Sunday, 25 June 2017

Jumpsuits - Take the leap!

I was in the changing rooms at Karen Millen the other week and I couldn't help but listen in on two ladies having a conversation about jumpsuits. Both of them were 40+ women, and I overheard their openness about their concerns in wearing jumpsuits. Their reasons were down to going to the toilet and how they thought their tummys were too big. I get these reasons, but I think jumpsuits can be very flattering on a woman, and you know what, give yourself plenty of time to go to the ladies or pick a jumpsuit that you can get in and out of without any hassle, and they DO EXIST.

So I've pulled this post together, to try and overcome some of these fears, if you are one of those scared to take the leap, I promise once you jump, you will never look back!

Now I could only do this shopping experience in a jumpsuit - or it would not have been fair! I took this jumpsuit on/off over ten times plus I also had two toilet breaks, the one I'm wearing has a back zip to middle shoulders and then two simple buttons at the top - it's quick and easy to do.


So first up is Mango, this one is not available online but it is in store and in the sale at £19.99 - because it's patterned you don't have to worry about lumps and bumps, the pattern disguises this. You may, like I did have to put a vest on under it, but I quite like this look. And as for ease of getting in and out - 10/10 you simply pull the straps down each side and that's it, no zips or buttons.


Next is from Phase Eight - my favourite jumpsuit I own is from this brand, and they do have fantastic choices in jumpsuits. This one I think is fabulous in colour and in print, and again very easy to get into (I'd give it 8/10) it's also got a little discreet popper at the front to keep the top together, I do love it and it's wearable day and evening, I'm just not sure that it's worth £120. The one I'm wearing below is one size too small for me, so please do excuse the tighter fit, but I so wanted to show you this one.


Up next is Coast with Lenox Sequin Jumpsuit, OMG this was lovely and not too bad to get in and out of, around a 7/10. It's £139 and I think it's worth it as the fabric felt lush and with all the sequins, this is perfect for an event or perhaps a posh garden party. The only thing I personally would have to change, is to have the pockets removed, as an hour-glass shape woman, pockets can completely ruin an outfit.


I need to pop this one in from Monsoon - I couldn't take a picture as the button at the top was broken and therefore I could get it to sit right - not an easy one to get in and out of (5/10), but very flattering especially around the waistline, and because of the detail around the shoulders, this naturally makes people look at your shoulders. The Cheryl Lace Jumpsuit I think is a steal at £69 - I was tempted, and re the toilet issue, I'd give myself plenty of time or take a girlfriend with me!

This Cap Grey Jumpsuit from Lindex is now in the sale at £24.95, down from £49.99 - I thought it was lovely, perfect for the office, and once I finally worked out how to get into it, a side zip can be confusing, it was actually not that bad, ease factor I think is 8/10. 


And then finally my last stop was M&S and I walked past this one and thought, yep that's perfect. It's a steal too at £39.50 - I have to say Per Una has been coming up trumps, that's the same collection I got the Bardot dress. Now if I was buying one today, this is the one I would have purchased. Ease factor 10/10 you simply untie the fabric belt, pull the sleeves and then it drops, so easy!! And it looks I think, very glam for either day or night. Overall 10/10.


So I'm hoping I've convinced you to give it a go, let me know if you do I'd love to know which one you purchased and how well you get on with it. If you know of any other fabulous jumpsuits, let me know all about them too!!

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Friday, 23 June 2017

One event - Three dresses


I know, I know, the title should really be saying One dress - Three events! And eventually once I've picked THE DRESS, there will be more than one event for it.

I'm going to Wimbledon in early July, - and it's not an OTT kind of event like Ascot (and boy have a found a few wonderful dresses had I been going there!) it's more a keep it simple and elegant kind of dress code. I'm hoping the weather will be summery but not as hot as it has been, I have to say it's been a tad too hot for me (and the dog!) this week - no one likes to melt in a dress!

Now all the pictures I'm showing have me in heels, but it's likely I will be wearing wedges or flats on the day, and I have yet to decide on bag or even a jacket. For those of you who follow me on Instagram and saw the Massimo Dutti cardi-come-jacket - it's got to go back, not only does it not go with any of the three dresses, but sadly (and I am truly sad about this) it scratches the skin on my arms, so it's not very nice to wear.

Instagram: @lovedbylizzi

My first option came about as I tried a green dress on in Karen Millen, but it was all a little too fussy, but I loved the colour. This Phase Eight dress was a back up plan if I didn't like the other two dresses. I have to say for £89 I'm tempted to keep it for work and other daytime events, but this one is not the one for Wimbledon.

Phase Eight
Yasmin Waterfall Dress


Next up is from Karen Millen, the dress I tried in the shop was way to big that I couldn't tell whether this was an option or not. Most comments I've had back from Instagram suggested this one, but I think that's because this is the best looking dress out of the three, and it is for sure - but my gut feeling is this may not be the one - but I've not yet made a final decision...

