux Fur Gilet
Was £29.99, Now £22.49

And finally, I've spotted this one from Topshop... for me the jacket not the right length, too short I'm afraid. I've not seen it in store and I have been to three so far! But I will keep my eye out and will have a try on. They offer it in their Tall range, plus it also comes in blue.

Faux Fur Coat

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