Sunday, 17 June 2018


To fully understand this week's post you really need to see my video that supports my latest shopping day.

I went out and about in MK1, a shopping destination in Milton Keynes, that has Primark, New Look, River Island, Outfit, NEXT, H&M and M&S, so a good variety of shops.

For those of you who get this by email, you will need to click here to view the film.

Here are some fabulous items that I've found in M&S this week, a brand that is struggling at the moment to engage a lot of women in their latest collection, below are four items that I think are lovely, I hope you do too.

Pink Short-sleeved Knit with Lace
Per Una Collection

I have searched several times online for this at M&S and I cannot find it - but I've seen it in two stores so just head to their Per Una section. I tried it on and it's lovely. I highly recommend that you invest in a pink bra to go under, I had nude and you could see it very clearly. This would look fabulous with linen trousers, white jeans or a denim skirt - so versatile. Sizing true to size.

pink knitwear

Per Una Collection
Textured Jacket

I didn't try this on, but you can see it in my film, this is gorgeous. We have summer days where you simply cannot get away without a blazer or light jacket and I think this would be perfect. Also if you were going to a less formal wedding or perhaps a Christening. A statement piece for sure!

M&S Collection
Spotted Ruffle Maxi Skirt


You can see me twirling in this one in the film, I loved this! Very tempted to get this after payday for sure. Frills and Spots are two trends that are very popular this summer. You can dress this up for work or you can make it more edgy with trainers and a denim jacket for the weekend. Again another versatile item which will add value to your summer wardrobe. it's a 10/10 from me. I recommend to size down one if you are ordering online.

Spot and frilly skirt

M&S Collection
Tie Waist Kimono Wrap Dress
Available in Pink, Ivory White, Navy and Yellow

I first tried this on in white and really didn't like it at all. There is no lining to this dress and it does have this annoying 2-inch flap of material especially about the V shape neckline that you need to get flat or you can easily see. 

Then the following day I saw it in pink and thought I would have another go and it was so much better - which gives me confidence to say that navy and yellow should be fine too. 

The white however I recommend to avoid as you can see the pockets and you'll need to wear a slip - but don't forget this is a much lower priced dress at £29.50. It's a shame because I thought the white was very SJP from Sex and the City, which is why I tried it on!

Pink dress


This was from last Saturday when I was heading into London, I wanted more of a London look and so toughened up my & Other Stories leopard print dress with my Stan Smiths and my army Hush jacket - which is fab, as it means I'm getting more wear out of this dress than when I first bought it, as I thought I could only wear out-out!

leopard print dress

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Thursday, 14 June 2018


It's not a holiday to me unless I can see the sea (LOL) - well that's my view. Whether your poolside in a glamorous city or you are baking on a beach, the bigger the beach bag the better!

And nowadays it's quite typical to have these oversize totes to double up as your travel bag and/or shopping tote too, so it needs to be versatile to accommodate many different outfits.

Here's 10 gorgeous ones to take a look at, and thankfully straw bags are in so don't forget the Biba and Hallhuber ones from my last bag post, they still count!

Oysho Beach Tote Bag

V by Very

Slogan Scarf Wrap Handle Beach Bag - Natural
Was £25, Now £18


Cream Aloha Slogan Pineapple Basket Bag

Stripe Rope Beach Bag
Various colour options available

River Island
Gold woven oversized beach shopper bag
Was £36, now £22
This one is a trending item, so be quick if you want to buy!

Hush Homewear
Cannes Bag

MILOS Beach Bag

Niko Stripe Woven Fringe Tote
Was £79, now £45
Other colour options available

Woven Fabric Beach Tote
Was £35, Now £19.98

And if you have cash to splash! (Pardon the pun!)


Geometric-print tote bag
Was £510, Now £250

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Sunday, 10 June 2018



It's the start of Summer and all things holidays and over the next few weeks my Loved by Lizzi blog will be getting you ready for your holidays (apologies if you have already been... but if still might be helpful for that last minute weekend away).

To kick start this off, I've invited back the gorgeous Carole Marchant, Beauty Blogger of Carolem Beauty, and she's come up with five (but I think she's sneaked a few more in!) products you should take on your holiday!

We hope you enjoy the post, and if you have any specific holiday topics you'd like to see on the blog, then do get in touch and let me know!

Thanks, Lizzi x

Image from Pixabay


When we go away it’s a good time to let our skin breathe and wear a bit less make-up. If going somewhere hot (which I think is what most of us like to do especially, if we live in the UK) then make-up tends to not want to sit so well on our skin anyway. 

Plus we don’t want to lug our whole makeup collection away with us and spend all night applying our makeup when there are cocktails to be had! (Well I don't anyway!).  Here are my holiday makeup essentials - ones that I would always squash into my 'carry on' luggage.

