Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Maxi Maxi Maxi - Summer 2014

Getting ready for my beach holiday - an essential item that can take you from poolside, to lunch to dinner - is the Maxi dress.

Stylish as ever, it can be worn with flip-flops, sandals or wedges - it's guaranteed glam!

I've recently purchased a few, and cannot wait for the weather to hot up so that I can start to wear them.

Check this one out from Oasis - I purchased it in orange ideal if your natural colourings are Autumn or Spring they also had yellow and khaki too!  If your colourings are more cool base then they also have it in black.

Made of jersey and only £28 - it comes with the belt which is great to give definition around the waistline.

I also purchased this one from New Look, a bargain at £22.99, again it comes with the belt!

I'm also loving…

Wallis' Digital Floral Dress - bang on trend for this summer.  Was £48, now £38.40

I personally couldn't wear this one, as the colour wouldn't suit me, but if your a Summer or Winter then this would be perfect!  Lava Stripe Dress from Warehouse - Make sure you love it before buying it as it's £80!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sensationail at Boots Chemist

Only a few weeks ago I blogged about how I loved the beauty treatment of Shellac Nails, and I'm still very much in love with the concept.

My nails are harder, they last longer and they look great!

When I watched the beautician at work, I did feel that most of what she was doing, I could do myself!  So at £30 a time, this treatment would soon get very expensive.

So I set about looking on the internet at what was available to buy in kit form and believe me there are lots! Most on eBay and Amazon were kits direct from the Far East, they were not cheap and my main concern about this was the LED lightbox, was it safe? and no warranty came with them.  

So I took advice from Social Media - I sent a note out to my Twitter pals and also to my close friends on Facebook - within an hour or two I had my answer.  Sensationail at Boots Chemist.

Similar price as the others, £69.99, although less nail colours in the kit - but good feedback from all and they all came back with the message that they liked the LED lightbox because they knew they could take back easily if it did not work.

So far I've only tested it on the French Manicure - which I will blog about later this month.

My thoughts - 10/10

Monday, 7 April 2014

Migrant Memories: Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain by Margherita Sprio

Migrant Memories: provides an innovative perspective on the power of cultural memory and the influence of cinema on the Italian diaspora in Britain. Based on extensive interviews with Southern Italian migrants and their children, this study offers a fresh understanding of the migrants' journey from Italy to Britain since the early 1950s. 

Click here to view

And here's me with the author Margherita at her book launch in London recently…

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring clean - Sort it, Bag it, Drop it off!

Twice yearly I move my clothes around between various wardrobes to make sure that I have my daily clothes in my main wardrobe.

I think most of us make that change from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter.  But like me, do you just keep moving them all around even though deep down you know you are not going to wear them - EVER!?

I've just spent the last few days going through all my clothes and being ruthless about clearing out those items I know I'm not loving anymore.  There's a lot to be said about having a spring clean, i feel so much better knowing that a) I don't have all this stuff anymore and b) that someone else is going to benefit.

I know I could have probably sold some of this on e-Bay - but this time round I just wanted to help other people.  I've had a few chuckles on some items because I seriously cannot believe that I bought it, let alone worn it! (although I'm sure it will suit its next owner ;) ).

So go on and have a go!  Make three piles, the really good stuff for friends and family to have, the ok stuff for the charity bins at supermarkets and then the bad stuff that simply needs to be binned.

You'll feel fabulous afterwards….I promise!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Beach ready: Poolside cover ups!

I don't know about you, but I certainly find it hard to get beachwear cover-ups that are: 
  • Versatile to enable you to head straight to the restaurant at lunchtimes
  • The right fit - too baggy can simply make you gain weight
  • Not long enough - they just about cover the bum, so unless you have fantastic legs and no cellulite on the bum - what do you then use to cover up the lower half?!
  • And then will it be in the right colour to match in with all your beach accessories ;) 

This weekend I headed to the shops to see what's out there - and I have to say that there is more choice than ever.  And designers have included more than one style cover-up in their designs to offer us ladies more choice!

There are four key trends in beachwear this season: Riviera (blue and white striped), Leopard print (more so in browns than blacks) Geometric (hard line patterns in bright colours ) or Tropicana (bright & colourful flowery designs) - try and pick one style and have a blast with accessories to match in.

So starting with Riviera:
Ted Baker Neighla Cover Up, Navy

John Lewis

Leopard Print:
This one from House of Fraser is very much glam - especially for those who may go to a pool party or two!
Gottex Bangalore Leopard Print Pareo With Belt

House of Fraser

Principles - Ben De Lisi - at Debenhams
Designer blue diamond print wrap dress


This is the one I went for, as I bought the bikini that goes with it - it looks fabulous on, the blues and the greens make an change just to wearing black!  Sadly I don't think this picture does the garment justice - however I don't know if I will be brave to show you my holiday photos ;) we will have to wait and see if there is a follow-up to this blogpost!

And for the final trend - Tropicana:
Seafolly Rio Maxi Dress - House of Fraser
House of Fraser

Seafolly have some really great designs in Geometric too - if you think you'll get the wear out of them over the next few summers, then they are worth investing in.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dune's Handbag Collection - Spring/Summer 2014

I don't often think of the brand Dune when I'm looking for a new handbag, there are other brands that I'm likely to go searching for first.

In a recent shopping trip for shoes, I was actually distracted by some fabulous new bags from Dune, which would be perfect for anyone travelling on their hols this summer.  The multi-coloured bags with gold trimmings, not only give you versatility to match in with several outfits, the fresh designs are classic and stylish - enabling you to look exquisite at the airport, for lunch or whilst shopping!

I'm loving…

Triple Lock Detail Satchel Bag

Colour Block Detail Handbag

What I particularly like about this next one, is the Dune's reversible shopper bag.  I've not seen it myself but there was a great review in this month's Instyle magazine.  It comes in a variety of colours, and I'm particularly loving the tan/cream version as this is going to give me the most flexibility with my own wardrobe.

I would highly recommend the tan/cream version for those that know there own colourings to be from Autumn or Spring.  And then the black/white version would suit those that have Winter or Summer colourings.


Scalloped Detail Reversible Shopper Bag