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Boohoo Stud and Buckle Boots Lizzi Richardson

Not very often do I post about one single item and just from the one brand. To be clear this is not a sponsored post and the boots have not been gifted to me. I am just simply in love with these stud and buckle boots, I've hardly taken them off since I got them last week and I just want to share this superb find.

This style of boot is all across the highstreet and online - for real leather you would be looking at a pair from around £90 but more typically I found £130. In my search for a cheaper alternative and I truly wasn't fussed about whether the leather was real or faux - I stumbled (and I mean stumbled) across these beauties from Boohoo via ASOS.

At £35 I was trying to see on my laptop what was wrong with them. In fact because of the price being so low I thought I wouldn't bother as they simply couldn't be that great at that low price.

But then as I was purchasing something else from the site... I thought why not, I can return them if I don't like them (although I like to avoid this kind of hassle).

Boohoo Stud and Buckle Boots Lizzi Richardson

Well they are spot on! I loved them the minute I got them out of the box - they look real leather (which has super pleased me) the studs and the buckles are there enough to tick the box but it's not over-the-top like some you see (this of course is a personal choice and I personally wanted less). Super easy to get on and off because they have the side zip which is quite discreet on the inside so it looks like I've had to tie them.

But most importantly I have found them very comfy, and I've walked a lot of steps in them already - I'm pretty impressed over all.

If you are looking to add studded buckle boots to your Autumn/Winter look, well these are a 10/10 from me. Sizing true to fit.


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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


This week STYLE MATTERS is by Michelle Lopez, a Hair Stylist and owner of a Hair & Beauty Salon, Mint Salonsituated in Steels Lane, Oxshott, Surrey.

Michelle is 43 and whilst we have not met in real life (yet), Michelle is fabulous about giving advice about how to look after your hair, what shoes to buy, and she's also the lady behind the hashtag #sundaystylevibe on Instagram. She's one 'Boss Lady' that has a lot of love to give and we both hope you enjoy her interview.

Love, Lizzi x

How do you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as being very girly, individual and maybe slightly eclectic. I love to stand out and would always prefer to be overdressed for an occasion as opposed to underdressed.

Why does style matter to you?

Style really matters to me and in so many ways! It is a way of telling people who you are immediately. It is such an amazing form of expression and can lift your mood and improve your day, I never cease to be amazed by the way a certain pair of shoes or a piece of jewellery can make you feel. 

It is an almost magical way of showcasing the person you are and the way you feel to the world. Style is such a personal thing and I am always fascinated by the way other people portray it.
Have you always been interested in style?

My Mum was always into fashion and my Nan is one of the most glamorous women I know. At 93 she still wears heels and is always immaculate, I’ve definitely been influenced by the women in my family.

When I was about 6 years old I went to a restaurant with my parents and extended family for dinner. One of my Aunts had THE most incredible green sparkly high heel shoes, I literally remember that I kept glancing under the table at them and at the end of the night she let me try them on and clip clop around the table. I didn’t want to take them off, they were so pretty and I’d never seen anything like them. That’s definitely the moment my love affair with all things fashion (especially shoes) began and the fact that my Aunts shoes were her own personal style and she stood out from everyone in that restaurant!

What would be your signature style look?

Definitely very feminine, pattern, colour, a striking pair of shoes. I’d say current but with a twist.

What’s your view on fashion vs style?

Fashion is of course, hugely important but style is much more so because style is where you take what is ‘current’ or ‘on trend’ and you can make it absolutely and totally your own look. You can mix different fashions up to determine a style of your own. Fashion is an influence, style is a statement.

Style says I might like the same fashion as you but this is how I’m doing it, this is me. Style is wearing an item that might have cost £10 but people thinking it’s designer. Style has an energy all of its own.

What is your body shape?

I would say I’m a slight hourglass, where my waist isn’t quite as pronounced. I am average height of 5ft 4” but my legs are slightly longer in proportion to my body. I have worked this out for myself although I have been told the same by Stylists in the past.