Karen Millen
White Midi Wrap Dress


Now the dress from Modern Rarity below I wasn't going to try on - it did not look appealing on the hanger at all, I tried the size 12 in store and it was a tad too tight. John Lewis customer services have been amazing; because when a store doesn't have your size you now think "okay, I'll buy it online" well the 14 wasn't there! I called them and within 4-5 hours after about three different calls from various stores, Kingston finally telephoned at 6.30pm to say they had it and they would send it, the dress arrived within 2-3 days - fabulous service!

The only negative, it has arrived really creased, so it looks less appealing than before on a hanger and even when I put it on I'm annoyed at all the creases, but I'm not steaming it until I'm fully decided on keeping it. The dress fits better but I'm slightly concerned it doesn't go in enough at the waistline - so a final decision has not been made...

John Lewis
Modern Rarity Sleeveless Side Drape Dress, Brown


If you want to let me know which one you love then get in touch, leave a comment on any of my Social channels @Lovedbylizzi

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer time dresses

Isn't it fabulous that summer has come early for once? Usually we are waiting, and waiting and then hoping that July and August will be hot and if it's not we then all start talking about an Indian summer in September!

Well it's super hot this June - I've just finished a week staycation, which has been fantastic. I've had great times with girlfriends catching up, in some cases months since I last saw them and family too - and one surprising factor that I hadn't really planned to do, I've actually done a fair amount of shopping - and I like that!

Now it's one of the hottest days so far and I believe the only way for a woman to remain cool is to wear a dress. And day dresses can be a real challenge to find, as sometimes you don't want to be overdressed, especially when you are only chilling out at home and possibly popping out for the odd thing, and then other times you want something that you can meet the girls for lunch in. 

Friday I posted this picture of me just leaving the hairdressers, this t-shirt dress from Primark is an easy-go-to dress on days you need to do a lot of running around, and because of the lycra within the material, it doesn't feel restrictive and it also helps to show off your body line. I got this last season, I remember paying only £7.99 for it - it's been so handy for Saturday morning run arounds, or I've used it on holiday either after the beach or if we are strolling around a town or city - it's such easy wear. I thought it wouldn't last after a few washes, how wrong I have been!


I've had a look at Primark online and there are a few on there and this one is only £6!

Stripe Monochrome Bodycon

I have found Zara to be a great place to shop this season for day dresses - they have a lot of variety if you can't find it in store then check them out online. I purchased this one for work and I could so easily wear it too for the weekend.

Floral Print Dress

Instagram #ootd - @Lovedbylizzi

I'm currently checking this one out too from Zara - isn't it gorgeous!

Long floral print dress

Now I have to end this post, with my popular Bardot dress, if you missed this the first time around or not seen it on Facebook - you so need to check this one out from Marks and Spencer.

M&S - Per Una
Floral Print Bardot Maxi Dress
Available in sizes 8 to 24


if you what to try this style and perhaps not spend as much as I did - especially if you think you may only wear it the once say to a BBQ; then Primark have one at a fab low price - just make sure you have an adequate strapless bra, or the whole look could go wrong!

Black Floral Print Bardot Maxi Dress

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

My basic rules for every woman's wardrobe

Some of what I'm about to tell you may seem pretty obvious, but you'll be surprised at the questions I get asked or reasons given to me as to why someone will not purchase an item, that I can clearly see they are loving! All of this could be done away with if you followed my basic rules below.

My advice is simply to make getting ready in the mornings or for an occasion easy, to get value for money out of your purchases by ensuring your items are working hard for you, but most importantly if there is something you truly wish to own or a new style you wish to adopt, to try to make this happen for you.

1. Great a seamstress (in fact get more than one!)

I have three to four people with various sewing skills, that I can ask to help me with a garment. Sometimes once they explain what needs doing I can actually do it myself and other times they sort it for me - you will be surprised too just how quickly they can turn it around. So start asking family and friends if they know how to sew, and if none (and I would be very surprised about this - sewing people don't talk sewing, so it's a hidden talent that they keep to themselves) then pay someone, shoe repairers generally have a contact.

Image from Pixabay
In the last couple of weeks alone, I've had pockets taken out of my mustard trousers, and poppers put on maxi dresses - I would never let a potential "alteration" stop me from buying something to then explore if it's possible to make it fit.

Don't forget it's only since the 1960's we've been doing "off-the-rail" before that everything was tailor-made, and so really only about 80% of your garment is probably fitting you correctly at this moment.

2. Invest in a full length mirror

It's a pet hate of mine if I stay somewhere and there is no full length mirror - what is that about? You need to see what you look like, from HEAD to TOE and then from BEHIND! I've been in hotel rooms where sometimes I have to stand on the bed or something to get an idea of what the bottom half is like and then create a picture in my head of what the top half and bottom half look like combined.