(I would add as a quick side note that obviously SPF is a necessity. My current favourite is La Roche Posay Anthelios XL as it’s nice and light ... )

Tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream
Holidays are a good time to not put on a heavy foundation, so opt with one of the above as they will even out your skintone and give some coverage but not so it looks like you are wearing a full face of foundation. Brands I like for these are Rimmel, Maybelline, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. You might want to go for the mattifying versions of these if your skin is particularly oily to help reduce too much shine.

Carolem Beauty

Lipgloss / Coral Lipstick
In the daytime I tend to wear a lip balm or sunscreen on my lips but if going out for lunch or going out for a day trip I like to wear a pretty lipgloss in a neutral shade such as Charlotte TIlbury’s Ibiza Nights which has a bit of gold shimmer in too. 

For the evenings I like to wear a Coral lipstick which is my favourite shade for summer. Some of my personal favourites are “Blissful Peace” by Collection and “Hot Emily’ by Charlotte Tilbury.

I've wrote a whole blogpost just on this topic, that you can have a read here.

Bronzer / Blusher
These give the face the look of a healthy glow and a luminous and glowing holiday look. Using cream versions of these products rather than powders keeps the look fresh and glowy. I love the YSL cream bronzer called Les Sahariennes and MAC do a lot of great cream blushers.

Waterproof Mascara
No-one wants to get out of the sea or pool with black panda eyes so waterproof mascara is the only way. I am a big fan of high street mascaras and Maybelline is my favourite brand. Waterproof mascara can be hard to remove though so make sure you bring a good eye makeup remover with you. I like Nivea’s Daily Essentials Eye Make-up Remover.

A good cream highlighter is perfect for showing off a tan and making your skin look glowy and fresh. My favourites are Hollywood Flawless FIlter by Charlotte TIlbury and MAC Strobe Cream - these are both liquid products as again this helps the skin to look dewy and glowy.

Carolem Beauty
And if I was allowed one more sneaky item I would take an eyebrow pencil or gel as I think eyebrows define your face and help you look polished. Another option is to get your eyebrows tinted before you go and to save on mascara you could get your lashes done with a treatment such as LVL lashes.

Some of the items above can be replaced by products that perform multiple tasks in one, such as Charlotte TIlbury’s Beach Sticks - I have one called Les Salinas. This a cream product which are perfect for giving skin that dewy finish and can be used as a blusher, eyeshadow or lipstick. Or Charlotte Tilbury and NYX do palettes that combine eye and cheek products which are perfect for taking on holiday.

I would also bring a face spray. Either a setting spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ or the Caudalie Beauty Elixir which is lovely and refreshing (great to use on the plane too) I would also bring a Primer too if you have room as this can really help your makeup stay on.

But the main thing is to have the most fabulous holiday! Enjoy x



I have to give it to this Rixo London lookey-likey skirt by Topshop, it got a lot of attention in the office, and I really liked the whole look! I featured it on last week's blog, SEE IT, BUY IT. This time I teamed it with some high black heels and a black blazer for an office look, and the vest top is from Mango it's a light knit in a pink blush and it's only £15.99.

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 3 June 2018


And so it seems this new format has gone down a treat with you lovely ladies, my April SEE IT, BUY IT is one of my most popular posts in the last few months!

So I'm back with a few more delicious items that I am hoping you are going to love!! But don't forget, be quick and these items are trending so they will not be available for long.

Loved by lizzi - Lizzi Richardson

First up is this gorgeous skirt from Topshop - for those of you familiar with RIXO London, whilst their designer floral dresses are F A B U L O U S, the prices are not so fabulous; this £36 lookey-likey is idea to give a nod to that style. The fit is true to size, the fabric is very thin, you could see my top tucked in, so you would need to be careful with darker tops

This skirt will be is so versatile, with flats, heels and espadrilles - and of course pumps! It's a 'trendy' skirt not a classic, so if you buy it, get wearing it, to get your value for money.

Floral Spot Trim Midi Skirt

Sticking with Topshop, I did invest in another pair of straight cut cropped jeans, and I love them! They are a thicker denim material which I think you need when you wear white; it keeps them really tidy around your bottom area and also avoids baggy knees. Perfect for the summer, and a nice change to wearing blue. I highly recommend these! 10/10.

MOTO Straight Leg Jeans

For the new series of Love Island, Caroline Flack has team up with River Island to do a collection, I saw it in store yesterday at Westfield White City and I really like the range. It's mainly beach and holiday, not surprising considering the theme of the show, and I just love this copper kimono, I wish I had the excuse to buy it, but with no beach holiday this year it's not an option. But very cool nonetheless! Sizing is true to fit.