The best thing about my body shape is probably that most of the time I’m quite lucky with sizing being true to size (except H&M) 😉 and usually if I’m wearing cropped trousers or a maxi etc they will fall on the leg where they are supposed to. Although I do quite like the different lengths on different people.

The worst things about my body shape is that I have to be careful not to look too straight up and down. I love wearing belts and really like the high waisted/paper bag style trousers, especially wide legged trousers as the help to make my waist look smaller. I do struggle a little bit with elasticated waists as although they are comfy, they aren’t the most flattering on me. I’d also love to be a tiny bit taller which is why I love wearing heels so much.
What 3 styling tips would give for an hourglass body shape?

  1. Voluminous skirts are fabulous for accentuating the waist and elongating the legs, I like to combine mine with a biker jacket to balance the outfit.
  2. Wrap dresses, one of my absolute faves! They can make your waist look tiny and are so flattering.  If like me, you are more of a slight hourglass then wear a slightly sturdier fabric to really add that definition. Team the dress with heeled knee high boots for A/W-Fabulous!
  3. V neck tops are very flattering, as long as they don’t show off too much cleavage and soft flows fabrics seem to work best if worn with fitted bottoms such as a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.

What 3 tips would give for an hourglass body shape to avoid?

  1. Any thing too loose which adds width to your waist area as you will look too boxy. You can always use colour, add a belt to add definition.
  2. Personally for me, I really don’t suit peplums or fancy waist details but they can work really well on some hourglass figures. I, however, avoid them.
  3. Be careful with wide belts as they can make your top half look squat, I usually stick to narrower belts. Then you are accentuating your waist but not cutting your body off in the wrong place.
What are your three favourite stores to shop (bricks or clicks!)? 

PrimarkI actually love Primark for its staples; vest tops, camis, jumpers, tights etc… Great value for money, fantastic range of colours and I think the quality just gets better all the time.

ZaraMy favourite shop. I literally love their clothes and their shoes are amazing. Not only do they have some beautiful classic pieces but there is always a good amount of edgy stuff to keep me happy. One of my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment is my Zara blue sock boots covered in a lip print!

eBay - At any given time I will have several alerts on eBay for items that may have sold out or that I can’t afford full price at that particular time, if I see something on Instagram or in real life that’s last season or seasons past it goes the alert. I have picked up some amazing bargains and it also allows me to sell items from my wardrobe so I can have a guilt free splurge now and then. I recently got a pair of River Island tartan shoes I desperately wanted, currently £42 in store and I got them for £7.50 on eBay, brand new as they were too high for the owner.
Who is your biggest style influence?

I would say my biggest style influence would be my Grandmother who has always looked amazing and gets dressed up to go to the corner shop!

Victoria Beckham. I LOVE her style, she always looks so well put together, loves a heel or two and knows how to dress a woman with her designs.

The women around me are also a massive inspiration as there is such a different attitude to style now I think, anything goes really and it’s so fabulous to be in a room full of women who all have their own indeterminate style going on.

What’s the one thing you wouldn’t give away?

My Jimmy Choo shoes. For my 40th Birthday my friends had a collection and presented me with enough money to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s which I had always wanted. I was whisked up to Westfield for a champagne breakfast and then into Jimmy Choos where I was treated like a queen and walked out with the most beautiful pair of iridescent pink heels which are one of my most prized possessions!

Michelle Lopez Mint Salon Oxshott Surrey

To find out more about Mint Salon and the services they offer, then click here for the website. You can also follow Michelle on Instagram at @thestylish_mrsmint 


Sunday, 14 October 2018


I have Christmas shopped in Boots every year since I can remember! For me it's one of the first places I start as it gets me thinking... what do my family and friends really want for Christmas. 