I own four full length mirrors and so if you don't have one, please please please, invest.

3. Hang it together before putting it all on

I don't have time in the mornings to put on lots of outfits (I occasionally have 'a bit of a do' every now and then) and I hate planning my outfits the week before, I like to wear clothes depending on how I feel that morning.

But I like to mix things up, and not wear it the same every time - and I've found using a hook to hang clothes whilst selecting other items like jewellery, scarves and bags, makes it all happen a lot easier.

In my current wardrobe I've had fitted (no nails option) a double hook (I got this from Homebase from their bathroom section) inside the wardrobe door.  It's high enough for me to hang my longest maxi's so that I can take a step back and see how the outfit is building - you'll  be surprised how critical you can become when you look at things from this perspective - and therefore once you've got it all on, you are confident that you've picked a great outfit.

4. Remove labels from underneath your shoes

I frequently see well-dressed women walking along with the retailer's price sticker still underneath their shoes - if you think people can't see it, you're wrong. When people walk behind you, you can see the soles of their shoes, especially walking up the stairs.  I find the best way to remove the sticky dew, is to use a tiny amount of nail varnish remover with some cotton wool to clear it up - be very careful to not touch the material of the shoe. Or try popping into your local Timpsons and see if they have something to remove it.

5. Time to play

When you get new items or if you simply want to shop your own wardrobe, you need time to play. I highly recommend you do this at the start of each season, that way you don't get to the end of summer, for example, and you've suddenly found an item in your wardobe or you've worked out a new way to wear a garment. 

I think there is a myth that by doing this you waste hours, I completely disagree. You probably waste 10-20 mins each time you are getting ready because you don't know how you wardrobe works together, if you tot this all up it's a lot of time wasted. By investing some time every month to see what you have, what potentially you need - you save yourself time and money AND you'll be more confident in what you are wearing, because you know it works as the test has already been completed!

If you want any further advice about your wardrobe management then get in touch via Social Media or by emailing me.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Five 'Must Haves' Monochrome Pieces


Today I headed into London to visit the V&A as they have the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition on; which by the way was brilliant. His work was truly amazing with the shapes that he cut, the draping and most of all just how feminine his looks were back then that can truly be worn, today! If you fancy going, it's £12 admission.

Here are a couple of my favourites from the show, starting with The Envelope Dress; it was an experimental design with both form and fabric - whilst it was a hit with the press (I get it, it's a statement dress, everyone will notice you) it was really impractical to wear, apparently one wearer could not go to the toilet! (and they say jumpsuits are difficult ;) )

I love it!

The other was all about draping, they had a film where they showed how all the fabric of this dress was draped to make its beautiful shape, but the hidden secret was underneath - basically the underskirt was tied around each knee to ensure the shape remained whilst in movement. Again, I think the wearer would need a little help in the powder room for sure!

My look today for London was all about monochrome, which is a big trend this summer - it's a great way for those that love to wear black, to look a little more cool and refreshed on hot days.

With white jeans this season, it's not about the tight skinnies, the laid-back and loose is where it's at right now, and to be honest far more flattering in my opinion. I have to belt mine as they are a little loose around the waist, which tends to be typical if you are an hour-glass shape, so if you are like me, then make sure the belt is black or white to keep to the look.

This season if you are wearing block monochrome this comes with a 1:2:1 rule: you either opt for black-white-black, like I have done; or you wear white-black-white - thus making the look stylish and neat. This is such an easy look to shop your own wardrobe - I bet you could easily pull this together from what you already have.

However if you fancy wearing monochrome items to freshen up your look, here are my five key pieces that I think you should consider should you wish to embark on this trend.

The Shirt

& Other Stories
Oversized Buttoned Top
(which by the way comes with matching short-shorts, which looks divine together!)

The Trousers

Now with the trousers, there are lots of stripy versions out there - be warned, not all shapes can carry this off. If you want to opt for patterned monochrome trousers, try polka dot or these geo-shape trousers from Oasis, and with their side sporty stripe it gives a tailored trouser a more weekend feel.

Side Stripe Geo Trousers

The Dress

I can't quite get over the price of this dress!  Zara have some great pieces at the moment, but I'm finding there is much more to them online rather than in store, so do have a noisy there too.  This dress is only £12.99, you can't go wrong with this, for a summer day, team it up with black sliders and a black sun hat and you will be good to go, anywhere!

Off-The Shoulder Dress

The Shoes

These are super cute from Dune, and they are currently in the sale, but looking today they still have popular sizes of 5, 6 and 7 that you can order.

Even if you wear all-black and put these on, it's still a nod the monochrome.

Magpie - Black/White
Was £80, now £32

The Bag

And finally... there are no words, just love! But there is a surprise, inside!