Caroline Flack x River Island
Copper Caroline Flack jacquard kimono

I am always being asked about summer dresses for work, well this one from Mango I think is perfect for the office, very chic, super classic - it would suit pretty much most body shapes and skin tones. Sizing is true to fit.

Bow Soft Dress
Ivory White

Loved by lizzi - Lizzi Richardson

And finally the silky pyjama trend - I kind of wish I worked in a cool London agency, as you could get away with this look and be pretty much 'normal' - sadly in my office there would be too much banter about why I have not got dressed for work!

I love it, but it's not my style... well not the whole look. I purchased the top which I think will be a perfect summery blouse to go with jeans.

This set is orange, they also do it yellow. Sizing is true to fit.

Loved by lizzi - Lizzi Richardson

Paisley print blouse

Paisley print trousers


Well this has to go to this gorgeous combo, I've team some black jeans with my new Chloe James lace top as featured last week. Heeled black shoes and not forgetting my lovely crochet bag from King and Eye Crochet, featured previously on Loved by Lizzi.

Loved by lizzi - Lizzi Richardson

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Monday, 28 May 2018


Lizzi Richardson and Catherine Batour
Lizzi & Catherine
Updating your look is not always about what's in your wardrobe or what's new for the season ahead.

Unless you are super crazy about make up, then I think at times we can all be guilty of wearing the same make up, day in, day out - because it's easy.

I for one struggle in this area, I have about 2-3 lipsticks that I go to, I wear the same blusher every day and I'm too lazy to put on eye make up. I have days where I think "I'll just do my base and put a bit of lip gloss on, and that will do" - does this sound like you too?

I met Catherine Batour recently at a Chloe James Lifestyle Fashion Show in St Albans; Catherine was working as the make up artist for all the models, and I was helping out as a dresser for Mel Wall, a stylist who was modelling at the fashion show. 

All the models looked fabulous in what they were wearing, but I couldn't help but notice just how lovely their make up was too; the models had their make up to suit their colourings and their face - it made me feel like I had no make up on at all (and if I'm honest, I probably just had my base on with a bit of lippy) So it's time to step up my game.


And so a make up lesson I booked with Catherine Batour soon after this event. And it's this, my own make up lesson that I'm going to take you through. Now Catherine will come to your home but for reasons I won't bore you with, we held the session in a room at Chloe James Lifestyle Boutique (Thank you Donna!).

Let's start with me, how did I look when I arrived? Well I thought I had make up on, I had even made 'an effort' to arrive in my best (*slot in emoji of monkey with hand over eyes here). But once I took these photos, you can see I look like I'm not wearing any at all!

The session started with Catherine asking me a few questions, how do I feel about make up? What did I want from the session? (plus more) but I'm going to answer these two right here:

How do I feel about make up?
I want to wear it, but I don't have time for it? I'm not a big spender on make up and I wear the same products day in, day out. 

I also want to make myself look my age. (What? I hear you say - bear with me here and let me explain). It's all very lovely having compliments that I look younger than my years, and yes on a Saturday night out that's exactly what I want to hear. But in a professional environment, I want to look my age, I have earned my 20 years+ career, and I want people to acknowledge my experience, and so if people think I'm 5-8 years younger, where does that leave me?

What do I want from the session?
I want to still look natural. I don't want to be wearing lots of colourful make-up, I just want to enhance my own natural style.

Plus, I have a lot of red on my nose and cheeks, and I apply lots of foundation to try to cover this up and within an hour you can see it again. I also have dark inner eye circle, right in the corner of my eye on my nose, and so I would like to even that out. 

I also own a lot of make up, either bought for me or I have got them in gift bags etc, and I just don't use them, but I appear to be a big collector, I simply don't throw it away!

So let's see my daily make up kit...

I own quite a few items from No.7 which is the make up I purchased back in March; No.7 Instant Radiance Foundation - here Catherine quickly pointed out to me that in the short time I've owned it, I've got through far too much of it, so I'm either applying too much (yep) or I take too much out of the bottle and then not use it (and yep!).

No.7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit - which I've not been that happy with because it doesn't last all day like the L'Oreal product I used to own, and once we chatted it through it seems the wax is just making it slide off.

My No.7 Shimmer Palette - which I love, along with my Avon Luminous Blush, a mascara (I'm not brand loyal, it's whatever I've received free or buy cheaply as I discard every 3 months). And that's it!

And this is what I own... (including all those brushes!!!)

As you can see I need a bigger make up bag for the items I own but don't use compared to the tiny daily make up bag I do.

I think one of my apprehensions before my lesson (and I didn't say to Catherine) was that I thought I would leave my session with a long list of products to buy or to be convinced into buying more product in my session to sit along side all this other product. Well fear not, Catherine doesn't sell any products (she does recommend a variety of brands, but you need that advice anyway - as I don't have a clue!). I left my session with a list of four items I need to purchase and one of them was a brush! I was truly happy with this.