We are all creatures of habit and my for Dad the yearly gift box of Brut just simply had to go into the basket or I knew come Christmas day he'd be looking out for it! My Dad is no longer here to buy for, but it's these kind of traditions I love to stick to.

Boots Gift Collection

Now I normally give my tips later on in the post, however I'm going to kick start with them as I'm about to let you in on a little secret (which you might just want to do it too!)

My tips on why I Christmas gift shop in Boots

  • I absolutely love their loyalty card - I cannot tell you just how easy it is to quickly earn points to get product completely FREE! A little while a go I pretty much ditched all my loyalty cards out of my purse (I simply had had enough...! One of the few I kept was Boots) it's exceptional value for customers
  • 3 for 2 Mix & Match - Need I say more! C'mon ladies this helps with the Christmas budget and it's not just the cheapest one is free it's every third one on the till receipt! So spend big can save you big! (Check page 7 of their Christmas Gift Guide for more details)
  • And my secret is... this is how I top up on my No.7 make up for myself! The gift boxes are great value and I am a huge fan of No.7 make up and so I use this to save me money and quite frankly treat myself too! (It's a little like when you go fruit picking and you put a couple of raspberries in the box and you just happen to eat a few for yourself!) - This year though... I might be treating myself to a new make up range that's new and exclusive to Boots, read on to find out who!

Now for the gift boxes...

Please let me help you to make it all a little less stressful in where to start and what to pick! First up you need to do a bit of research, so my suggestion to you is send hubby or one of the older kids into Boots to pick up their Christmas Gift Guide along with a chocolate bar too, this allows you to peruse at leisure and really give this some thinking time whilst putting your feet up!

Now getting the guide is not just to help you, but it's also a little sneaky trick here too. If you want to know what someone likes, put the guide under their nose with a suggestion for a present for say Aunty Daisy who they've not seen in ages and ask them what they think... within minutes they will be flicking through and if you carry on being busy they will hint certain ones that appeals to them (believe me they don't want to miss out!)

Boots also have come up with this great little tool too to help you try and select the right kind of present for your loved ones... try it!

This year there are some really exciting new and exclusive ranges that I think your teenagers and young adults are really going to love them. (this could potentially elevate you to best Mum/Auntie/Godmother ever!)

The two youngest from Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kendall + Kylie have a gifting range with some fabulous products like Pom Pom charms at £6.50 a great item as a stocking filler, along with other items like Holly Mini Backpack for £18 and I particularly love the Tori red or pink lips belt bags which are only £10! 

Kendall + Kylie

There's also some exciting collections from girl band Little Mix, their collection LMX is designed for on duty beauty or off duty cool - the glitter is all over this collection, starting from as little as £6.

Jack Wills this year I think have stepped it up for the girls with a lovely Sleep Tee Gift Set for £25, this includes a pink tee size Medium with their brand logo on, a body spray (120ml) and a gorgeous pink drawstring bag.

The Ted Baker London collection is a superb range for ladies of most ages, so if you are unsure of brands, I don't think you can go wrong with this one. Make up brushes are so handy to have as gifts (I'm absolutely terrible at keeping mine clean, so I have lots of brushes to help me use clean brushes daily) They have a nice little set with a glass container for £20.

For your older Aunties or Grandmothers, I think the luxury brand of Champneys will indulge them and make them feel very special. Their Champneys Bubbles Heaven Gift Set is a great price at £16.

And not forgetting No.7! Seriously when I stood in front of this display I could have quite happily bought one of each - such good value for money. 

Boots No7

But what do I plan to swap too this year? Well it's the new and exclusive range from Millie Mackintosh, those of you like me who are (original) Made In Chelsea fans will know Millie. I've been looking at this range and the colours are simply divine.... so my free third item (for me, shh!) is likely to be 'testing' yes that's what I'm going to call it... from Millie.

Millie Mackintosh

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018


This week STYLE MATTERS is the gorgeous beauty blogger Carole, who has guest blogged before for Loved by Lizzi.