Ted Baker at Selfridges
Large Natasha Woven Tote

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Lunch with Lizzi - Hayley Eleanor

My ever popular Lunch with Lizzi posts are a great way to share with you fabulous women, doing fabulous work.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of shopping with Hayley Eleanor Smith, a Personal Stylist from Nottinghamshire - we had lots of fun in Milton Keynes Central, particularly trying on HUSH joggers in John Lewis! Over lunch we caught up, and here is what she had to say...

Hayley, tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

I am based in north Nottingham, near Sherwood Forest. I am a Personal Stylist helping women solve their outfit and wardrobe dilemmas.

What's been your journey so far?

I originally worked as a Solicitor for 10 years before having my son in 2013, after reassessing my work situation, I decided to retrain to do something that I love. Having experienced a colour analysis as a teenager I knew I wanted to share this gift with other women to give them confidence and clarity with their clothing choices.

What is a typical week for you?

I work two days a week around my son. Each week varies, I regularly attend networking meetings, visit client’s homes for wardrobe consultations or go personal shopping with them. The last few weeks have been busy with meetings and presentations.

Tell us about the services your business offers?

Clients enlist me because they want the knowledge and assistance to create outfits that suit them, that they love and they can wear. I realised quite early on in my business that the magic for my clients happens in their wardrobe, when they can apply colour and shape advice to their existing pieces, finding out what works or does not and why.  

I look to rework their existing clothes, identify and suggest new pieces which will complement and expand their current outfits, whether this is by me signposting brands and pieces for the client’s to explore themselves or by accompanying them on a personal shop where I do all the legwork! 

What’s the best thing about your work?

The confidence that my clients have once they have discovered what suits them and why. Whilst I was in the changing room with one of the first client’s I ever shopped with, she exclaimed, ‘I am so happy, I never thought I would ever look like this!’ there may have even been a watery eye! That was the best feeling! 

What’s the one task you wish you didn’t have to do?

Accounts! Probably the same for every self-employed person but it must be done!

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Ohh I have a few depending on the occasion! I recently bought some patterned relaxed summer trousers from Juicy Couture (I thought they only did velour tracksuits!) from Bicester Village for £30. I love the colours and patterns in them- in fact I loved them so much I didn't check the washing instructions, they turn out to be 100% silk and dry clean only. I’m hoping they survive a cold machine wash!

What’s in your handbag?

Depends on where I’m going! Usually my purse, phone, Clinique chubby stick, tissues, baby wipes (for the boy!), a drink, business cards, mints.

What’s your favourite bit of jewellery and why?

I’m a bit sentimental, so engagement and wedding bands always make me smile. Costume jewellery wise, a bracelet with ‘S’ on from my son and a necklace from Wolf and Moon that goes with everything!

What book are you reading at the moment?

She Means Business by Carrie Green. 

What’s the last film you watched?

I can’t actually remember! My mums just bought La la Land on DVD for us to watch together as we missed it at the cinema.

What family fun activities do you do at the weekend?

We often visit family, go to a country park, anything to keep the boy occupied!

How do you achieve work/life balance?

I’m not sure I’ve quite got it right yet, but I make sure I prioritise my son over work.

How do you relax?

I’m not very good at that and something I’m working on! But in the past I have loved to knit and need to get back on it!

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

I like to shop around and it really differs depending on the season, but always on the High Street. At the moment, Warehouse have got some nice summer stuff and I am coveting a dress from French Connection and a jumpsuit from White Stuff. 

I also love discovering new brands, I recently found a new Spanish shoe company called Verbenas, so comfy!

What tips do you have for busy working mums?

There is so much to juggle, you can’t be all things to all people so just do the best you can!

On BBC Radio
You recently went on the radio to talk about beachwear, tell us about this experience and what tips did you offer?

It was the second time I had been invited onto the show and it always goes really quick! I was asked to concentrate on advice for swimwear for different body shapes, so gave some general tips about balancing proportions and where I had found good affordable brands for different shapes. When I had finished, some of the editors had my suggestions up on their screen to shop!

What three things could you not live without?

  1. Under eye concealer
  2. Tweezers
  3. My furry throw

Now don't take too long to think about these!

  1. Clutch or Tote? - Tote
  2. Heels or flats?  - Flats
  3. Leather or faux fur?  - Faux fur
  4. Book or Kindle?  - iBook!
  5. Instagram or Facebook? - Facebook
  6. Paper notebook or digital tablet? - Paper notebook
  7. Diamonds or Pearls? - Pearls
  8. Tea or Coffee? - Tea
  9. Starter or Desert? - Starter
  10. Lipstick or Lip Gloss? - Lip Gloss

To find out more about Hayley Eleanor, check her out on her website, the photos she likes to take on instagram or her favourite Facebook.