So you see, I already have the products, I just need to start applying them to my face! (LOL) and this leads me nicely on to the next part of the lesson.


So before we even touched on how to apply what I need, Catherine talked me through daily hygiene of using my kit. Ever wonder why you might have spots around your chin or on your forehead - it could simply be not cleaning items before they touch your face, and this is just not make up, think about your phone and your hands too.

Catherine explained about cleaning your brushes and also your face cloths as well as (and I never truly thought about this) but using antiseptic wipes to clean the outside of your make up cases and bottles, as you pick them up too and then put your fingers on your face.

Catherine has written a great blog herself on this, well worth a read and it also takes you through the how to understand how long you should keep your products. Simple click here for it.


Here Catherine talked me through applying skincare and how to apply it correctly, getting the order right (particularly over the age of 40) can help plump up your skin and make it look really fresh. 

Plus the importance of face powder after you've applied your foundation. Because I like a dewy look, I skip this step, and it's that reason why my make up doesn't last as long, as I've not set it properly.

To create this base, we've evened out the red of my cheeks and nose by using MAC Prep & Prime Colour Correcting - ADJUST, which Catherine has found works on the majority of people, when I bought mine yesterday (Westfield Shepherds Bush) there were 3-4 versions, so ask in store for the right one for you.

Now for the dark areas in my eye socket, this can be really dark at times, Catherine explained that people fail to use more than one colour concealer. It seems throughout the year we need different shades as our face colour changes depending on time of year, plus to get good coverage you should consider using at least two to help blend it to achieve an even tone.

Specifically for my dark areas, to equalise the blue, I actually need to apply orange!

Catherine recommends NARS and Laura Mercier as great concealer brands; she also explained that the more premium the concealer the quicker it drys, and so some people who are new to concealer perhaps do not act very quickly and then struggle to put it on to get good coverage - if this is you go for a concealer that's a little more fluid until you get the right technique.


An area I was completely avoiding! Apart from my eyebrows, I really just didn't know what to do here.

Sticking with various shades of creams and browns, Catherine Batour talked me through selecting three colours for day that were at the lighter shade of the palette and then up'ing it to three darker shades for the evening.

The one thing Catherine really understood was my need to turn my day look into evening straight from work without the luxury of going home and refreshing the entire look. So by having an eye palette with about eight shades of similar colours (which it seemed I already owned?!) I could easily do this. The technique is to reapply on top of my day eyes, with three darker shades to create a more smokey eye, and then turn up the dial on eye liner to create this look.

The left eye (on the photo) has darker eye shadow for evening compared to the right


I'm a little heavy handed on the blusher it seems, and so we had to tone this down, I think I was using blusher in this way to balance out that I didn't apply make up to my eyes. So for a Day Look it's important to get the right balance, and this was the final result which I was very happy with!

And then with a slightly smoker eye and a deeper lipstick, this elevates my day to evening without having to do much work at all!


This is the difference between my original day look and my new day look as inspired by Catherine Batour - I cannot believe just a few tweaks have really enhanced my look, and I still look like me. I can also confirm none of it came off a few hours later, so I'm truly happy with this.


  • Keep your kit clean and keep it organised - hygiene is important and helps to keep spots at bay
  • Twist your mascara in and out, don't pump it! You'll be adding air, which dries it out and then it goes clumpy and not easy to apply
  • Just because your product says SPF 15 or 30 - it may not be protecting your skin from sun damage. It's important to still wear sunscreen and check that products have UVA and UVB.


I loved it! I can highly recommend taking this time and spending just a couple of hours getting hand-ons advice with your own kit. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that has lots of product and never use it!

We noticed as soon as I completed my day look, I was smiling and I felt so much more confident. I also found after I left Catherine, walking around St Albans, I just felt fabulous!

A 1.5 hour session with Catherine Batour is £75, you can add £25 to that and have the session with a friend. Because you are applying the product to yourself you won't miss out on any 'me time' by doing this.



Catherine Batour
Catherine Batour

And in her own words....

"I started my own business following many years of working in London for Harrods and American Express, with well renowned luxury brands managing VIP clients and luxury partnerships.  It is important to look the part and this combined with my love for fashion and beauty has allowed me to run my own business. My business enables me to help others and have a new career around my family life.

Working with local photographers, stylists and fashion boutiques – I can offer a 360 degree service."

Catherine Batour's services:

  • Make Up - Enhancing Your Natural
  • Beauty - Look & Feel Your Best
  • Style - Love Your Look

To find out more simply click here for Catherine Batour's website.


This was taken at Chloe James Lifestyle Boutique straight after the session, the top is Culture Elena Strap, £28.50 available in Black, Navy and Red.

And my make up - well that's Catherine Batour