Carole is 43 and lives in Kent and she shares are daily outfits on Instagram at @carolem_beauty, Carole has become known for her particularly style of pose which is known as #thecarole ! - We both hope you enjoy the interview.

Love, Lizzi x

How do you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as fairly glamorous while incorporating some of the latest trends. As I have got older I have definitely got braver with my fashion choices - I wear much more colour and print than I used to. I think my personal style is changing a lot at the moment. 

Why does style matter to you?

Style matters to me as I see it as an extension of my personality. It’s a way for me to express myself and show individuality. 

Have you always been interested in style?

Style and fashion have always been an interest of mine. Some of my happiest memories as a teenage girl are spending my Saturdays going to Chelsea Girl and Miss Selfridge with my friends and spending hours trying on clothes in the communal changing rooms. I still have such fond memories of some fabulous velvet hot pants that I had as a 17 year old...!

What would be your signature style look?

My signature style I would say would either be skinny jeans with a blazer and some kind of shirt/blouse, or either a dress or skirt with trainers. I would have to say a good lip colour would also have to be involved - I am never seen with a bare lip. I find this such a hard question to answer though as I don’t know if I have one particular style.

What’s your view on fashion vs. style?

To me style is timeless and is also very individual and unique. While fashion is more of a quick fix or update for my wardrobe. I would say a great example of fashion just now is the animal print trend.

What is your body shape? 

In terms of my body shape I am of average height or maybe you would call me short (I am 5ft 4”) but I would say the main defining characteristic of my body shape is that I am very top heavy. I would classify myself as an “apple” meaning I seem to put weight on my tummy area but have slim arms and legs. 

Have you worked this out for yourself or did you get professional advice/training?

I have always had this body shape and it’s not really changed as I have got older. 

What is the best thing about being Apple shape?

The best thing about my body shape is whilst being top heavy my limbs are quite slim so I like to dress to show my legs or my arms. 

What’s not so easy about your Apple shape?

The downside of my body shape is that being so top heavy means wearing certain dress styles or tops just don’t work on me. 

What three styling tips do you have for Apple shape?

  1. No high necks as these make me look even more top heavy and make me look bigger than I am 
  2. Show off the legs when you can as if you are like me they are probably your best asset
  3. Nothing tight around the stomach area - I have never had a flat stomach so I try and avoid pleats or ruffles around this area as these just add bulk

What must you avoid (regardless of if it’s in fashion) for your Apple shape?

Following on from the above, I avoid wearing polo necks, biker jackets and pleated skirts. I am so sad I can’t wear biker jackets but I have yet to find one that flatters my shape. They always tend to be too boxy and have too much going on around the chest area. 

What are your three favourite stores to shop (bricks or clicks!)?

  • Zara
  • & Other Stories
  • HM

What do you own that you will never ever give away?

I have to say I am not very sentimental with clothes or things and having only a boy I don’t think there has ever been anything I wouldn’t part with. Saying that if I can include accessories it would be my Cartier watch. 

Carole has been on the blog a couple of times before, so if you missed out you can read A DATE WITH LIZZI - MEET BEAUTY BLOGGER CAROLE MARCHANT and FIVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO TAKE ON HOLIDAY.

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Sunday, 7 October 2018


It's that time of year when you have to think about whether you are going to invest in a new winter coat. For me my Ted Baker Camel Coat that I bought in the Black Friday sales in November 2014 will be making another appearance this winter, for the fourth winter!

I cannot believe just how good a quality coat this has been for me and it still looks brand new! I paid £229 instead of the full price of £299 (back then) this has been an investment so far of £57.25 per season!

Last winter I wrote about the importance of not investing in trends for your winter coat - I firmly believe it's a waste of money. You can buy a pretty decent coat for under £40, the next price point after that is around £75 and that would be the start of you needing to wear this for more than one season.

An investment above £125 you should be making sure that it suits your colourings, it's the right style of coat for your bodyshape, that it fits perfectly on your shoulders and on your arms and most importantly that it's the right length on your body for YOU.

Over the next few weeks, Winter Coats will feature more than once on this blog, but for now it's about this year's Autumn/Winter trends - and all of these are below £40.

So starting with my favourite from the shopping experience from Dorothy Perkins - This was a price point of £45, but it's now in the sale at £33.75.

Sizing was true to fit, it was a great length and felt really good quality, I was actually surprised by the low price tag, I was expecting this to be around £65 - so I feel this is a bargain!

Red Single Breasted Coat
Was £45, now £33.75

Sticking with this style of coat for the next few; Brown is really in this season and Primark have this in brown. As per normal with Primark it's hard to find their best buys online as they want you in store.

This was a great price point at £25, I personally wasn't keen on the poppers so potentially if your not keen either than the only way to wear it is done up. This is going to be a popular one so it's likely to sell out fast!

I found a gorgeous coat in New Look, they do this style in many colours but I absolutely loved the burgundy - again I thought it looked really good value for money at £34.99 and with a message online that it is "back in stock" it's clearly been a popular choice with consumers. The fit is true to size

Burgundy Single Breasted Formal Coat

Now moving on to H&M, I was really disappointed with this coat, especially at a price point of £39.99. When you walk in store and see it on the mannequin it looks great and it certainly grabs your attention. However I am sad to say that the quality is poor, the material is like felt and there is no lining (yes no lining) on this winter coat - it simply will not keep you warm. If they had described it as a coatigan I may have held back on my comments, but they don't they describe it as a coat, and I personally would not recommend that you spend your money on this.

And again they have opted for cheap poppers rather than buttons. The size is true to fit, I am wearing one size up here as they did not have my size.

Sticking with H&M, I will however say their Pea Coat that they had in store in many colours like Navy, Camel and Black was very good, I was really impressed with it. I am wearing the grey version and it's true to size.

I cannot find it online, so head in store and the price for this was £29.99, very good value for money I thought (and one I could be adding to my list).

Now moving on to the trendy checked coat - I think nearly every other lady is wearing one of these at the moment. They look fabulous on and really freshen up an autumn look. One tip I would add is that they come in lots of different colours they all look grey from a distant, but if you look closely some are with a yellow stripe, some with pink, red or even blue - so try and select one that will complement your existing garments. This is a great one to wear to the office or casually with jeans at the weekend.

All four below are great, my favourite one is Primark, again sorry it's not online, it's truly a great price at £30. I would recommend to size down I found it slightly big on me.

Probably my least favourite was the one from New Look, it just didn't feel as nice but the fit was a lot better. I'm not sure it was worth paying more compared to the Primark coat.

Now for the checked coat from George at Asda, well I am not surprised that this has sold out online - it has an unbelievable price of £20!! And I could not find anything wrong with it, exceptional value and made quite well. Sizing true to fit.


Still checked and still with George at Asda, this brown version comes with a faux fur collar, I thought it was very glam and again not bad in quality. You will be ticking off two trends here with brown and checked.

Now I've saved the Borg coats until last - I probably going to do another post on this in the coming weeks -  the quality of the 'teddy' fabric I think is important, however I did find two where the quality under £40 wasn't too bad.

Let's start with the one from New Look, this is not online but you will find it in store in light camel or black. Take note this is not their cheaper bomber jacket version at £29.99, this one is slightly longer and I thought better quality to look and touch.  This is £39.99, very snug (as in cosy to wear) and sizing true to fit.

And then finishing up with the one I found in George at Asda, this was lovely! A tad long on me (or for what I would want) Sizing is true to fit and I think this is great value at £35 if your want to try this trend but not invest in it at all!

More winter coats to come on the blog - where we will be exploring more premium, better fabrics and where you'll be making an investment for more than one season. 

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